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It all started as a normal day…Would it end as one?
“Cannonball!” screamed Jeffery Donner, age 12, as he flew through the humid July air in his home in Pennsylvania. He hit the water with a smack and water flew everywhere. His sisters, Allison age 10 and Elizabeth age 8, got splashed head to foot in water. They both were wearing short-shorts and white t-shirts. As soon as Jeffery surfaced he saw his sisters wet t-shirts and immediately his penis started to get hard. There he saw his sisters, Elizabeth soaked to the skin had not started puberty yet as mentioned by her flat chest and tiny, little, pink nipples, Allison on the other hand might have started puberty cause he saw a trainer’s bra soaked through along with her shirt it couldn’t have been larger than a 32-A, but had nice dark pinkish-brown nipples.
“Jeffery, Allison, Elizabeth me and your mother are going out for a couple of hours,” said Jeffery’s father through the backyard screen door.
“Ok dad you and mom have a good time,” said Jeffery without taking his eyes off his sister’s chests.
“Bye mom and dad,” screamed the girls in chorus.
After their parents left Allison and Elizabeth ran upstairs to change into different clothes. Meanwhile Jeffery was still holding on the side of the pool with one arm while the other he traced the outline of his dick through his swimsuit. The girls came back screaming and came flying over Jeffery’s head and straight into the water in picture perfect dives.
After awhile of goofing off in the pool Jeffery said, “Hey you guys you want to play a game?”
“What game?” said Elizabeth.
“Well how about sharks and minnows?” questioned Jeffery.
“Ok,” said Allison, “Not it!”
“Not it!” screamed Elizabeth.
“Well, I guess I’m it,” sighed Jeffery.
He took his position and the game started. He heard a splashy sound and he turned around and jumped in the cool, crisp, clear water where when he looked under water he saw Allison’s nice tan legs leading up to the vertex where her vagina lips were creating a camel toe. Jeffery propelled his way through the water like a fish towards his sister’s nice little body. She was wearing a string bikini that barely covered her body. She was around 4’11” and about 70 lbs. He gave one final push and he reached and touched her foot seconds before her hand smacked the side.
“Your it!” screamed Jeffery.
“Am not!” yelled Allison.
After much protest Allison was it and after awhile the time finally came when she would finally not be it. She heard a small splash, which signaled Jeffery going so she spun around and saw Jeffery propelling across the pool. She took a slick dive in the pool and swam and tried to grab his arm, but missed instead she grabbed a hard piece of flesh through his swimsuit. A sensation ran through Jeffery as he felt a hand clasp on his hard dick.
After that Jeffery got out of the water and said, “I’m too tired to play anymore.”
Allison chimed in, “Is it because I grabbed that thing on your body?”
It is not like Allison had not seen a dick before of course when kids are young they need help in the shower and their mom aren’t home so they see there dad, but she had never questioned her dad and she had not yet known of sex.
“No Allison,” stated Jeffery.
Elizabeth finally reached the table at which they were talking and said, “ Why aren’t we playing no more.”
“It’s cause I grabbed something on his body he doesn’t want us to know about,” said Allison.
“Fine you want to know about it then let’s go inside and discuss it,” said Jeffery.
So inside they went the two girls following Jeffery up to his room. As soon as they entered he told them to sit down. He told them about how he has a penis and how they as girls had boobs and vaginas. Nothing of it was new to the girls until he started telling them about sex and masturbation.
After telling them all that Jeffery took a chance and said, “If you want to learn about it for real then take off your bathing suits.”
Within seconds the girls were naked and their nipples were hard. Jeffery still in his bathing suit told them to suck on each other’s boobs. He demonstrated by doing it to each of them, he slowly cupped Elizabeth’s boobs and licked all around each boob then he sucked on each nipple, nibbling on them softly. He proceeded to do Allison’s bigger boobs. While his sister went at each other’s boobs his erection was slowly growing. He could now see he was right that Elizabeth didn’t have any hair at all around her small pussy lips, while he could also see he was right that Allison had a little amount of brown stubs surrounding her pink pussy lips.
Now there was an obvious bulge Jeffery’s swimsuit while he walked across the room and told them to stop.
“Come on Jeff,” begged Allison.
“Yeah Jeff we want to see your penis,” pleaded Elizabeth.
“After you guys do one more thing,” said Jeffery obviously wanting to get out his penis because of the strain and the sweet faces staring at the bulge with slobbery boobs and chins.
Next, Jeffery told the girls of sucking on a girl’s pussy to make her organism. He demonstrated on both of them one at a time first Elizabeth. He traced around her pussy lips with his tongue then he stuffed his tongue deep into her folds of her vagina. It was extremely tight, but then he nibbled on her clitoris causing her to scream in excitement causing Allison to get excited about her turn. Not wanting Elizabeth to cum yet he stopped to her disappointment and started tracing around Allison’s lips feeling the tingling feeling of the hair. After awhile he stopped and told them to “69” which he had to show them how to do.
A couple of minutes later he heard panting from the mess of his sister and their juices, but he stopped them right before they were going to cum. They asked again if they were going to see his penis and he said all right. He pulled down his swimsuit and threw it in the corner. The girls stared in awe at the cock they saw in front of them. Jeffery had just started puberty 3 months before and it showed. The girls didn’t have anything else to take off of, but that 6-inch penis was huge to them. It had a little red hair just like his head and his balls weren’t that big and didn’t have much hair either. The head was oozing precum and the whole shaft was red.
He let the girls stroke it and suck on it, but they couldn’t get past the head. He then told them of sex. He told them of how he will fuck them up their pussies. They sounded excited so Jeffery started. He stood Elizabeth up and got behind her as Allison watched. He stuck his penis between her legs and slipped it into her pussy. It went through the folds of her vagina until he reached her hymen. He told her it would hurt and he pushed through it she screamed. Jeffery stayed still until Elizabeth was all right then he slowly went in and out of her vagina until she got used to his size. Once she said she was ready he started pumping faster so his penis was a blur flying in and out of her smooth, pink pussy. After 5 minutes of good fucking Elizabeth started shaking violently in Jeffery’s arms as she shot out her first organism. Out flowed her juices all over Jeffery’s hard cock. He pulled out and told Elizabeth to suck her juices off his cock.
He then got Allison up and went between he legs and up her pussy and then he realized she didn’t have a hymen. He heard of how it can get broken in sports so he wasn’t worried. She took almost as long as Elizabeth to get used to it, but then she let Jeffery speed. She even started to slam her ass back onto him causing her organism to be much harder, but also almost made Jeffery cum. He pulled out and she licked out the juices and even slipped a tongue on his ball sack, which surprised him.
Both girls questioned why they didn’t feel him cum and he said he wanted to save it for now. He told them he was going to tit fuck them both. He started rubbing his rock solid cock on Elizabeth’s flat chest for a while. Then he took his cock and stuck it between Allison’s boobs. He told he to press her boobs together while he fucked them. When he felt hands on his balls he looked and saw Elizabeth massaging them. He was going to lose it so he told them both to lie down while he stroked. He stroked in long, slow strokes to increase the anticipation until he felt a strong push from his balls. He felt cum rush up his cock and then he felt it erupt from his head. It flew out in one…two…three…four shots. He aimed so 2 went of each other their chests’. Then the girls licked it off of each other.
They all lay there on the floor making out in a sweaty, sticky pile of flesh. They had plenty of time before their parents would come home.
“CCCCRREEEAAAAKKKKK!” went as someone opened their front door. Oh no who could this be thought Jeffery.
“We are home early you guys,” said their mother.
Oh no it was too late now he heard his parents coming up the steps. How could this happen? They were in big trouble now. Jeffery’s mom was always critical, but now how would they react? There was nothing left to do, but wait…

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2010-05-18 11:54:35
Organism?????? Are you kidding??? Learn how to spell!


2009-03-09 05:07:17
it seemed rushed, but good attempt. daddy wants to fuck tooo


2007-12-01 14:29:00
Great story. I fucked my sister when she was 9 gave her a baby boy when she was 11 and two more boys before she was 15. Mom found out about us when my sister was 10 and I fucked her from that time on giving her two boys and a girl.


2007-04-28 20:30:49
I agree with whoever said that they should be older. At least in their teens.


2007-04-28 01:19:33
I think that the dad should catch them and fuck the daughters like one of the other people said.

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