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Hot sleepover when friend gets involved
As much as John wanted to forget his sex with the girls he couldn’t. The faces of them were the things that he wanted to forget, but their tits and tight little pussies that squeezed his cock he didn’t mind remember, not like any guy would want to forget that. The phone then rang.
“Hey John you wanna sleepover tomorrow night cause Monica is having Devon sleepover so I can have one too,” said Mat. “I’m getting that new video game that day so it should be a fun one.”
“Yeah I’ll sleepover,” said John.
“Okay see ya tomorrow at about 7 okay?” asked Mat.
“Yeah sure,” said John.
For the rest of the night John went onto AIM and talked to his friends and he looked at porn. Suddenly an AIM conversation popped up. Thank God it was his girlfriend.
SEXYgirl24: hey baby
Johnnyboy69: oh hey sexy
SEXYgirl24: whatcha doin’?
Johnnyboy69: just looking at porn i want to fuck you again so bad
SEXY girl24: oh yeah you liked that didn’t you well i would do it again how about movies tomorrow night then we can have some fun after it?
Johnnyboy69: sorry but i’m sleeping over mat’s but how about next friday cause i want you so badly
SEXY girl24: oh okay that sounds good anyway do not be looking at girls you don’t know here check your email
SEXY girl24: g2g cya
Johnnyboy69: bye
John then got a final look at the big-breasted Asian with cum covered tits and the huge black rod that was providing the white liquid. He then went to his email and saw he had one message. He needed to get rid of the tent in his pants caused by the thick, veiny cock throbbing in his basketball shorts. He opened it and saw it was from his girlfriend. There was no writing, but there was an attachment. He opened it and his cock got even harder if it could have. He saw his a picture of his 4’10” 80 lbs girlfriend naked in the shower. Her dirty blonde hair was plastered down the sides of her beautiful face and on her shoulders and back. Her tiny frame was against the side of the shower and her C-cup tits glistened from the water. Her areolas were brownish-pink and had tiny little nipples. The water ran down her smooth stomach to her bald pussy lips. They looked so beautiful and John could also see her tiny, tight ass from around her slim waist. The water rain down her long legs (for her height) and ended up going down the drain.
At that John stood up, turned off the computer and went to get something from his room. He went into his drawer and pulled out a tiny red thong. John sniffed them and could still smell his girlfriend’s sweet scent. He took off basketball short and his boxer revealing his thick cock. He wrapped the thong around his cock and stroked it up and down. A bead of precum sat right outside his piss slit and he started pumping the foreskin over the huge, red head harder. He pumped his hard shaft for what seemed like forever before the thong-clad stroking got to him and his cock erupted in a huge organsm. The thick white liquid flew out of his cock and splashed against his stomach. He erupted 10 squirts of sperm all over his chest before the final bits dribbled down to his pubic hair. He put the thong back in its place, cleaned his stomach off and threw some boxers on before going to bed.
The next morning he awoke with his usual morning erection and just let it go by without a thought. For the rest of the day he played either his video games or went outside to shoot some baskets. He then went on the computer at 6 and his girlfriend was on.
Johnnyboy69: hey baby thanks for the picture you should’ve seen my organsm
SEXY girl24: anytime just next time i don’t want to be in that shower alone
The conversation continued like this as usual and at 6:45 John noticed he had to go. He packed his stuff and his mom took him to Mat’s house. Monica who just said Mat was in his room before returning to her room greeted him at the door. He walked to Mat’s room and as usual he was playing video games.
“Dude my parents aren’t home and they won’t be until like 8 so we could each get a quick jerk before the real porn tonight,” said Mat.
“Okay,” said John.
They pulled up a porn site and looked at the hot women get pounded by huge cocks. Before long both guys had tents in their shorts, John’s was bigger than Mat’s.
“Whoa dude that tent of yours is pretty damn big,” said Mat.
Not to long after that Mat erupted in his shorts causing a huge wet spot in his shorts the smell of sperm was obvious. John tried to concentrate on stroking his cock through is pants as Mat put on his new shorts and boxers, but John didn’t want to waste this cum because he wanted to save every bit for his girlfriend next Friday.
“Why’d you stop?” said Mat.
At that moment the front door opened as Mat’s mom screamed out to Mat that if he wanted the video game he should go with her now.
“My Asian senses were tingling,” joked John.
“Okay well I’ll be back as soon as we can,” said Mat as he left the room.
John started playing video games, but still kept his hard-on cause he was thinking of the picture of his girlfriend.
“Hey John how’s it going,” said Monica as she walked into the room.
“Good,” said John.
“Well the tent shows it,” said Monica while giggling. “Where you guys looking at porn?”
“Yeah anyway what do you want?” asked John.
“This,” said Monica as she grabbed his penis through his shorts.
“I just have to suck you off,” said Monica, “you don’t have to do anything for me.”
She removed his shorts and his boxers and purred as she saw her prize. She slowly stroked the cock while sucking his hairy balls. She then sucked the head into her mouth while swirling her tongue around the huge head. She slowly sucked up and down his cock feeling the veins as she went down. She then started to deep throat is large cock the best she could. John then pushed her down to the floor on her knees and he stood up off the chair for better access. He then fucked her throat hard causing her to gasp for air. He continued his oral assault letting his huge balls smack her chin.
“You like that you little slut don’t you?” asked John.
Monica responded by moaning on his cock. This sent vibrations through it and he stuffed the thick cock to its hilt until her nose was in his thick bush of pubes before letting 8 splashes of cum hit the back of her throat. She loved the taste of the salty spunk as she swallowed most of it letting the rest dribble down her chin.
“Come here,” said Monica as she lead John out the door letting John put his shorts back on as she licked the rest of the cum from her chin.
John followed her to her bedroom where he saw Devon laying there in just short shorts and a tiny T-shirt. She was 5’6” and 125 lbs with huge breasts that must have been at least a high C-cup. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra as John could plainly see her hard nipples poking into the shirt. Her face was that good looking either, but her hair was silky and brown.
“Don’t worry John I won’t do anything this is just Devon’s night,” said Monica as she sat on a chair to watch.
John approached the bed where Devon was laying with a tent in his shorts. Once he reached the bed he easily ripped the thin T-shirt material to let the huge tits topple out. He wrapped his large hands around the tits and massaged them.
“Devon, what have you done with guys?” asked John.
“Nothing,” said Devon.
With that John went and kissed her hard. He then licked all around the boobs before concentrating on the huge brown areolas and nipples. He lightly flicked each of the nipples with his tongue before looking down at the short basketball. He saw a wet spot in the front so her thought she wasn’t wearing anything under it and that was confirmed when in one swift motion he pulled the shorts down. He looked down at the hairless pussy and the huge bubble butt. He licked up each of the freshly shaved thighs until he reached the freshly shaved pussy. He licked around the outside pussy lips before taking to fingers into her pussy while keeping her hymen intact. He stuck his tongue into her pussy and licked around the inside. He tongue fucked her for awhile until her breathing quickened and her tits started heaving finally she let out a huge moan and John’s face was covered in her juice. He got all of it off of his face and ate it all.
He stood up and told her to pull down his shorts. She saw the huge bulge and when she pulled it down the long, thick cock slapped her in the chin.
“Suck my cock you bitch,” said John.
She slowly stroked the cock and she played with his balls.
“Suck my balls,” said John.
She stroked his hard cock while she took each of the hairy balls into her mouth one at a time. She then started going down on the cock, but not too far in before she started gagging. John pulled out.
“Suck my cock and don’t gag,” said John.
She started sucking again and she did a decent job. Then John pulled it out.
“What did I do wrong?” asked Devon.
“Nothing much just now I’m taking you virginity,” said John.
He pushed her back on the bed and slowly put the huge head right outside her lips. He slowly pushed his cock head in and Devon barely winced. He pushed farther into her hot love pot until he met a resistance.
“You ready,” said John.
“Uh hum,” said Devon preparing for the worst.
He pushed through the hymen, but now she didn’t scream or anything as she only felt pleasure as her pussy felt extremely full. He slowly started pumping in and out feeling his cock being squeezed by the tight pussy.
“How does my rod feel?” asked John.
“Perfect,” said Devon.
Then Devon erupted in organsm on his cock. John kept up pounding her tight pussy now with a squishing sound as he entered and exited her. His balls kept slapping into her ass as she felt another organsm arising. She let out a moan as she let her juices flow out. John’s cock was pushing the tight pussy to its limit as John could feel a boiling in his balls. He pumped furiously in and out making her cum again. He then pulled out.
“What are you doing?” asked Devon.
“You don’t want to be pregnant do you?” asked John as he pushed the pussy juiced covered cock to her lips.
She slowly sucked the cock into her mouth and tasted her own juice. After about 5 minutes in that boiling hot oven he couldn’t take it and he pulled out and then went between her tits.
“Push those boobs together,” said John.
He then fucked the tits until there was no going back and he stood up and cummed all over her. The first 3 shots hit her face and covered it then the last 5 flew onto the two globes. Monica then came over and sucked John’s flaccid cock clean before licking the cum off Devon’s face. She let Devon suck the cum of her own tits before John heard the car pull up. He went into the bathroom to clean himself off then he went back into Mat’s room and played the video games.
“So everything was all right?” asked Mat as he entered the room.
“Yeah,” said John.


“So Devon how was it?” asked Mat’s mom as she entered the sex smelling room.
“It was so great his cock his so huge,” said Devon.
“Yeah but I bet he enjoyed those tits,” said Mat’s mom.
“Well his girlfriend has the same size and plus she is extremely hot,” said Monica.
“Oh well that’s too bad cause he is quite a caught,” said Mat’s mom.

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2009-01-07 01:27:58
is that girl devon loy?

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2009-01-07 01:25:17
is that girl devon loy?


2008-04-02 19:38:20
i have to say that there was some gramar problems. but other than that it was pretty good


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Okay I don't want this crap from people who don't write shit so shut up unless you got something good to say


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