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There was smoke where none should be. A smell arouse and deepened. It was an unidentified smell. Sweetness and bitterness combined. It laid heavy in the air like a wet rag. The air moved around and swirled down at her feet. She tried desperately to look through the smoke, but was unable to even see her feet any longer. She wasn't fearful, but rather at peace and rather aroused. She knew instinctively that she was naked. She continued walking through the smoke as it enveloped her like warm hands. In thinking about warm hands, they soon appeared. Long delicate fingers gently reaching out from and through the smoke to caress her. Again, she tried desperately to look through the smoke. A small clearing appeared and she instinctively laid down. The ground was covered with the softest layer of rose petals. She moved the petals over her body inhaling their musky aroma. The aroma filled her completely and made her head grow foggy. She felt warm heat starting at her toes. The heat slowly traveled like a snake up and around her bodies, placing its head between her legs. She looked down and saw a snake's head nestled between her legs. Again, she had no fear. She reached down and the snake's head turned into a women.

Brea was very much aware on one level that she was dreaming, and yet the dream felt so real. The snake with the women's head was so beautiful with long brown hair and emerald eyes. The emerald eyes winked as the snake women lowered her head between Brea's thighs. She felt the tongue reach out and slide between her slit. Brea arched her back causing the tongue to penetrate deeper. Slowly the women's arms formed and an elegant firm body to match. It was as if the snake had shed its skin allowing the women to come forth. The women reached up and took each one of Brea's breasts into her hands. She cupped them and held them, slowly massaging them together. Brea ran her fingers through the women's hair, eventually pulling her head to hers. Brea wanted to taste the women's mouth ensuring that it was real. The women still had the tongue of a snake as it penetrated Brea's mouth. She kissed her deeply and passionately holding the women tightly in her arms. The women's tongue metamorphosed into human. The women slipped from Brea's grip, nuzzling her breasts.

Brea sprinkled the rose petals over both of their bodies, again breathing in their aroma. Brea ran her fingers over the women's body tenderly pinching and squeezing her flesh. The women felt wonderful. Her skin was so soft and firm. Brea squeezed her butt and then ran her fingers between the women's thighs. Her finger swam inside the women's juices. Brea played with the wet pussy, occasionally slipping her fingers inside feeling the other women's heat. Her dream lover responded by moving her fingers down Brea's slit and playing with her wet valley. As they continued playing with each other, Brea moved her mouth down the women's body capturing one of her firm breasts. She nuzzled the breasts, placing the nipple between her teeth. Gently she chewed as she sucked the nipple to hardness, groaning with pleasure pressing Brea's head closer. Brea shifted her body, causing the women to move to her side. Brea ran her hands over the women's firm body as the women continued sucking on Brea's tits. The women's skin was soft and supple, and yet some how felt unreal. The dream shifted and Brea was no longer laying besides the women.

The women was behind Brea as she was kneeling on all fours. The women had her fingers up inside Brea's tight ass whole, while she pumped a vibrator inside Brea's wet hot cunt. Brea groaned with pleasure as this women played with her. Brea moved back, rubbing her firm ass across the women's tummy. The women slapped her bottom and pushed her away. Being slapped felt so good, and soon Brea's hot juices were running down her legs. Again, Brea nuzzled her dream women with her butt, and yet, again she was slapped. The women bent over Brea's butt and bit the tender cheek. Brea groaned with pleasure. This women knew how to make her cum and she was so very close. Brea rode the vibrator hard and fast as she felt the orgasm ripple through her body. The dream shifted as she came, spraying her hot juices over the women's fingers. The shirt was not surprising. Brea was holding the women in her arms, as she ran her finger's down the women's wet slit. It was time to make the women come. Brea nuzzled the women's breasts as she sucked on the taught nipples. Her hands stroked and moved over the women, wanting to consume every inch of her. Her dream angle responded by getting so very wet. Brea moved her finger's down her dream women's slit, caressing her inner folds. She slipped her fingers into her hot welcoming hole. Within the women, Brea felt something and gently pulled in out. Inside the women was a silk scarf. Brea moved the scarf between the dream women's legs, capturing her essence and smell. She brought the scarf to her nose and breathed in deeply. The aroma filled Brea's body, igniting small flames throughout.

Brea pulled the women close, pushing their mouths together. The kiss was gentle and yet, demanding. The kiss filled them completely and left them both spinning. The spinning deepened, as Brea spun away from the women. Her arms reached demanding to hold on. She spun faster and faster, the blackness closing in. Soon she was enveloped inside the darkness and the darkness was one with her. She still felt the women's warm hands on her and the wetness between her legs, but somehow she was... within her lover... she was no longer touching outside. She still felt the women's arms around her firm shoulders, but she was within her lover. Her lover had consumed her whole... Brea's world started spinning... she was surrounded by many arms, breasts and wet pussies. She reached over to suck and touch each one, wanting to find the perfect one for her. She was so engrossed in the pussies, she didn't notice she was falling... down... down...

She opened her eyes and look around. The sun had not yet risen. She curled around the warm body next to her, and swept Camie's hair out of her face. Brea was surprised that it was just a dream. She ran her finger's between her legs as she remembered the orgasm she had experienced. Her fingers slipped into the wetness and were pulled deeply into the confines of her wet pussy. Camie stirred in her sleep, moving her arms to embrace Brea. One eye opened and Camie smiled, "Are you playing with yourself?" "No", Brea responded "I am just keeping it warm until you wake up!". Camie smiled as she reached down and nestled her fingers over Brea's wet box. Brea was so hot and horny. Her dream primed her for more. Camie sunk her finger's deep inside Brea. Brea wiggled with pleasure. "Does this mean you want me to fuck you?" A response was not necessary as Brea pulled Camie's face to hers. There kissed deepened with the yearnings of their bodies. Their hands roamed over their naked bodies. The map was worn and known, but still excited the travelers. Camie brought her face down and pulled one of Brea's firm breasts into her mouth. She sucked hard and long, feeling Brea wiggle. Together acting as one, the dove their fingers between each other's legs. They held each other and road each other long and hard.

After they orgasmed together, Brea snuggled with Camie. Brea closed her eyes and started spinning again, into the darkness where her dream lover waited.


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