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I hope she likes's kinda cheesy
Her face so bright, her eyes so wet,
I love to taste her sweat you bet.
I lick the tears, I taste the salt,
She make my heart beat, from beat to hault.

I place my tongue to her lips,
My hip to her hips,
She hugs me tightly,
From my love she sips,

I love her dearly, she loves me too,
I need her dreary, she loves me true.
She is older, much more than I.
I her master, till she does up and die.

I kiss her, nothing being held back,
She loves my kiss, and kisses my lips so black.
She melts, I melt to her body so fine,
Make me wonder, How the Nikki became mine.

I push my love into her, she moans softly as I go in,
I speak to her, loftly voice, as I penetrate her again and again.
She gasps, her breath getting short, sweet,
She begins going deff, and can't feel her feet.

She stays there, ears ringing, pleasure singing,
She love my please, and pleasure I am bringing.
I kiss her once more, and love her again,
All night long we make love, we love our sin......

Bill Shakeseare.Report

2010-05-18 20:30:11
There was a young lady named Nikki, Who's fanny was runny and sticky, the scabs on her cunt, looked like syph, to be blunt, and I think it might spread to my dicky.


2008-12-05 13:19:27
I think u need to work on it


2008-12-05 13:18:59
I think it was dumb and you need to work on it


2008-09-02 17:49:45
poor... disappointingly so...

Anonymous readerReport

2008-08-23 04:14:42
Not all poetry ja*ck A*SS

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