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Looks like things cook up.
Back at the room, everyone but me and Jane were freaking out. They wanted to get all the dirt on us shower fucking. We wouldn't let them in on anything, when one question popped up.

Gina asked, "Was he good?"

Jane finally slipped up, and said "Yes."

I almost fell out of the chair I was sitting in.

"Yes, he was awesome."

I had an idiotic-dizzy look on my face.

Dan said, "Alex. Alex, buddy, you okay?"

I said, "Yep. I'm as OK as I'll ever be."

Rob had his fill, "I'm starting to get an urge to go in the pool. Lets leave these two lovebirds alone."

He walked out the door with the others, and winked at me.

I said in a sexy tone, "Shower or bed?"

We both said it in unison: "Shower."

We sprang for the bathroom. We undressed, got to the shower, and put it nice and hot.

Jane asked, "Ready sexy?"

"Ready sexy."

I got a hard on instantly.

For a while, we just masturbated each other. I played with her 32C tits, which were getting hard, rubbing her nice ass, and rubbing her clit, she moaning and exploring my shaft. Then we were ready to rock.

To her surprise, I got down to her cunt. I started doing oral sex on her. My tongue explored her cunt, and did a tongue roll along her clit. She was moaning with pleasure. I then took my mouth off of her cunt, and put one finger in. I moved it around until I guess I found her G-spot. She was then moaning very loudly. "Yes, Alex! YESSSS! Right there! Keep going at IIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!"

She was only going to last for about 3 minutes. I took adantage of her cumming coming and stuck another finger in. After about 2 minutes, she was shaking, holding on to me, her nails digging in to my shoulders. "Alex, OH!" she moaned. After about 45 seconds, I knew she was going to cum. My mouth came to her pussy in time for a gush of pussy juice flow into my mouth. It was time for me to cum too, so I put my 8 inch dick in her.

It was slick from the shower, so I immediately had a fast rocking motion. I could tell she liked that very much. She was moaning, making me very horny, so with my tongue, I attacked her tits. This drove her over the edge. She was moaning enough to break the sound barrier. "YES! YES! OH YES! THAT'S THE SHIIIIT! YES! YES!" This combination didn't make me last. I cummed. HARD. My cum was splashing the inside of her pussy. This drove her even more over the edge. I stopped attacking her rock-hard tits. After about 5 minutes, I came again, this time not as hard, but definately some decent spurts.

My cum drove her over the edge, and I quickly took my cock out of her, and put my mouth on her slit. Splashes of cum came out of her, all splashing into my mouth.

We had enough of the shower. "So... wanna do 69 in one of the beds?"


We got into my bed, her cunt in my mouth, my dick in her mouth, doubling the pleasure. Her pussy was extremely nice to lick. My dick was feeling better than ever. We both liked it, had muffled moaning. After about 15 minutes, we both cummed. We were finally limp. Once again, my cock limp, she herself limp. We had to stop. We cleaned the cum off of the bed, and then put on some clothes. Her in a t-shirt and sexy-ass shorts, me in an over-sized t-shirt and over-sized shorts.

Rob and the gang came in.

"Hey guys, you would never believe what had happened in the pool," said Rob. "Me, Mark and Gina were playing Marco Polo, and Mark accidentally grabbed Gina's tits as Marco."

"Oh brother, looks like the entire gang's horny," I said.

Jane said, "Cmon, let's get all the dirt."


2007-06-07 12:21:51


2007-06-07 04:00:31
Use more detail and make it not so... Well asshole-ish.


2007-05-05 02:43:36
fair story.
you both "cummed" quite a bit. sounded like fun.


2007-05-04 06:48:53
dont waste your time trying to write another


2007-05-03 14:42:57
Cute 2

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