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Customer Service was not her forte and yet here she was dealing with customers. She had attended a four year university and had received her degree in Business. After all was said and done, the only job she could find was working as a Customer Service Representative. People came in to complain about goods and services. If they didn't come in, they called. There was no way of escaping from people complaining. Sometimes, she really sympathized with the customer. But most of the time, it was just another customer complaining.

She left work drained and unwilling to go at it again the next day. But she needed to make money. She had student loans to payoff, rent, food, credit cards, and a whole pile of bills that seemed to never go away. She dreamed of winning the lottery or maybe marrying a millionaire. At night she treated herself to a good dinner and desert. She was no longer concerned about maintaining her petite firm body. It all just didn't matter. It was just one day after the other of pure boredom and complaints. Okay, so what... she had gained 50 pounds since leaving college. But she would loose it when she wanted to. She just had no motivation at this moment. Her best friend and lover were her vibrators. She had plenty of sex each evening, orgasming three to five times a night. No man, nor women (and she had tried them both) could make her cum half as much. She just thought about ramming it to all those Bitches who complained day in and day out. But of course, in the free world, that would be impossible. She watched TV. She knew what happened to those Postal Workers who just lost their tempers and let loose. It probably felt good, opening fire on all those complainers in the world. Innocents, they were called. Sometimes her temper just got the best of her. She struggled with her own inner desires to just let loose, but because of her social values she just couldn't bring herself to do so. She looked around her meager surrounds, questioning why she tried so hard. A part of her wished she was still a child, with no concerns larger than what she was planning to wear to school the next day. As a child she remember that she was so eager to grow up and now, as an adult, she was so eager to be young again. She wondered if she was ever happy with her life.

She stood in front of the mirror looking deep into her reflection. She was searching her own eyes, looking for the answers that were troubling her soul. She was unable to find the answers she was looking for. Slowly, she started to undress. She started with her blouse. She slowly unbuttoned each button. She moved the fabric off her shoulders taking a deep look at her shoulders and bra covered breasts. She looked at her stomach, moving her hands over the skin. She slowly moved each strap off her shoulders as she unclasped her bra. She removed her bra, watching her breasts swing. She moved her hands over her breasts, squeezing her nipples to an erection.

She cupped both of her breasts molding the flesh in her hands. As she played with her breasts, she felt her a tingle of warmth and wetness between her legs. Slowly she removed her pants. She looked closely at her bare legs, marveling on their shape. She had not lost her sexy legs and that (in her book) was a plus. She moved her hands over her panties, not yet wanting to expose her nether region. She stroked herself through her panties, feeling the wetness seep through. She closed her eyes, imaging a big cock being stuffed in her mouth as she moved her hand into her panties. Her fingers found her wetness. She stroked her pussy, as she imagine the large cock being shoved deeper into her mouth. She sucked the imaginary cock hard feeling it grow inside her mouth. She licked her lips with anticipation as she pulled down her drenched panties.

She moved away from the mirror and laid down onto her bed. The tools of her enjoyment were right next to her bed. She reached out and dug her fingers deep into the lube. She made sure she had a few fingers full of the greaseless jell. She made sure she completely spread the lube over both holes, saving a little for each nipple. Her favorite treat was hooking her nipples up to a little bit of electricity, giving her tits a jolt of pleasure. Her favorite toy was something of her own making. Two AA batteries hooked together with two roach clips. She hooked the roach clips to her nipples and turned the black box on. Continuous jolts of electricity hit her nipples, causing shocks of pleasure to course through her body. She moved her hand between her legs, stroking her favorite spot. Her other hand grasped two of her favorite vibrators. The first a large cock that she shoved deeply into her wet pussy. The other a smaller cock that fit perfectly into her ass. With both vibrators into their proper holes, she was ready for her first ride to heaven. She placed 10 small massagers over each of her fingers. She moved her massaging fingers over her body and between her legs, as she rode the vibrators deep. She orgasmed quickly, enjoying the pleasure that pulsed through her body.

As usual, her first orgasm caused her to hallucinate. She imagined herself with a long leather whip and men begging for forgiveness. She had read in a magazine about women who degrade men and make BIG bucks. That was the job for her. She could easily enjoy making all of the complainers in the world pay. She cracked her whip and made the guy grovel again. She laughed with pleasure, thoroughly enjoying herself. As she hallucinated, she moved her hands down her body again. She had removed the roach clips from her nipples, but not the vibrators. She kept the vibrators in their place as she drove them in deeper. The shear thought of causing pain, made her orgasm yet again. She felt her wetness run down her legs in pure enjoyment. "I am going to make you fuck my boots", she whispered. "Suck my whip, you bad boy. If you think you are going to get away with being are out of your mind." Again she laughed with pleasure. Her body was so ready. She loved playing with her beautiful pussy. It was perfect. It got wet on command and the orgasms were so enjoyable.

As she stood up, the vibrator that was shoved deeply into her pussy fell out. She turned over and pulled out the small vibrator from inside her ass. She was ready for something more. She pulled out her large black cock shaped dildo. She ready her ass for the plunge as she placed the cock deep up her own ass. She groaned with both pleasure and pain. She hooked her feet into the straps and lifted her own legs off the ground. It was a harness attached to a pulley system. She moved her ass further accommodating the large black dildo. The higher she pulled herself off the ground, the deeper the dildo was shoved up her ass. Again, she groaned with pleasure as her body orgasmed.

She dropped back down to her bed, pulling out the dildo and rolling over. She was surprised how exhausted she had become. She pulled herself up onto her pillows and pulled out one of her kinky magazines. She aimlessly flipped through the pages until an advertisement caught her eye. "Causing pain and degradation turns you on? Then we have a job for you. No experience necessary. Call 408-FOR-FUCK!" She was so excited. This definitely was a job for her.

The interview was a breeze. The dungeon loved their new Mistress. She quite her hateful job and didn't need to buy a gun. Instead, she gets paid BIG bucks to get her pent up anger out and have others watch her cum. Four months on her new job, she quickly lost the extra 50 pounds. In addition, her clients love her so much they buy her things. A new car arrived just last week. Another client paid for her new boobs. Her new job is so easy. They come over and get tied up. She cracks her whip and the beg for forgiveness. Her clients are the wealthiest in town. They kiss her boots and when they are really bad, her ass. And boy... she loves having her ass kissed. Her favorite toy of destruction are her electrical nipple clips... when she hooks them on, boy do they get a charge!


2004-04-23 00:22:25
very nice, i like :) would love to c u write more

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