contains very young bisexuality
Chapter four

The next time I saw Benny we played some pitch and catch, tossing the baseball back and forth. We did that for a while, and then sat down to chat. It had been a couple of weeks since we had done anything much together. The last weekend I had gone to help my Aunt Emily, and played kissing games with her, and the one before I had been at Uncle Pete’s. In the meantime I had sucked my brother’s cock for the first time.
Benny and I eventually got around to the subject of sex. We decided to go to our favorite jack-off spot, an outside fire escape at the school. It was like a metal box and was used for sliding down from the second floor in case of an emergency. There was a landing we could crawl up and sit where no one could see us and we could hear anyone that might decide to crawl up long before he could get anywhere near enough to us to catch us with our pants down.
It was the perfect jack-off place and we often went there to get off, and to get each other off. We went through our usual preliminaries, talking about various girls at school, how hot they looked, what they had worn, any stories we had heard or made up. As we talked we got excited and started rubbing our crotches, then slid our pants down and pulled our dicks out.
We were jacking off, telling made up stories and just getting to the point of starting to jack each other off. I reached over to put my hand on Benny’s dick and felt his fingers going around mine.
“Umm, that feels good,” I said.
“Yeah, yours feels good, too,” he said.
We jacked each other off for a while, until the sweat was starting to bead on our foreheads. I remembered Uncle Pete sucking me off and how I had sucked my brother Dave’s cock.
“Wanta try something new?” I asked, feeling a lump in my throat.
“What’s that?”
“Well, I learned this new trick. Here, let me show you.” With that I leaned toward my hand, which I kept wrapped around his straining cock. When I was close enough I stuck out the tip of my tongue and licked the head of his dick. Then I took part of the head into my mouth and closed my lips around it.
“Umm, ohh, man that feels good,” he said.
Encouraged, I took more of the head into my mouth and sucked harder. I started moving up and down on his shaft, the way Uncle Pete had taught me, and the way my brother Dave had liked it. Benny put his hands in my short hair and thrust his hips upward. His cock slid smoothly into my mouth and I started really sucking on it. It felt good going into my mouth, and I liked the taste of it.
I had to come up for air, and Benny was gasping too.
“Man, that feels super. Where’d you learn that?” he asked.
“Well, I, uh,” I muttered, unsure of how much to tell him.
“You can tell me. Hey we’re best buddies ain’t we? Hell, we’re even jack-off buddies.”
I thought it over. His cock was warm and slippery in my hand, and I wanted to get it back into my mouth. “Okay, but you can’t tell anyone, deal?”
“Of course. Deal.”
“From Dave.”
“Your brother? He taught you how to do this?”
“Uh, not exactly. He got me to do it to him. Actually I think I learned it from my Uncle Pete.”
“The one you go to stay with sometimes? Did I meet him?”
“Yeah, I think so. He comes over to our house for dinner sometimes. I go to stay with him about once a month, and Dave goes about the same.”
“Did your uncle suck you off? You and Dave?”
“No, not both of us, or not together. He does me when I go, and Dave said it’s the same when he goes, or almost the same.”
“Dave said he doesn’t suck Uncle Pete.”
“But you do?”
“Uh huh. Like I said, I guess it’s where I learned.”
I bent back down to get some more cock in my mouth. I was tired of talking about it and anxious to do it. I slurped and sucked until Benny was hard as a rock. His balls were tight and his dick was almost all the way in my mouth. He wasn’t so big, not like Uncle Pete, and a little smaller than Dave. His hips were starting to thrash and I knew he was getting ready to cum. I wondered if I could hold it, if I wanted him to cum in my mouth.
It was too late to think, though as he suddenly exploded and a big wad of his creamy cum flooded into me. I gulped it down in one big swallow and another load filled my mouth. I took it too and the next one was a little smaller. I rolled that one on my tongue, tasting it before swallowing it. When I looked up at him he was smiling broadly.
“Man, that felt good. A good blowjob.”
“Glad you liked it,” I said. “I’m starting to like doing it, I think.”
“I don’t know if I can do it, though,” he said.
“Maybe next time,” I said.
“Yeah, maybe,” he said.

Chapter five

I was spending the night at Uncle Pete’s again. He cooked up his usual supper and we played some cards. He drank a bottle of beer and I had a Coke. After a few hands he put the cards away and we went to sit on the sofa. He flipped on the TV, but turned the sound down low. The show wasn’t too interesting and I was almost dozing when I felt his hand on my leg.
He rubbed up my thigh and I opened my eyes. He worked his way up to my crotch and rubbed it lightly. I let him touch me and felt my dick start to move. He found it and traced its outline, bringing it up a little harder. He unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zipper down, putting his hand inside to feel my dick through my underwear.
“Does that feel good?” he asked.
“Uh huh. I like it,” I said.
“Let’s get it out then, so it can play.”
He worked my jeans down, then my underwear, and started unbuttoning my shirt. He stood up and slid his own pants down, and then his briefs. His shirt tails flapped over his dick so I couldn’t see if he was hard or not. He kneeled down and bent over me. He kissed one of my nipples. He had never done that before and it felt strange at first, then kind of good. His hands went down to my crotch and he gripped my cock. In only a couple of strokes he had given me a hard-on.
Although at first I was a little hesitant with Uncle Pete and his fondling of my young body, after the first few times I started to like it, and as I started to experiment with other, younger guys, I found that I was really starting to like getting blowjobs from guys, and giving them too. No one could give one quite as good as Uncle Pete.
He put his hand around my cock. It was hard, but small, and his hand just about completely covered it. He jacked me off a little, slowly. As he pushed his hand down toward my balls, the head of my dick would pop out of his cupped hand. He put his lips down there so that as my little hard dick came out of his hand it went into his mouth. That really felt good and I groaned a little and shifted my position so I could fuck his hand better.
He slid his free hand under my butt, raising me slightly off the sofa. He gripped my butt and pulled me toward him. Then his hand slid into the valley between my butt cheeks and he rubbed me there some as he lifted me into his mouth. I felt like a little puppet dangling on the end of his big hand, but with a hard dick feeding into his mouth on the other end.
Uncle Pete continued this action as I continued to get steamed up. As usual, his mouth got me worked up to a feverish pitch and I was relishing the thought of cumming came in his mouth and watching as he hungrily sucked it all down inside him. He took his hand off my dick and slid his other hand out from under me. With both hands, he spread my legs apart to give him unlimited access to my dick, which was standing up at attention from all his mouth and hand action.
He lowered himself onto my cock and easily took the whole thing, all my little boy cock, into his mouth. He really loved doing that and often he would hold himself down there, just waggling his head back and forth with my dick entirely inside him. It got me hard too and I used to shake my hips a little. Today I put my hands on the back of his head and pushed him down deeper. Then I touched his ears and even shoved my little fingers inside the canals.
I thought he was going to swallow me whole as his mouth went into overtime and he reached one trembling hand to hold my balls. His finger slid up my ass and then in one swift motion he put both hands on my ass and picked me up off the couch. My feet were still barely on the floor and my hands went to his back to hold my balance. I held onto him as he dangled me in the air just above his head so my dick was boring down, drilling straight into his mouth.
He jiggled me a few times and then set me back down. His teeth raked lightly over my engorged prick and I started cumming. I shot into him, and even though I didn’t have much in my little balls, I gave him all I had and watched in satisfaction as he slurped it down, drinking every drop of my cum. I felt my balls tighten and shoot for all they were worth. I smiled at him as he let my dick slide wetly out of his mouth.
“That feels so good, Uncle Pete. I love to feel it cum in your mouth.”
“Oh, you’re such a sweetheart. I love to eat you up, too baby. I just love eating your cum.”
“And how about Dave’s?” I asked. “Do you like his, too?”
He hesitated a moment, as if I’d told a secret, but then he looked up into my eyes and said, “Yes, I love eating both of you boys. Why, have you been talking to him?”
“Uh huh,” I said. “Talking and eating. I sucked him just the way you showed me to eat you.”
“Oh, did you now? And how did you like sucking your brother’s cock?”
“It was pretty good. At first it felt a little strange, but then I started to like it.”
“You’re turning into quite the little family cocksucker,” he said, but not like it was anything bad. He said it like a compliment.
“Uh, yeah, maybe. And I also sucked my buddy Benny.”
“Well, I seem to have unleashed a hidden talent. How did your buddy like it? Was it his first blowjob?”
“Yeah. He liked it. We always jacked off together before, and then we started jacking each other off, and then, well, after being with you and all, I thought I’d show him.”
“You ate him all up? Him and your brother? Did you swallow them?”
“Uh huh. That’s starting to be the best part.”
“So, you think you’re ready to eat me?”
“I don’t know Uncle Pete. You’re awful big, and you cum buckets.”
“Well, I tell you what. I’ve got something else new for us to try, and soon I’m going to get you and Dave over here at the same time. Then we’ll really have a blast.”
“I don’t think he does any sucking Uncle Pete.”
“Don’t you worry, we’ll have ourselves a good time anyway. Here, let me show you something.”
He went to a drawer and fiddled around for looking for something. I toyed with my dick, but it wasn’t ready to be back to hard again. In a few minutes Uncle Pete was back. He had something long and skinny and shiny in his hand.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“A dildo. A butt dildo,” he said.
I had never heard of such a thing, so I just nodded. He proceeded to grease it up with some sweet smelling jelly-like stuff, then he held it out to me. I took it in my hand and watched it quiver and shake. It was long and thin and dripping with the jelly stuff. I didn’t know what to do with it.
“I’m going to get on my hands and knees here,” he said. “And I want you to stick that up my ass. Slow and easy.”
“Up your ass! No, I, I never heard of that. Are you sure?”
“Yes, I’m sure. It’ll feel good. I like getting fucked up the ass. Almost as much as I like sucking guys off.”
He moved into the position he had described and I took the mass of lubricated rubber and kneeled beside him. I spread his cheeks a little and saw his little asshole puckered up. It looked small, but the dildo wasn’t that big around. It had little ridges around it and a wider base, so it wouldn’t go all the way in there, I supposed.
Gingerly I started moving the tip of it toward his asshole. When I got to the outer rim, it just seemed to slide in by itself. Soon it was poking into him and he was shaking and trembling, moaning deep in his throat.
“Oh fuck me,” he was saying. “Fuck me in the ass. Give it to me baby. Fuck my asshole.”
It didn’t seem to hurt him any. As a matter of fact he seemed to really be getting off on it, so I stabbed it in and out of him and watched him shake his head back and forth and moan and groan. One of his hands was working furiously in his crotch. I could see him jacking himself off furiously. I jabbed it into him with a couple of hard strokes and he shivered with pleasure. Then he started cumming.
He shouted as the cum shot out of his dick, pumping himself as fast as he could. His cum was spraying everywhere, drops flying like they were jet propelled. I kept the dildo buried up his ass and he squirmed his butt back against it as he jacked off.
Gradually he slowed down and let his cum-coated dick slide from his fingers. I eased the rubber dildo out of his ass and he cried out once more before settling in a heap on the floor. It had been a wild fucking ride and he had cum like gangbusters.
I thought about what it would feel like to get it up the ass the way Uncle Pete had, or even to stick my little dick up Uncle Pete’s ass and fuck him until I came in there. I wondered what that would feel like and my dick got hard.

Chapter six

My life was turning into a sex paradise. I was only twelve years old, but already I was sucking my brother off a couple of times a week, sucking my buddy about once a week, and working him up to sucking me in return. And of course there were my sessions with Uncle Pete, who was really a great cock sucker. That was a lot of cock for a kid, but I was digging it, really starting to get into cock sucking.
And on the female front, I thought I’d get into Holly’s pants pretty soon, and her sister was acting pretty hot too. And then there was Aunt Emily. I had been to help her another time, and we had kissed a little and I had seen her tits in their bra. I thought that had a lot of promise too. I was really hot to get her. Something about family sex just turned me on. After my first few sessions with Uncle Pete as my teacher and my brother Dave as my partner, I was really starting to get into sucking cock, feeling good about it.
Mom and Dad didn’t know anything about any of this, of course. They weren’t very sexy, though Mom still had a figure on her. Dad didn’t seem to be too interested in holding or kissing her, but he always liked to watch the little girls in the neighborhood when they played.
I went to see Aunt Emily one more Saturday. I thought the work she had was really about finished, but I had come to like going to see her. I liked kissing her, seeing her show off her tits, and I liked her smooth legs, or her one smooth leg. The artificial leg still fascinated me.
I got off the bus and walked the few blocks to her house. The weather was pleasant and I only had on shorts and a T-shirt. Aunt Emily greeted me at the door. Her hair was up in a kind of bun, and she also had on a T-shirt, but was wearing a skirt that, as usual, just covered where her artificial leg joined her real one. I could see the outline of her bra clearly through her T-shirt. I felt my dick already starting to stir in my pants.
I gave her a little kiss hello, and felt her soft breasts press against me briefly. We were about the same height, so they were high on my chest, just about the same place as my nipples.
She said she didn’t have any work for me this time, but just wanted to see me again, to visit with me and get to know me. That was fine with me, though the work was never very hard. Still, I liked looking at her and touching her and kissing her much better than carrying out her trash. But I did like looking up her skirt when I could, and looking down her blouse when she leaned over.
This time we were sitting across her small kitchen table talking about nothing in particular. She put her elbows on the table and leaned closer to me, giving me a beautiful view down her scoop neck T-shirt. My heart leaped into my throat. She seemed to know as she followed my gaze, but she didn’t make any move to cover herself. Instead she just smiled and looked into my eyes.
“Well, what about your girlfriend? Have you gotten any further with her?”
“Further? You mean like, uh, like . . .” I still wasn’t sure how to talk to my aunt about these things, but she seemed so interested, so drawn to my stories. I wondered how she’d react if I told her about sucking cock.
“Like, have you felt her up, seen her naked, you know, stuff like that.”
“Well, uh, actually I haven’t done much more with her yet. But we’re supposed to get together next weekend for another game day.”
“More Spin the Bottle?”
“I don’t know exactly. Something. Dave has it planned for the four of us next Sunday while Mom and Dad are out going somewhere.”
She thought this over and took a few sips of her coffee. I could still see down her T-shirt and it was making my dick get hard. I reached to straighten it, hoping she wouldn’t notice, or maybe hoping she would. I don’t think she exactly saw me, but maybe sensed what I was doing. She kept leaning on her elbows as she put her coffee cup down. She bent toward me even more so she was halfway across the table.
Now I could see all the way down her top, could see all of the top her bra and how it molded to her twin breasts. They looked beautiful in their white cups and I couldn’t stop staring at them.
“Do you like them?” she said.
I was so surprised I didn’t know what to say. I felt the color rising in my cheeks. I just mumbled something incoherent.
“You know,” she said. “My breasts. Do you like my breasts?”
“Well, yeah, they’re great Aunt Emily. I mean, I think they’re beautiful. I mean, you’re beautiful. I, uh . . .” I still couldn’t quite bring myself to be completely frank with her.
She laughed and threw her head back, taking out the clip and shaking her hair loose. It was a lovely light brown and fell in soft curls around her shoulders. Her lips were a deep red and her teeth bright and white. Her hazel eyes sparkled with her laughter. It wasn’t a mean laugh, but one that said she was really enjoying being with me, talking with me, flirting with me.
“It’s all right,” she said. “I didn’t mean anything by it. Didn’t want to make you nervous.” She sat up straight and ran her hands down her chest, then fiddled with the scoop neckline. Her voice lowered to a husky whisper again. “Would you like to see more?”
I gulped and tried to smile, tried to find my voice. “Sure, that’d be great. Really great,” I think I said.
“Okay,” she said. “I’ll show them to you. But you have to tell me a story first.”
“A story? What kind of story?”
“A sexy story of course. Come on, let’s go in the other room.”
She got up and took my hand and led me to the sofa. I was trembling with lust for her and my hand was sweaty. Hers was warm and smooth. We sat down next to each other and she crossed her good leg over her other one, exposing her creamy smooth thigh to me. My mouth was watering and my dick was getting harder by the second.
But I wasn’t sure what kind of sexy story I could tell her. After all, she already knew about what was happening with Holly and Jenny. My only other sex had been with other guys. But I had promised, and she had said she’d show me her tits if I told her, and I thought it’d probably go even further, maybe all the way.
She put her hand on my leg and turned toward me. Her breasts were just inches from my face. I could smell the sweetness of her and could feel the warmth of her body, could almost feel the soft smoothness of those wonderful tits. I longed to bury my head between them and to suck the nipples into my mouth.
“Well,” she said. “I’m waiting.”
“Uh, a sex story. Let’s see. Well, I haven’t had that much sex. You know basically all about with Holly. But, uh, I have had some other sex.”
“Yes, go on. I’m dying to hear about it.” She rustled a bit and her breasts shook tantalizingly in my face.
“I’m not sure how to tell you, though.” I was still a bit shaky on telling her about my cock sucking experiences.
“What do you mean? I’m dying to hear all about your sex life. Come on, you can tell me. I promise I just want to know. I won’t tell on you.”
She smiled at me, and her soft breasts were so close to me that I could practically taste them. She traced the outline of them through her thin T-shirt. That broke my reserve.
“You see, it wasn’t sex with a girl.”
“Oh, what was it then? My little nephew is hotter than I thought. Go ahead, you can tell me. Now I really want to hear all about it.” She emphasized the “really.”
I licked my lips, which had suddenly become dry. “Okay, you’re sure?”
“Positive. Anything at all. The hotter the better.” She touched her breasts this time and cupped one of them close to my face.
“All right. Well, it all started I guess when I was visiting another relative, sort of like with you. Only on Dad’s side.”
“You mean your Uncle Pete?”
“Yeah, are you sure you want to hear it?”
“Absolutely. I’m getting hot already just thinking about it.”
“Me and Dave used to go there some weekends, only not together, only one of us at a time, and he’d fix dinner and we’d play games and watch TV and just normal stuff. Then one time when it was just me and him and we weren’t doing anything special, he started asking me about girls and girlfriends. It just seemed like regular guy stuff, like he was one of the guys. And then he started asking me some real personal questions, like if I ever did it by myself, and how big I was, and . . .”
“And you started getting big then I bet.”
“Yeah, I guess. Anyway, he got me to take my clothes off and show him and then he asked me if he could touch me, and I was feeling pretty good by then and so I said sure. And then I touched him, like me and my buddy do, and.”
“You and your buddy Benny? You play with each other?”
“Uh huh. And then, well, and then Uncle Pete took me in his mouth, and at first it felt a little strange, but then it started to feel good, and then it started to feel real good.”
“And then you got off in his mouth. I knew your uncle liked young boys, just like I know your Dad, uh, well. I didn’t know Uncle Pete was doing you boys. But, my, you certainly are the hot little stud, aren’t you? Well, that’s a great story, and it deserves a reward.”
I wasn’t sure what she meant about my Dad, but Aunt Emily kissed me on the mouth, the way she had done before, and her tongue was hot and squirmy inside my mouth. I kissed her back and the longer we kissed the harder my little dick got. She put her head over my shoulder and hugged me, pressing her wonderful soft tits against me. My hands roamed over her back and her shoulders. I could feel the outline of her bra under the cotton T-shirt as she wriggled against me.
She slid back and let her arms trail down my sides. Her fingers touched the spot on my pants where my hard-on was bulging them up. She cupped both her tits with her hands and squeezed them a little. I was going wild with anticipation and moved my hands nervously toward her. She grinned and took my hands and placed them on her breasts, and then put her hands on top of mine.
It felt so good. I had never felt a woman’s tits before, not like Aunt Emily’s. I had touched Holly’s a little and had felt a few pressed against me in hugs and at a couple of school dances, but it was the first time I had ever had my hands full. She smiled at me and helped me to massage her just the way she liked. Her eyes started rolling back in her head as she luxuriated in the feeling. My small fingers found her nipples through her bra and I pinched them, but not too hard.
She let out a little groan and her mouth was open and panting. Her lips were red and her tongue was peeking out. I thought she was just about the sexiest sight I had ever seen. I wanted to fuck her so bad I thought I’d cum in my pants before I could even get them unzipped.
With a soft sigh, Aunt Emily straightened up a little and lifted her T-shirt over her head and tossed it on the floor. Her bra was beautiful, thin and soft and lacy. The top was low cut and the soft flesh of her breasts rose with her shallow breathing. I shivered as I reached to touch her through the thin sexy material. She ground her tits against my hands and then reached her hands behind her back.
In a moment she had unfastened it and slipped the straps off her smooth shoulders. She put her hands in front of her and covered her breasts with her long fingers.
“They’re waiting for you Danny, waiting for you to suck them. But be gentle. Don’t suck too hard and don’t bite.”
I didn’t need any encouragement, but I realized she was probably right. I was so excited I was likely to devour her tits like they were ice cream. I tried to calm myself a little, but I was shaking so much I was almost quivering. She dropped her hands and pushed my face between her breasts. I could smell them, could feel them all around my face, almost smothering me. But they felt wonderful.
She put her hands on my head, tickling my ears and touching my neck gently. She guided me onto one of her beautiful breasts and I sucked the nipple into my mouth like it was a little dick. I squished it deep into my mouth like I was going down on a hard cock, but it was soft and spongy and had a completely different feel and taste. I couldn’t possibly get all of it into my mouth, so I concentrated on the nipple. I rolled it in my mouth and lapped it with my tongue, then I kissed it.
She was loving the attention I was giving her big breast, but she pulled me over to the other one, and I repeated my actions on its twin. Her fingers were toying with my hair, caressing my cheeks, rubbing my back, driving me crazy with lust and desire. She planted a wet kiss on my neck and it burned inside me. Then she kissed my ear and when her tongue shot inside it, I thought the cum would explode out of me.
Her hot breath tickled the wet channel and I could hear her sighing. She whispered something, but I couldn’t make it out. I was squirming and struggling with the hard-on in my pants and my insane lust to fuck my one-legged aunt. She covered my mouth with hers and her tongue was a tornado inside my mouth, sucking my tongue into her mouth with a ferocious pressure.
I couldn’t stand it any longer and I burst loose. My hot cum flew out of my dick and soaked my underpants. I was sobbing into her mouth, groaning and thrashing around so much that I had to break away from her deep kiss so I could breathe.
“Oh my,” she said. “I think you came. You did, didn’t you? Aunt Emily made you cum, just from kissing you and feeding you her breasts?”
“I couldn’t help it. I was so horny and you’re so beautiful. Are you mad at me?”
“No, of course not honey. Not at all. I’m excited by it. Glad that I could get you off that way.”
She lay back against the couch and both of us were breathing heavily. I watched in fascination as her breasts rose and fell on her chest. They were lovely and so sexy. Her little skirt was raised to around her waist and I could see her panties were wet in her crotch. She lifted herself a little and smoothed her skirt back into place and then leaned forward to search for her bra and T-shirt.
“Well, baby, that was good. Good enough for today I think. But it won’t be our last time. Next time we’ll try something different.”
“Anything Aunt Emily. I love you.”
“Uh huh. I know you do honey. And I love you too. You’re a big help to me around here and I’ll be sure your Mom knows.”
“You’re going to tell Mom about this?” I said, my voice rising in shock.
“No, of course not, silly. I’m going to tell her I want you to continue to come visit me and help me. Because there are so many things I can’t do for myself.”
She tapped her artificial leg and smiled at me. I smiled back, imagining what kind of help I would give her in the future.
“Yes, I love to help you. I’m a good helper, huh?”
“Yes, Danny, the best. And by the way, I have some stories I can tell you too, but they can wait until next time.”
“Oh, sexy stories?”
“Yes, and about some people you know.”
“I’m not going to tell you much this time. But I know some things about our family. I knew about your Uncle Pete, but didn’t know he had been doing you and your brother. Hmm. I wonder how long till he does you both together. I bet you’d like that. Oh, um, I also know some things about my sister, your Mom, and your Dad. He’s actually a little like your Uncle Pete, but not quite.”
I was completely absorbed by Aunt Emily’s hints about Mom and Dad. I couldn’t get her to tell me any more, but she promised she’d tell me some the next time. I tried to imagine Dad being like Uncle Pete, but I just couldn’t, my imagination wouldn’t stretch enough. I did get a picture in my mind of my mother with just her bra and panties on, and that kind of excited me, because like I said, she still had a good figure on her.
The idea of family sexuality was still new to me, even though I’d been fooling around with two of my relatives. And on top of all these crazy thoughts, before I left, Aunt Emily had one more surprise for me.
“Some time soon I want you to bring your buddy with you when you visit. I want to get to know him better too.”
This confused me even more. I thought I was going to have Aunt Emily all to myself. I wondered what she wanted to get to know Benny for. Why not my brother Dave if she wanted another guy? Or why not Uncle Pete even? But I was in a buzz after all the sexual stimulation I had gotten, and my pants were wet and sticky from my cum. I sat and mulled it over on the bus ride back home and I found myself getting hard again just thinking about it.

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