Young incest
Chapter seven

It was a Saturday, a day off from school, and I went downtown by myself, just to walk around the streets and look around at the people and things. I half dozed on the bus ride and when I woke up to get off I found that I had a half hard-on. I looked around to see if anyone noticed, and then when no one was, I touched it experimentally. It moved a little in my pants. I shifted its position and got off the bus.
I was just walking around with no particular places in mind, people watching. I walked for a while and my mind starting turning to sex. I thought about all the cock I had had, and about the last session with Aunt Emily and how hot that had made me feel, and how much I was looking forward to another one with her, to being able to get in her pants the next time.
My dick started to get hard in my pants and I touched it so it would be more comfortable. I looked to see where I was and what might be interesting. A man looked at me and I thought I must know him so I nodded and turned into a bookstore. I wandered the shelves looking for nothing in particular. I picked up a couple of magazines, thumbed through a book or two, and when I looked up I saw that the same man I had seen outside was also in the bookstore.
He looked at me again like he knew me, so I nodded again and gave him a little half smile. He moved around the shelves and came up to stand beside me. I still wasn’t sure if I should know him, so I waited to see if he would say anything.
“Hi,” he said. “See anything you like?”
“Hello,” I said. “No, nothing much.”
“Are you sure?” he said.
“I don’t know. I’m just looking around.”
“You look pretty good,” he said.
I wasn’t sure what he meant by that, and was pretty sure by now that I really didn’t know him. He picked up a book and pretended to look at it, but soon turned his head back toward me, as if he was studying me.
“Interested in having some fun?” he said.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, you know. Some private fun.”
“I still don’t understand. Sure, I like to have fun. But, uh, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
He leaned over toward me and I could feel his breath on my neck. His voice lowered to a half whisper. “You show a pretty hot box,” he said.
“Huh? Box?”
“You know, down here.” He pointed to between his legs. “I thought maybe you’d be interested in showing it to me. I can be good to you.”
Now I knew he was talking about my dick, that he wanted to suck my dick. Since I didn’t have anything planned, and was just wandering around, it sounded kind of good. Maybe a good way to spend a little time on a Saturday afternoon.
“Well, maybe,” I said.
“Come on, let’s go outside,” he said. “Where we can talk.”
I followed him outside and he put his arm on my shoulder as he leaned down to whisper in my ear.
“I’d like to get you in the sack. What do you say?”
“Uh, I’m not sure,” I said. His idea was kind of exciting, but I didn’t want to be too eager, and I didn’t know anything about him.
“How about for twenty bucks?” he said.
That seemed like a lot of money to me. Twenty bucks could buy me lots of movie tickets or records. And the more he talked the more I was getting used to the idea. “Well, where?” I said.
“I’ve got a hotel room not far from here. Actually I’m leaving town this afternoon, and I’d like to get some nice action before I go.”
“Okay,” I said, and he led the way to his hotel, which was just a few blocks away. He said his name was John, and I told him I was Dan. He asked how much I’d done this before, and I just said a few times. That seemed to satisfy him.
We took the elevator up to his floor and since nobody else got on, he felt me up a little on the way, running his hand up between my legs and getting my dick to move upward in the beginnings of a nice hard-on.
We walked into his room and he kicked off his shoes, unbuttoned his shirt, unbuckled his pants and went to the sink area and put some ice and a drink of some sort into a glass. He came back and stepped out of his pants. He sat down on the edge of the bed.
“Well,” he said. “Let me see what you’ve got.”
I knew he meant what I had in my pants, but I was a little nervous about it. I had never met anyone who was so matter-of-fact and straight-to-the-point as him. I took off my shoes and undid my pants, letting them slide down to the floor. He took my T-shirt in his hands and lifted it over my head. He pinched my nipples, but a little hard and I squealed a bit. He didn’t seem to notice and stripped my underpants straight down.
“That’s what I like,” he said, and put his hand on my dick. His hand was warm and when he started rubbing me, my dick popped up, little but hard. “Jack it off for me,” he said.
I took my dick in my hand and started pumping it. He did the same with his, and then he came up close to me. I was still standing beside the bed with him sitting there and he put his mouth just beside my hand. “Give me a taste of it,” he said and I removed my hand and he immediately stuck my dick in his mouth.
He sighed and gobbled it inside him, taking the whole thing in one big swoop. My dick was instantly as hard as a rock and his tongue was moving against it. My heart started to beat fast and my hips moved on their own. I was fucking his mouth and he was loving it, sucking me like there was no tomorrow.
He took his lips off me and jacked me off a little. “God, you taste good,” he said. “You really like it don’t you? Like to get sucked by a man.”
“Uh huh,” I said. “It feels good.”
“I bet you’ve done some sucking too, haven’t you.”
“Yeah,” I admitted. “I’ve sucked a few dicks.”
“Oh you little slut,” he said. “And did any of them get off in your mouth? Did you eat them up?”
“Well, yeah, a couple.”
“I knew you were hot when I saw you. Your box was just aching to be sucked. Come on, show me how you kiss dick.”
He put his hands around my neck and pulled me down toward his crotch. It was a little awkward since I was still standing, and I half fell onto him. He backed up onto the bed and I crawled up between his legs. His dick was standing straight up with his hand clamped around it. It was big, almost as big as Uncle Pete’s and I knew I couldn’t take it all, but I got into position and kissed the head, then sucked it into my mouth and swirled my tongue around like I did with my uncle, like he taught me.
John started sweating and pumping his dick like a maniac. I couldn’t keep my lip lock on him and he began jacking off to beat the band. But then he seemed to change his mind or something and slowed back down.
“First I want to eat you,” he said. “I want to eat you all the way. I want you to cum in my mouth.”
That was sounding pretty good to me, too. He put his hands on my hips and guided me up over his chest until I was straddling him with my dick just outside his mouth. I stuck it in him and he right away starting sucking it hard and fast. Then he held me still and pushed me back until I was again just outside his mouth. His lips were wet with saliva and his breath was a little ragged.
“Let me know when you’re gonna cum,” he said. “I wanta catch it. I wanta catch it all.”
I just nodded and he dove back down on my dick, which was now throbbing and aching for release. I knew I’d cum in his mouth soon and he’d swallow it all down. He was hot for it, hot to eat cock and swallow cum and I was getting hot to give it to him. He gulped me down deep into his throat and I fucked into him in little sawing motions. His fingers wrapped around my dick and tickled the underside of my balls.
Soon I felt the familiar tingling starting way deep down and I shouted out, “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.” I locked my fingers into his hair as he raised his head up off the bed and the first drops of my cum shot out of me like a lightning bolt.
I jerked into him, filling up his mouth with all the cum in my little boy balls, wishing I had more, wishing I could really give him a mouthful. But I gave him all I had and, just like I thought, he swallowed every drop, draining me expertly. As I came down off my sex high he slurped slowly at my dick, trying to get every last bit of goodness out of it.
It felt so good cumming in his mouth like that, just fucking up a storm and giving it to him, watching him engorging himself on my hard prick and drinking it down like it was sweet nectar. I knew I was beginning to really love cocksucking then, when I could dig it this much with a total stranger.
When I crawled off him I noticed that he had already cum. He must have been jacking off while he was sucking me, because cum was all over his hand, on his legs, and on the sheets.
I went off to the bathroom to pee, and when I came back he was half dressed, again sitting on the edge of the bed.
“Damn, you look good,” he said, looking at me standing there naked. “Come here, give me a kiss.”
I thought he meant to give his dick another kiss and I moved up close to try to do that, but he held out his arms and took me into them like a girl would, like Aunt Emily did. He hugged me and then separated us and kissed my neck just where it meets my shoulders. That sent a strange thrill through me. Then he kissed me on the lips, just a soft kiss, with no tongue. It felt strange. I could feel the roughness of his whiskers and smell his aftershave on his cheeks and my cum on his breath.
“You’re a sweet kid,” he said. “And a good suck. I’d love to rake you over the coals one more time. And I’d love to see you suck me, but I’ve gotta go.”
He patted me on the butt as I turned to put on my clothes. When I finished he held out a twenty dollar bill for me. “You were really worth it,” he said. “You could sell that anywhere.”
I put the money away, but it felt a little strange taking money for sex. And his comment about me being able to sell it, to make money from getting my cock sucked was a mystery to me. I had no idea at all about the sex business at that time, no idea that men would pay lots of money to have sex with young boys. But it was an intriguing thought all the same, and I mulled it over as I went home fingering my first money from sex, my first time as a boy whore.

Chapter eight

The next time me and Benny got together I told him a little more about the sex I’d been having with my brother and Uncle Pete. I didn’t tell him about the guy who gave me the money. I’d keep that for my own little secret. And I was saving the part about Aunt Emily for last. I wanted to see if I could get him worked up enough to suck me like I sucked him.
He sort of accepted the stories about me sucking Dave. He didn’t have a brother, but he had a sister and he told me he often fantasized about fucking her. He had spied on her a couple of times, had seen her in her panties and bra when she was getting ready for bed, but that was all.
But the stories about Uncle Pete really got him going. The ones where we would trade off sucking. I didn’t mention about the dildo yet. I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about that one myself. But soon we were both fired up and had our cocks out and were jacking away, continuing to talk about our sex fantasies and adventures.
We moved our hands to each other’s cocks and felt the now familiar hard flesh respond to our touch. It always got my heart racing to feel his hand pumping me to orgasm, and I loved the feel of him in my hand, and in my mouth.
“So, when he sucks you, how does it feel?” he asked.
“It feels great. Like how it feels when I suck you maybe. Only better.”
“Better, huh?”
“Yeah, Uncle Pete’s been sucking dick a long time, I think. He’s like an expert on it. It feels so good, especially when I cum.”
“Do you cum in his mouth? Like I do in yours sometimes?”
“Yeah. That feels the best of all. And he really loves that part too. He loves to just eat me up and swallow me down whole.”
“Is that the way he says it?”
“Uh huh, while he’s sucking me. And now he gets me to fuck his mouth.”
“Huh? Like what?”
“Like I get up on his chest, or stand on the floor in front of him, and he just puts his mouth in front of me and tells me to act like it’s a pussy and to fuck him in the mouth.”
“So then I just grab his head and jam my dick in as far as it’ll go and fuck him to beat hell. I pound him like he was a little pussy and he takes it all and begs for more. Until I cum in his mouth and he sucks me all down inside him.”
“God, its sounds hot.”
“It is. You should try it. Here, let me suck you a little to show you. Then why don’t you try it, okay?”
“Um, well I’m not sure. Maybe.”
I released Benny’s cock from my hand and got ready to suck him off. I was pretty sure I had him this time, that I’d be able to get him to return my cock sucking. But I thought I’d probably have to stop before he came.
If he came I thought it’d be a lot harder to get him to start sucking. It was for me anyway. So my idea was to get him really hot and horny by sucking him up to a fever pitch, then back off, jack him off just a little, and see if I could get him to go down on me.
I bent toward his dick. It was little, like mine, but it was sticking straight up, and hard as could be. It was like an iron pole jutting up from between his legs, but with a softness on the outside, and it didn’t taste anything like iron. I licked the outer part of the head, down low underneath. His dick twitched as my tongue touched him just at the point where the head met the shaft.
I sucked him into my mouth and tasted the wonderful, delicious taste of his little hard cock. Maybe we were still young, but not too young to appreciate the feel of a good cock suck. I slurped at him, going a little deeper each time. I managed to get almost all of his prick into me and then started working my mouth muscles in and out, contracting them to put pressure on his little boy organ.
He wrapped his fingers into my hair and jerked upward, sending his dick shooting into me as deep as it would go. I almost gagged on it, but held on until he relaxed his hips and I could breathe again. I worked my lips tight around him and slid up and down the length of his shaft. I was getting all of it in now, and I reveled in the feeling of being able to swallow a whole dick, even if it was only a little one, a little boy one almost the same size as mine.
I moved back, lashing my tongue against the shaft of his hot meat as I withdrew until I had just the head in my mouth. I sucked on that hard, pinching in my cheeks as I gave it all I had. I slurped and gulped on the head of his cock like it was a big sweet ice cream cone, until I had him moaning and groaning and aching for release. I knew he wanted to cum in my mouth, but I had another idea.
Slipping the head of his cock out of my mouth, I wrapped my fingers around the base of his prick and started jacking him off, real slow, but squeezing all the way to bring the cum up out of his balls, but not all the way. His breathing was coming in ragged lungfuls and I knew he was on the edge of his orgasm. I put my other hand under his little balls, gentle and slow so as not to hurt him. They were tight and drawn up close to his body.
I traced the fingers of one hand up under his delicate balls and jacked him off slow and hard with the other. I could see a few drops of clear cum oozing out of the head of his cock. It looked good and I flicked my tongue out and lapped them into my mouth with a loud slurp.
“Umm, tastes good,” I said. “Yummy cum. I just love sucking your cock. But, I think it’s your turn.”
Benny was reeling from the sensations I had been giving him, and his head was rocking back and forth as he got closer and closer to shooting off. I wrapped my fingers a little tighter around his little cock, pumping another drop of the clear fluid out the tip of his dick. I licked that off as well.
“Come on, try it. You’ll like it. And if you suck me, just a little, it doesn’t have to be all the way, I’ll suck you off.”
“You’ll let me cum in your mouth?”
“Yeah, as much as you want. As much as you’ve got in these hot little balls,” I said, running my fingers lightly under them for emphasis. I could see the effect it had on him as his eyes rolled up and he gave a little shiver of excitement.
“Umm, ohh,” he said. “That feels good. Okay, I’ll give it a try.”
I smiled to myself at the thought of me and my best buddy, my jack-off buddy, becoming suck buddies. I knew after he got a taste of cock he’d love it, just like me, and soon we’d be shooting off in each other’s mouths all the time, eating each other all the way. It made my mind turn somersaults as he gradually worked himself down on me. I watched him as he put his hand around my cock and started slowly jacking me of.
That felt good, but I was waiting for the magic moment, the moment his lips would surround my hot throbbing cock. He bent his head and stuck his tongue out tentatively. Just the merest brushing against my dick sent a shiver up my spine. But when he finally put his lips there and closed them around the head of my aching prick, I thought I was in heaven.
His lips felt so good, and his head was cute nestled in between my thighs. I ruffled my fingers through his hair and whispered encouragement to him, telling him how good it felt, what a good job he was doing, and promising him the ultimate ecstasy when I let him cum in my mouth.
Benny guzzled at my cock and after a while he started to get into it too, just like I knew he would. It felt so wonderful having my best friend sucking on my cock. The other cocks I had tasted were good, and getting sucked off was beyond compare, but there was something about us two little boys sitting alone in the fire escape sucking each other off that really set my heart racing. I knew I could cum at any instant, but I wasn’t sure he was ready for that. Not yet anyway.
As he gulped the head of my prick into his mouth I smiled and closed my eyes, just drinking in the pleasure of the moment. It felt so good, so fucking good. I didn’t think I ever wanted it to stop. But I knew I had to get him off my cock soon or I’d be flooding his mouth with a river of my cum.
“Easy,” I said. “I’m just about to cum. If you keep that up I’ll be cumming in your mouth. Slow down and I’ll eat you, suck you off like I promised.”
Benny looked up at me and I could practically see the lust swimming in his eyes. His lips were red from sucking me, from giving his first blow job. I touched the sides of his head and caressed his temples as he eased his tempo down and let my dick slide out of his mouth.
“I like it,” he said. “I didn’t know if I would, but like you said, it’s, uh, special.”
“Feels great,” I said. “You’re doing super for your first time. But let me finish you off this time. Next time you can eat me up too.”
He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and we shifted positions again as I prepared to get my mouth filled with my best friend’s creamy cum. I could hardly wait to swallow him again. Just thinking about the next time when we’d get each other off gave me an extra warm feeling down in my belly. I wondered if we could do it at the same time. I’d heard about that, but only with a guy and a girl.
Slowly and lovingly I took his cock back into my mouth and started my descent, willing him to cum quick and hard and give me a giant load of his heavenly cum. He didn’t disappoint me, as he was already worked up to a fever pitch. In just a few strokes with my mouth I had him cumming in me.
He pumped me full of his hot and nasty sex and I loved it. I loved feeling him shoot off in my mouth and loved eating it all down. I was beginning to really like the taste of cock and especially the taste and feel of cum as it shot into my young belly. We were just two young kids, but we had already developed the sex habit, and gotten into sucking each other’s cocks before we were even teenagers.
I let some of his cum ooze out of my mouth and showed it to him before I swallowed it back down. He watched me relishing the smooth gooey jism and his eyes were locked on mine. I slurped every drop in and wiped a stray bit off my chin where it had dribbled out.
“How does it taste?” he said.
“Wonderful,” I answered. “I’ve started to really love eating cum. And next time…” I let the thought trail off.
“Yeah, maybe next time I’ll try it too.”
“Uh huh. We can be real suck buddies then. And then I want you to go with me to Aunt Emily’s sometime soon. You remember her, don’t you?”
“Sure, I remember her, sort of. She’s kind of pretty.”
“Yeah, and hot too.”
“Oh really? How hot?”
“Well, I’ll let you know after my next time there. But I told her a little about us, and that’s why she wants us both to go there.”
“You mean you’re doing it with her?”
“How far have you gone?”
“Last time I was there she let me kiss her tits.”
“Oh, oh. I’m starting to get hard again. Do you think you’ll get to fuck her?”
“Maybe. Maybe even both of us.”
“God, both of us? We might both get to fuck your aunt?”
“Maybe. Like I said, she’s really hot, and she asked me to bring you over sometime. So, who knows?”

Chapter nine

Dave had made arrangements for the girls, Holly and Jenny to come to our house and when the day finally came we were both excited about it. Dave had a new game in mind, but he wouldn’t tell me about it. He promised it would be better than the last time, though. I rubbed my crotch to get a little hard and he smiled at me.
“Yeah,” he said. “I think we’ll get a chance to use those this time, and not just on each other.”
“I’m ready,” I said, showing him the outline of my cock as it started to sprout up in my pants.
“Uh huh, I can see that,” he said, smiling.
“And how about you?” I said, reaching out a hand to run it up between his legs. As I touched him I could feel him start to get hard in my fingers.
“Feels good,” he said. “But I wanta save it for the girls.” He backed out of my grasp and went off to get some things ready in the kitchen.
I knew Dave liked me sucking him, especially when I sucked him all the way off and let him cum in my mouth, but he had never sucked me, had never even jacked me off. I had the feeling with him it was just convenient having a brother to get him off when he was horny and there weren’t any girls around.
With me it was different. I liked girls, but hadn’t had any real experience with them, but I had grown to like sucking dicks too. First with Uncle Pete, then my brother Dave, and then with Benny, and even once with a stranger, for money, but also just for the raw sexual thrill. In contrast, I hadn’t had sex with any girls yet, at least not beyond kissing and touching breasts. I didn’t know what it was like to fuck, but I was hoping to find out soon.
Holly and Jenny came over about one, and Holly and I went outside to toss a ball around and just hang out while Jenny and Dave fiddled around inside. It was nice, and I liked Holly. She was pretty in her yellow shorts and sleeveless button-up blouse.
As we kicked the ball back and forth sometimes she’d bend over and I’d get a partial view down her top. I could see just the barest glimpse of her little bra there, just enough to get me excited. And when she chased after the ball, I got a good look at her tanned legs and smooth butt as her ponytail bounced against her back.
We finally tossed the ball aside and she leaned back against a big tree that was in our yard. I came up close beside her and I could smell the wonderful fresh scent of her. She didn’t wear any makeup except just a hint of pink lipstick that made her lips look shiny and soft, and her smile was cute and made her look really good. I held her hand and leaned against the tree beside her.
“Last time was fun,” I said. “I really liked kissing you.”
“Me too,” she said, and batted her eyes a little. “I’d like to do it again.”
“Like now?” I said.
“Okay,” she said, and turned her face to me with her lips closed.
I gave her a little kiss on the lips and it felt good. Her lips tasted good with the lipstick, nice and smooth. I flicked my tongue out and just brushed her lips. She responded and our tongues met just outside our mouths, then twirled together. I leaned into the kiss and put my arms on the tree beside her. Her little breasts touched my chest and she pushed them against me, putting her hands on my back to pull us together.
I was feeling pretty good, and starting to get horny when Jenny stuck her head out the door and called for us to come inside. I gave Holly another kiss, just a quick peck on the lips, and we held hands, swinging them between us as we walked up to the door smiling at each other.
When we got inside, there were some drinks and snacks sitting out, and records were stacked up on the stereo waiting to drop into place. We nibbled on the chips and sipped the drinks. Jenny and Dave danced together a little, and then Holly and I tried it, but neither of us was very good at dancing. The fast ones were sort of okay, but the slow ones were more difficult, though they were more sexy. I once again felt Holly’s little breasts touching my chest and my heart seemed to rise into my throat. I tried hard not to step on her toes, and succeeded most of the time.
Since the floor was cleared for dancing, it was easy to sit back down there in a circle, like we had done before when we played Spin the Bottle. Dave brought out another bottle, and I thought it was going to be a repeat. That was fine with me. I liked kissing Holly, and even liked kissing Jenny. And I remembered that the two girls had even kissed each other a couple of times.
“Okay,” Dave said, holding up the bottle. “We’ll start out like last time, but then try something a little different.”
We all agreed, and it went pretty much the same as the time before, with me and Holly getting into kissing each other, and the same for Dave and Jenny. I did kiss Jenny a little longer this time, and she seemed to like it. I even put my tongue into her mouth and we French kissed for awhile. It felt good and since it was a kissing game, no one objected. I got to see down her top as she moved toward me, and she was definitely bigger than her sister.
When the two sisters got each other, this time they also kissed a little longer. Dave and I watched this in fascination. It was exciting to watch two girls kissing each other on the lips, and once I thought I saw Jenny move her tongue into Holly’s mouth. I heard Holly sighing from somewhere in her throat and saw how they touched and hugged each other. Their breasts pressed together on one hug and that looked especially hot.
“All right,” Dave said, picking up the bottle when it was his turn. “Now for the new rules.”
We all looked at him expectantly, wondering what was going to be different, what variations there could be on this simple, but enjoyable game.
“From now on, when you land on someone, that person has to take off a piece of clothes before the kiss.”
“Oh,” Jenny said. “Spin the Bottle and Strip.”
“Yeah, Strip Spin the Bottle,” Dave said. “Sorta like Strip Poker.”
We were all more than a little heated up from our kissing, and were willing to give it a try. None of us had on much clothes as it was. Everyone was wearing shorts and a shirt and socks and shoes. That made five pieces for me and Dave, and six for the girls, at my count.
Of course everyone took off their shoes and socks first, and then it started to get interesting. Dave was first to lose his shirt, and then me. Jenny’s turn came next and we were all breathless as she started to peel off her T-shirt. She tossed it aside and sat there in her bra. Her tits looked great, not too big but pointing out straight from her chest like little cones of pleasure. I couldn’t stop staring at them as they pressed against Dave’s chest while they kissed.
Holly was next and I was starting to get super heated as she unbuttoned her blouse and folded it beside her. Her tits were small, projecting up like little buds in her tiny white bra. It had a little ribbon just at the center. I could just imagine the delectable treasures inside those little A cups. She smiled at me as she saw my stare move from her sister’s chest to hers.
Then the two girls kissed and I was sure their tongues were involved. I could see Holly’s cheeks moving as Jenny’s tongue drilled deep inside her sister’s mouth. My dick was shoving up inside my pants and I had to shift it around a little so it could stand up at attention.
Holly’s spin landed on Dave and he quickly slipped his pants down before Holly kissed him. I could see the hard-on inside his underwear, and this time when he kissed Holly, his tongue went inside her. We were all starting to French kiss now. Except of course Dave and I didn’t kiss. If we landed on each other we’d give each other a hug. That was enough at first, but then Jenny demanded that we kiss too.
This was awkward for us, and the first time it happened we just pecked each other on the cheek. The next time, though, Jenny demanded a lip kiss, but again it was just a quick peck, nothing long or drawn out. It seemed to satisfy everyone and made the game a bit more fair.
Now it was Jenny’s turn to take something else off and she chose her shorts, revealing pretty pink panties that shimmered as they moved across her hips. Dave kissed her deeply and ran his hands up her back, fiddling with her bra and touching the edges of her delicious looking panties.
Next my shorts came off, and I kissed Jenny with another tongue prober. Then Holly came out of her shorts, and then Jenny had to take off her bra. It was my first look at her tits, and they were great. Nice handfuls with perky pink nipples and golden soft flesh surrounding them.
Holly was next and when her bra was added to her pile of clothes, my mouth was watering for a taste of her. The buds of her tits were little and rose colored on the tips, with just enough warm cream left over to fill my mouth.
I ached to get my hands on them, to tweak the lovely little nipples and suck the whole things into my mouth. That was where I wanted my next kiss to go. I wondered if that would fit into the rules. But almost all our clothes were gone, and the rules didn’t say what happened after the game was finished. I thought it would be just the beginning of the fun.
The next couple of turns finished us off, as all our underwear fell to the floor. Jenny’s crotch had a little soft patch of hair covering it in a ‘V’ shape, but Holly’s had just a bit of soft downy fuzz there. We were all naked now, and Holly and I fell into each other’s arms in a deep kiss, while Dave and Jenny did the same just a few feet away from us.
We started rolling around the floor, fondling and kissing each other, rolling together into a pile in the place where we’d been spinning the bottle. It was an incredibly erotic situation. All four of us were naked, me and Holly locked together, and Dave and Jenny just inches away from us. Before I knew it, he was on top of his girlfriend and his dick was poking up between her legs. I saw him sawing in between her outstretched thighs, saw her put her hands behind his back and heard her grunt as he entered her.
My brother was fucking his girlfriend right on our living room floor and I was kissing my girlfriend, her sister, and feeling her up as we lay just beside them. Holly saw them too and she got up on top of me. I reached my hands up to touch her little breasts and she rolled her eyes back in her head as I squeezed them. Then she got up a little and turned me on the floor.
When she settled back down on me, she was straddling my waist with her legs. My head was by Jenny’s feet and I put one hand over to touch her as Dave started pumping slowly in and out of her. Then Holly did an incredible thing. Since she was sitting on me, she was facing Dave as he fucked Jenny. Holly leaned over and kissed Dave while he was fucking her sister.
I thought I’d go out of my mind, and my dick fairly shot up. I felt Holly’s hot snatch rubbing against me and I wanted to be inside her more than anything in the world, especially now. She wrapped her tongue around Dave’s and Jenny looked up at them kissing while Dave’s dick was buried in her hot pussy. She smiled and moved one of her hands over to me, to caress my thigh just as I was rubbing hers.
Now we were all locked together. Holly let her tongue slide out of Dave’s mouth and I lifted her hips enough to get in position to fuck her. She reached her hand between her legs and grabbed hold of my dick to guide me into her tight little hot hole. As she sat on me this time, I felt it go inside her, and it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever had in my young life.
It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. Oh, it was a little like getting my dick sucked, but it just fit so tight and good, like a hand going into a wet glove, or like sticking your tongue into wet pudding, or rather your dick. Holly moved up and down on me and I could feel her hot little pussy gripping me and holding me like we were made for each other. And watching her kissing with Dave at the same time really turned me on.
I had to fuck her, had to get really up into her. I lifted myself from the floor and managed to slip out of her wonderful sweet pussy. I turned her over and spread her legs, putting my hands under her knees and spreading he apart. I started going into her hard and fast, fucking her in rapid little pulses. Soon I was starting to cum and she groaned under me as I started to spurt. I saw white flecks foam up out of her pussy, and I grunted and pushed into her as far as I could go.
Dave was also starting his climax and soon we were both spent, as our balls emptied their loads deep into the sisters’ pussies. We rolled off them and lay panting on the floor. I glanced at him and grinned and he returned my look. The girls hadn’t gotten off, though and they were a little frustrated. Holly climbed over me as Dave and I lay side by side. She straddled her sister much the way she had straddled me.
I watched in fascination as she leaned down to kiss her older sister. Their tongues did a dance that set my heart pounding in my chest again, and I slapped Dave’s hand in celebration. The next thing I knew Holly was over Jenny’s face, lowering her crotch down to her sister’s mouth.
Jenny stuck her tongue out and started licking her younger sister’s cunt, and I thought I’d die. Instinctively, I reached out for Dave. He was holding his breath, and I ran my hand down his chest, down toward his stomach. As I got to his pubic area, I found that he was already hard again, and I took him into my hand and started jacking him off, real nice and slow.
He was so hot he would have cum no matter what. We were both so worked up after fucking the girls that it wouldn’t take but a second to get us back to readiness. He looked over at the two girls, watched as Jenny ate her sister, and prodded me up off my back. I got to my hands and knees and it was obvious what he wanted me to do. He wanted me to suck his dick. While the girls ate each other.
This was okay by me and I gladly took his cock into my mouth and starting giving him a real nice, super blowjob, the best I knew how. I sucked him into me slow and easy, but after just a few strokes he was bucking his hips and begging me to let him cum in my mouth. I looked over at the girls and saw Jenny sucking away on Holly’s pussy.
She turned her eyes to me and momentarily took her tongue out of her sister’s pussy. Her lips were coated with pussy juice, and some was dribbling down her chin. She smiled at me as I went down on Dave and pursed her lips in a kissing motion. Her eyes moved upward to Dave’s face, and I looked up there too. He was giving her the high sign.
“Excellent,” Jenny said. “Her pussy is really sweet.”
“And so is his mouth,” Dave said.
Dave took my head into his hands and started fucking me harder. I saw Jenny return to her pussy eating and closed my eyes as I gave in easily to my brother’s urges. I let him fuck his cock up into my mouth just the way he liked it. I let him slam his dick into me until he started cumming.
I felt the hot sweet liquid start to pour into my mouth, and I clamped my lips around it, sucking him down, taking it all into my mouth, eating him up and swallowing him down. He tasted so good, and I thought I would never get enough of his cock as he filled me full and kept up his pumping.
It wasn’t long before he was lying panting on the floor. Holly dismounted from her sister and lay beside him. He lay on his back as Holly gave him a deep passionate kiss. Jenny sat back on her haunches and looked into my eyes. Her mouth and face were covered with her sister’s pussy juice, and I had just eaten my brother’s cum and was savoring the taste in my mouth. A few drops were leaking out the corners of my mouth.
She leaned forward on her knees, and I stared at how her little tits hung down in front of her. She moved to in front of me where I was sitting in between Dave’s legs. She wrapped her arms around me and I felt her soft breasts drilling into my chest.
I shivered with the feeling of having her hug me in such an erotic way. And then she kissed me, sticking her tongue all the way inside my mouth. She was searching for Dave’s cum, and she sucked my tongue and slurped out all the liquids there. I could taste Holly’s pussy in her mouth and I knew she was getting a taste of Dave from mine.
Finally, we were all exhausted and lay together in a tumble on the floor. Everyone had gotten off on the wild fuck session. It was the first time for me to fuck a girl and it felt pretty good. Pretty damn good. I was looking forward to doing it lots of more times. With Holly, and Jenny, and even with Aunt Emily.
At the same time, I didn’t want to give up any of my cock sucking. It felt good too, and Jenny had certainly seemed to get off on watching me do it. I thought Holly probably did too, and wondered if she ever ate her sister. I was sure I’d eventually find out, probably first hand, like today. I dozed off, completely satisfied with my sex life at such a young age.

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2012-02-27 11:17:53
I go to Rheims on business most months and the concierge at the hotel has always found a nice man for me to fuck with and sometimes fucks me himself.
Last month there was a new concierge who doesn't speak much English and he misunderstood what l asked him for and he brought me a very pretty girl. She also didn't speak much English but we got on very nicely and it was lovely to fuck with a woman, which was a first time for me. In the morning I asked her to come again in the evening and thought I'd explained what the mistake had been. I was mistaken myself, she came as agreed but brought her sister with her. the older girl was 16 and the younger one 13. There was little to choose between them, they had fabulous bodies with neat little aromatic and sweet tasting cunts, the younger girl had quite big tits which were very firm and had large nipples.
Both girls licked, fingered and sucked my cunt and ground theirs on mine so we could orgasm.
I love them but they are very expensive.

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2010-11-29 21:35:30
Stuuuuuuump seeeex!!! Yaaaaaaaah!!

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2009-12-02 12:00:02
Whew...just came after reading this....Wish I could have experienced a 'bi' encounter like that....
Good ONE!

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2009-04-13 06:29:22
Once again you did a really great job with the young children but the only thing you didn't mention their ages.I hope that you will continue to write about them and also if the young boy started selling his little body for money.


2009-04-03 16:02:41
great story keep up the good work. made me cummed a few times.

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