Youngest incest
Chapter ten

The next time I went to Aunt Emily’s I was really worked up. I couldn’t stop my dick from throbbing in my pants on the bus ride over. I kept thinking about the time before when I had gotten her tits all around me and then cum in my pants. After the session with Holly and Jenny I thought this time I’d be able to control myself a little better. But she was so hot that I wasn’t sure. It was a lot different with my aunt than with the girls my own age who didn’t have much of any experience.
And I remembered she knew about Uncle Pete, knew he liked young boys, and she had hinted at some secrets about Mom and Dad. I couldn’t imagine what those would be, but all the same, my mind was in a constant turmoil of sexual images. My brain was flooded with them and it seemed the more I got, the more I wanted. My thirteenth birthday was approaching and I wondered how much more I would experience as a teenager.
The only work this time was moving some boxes around, and I was just as glad. I wanted more time to explore Aunt Emily’s body. I wanted to feel her tits in my hands again and in my mouth, and I wanted to see up under her skirt and put my hands up there and feel her pussy in her panties and maybe even get inside it with my fingers. Of course the ultimate would be to fuck her, but I didn’t think I’d get that far, at least not right away, probably not today.
She bustled around in the kitchen for a while and finally sat down a glass of iced tea for me and a cup of coffee for her. I liked the smell of her coffee, but the taste was too bitter for me, and I wanted something cool. I would have preferred a soft drink, but she never kept them around.
I looked across the table at her. Her hair was soft and brown and hung in loose curls down to her shoulders. Her eyes were a nice hazel color and her cheeks were pink and high on her cheekbones. Her chin was narrow and her lips were painted a bright red. She was wearing a white top that was fuzzy and loose at the top, but the rest of it was shaped to fit her closely. I liked the round rise of her breasts under it. She had on her usual short skirt, just to the edge of her artificial leg.
As I stared at her I thought how pretty she was, and how sexy. She smiled back at me and took another sip of her coffee.
“What are you thinking baby?” she asked.
“Just about last time I was here,” I said, my face coloring a little.
“You liked that, didn’t you, Danny?”
“Yes, very much. I like you Aunt Emily.”
“Uh huh. And I like you too, Danny. So, what have you been up to lately? Any more sessions with your girlfriend? Or your buddy Benny? Or Uncle Pete? Or anyone new? Come on, tell your aunt another story, and then I’ll tell you one.”
“Well, okay,” I said, dying to hear her story and wondering which one I was going to tell her. I mulled them over in my mind. It hadn’t been that long since I’d seen Aunt Emily, just about three weeks, but I’d spent an evening with Uncle Pete, had a suck session with Benny, and the game with the girls, not to mention the stranger who paid me. I was going to keep that one a secret.
Finally I decided to tell her about Uncle Pete, because I wasn’t so sure about the dildo reaming. I told her how he had got me hot with his talk, how he touched my body and felt my hard-on, how he loved sucking on that until I came in his mouth, and then I came to the part about the dildo.
She chuckled at that, and I saw her running her hand up between her legs, though I couldn’t see it clearly because we were still sitting at her kitchen table. But I could see her arm moving under there and saw the look in her eyes get faraway, like she was feeling something really good. I wanted to feel it too. The sweat was already starting to rise on my forehead and my dick was working its way up inside my pants.
“That Pete’s a rascal, isn’t he? What a character. So you gave it to him up the ass with a dildo. I bet he loved that, loved getting butt fucked by his little boy toy. And did he butt fuck you too?”
“No, but he sucked me good and dry.”
“Ho ho ho. And you loved that, didn’t you?”
“Yeah. I like it when he eats me.”
“And do you like eating him?”
“He’s too big for me. But I like it with Benny, and with Dave.”
“You eat their cum?”
“Hmm, a little cum eater, are you? I’d love to watch you doing that. And I just know you’ll like it up the bung hole too. You’d like to get a butt fuck, wouldn’t you?”
“Maybe. I’m not sure. It was a little strange to me. But he seemed to like it.”
“Uh huh. Well, I’m getting wet from hearing you talk. You’re turning into such a little fucker and sucker. Oh, my, and isn’t your birthday coming up soon?”
“Yeah, just over a month away.”
“You know what I’d like? For your birthday? I’d like to get you a butt fuck. Or even give you one myself. God, that would be hot. I’d love to fuck you up the ass on your first teen birthday.”
She was working herself up into a frenzy over this, but I still wasn’t sure. I’d never had anything up my butt before, never even thought about it until Uncle Pete pulled out that long skinny dildo and had me stick it up him. He did shiver and groan when I pushed it into him, so I thought it probably felt pretty good. I was at least willing to give it a try, but not with him, he was way too big. I wondered about her fucking me that way, sticking a skinny dildo up me and if it would be as sexy as she made it sound.
Aunt Emily leaned forward on the table and once again I got a magnificent view down her top, all the way to her beautiful bra barely holding her tits in. My mouth was watering just from looking at them, and I was pretty hot from telling her my story and seeing how she reacted. Her eyes were kind of glassy as she looked back at me.
She took my head in her hands and kissed me on the lips. It felt great, and my dick was pounding in my pants.
“That was a great story,” she said. “I never dreamed you were such a hot number. But I really love you baby, and I promised to tell you something too, something about your Mom and Dad.”
“Uh huh,” I said, my mouth dry and my pulse racing.
“Well, your Mom, my sister, and I are, uh, very close. Do you know what I mean?”
“Like you kiss each other? Like that?”
“Closer than that,” she said. “Much closer.”
“Like you have sex together?”
“Yes, that’s it. You’re not only a sexy little boy, but a smart one as well.” She pinched my cheeks playfully.
“We’ve been lovers since, I don’t know, since high school I guess.”
“Wow,” I said. “You and Mom. Wow.”
“Uh huh, and it’s great. We love to eat each other, sort of like you and Benny eat each other. Except of course we don’t have any little dicks.”
I was fascinated by this revelation. I never dreamed of my mother as a sexual being, and was having some trouble adjusting to not only that fact, but the fact that she was having sex with another woman, and her sister to boot.
“Maybe this family sex runs in the family,” I said.
Aunt Emily laughed at that and threw her head back. I watched as her soft brown hair flew in soft waves and her red lips curled and her breasts shook as she moved. I was just about ready to pull my dick out and start jacking off right there.
“You could say that,” she said, calming down enough to start talking again. She brushed a tear away from her eye where she had been laughing so much.
“And,” she said, and her voice lowered again. She leaned across the table to me and I could feel her breath against my skin. It made prickles rise up on my arms. My dick was at full attention. “And, your father. Well, you know how Uncle Pete likes little boys. Likes to suck them, like he does with you?”
“Uh huh,” I said, unable to manage anything else.
“Well, your father’s kind of like that too. Almost. Except, that is, that he likes little girls. Too bad you don’t have any sisters. He’d be in their pants in a minute.”
My head was reeling from this information. I had always regarded my parents as just sort of asexual, without sex, though I did think my Mom was kind of pretty and had a good figure. But this was so completely new and so stunning that I was practically swooning.
Aunt Emily saw me having difficulty sitting up and took me by the hand and led me into the living room. She sat down next to me and I put my head in her lap. It felt warm and comfortable there, and soon my breathing returned to more or less normal. I could feel her soft thighs under my head. She was stroking my head, running her fingers lightly through my short hair.
I opened my eyes. I could see the edge of her skirt under me and I reached out a hand to touch it and began rubbing the thigh of her good leg. She let me do this and so I started moving my hand upward. I toyed with her skirt, pinching the fabric between my fingers, then putting my hand under it to feel the silky texture of her inner thigh. Her panty hose were slick but I kneaded her flesh through them.
As I massaged her leg, Aunt Emily shifted her position slightly. Her legs came open a little and I worked my hand up farther. I could feel the heat from her pussy just inches away from my hand. She leaned over me and took my head in both her hands, lifting it off her lap until it pressed against her breasts.
They felt wonderful as she rubbed them over my ear and cheek. My pulse was starting to race back up again. Then she kissed me on the ear and I could feel her tongue flick out. It sent a shiver down my spine and she whispered soft and low with her hot breath tickling the little hairs of my ear canal.
“Oh baby, you’re such a sweetheart. I’m going to give you a sweet treat today. Something you’ll really like.”
I didn’t know what she had in mind, but I knew it wasn’t candy, but something I’d like a lot better. She rolled me up to a sitting position and started unbuttoning my shirt. Her fingers felt like cool fire where they touched my skin. Then she unbuckled my pants and told me to stand up and take them off.
While I was eagerly stripping out of my pants she pulled off her top, revealing a cute little pink bra. It was frilly and covered with some tiny flower design. It just held her breasts up from underneath. The creamy smooth tops of them were sticking out, and I could almost see her nipples. She saw me staring at her and slowly unfastened the bra, holding it in her hands for a moment before dropping it to reveal her heavenly tits.
I thought I was going to die. My eyes got wide and my mouth was watering. My little dick was pounding a rhythm inside my underwear and I reached a hand to touch it. I thought if I went up and down on it just a couple of times I’d be spurting my load. I was so horny for her that I could hardly stand up. My knees were practically knocking together because I was quivering so much with the anticipation.
Aunt Emily put her hands in the elastic of my waistband and slid my underpants down, exposing my throbbing hard-on. She touched it experimentally with the tip of one finger and it waved in the air.
“My my,” she said. “You are hot. Hot and ready.”
She put her hands around me and pulled me forward, scooting herself more toward the front of the cushions at the same time. My hard dick touched her tits and I could have cum instantly. She wriggled side to side and my little pecker nestled between those soft globes. Then she started moving her chest up and down a little, massaging my dick. I looked down and saw the head of it peeking out from between her creamy pink tits. I started moving my hips in rhythm with her so I was practically fucking her tits.
“Does that feel good, baby?” she asked in that husky sexy voice.
“Oh, I’ve never felt anything like this before,” I said, shivering in delight.
“Now I want you to put it in my mouth,” she said. “Like you do with Uncle Pete.”
With that she eased my dick from its pocket between her wonderful velvety breasts and positioned her mouth to take me inside her. I put my hands on her silky hair and pushed my hips forward. She opened her red lips and took the head of my hard little dick into her mouth. It was the first time I had ever been in a woman’s mouth. I was shaking with desire as she took more of me into her mouth.
Her lips felt great, warm and soft and sucking insistently on my little boy dick. It was like I was diving into warm pudding, only better. She wrapped her tongue around me and stuck it in the slit at the head of my dick. She slicked the sides of it with her wet saliva and put a hand around the base. She stroked me a couple of times, letting her mouth slide off the end.
“And how do you like that?” she said, turning her soft eyes up to me. “Do I suck cock as good as Uncle Pete?”
“Oh, it feels great,” I said. “You do it perfect. Can I, uh, you know?”
“Can you cum in my mouth? Of course baby. That’s the best part. I’m going to eat you up. That’s your treat for today. Yours and mine.”
“Umm,” I mumbled, my mind filled with images of flooding my aunt’s mouth.
She put her red soft lips back on my cock and started sucking, harder this time, and soon I felt the tingling deep inside my balls that signaled an orgasm coming. She was going all the way down on me, her head moving in a rapid sluicing motion that sent her lips against my pubic hairs on the down stroke as my dick pushed into her throat. She was making loud slurping sounds and her hair was flying everywhere as she raced to make me cum in her mouth.
My knees started shaking and I thrust my hips hard into her as the first drops bubbled up and out of me, flying straight down her throat. She gurgled and slowed her motion, letting me jerk spasmodically into her mouth. I could see her swallowing it and holding on, sucking every last drop out of me and lashing me with her tongue as her mouth muscles massaged my dick to try to milk even more cum out of me.
She was sighing and moaning as I filled her with my hot cum juice. Slowly, I started to shrink in her mouth, and her tongue against the tip of my dick almost hurt. I shuddered one last time and she let my dick plop out of her mouth.
“That was great, baby. Wonderful. I love the taste of your cum. It’s so sweet. Just yummy.” She licked her lips to show her appreciation. “You like it too, don’t you? The taste of cum, I mean?”
“Yeah, I guess I do,” I said.
“Come here,” she said. “Give me a kiss and I’ll let you taste it in my mouth.”
I had never done that before, never tasted my own cum, but then I’d never had a woman suck me off before either, and had never had the desire to kiss a guy after sucking him or getting sucked. Had never really wanted to kiss a guy, even though I had kissed my brother during the four way session with Holly and Jenny. Uncle Pete never did that and it had never come up with Benny, at least not yet. But it was different with Aunt Emily. I liked kissing her, liked feeling her tongue in my mouth, so I relaxed as her lips touched mine.
A warm feeling was starting to spread through me, as it always did just after I came, and so when her tongue twirled around mine, I gave her mine in return. I could taste the familiar musky taste of cum and cock in her mouth, and I thought I got a couple of drops of my own cum from her, but I couldn’t be sure. It was another new sensation for me to feel lips kissing me that had just kissed my cock, had just swallowed my cum.
“Mmmm,” she mumbled. “You’re such a good kisser. And I can’t wait to see you suck a cock. You are going to bring your little buddy around next time, aren’t you?”
“Uh huh. I got him to start sucking me now too, so we’re not just buddies, but suck buddies.” I smiled at her as I said this, feeling proud of myself, and knowing she liked to hear me talk like that.
“Oooh, even better,” she said. “You’re really getting into it now. So tell me, do you think your Aunt Emily is a good cocksucker?” She grinned at me and kissed the head of my dick.
“Oh yes, Aunt Emily, you’re great, a great cocksucker.”
“Thank you baby,” she said and sighed as she pressed her cheek against my now soft dick.

Chapter eleven

I started to look at my parents a little differently after the revelations I had heard from Aunt Emily. Sometimes I’d see Dad looking out the window, watching the kids at play. When I looked I saw it was mostly the girls he was watching. We’d go out for strolls together sometimes and I liked the warm feeling of walking with him, holding his hand and having him tell me about how stuff worked.
One day soon after my session with my aunt, the one where she ate me, it was just Dad and me around the house, so we went out, following one of our usual routes. We walked by the playground and stopped to sit on some benches that were near the swings. I hadn’t noticed before, but now I saw that it gave a nice view up a girl’s skirt if she was wearing one, and the movement would make her skirt flutter up around the her waist. Even if the girls were wearing shorts it looked nice seeing their thin little legs pumping on the seat. I watched with him, and I started talking about the sexiness, trying to see what kind of reaction I’d get out of him.
“She looks cute, doesn’t she?” I said, indicating a nice looking girl that I knew a little. She was younger than me, maybe ten or eleven.
“Uh huh,” he said, hardly looking at me.
“She’s in fourth grade at school, two grades behind me,” I said. “Her name’s Ellen.”
“Oh?” he said, his interest picking up a little.
“Yeah, she kind of likes me. I talk to her sometimes. She’s always wearing those little skirts and when she bends over I can see her legs all the way up.”
“All the way up, you mean, up to…..”
“Up to her panties. I’ve seen them lots of times. One day when I saw them they were wet in the middle.”
“Hmm,” he said, stroking his chin and looking at her a little closer.
“It gave me a hard-on,” I said, looking at him to see his reaction.
“Ha, a chip off the old block,” he said, laughing. “It’d probably give me one too, especially if they were wet. Wonder what she did to get them that way?”
“Want me to ask her to come over some time and play?”
He looked at me then, trying to gauge my meaning I guess. “If you want to,” he finally said, glancing from me to her. “I wouldn’t mind meeting her. She looks nice, and if she’s your friend and all. Well, she is awful cute.” He looked back at her climbing onto the swings.
She plopped down in the swing and as she moved it forward, the motion whipped her skirt up so we both got a good view of her little pink panties. Her legs were thin and smooth, and her skirt was so short she wasn’t even sitting on it. We could see it trailing behind her as she rocked back and forth. Her blond hair was cut short, and it fanned past her face as she swung back and forth. I waved at her and she waved back.
“Doesn’t look like she has any titties at all,” I said.
“No, but she still looks nice. So sweet looking. Nice and soft and smooth all over.” I could see Dad getting kind of dreamy talking about her.
She hopped out of the swing on one forward swing, rolling on the ground as she jumped. Her little skirt was up around her waist, and I thought I saw Dad take a hard swallow. I looked down at his pants and saw that he had the beginnings of a hard-on. I knew I did too.
“She’s kind of sexy, too, isn’t she, Dad?”
“Yes,” he said, and it was almost a whisper in his throat.
I put my hand on his thigh, as casually as I could. He kept his eyes glued to Ellen, so I rubbed him a little, then just barely touched the place where his dick was starting to get big. He grunted, but it wasn’t like a warning, but I knew he felt it. I touched him again and this time traced the outline of it in his pants. He was big and I liked the feel of touching him as he ogled the little blond girl as she climbed back on the swing.
“Yes,” he said again, as if he was talking to himself. “She is cute. Cute and sexy.”
I felt him up as he looked at her, and he spread his legs just a little, just enough so I could get my hand on his dick through his pants. But he crossed his arms on his knees so no one else would see that his son was massaging his dick while he was staring at a little ten year old blond sexpot that we were both horny for.
“You’ve met my girlfriend, haven’t you?” I said. “You know, Holly?”
“Uh huh,” he said. I removed my hand as he turned to look at me. “Yeah, she’s a cutie too. Do you like her, I mean do you hold her hand or kiss her, or stuff like that?”
I almost laughed, but had to remember that he didn’t know anything at all about how active my sex life had become. But I thought he had some pretty good hints from the way our conversation was going, and from his reaction to my fingers touching him and the way he let me do it but covered it up so no one else could see.
“Well, yes, sure. I love kissing her, and holding her, and, well, just everything.”
“I see. And is she nice to touch?”
“Really nice. She’s so soft and sweet. We even played some kissing games, with Dave and Jenny.”
“Oh really? It seems my son is starting to grow up fast. So you kissed Jenny too?”
“Yeah, we all kissed and hugged and stuff.”
“Stuff, huh?”
“Uh-huh. You know, sexy stuff.”
“That Jenny’s turning into quite a young woman already. Is she the same age as your brother?”
“Almost. I think she’s fourteen.”
“And Holly?”
“Almost the same as me. She’ll be thirteen in just a few months.” I looked back toward the swings. “I think Ellen’s ten.”
His gaze had never wandered from her. “She sure is cute. I like her thin little legs. And her slim little chest.”
“Uh-huh. She doesn’t have anything sticking out.”
“Yeah,” he said, dragging it out soft and slow, so I knew that was his idea of good. Good and little. Good and young.
“And her cute panties and tiny little butt,” I offered.
“Well,” he said, again drawing it out slow. “Now that you mention it, those look nice too. She’s just cute all over.”
I could see him working up a sweat just over talking about it. I knew Aunt Emily was right, and that my Dad had a real thing for young girls. I looked at Ellen some more with him. She acted like she knew we were staring at her, like she was putting on a show for us, flipping her little skirt up every chance she got and looking our way to see if we’d noticed.
“I think I’ll ask her to come over to the house and play with us. Just you and me and her. We can play with her, can’t we, Dad?”
I saw him swallow hard and I knew I had him hooked, knew my Dad was dying to get his hands on this young girl. I wondered just how young he’d want to go, just how young was fuckable.
It got my dick to stirring some more in my pants as I imagined one little first-grader I knew, a pretty little black girl with skin the color of milk chocolate. Sometimes I saw her playing in this same park, or at school, so I knew she lived close by. I thought about eating her little pussy.
I thought at six she would be just about prime for me. I wondered if my Dad would like pussy that young. I felt his dick throbbing in his pants and thought about sucking him off like with Uncle Pete, and my brother Dave, and my buddy Benny. My own dick twitched in my pants at the thought.
I got up and walked over to where Ellen was playing and sat in the next swing beside her. She looked over at me and flipped her hair up with one hand. I smiled at her and told her how me and my Dad had been watching her and how cute we both thought she looked. She smiled back at me and then looked over at my Dad. He waved and she waved back. As we swung slowly together and her skirt flowed up and down on her legs, Dad kept his eyes glued to her lithe form.
After a while we slid off the swings and I took her over to him. She stood in front of him kind of swaying back and forth, toying with the hem of her skirt. He looked at her and told her how pretty she was, how she had nice hair and a nice smile. She sort of blushed and reached a hand out to me. I took it in mine and pulled her a little closer.
“And that’s a cute outfit,” Dad said. “It looks good on you.”
I could just imagine him saying, ‘And you’d look even better with it off,’ but he didn’t.
Ellen had on a pink button-up top and her little dark blue skirt. I could tell she didn’t need to wear a bra yet. I could see inside a little between the buttons and got a glimpse of some bare skin. Plus, there was no bra line on her back. I touched her there just to be sure, and felt only soft warm skin under my fingers.
“Thank you,” she said to my Dad and whirled around for inspection.
“Yes, you’ve got pretty little legs, too,” Dad said. “Very nice and slim.”
“You don’t think I’m skinny?” she said.
“No, not at all.”
“I don’t have any titties yet,” she said, touching herself on the chest.
Dad gulped at her words. We both stared at her, but she was completely unselfconscious, as if it was the most natural thing in the world to talk about.
“Maybe not,” Dad finally said, regaining some of his composure. “But you look just as cute as can be even without them. Cuter than some of the girls with big whoppers.”
“You’re sweet,” she said and put her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.
He put his hands on her waist and then patted her playfully on the butt. “You’re sweet, too,” he said, and I could imagine him saying, ‘sweet enough to eat,’ but again, he didn’t.
She stepped back and stretched her arms over her head, giving us a good view of her little chest without tits. “I can do a cartwheel,” she said.
“Let’s see,” Dad said.
She moved away to give herself more room and slowly turned upside down, using her arms to brace against the ground as she flipped completely over. The action exposed her pink cotton panties completely as her little skirt fell toward her face as she gracefully shifted her weight onto her hands and then came back upright. Her face was red and she was puffing slightly as she finished the movement.
“That looked great,” Dad said.
“Yeah, you’re really good,” I said.
“And it really shows off your pretty little legs,” Dad added.
“And my panties, too,” she said. “Do you like them? They match my top.” She flipped up her skirt to show how her panties were the same color as her pink top.
“Yes, honey they look great, you look great,” Dad said, clearly mesmerized by her action, his mouth practically watering at the sight of her holding her tiny skirt up to expose her little pink panties. He looked around quickly to see if anyone else had noticed, but the playground was practically deserted. “But you’d better put your skirt down now.”
“Okay,” she said, lowering it, but looking him right in the eyes, as if she liked him looking at her, liked the hungry look on his face.
“You can come over to our place and we can play some more,” I said. “It’s just me and my Dad.”
She agreed, but said she had to tell her Mom because she was coming back to check on her. I went with her and said hello to her Mom so she would see it was okay. As we walked the short distance back to our house, Ellen skipped ahead, sometimes bending over to pick something up. This gave us another view up her skirt and Dad was really enjoying the view. I held his hand sometimes, and noticed that he had a bulge in his pants from watching Ellen’s antics.
No one else was at home, which was the reason I had suggested going there. We went inside and she immediately sat on Dad’s lap. He put his arms around her and kissed her neck and she giggled a little at his scratchy beard and soft wet kisses. She threw her arms around him and pulled his head against her chest. He touched her there, where her breasts would be, and she wriggled against him as his thumbs roamed over her nipples under her shirt.
Then I guess she got restless, because she jumped up. I had put on some records and she started dancing, her movements emphasizing her lithe body.
“That looks good,” Dad said. “Now you can show us your panties some more.”
“Sure,” she said and unfastened her skirt, stepping out of it and tossing it aside. “Do you want me to take off my top, too?”
“Oh, honey, yes, please do,” Dad said.
She undid the buttons and threw her top toward her skirt. “I like dancing this way,” she said, again looking right into his eyes.
Now she pranced in front of us with just her panties on. They were small and silky looking, just covering the cheeks of her butt, and emphasizing the curve of her little legs. They were cut small in front, making a slim ‘V’ and showing off her thin hips. Her blond hair bounced as she moved to the music, raising her arms over her head or shaking her hips. Her breasts were just nipples, small and pink, and her stomach was smooth and soft looking.
Dad was completely hypnotized and started rubbing between his legs. I reached over and put my hand on top of his and he moved his hand to let me rub his dick inside his pants. His hard-on was raging and he bucked his hips forward as I felt the outline of it and Ellen shook her little butt at us.
“Can I see it?” she said, moving toward us as I rubbed my Dad’s cock.
“Oh baby,” Dad said. “You are hot. Where’d you learn about this?”
“From my Dad,” she said. “He likes to watch me dance, especially without any clothes on. And sometimes he shows me his thing. And sometimes he makes it squirt stuff. And, um……”
“And do you like that?” Dad asked.
“Yeah, I like some of it. I like to see it squirt.”
“Oh, I think we can manage that. What do you say, son?”
I didn’t need much encouragement and I quickly shed my clothes as Dad undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. He raised his legs and kicked them away, revealing a huge hard-on that he immediately gripped in his powerful hand and started moving up and down.
Ellen peeled off her panties and Dad rolled up his T-shirt and tossed it off as he stared at her hairless little crotch. She cavorted on the floor some more as Dad slowly jacked off. I sat on the floor beside him, watching his cock as he watched Ellen. She came up to him, standing between his outspread legs. Her little pussy was completely smooth and naked.
“Do you want me to kiss it?” she asked. “Or do you want to kiss me down here?” She touched her smooth little slit and I thought Dad was going to explode.
“My, my. Your Dad must be really special. A man after my own heart. Tell me, honey, does your Mom know about any of this between you and your Dad?”
“Uh-huh. She likes it too. They both like to kiss me down there, and sometimes she kisses him on his thing.”
“His dick,” Dad said.
“Yeah, she kisses him on his dick. And then I do it too, and he likes to kiss me on my, uh…..”
“Um-hmm. He kisses my pussy. I like that. It feels good. And sometimes Mom kisses it too. But Dad’s the one who really likes it. Mom likes it most when he puts it inside her.”
“Fucks her.”
“Yeah, Mom likes it when Dad fucks her. She moans and stuff and then he squirts it. I like that part.”
“Does he ever put it inside you, fuck you?”
“He tries, but it’s awful big and it only goes in a little. Then it starts to hurt. He puts his fingers in me and that feels better. I like it best when he kisses it, though.”
“Eats it,” Dad said. “When he eats your pussy.”
“Uh-huh. I like it when he eats my pussy. Gosh, I like saying those words. They sound, um, sexy.”
“Yes, baby,” he said. “Sexy just like you. A cute sexy little girl with a sweet juicy pussy just ready for a horny old man to eat up.”
She smiled and shook her head so that her hair flew around and Dad took her into his arms. He moved his head down toward her little nubby tits and kissed one of them, then the other.
“Oh,” she said. “That feels nice.”
“Umm, tastes good, too,” Dad said, taking her other nipple into his mouth and flicking his tongue against it. When he removed his lips, both her nipples were wet with his saliva and standing up at perfect attention. “God, I love your little titties, baby,” he said, his mouth drooling and his eyes rolling back in his head.
“You’re such a nice man,” she said, running her small fingers gently through his hair as he feasted on her taut pink nipples. “You kiss me nice.”
“Um-hmm,” he moaned. “I love sucking your little titties, and I’m gonna love eating your sweet little pussy, too.”
“Yes,” she said. “I like that. I like you to eat my pussy.”
Dad was going crazy with desire for this little ten-year-old. I had to admit she was a hot little babe, and she was making him hotter than a firecracker. He lifted her up in his arms and laid her down on the floor. He spread her legs wide and put his arms behind her knees as he got down on top of her, exposing her little girl pussy to his gaze. He pinned her legs up high, over her head and licked his lips as he stared at her bare young slit.
“My, you look delicious. My sweet little honey. I’m gonna eat you right up darling.”

Chapter twelve

She sighed and moaned as Dad put his mouth against her cunt lips. His tongue grazed up her smooth inner thighs and his hands creased her lower belly. He grasped her tiny butt and plowed his tongue right into her innocent little pussy, bringing sobs of delight from her lips. He stabbed into her, guzzling at her, running his tongue up and down her like she was an ice cream cone about to melt.
“Oh,” she moaned, holding onto his head, and running her fingers through his hair. “That feels good. Oh, yes, you do that good. Umm, yes, kiss my pussy. Eat my pussy.” She was thrashing about and groaning under his assault. She stuck her own fingers into her mouth and started sucking on them as he stabbed his tongue deep into her tight little pussy.
Dad dug into her with increased gusto, and I was getting pretty turned on by this, too. My hard-on was pulsing and my temples were pounding. I wanted to get in on the action. Dad was up on his knees as he ate Ellen’s pussy, holding her legs up in the air as he smothered his face into her little ten-year-old cunt, smearing his saliva between her legs as he slurped into her hot pussy lips.
I wormed my way between his legs, scooting on my back until I was positioned just in front of him. His hard cock was right in my face and I reached for it with both hands. When I grabbed it, he gave a little cry, but it was smothered by Ellen’s pussy since his face was buried inside her.
I stroked his dick and played with his tight balls as he ate out the little girl held in his hands. Her head was on the floor and she was thrashing around in his grasp, her blond hair trailing softly as she bit her lips with the sensations flowing through her. I took my father’s dick into my mouth and started sucking on him.
He groaned as I sucked him and his dick got even harder and bigger. It was so big I couldn’t begin to get it all in my mouth, but Uncle Pete had taught me the best places, and I lavished my attention on the head, and licked up and down the whole underside of the shaft, even licking his balls a little, and cupping them in my hand.
Dad was really excited now, getting his mouth filled with sweet little girl pussy and drilling his cock into my little boy mouth. I could feel him pulsing in my mouth, could feel the vibrations as his dick got ready to spurt. I got ready to swallow my Dad’s cum, waiting for the musky taste to fill me.
He pulled out of my mouth and jerked his mouth out of Ellen’s pussy. His breath was coming in ragged gasps now and he grabbed hold of his own dick and started pounding it furiously.
“I’m gonna cum,” he shouted. “I’m gonna cum all over your sweet little pussy.”
His body jerked as the first eruption exploded out of him and splashed up Ellen’s little belly, leaving a trail of white drops shimmering on her soft skin. She bit on her fingers as he shot huge wads of his creamy jism onto her heaving young body. I crawled out from between his legs and looked at the drops glistening on her. Her eyes were wide and she was smiling at him.
“I made you do it,” she said.
“Yes, baby. You made me cum. It was great. You’re so hot, and so sweet.”
“Umm, it felt good. Your tongue felt good in me.”
“In your pussy.”
“Yes, your tongue felt good in my pussy.”
She looked at me, my body quivering from the excitement. “You kissed him there,” she said. “Like my Mom does.”
“It tastes good,” I said.
“Yes,” Dad said. “He ate me, just like I ate you. And now I want him to fuck you.
“He’s gonna put it inside me?”
“Yes, he is,” Dad said. “He’s gonna fuck your little pussy for you. He’s not so big like your Dad or me. It’ll feel good. You’ll like it.”
“Okay,” she said. “I’ll try. I kind of like it when Daddy does it, but it hurts too much. But Mom really likes it that way.”
“When she gets fucked.”
“Yes, Mom likes it when Dad fucks her.”
“Don’t worry honey. You’ll like it too. I know you’ll love getting fucked. He won’t hurt you. He’s got a boy-sized dick, just the right size for your little pussy.”
“Umm, you make everything sound so nice. I like that sexy way you talk. I like you,” she said, looking deep into his eyes and squirming as I took hold of her.
“I like you too, baby, and I love to hear you talk sexy. It turns me on big time. And I really got off on eating your little pussy and cumming all over you.”
She ran her fingers down her belly where a few traces of Dad’s cum still remained. She sucked a finger full into her mouth.
“You taste good,” she said. “Your cum tastes good.”
I was dying to fuck her, so I pulled Ellen’s legs up onto my shoulders to give me easy access to her pussy. She was already wet from Dad’s juicy cunt slurping, and she had droplets of his cum spread up and down her belly. She touched some more of it as I moved closer to her, holding my stiff dick in my hand. As my dick plowed against her outer pussy lips she gathered up some more of my Dad’s cum. As I pushed inside her she sucked more of his cum off her fingers and into her mouth.
“I love your cum,” she said, looking at him as I started to fuck her. He grinned at her and bent to kiss her on the lips as I pushed my dick against the entrance to her wet little cum-streaked pussy.
I went inside her and she was so hot and tight that I instantly broke out in a sweat. I knew I wouldn’t last long in that tight little hole. She looked into my eyes and put her arms around me as I started to fuck her.
She was cute and I loved the feeling of staring into her wide open eyes while I was going inside her. It was evident she loved it too, even if she was only ten years old. She was old enough to know she loved sex and old enough to give and receive pleasure. She eased her legs from my shoulders and wrapped them around my waist, pulling me deeper inside her.
“It doesn’t hurt,” she said. “Feels good. I like you to fuck me.”
She turned her head to the side so she could look at Dad. He was staring intently at her as she moved sensuously under my body.
“I want you to fuck me, too,” she said, looking right into my Dad’s eyes.
“Oh baby, I’m dying to give it to you, to stick my big dick up your little pussy and fuck you till you go crazy.”
“Mmmm,” she moaned. “Yes, fuck me.”
He covered her lips with his and pinched the nipples on her chest softly. They were locked in a deep kiss with their tongues swishing together, and I was starting to fuck into her hot tight little pussy.
Soon I was buried all the way in her hot young snatch and our bodies were slamming against each other. We were both sweating and grunting and Dad’s cum was turning to a foamy jelly between us. I quickly started cumming and my seed spurted out of me and into her pussy. I wanted it more than anything I had ever wanted in my life, wanted to fuck deep inside her squirming little pussy and feel my cum boil into her, feel her surround me with her gripping pussy muscles.
I shook with the intensity of it and felt her body shaking too. I didn’t know if girls came like guys, but I thought they did something similar, at least got wet and got the same kind of feeling. She ground herself against me as I thrust with all my might into her, slamming her as hard as my body would go.
When I withdrew, my dick was dripping with cum, and she looked down at it. “Oh, it’s so wet,” she said. “Can I kiss it now?”
I crawled up beside her face and held my deflating dick out to her. She kissed the head of it and sucked it into her mouth. Her tongue flicked up and down, taking in the combined juices from my cock and her pussy. I touched her hair and her cheeks as she sucked tenderly on me.
“This tastes good, too,” she said. “I can taste you and me both.”
“It feels good, too,” I said. “You’re really a sweet girl.”
“I really loved fucking you,” I whispered into her ear.
“Me too,” she said. “I love to fuck you.”
She looked over at Dad again, gazing deep into his eyes. “And I want you next,” she said, gazing at him steadily. “I love your taste,”
“Yes,” Dad said. “My cum. You loved eating my cum. Oh baby, you’re the best thing to happen to me since I don’t know when. I’m gonna love having you around.”
“Yeah, I want to come back more and more. I want to fuck you.”
“Oh, I want to fuck you too, darling. More than anything. But I don’t want to hurt you.”
“It’s okay. Maybe it doesn’t hurt so much.”
“Oh, baby,” he said, kissing her feverishly and rubbing his soft dick up and down the wet channel of her little pussy. He slid a finger inside her and she sighed into his arms as he finger fucked her slowly and tenderly and kissed her on the lips, sliding his tongue into the recesses of her mouth.
Clearly he had found little girl heaven in Ellen. Much as I’d loved fucking her, I could tell she had a real thing about my Dad, just like he did for her. She couldn’t wait to get his big dick into her tight little channel. I knew she’d love it, and I shivered when I thought about him slamming it to her.
He picked her up and she looked incredibly tiny in his big hands. She put her arms around his neck and nestled her head on his shoulder. He slipped his arms around her tighter and slowly started to turn her upside down, spreading her legs as he pulled them onto his shoulders. Her blond hair was hanging straight down and her thighs were against his cheeks. Her little butt was sticking out at a provocative angle.
Dad put his lips against Ellen’s sopping pussy, filled with my cum and started eating her out as he held her suspended in the air. His dick started back up and she reached her hands to it, grasping it tightly in her little hands. From her upside down position she started jacking him off as he ate greedily at her juicy pussy.
She wasn’t quite tall enough to reach his dick with her mouth in a sixty-nine, but she squeezed him in her fingers and got him good and hard. Her face was turning red from her head being down, and soon Dad lowered her back down, keeping her thighs clamped to his face.
“Young pussy’s the best pussy,” he said as he gobbled on her and wriggled his tongue deep inside her. “God, you taste so sweet. So fucking sweet.”
“Are you gonna fuck me now?” she asked, her voice a breathless quiver.
“Yes baby, I’m going to try.”
“Ummm,” she sighed. “Um-hmm.”
Dad laid her down, slowly and tenderly, and worked one hand on his dick, pumping it up to its full size. He looked at Ellen’s smooth pussy, with the lips red and distended. He put the head between her legs and she lay looking at him, waiting for his dick to fill her.
He put it in a little at a time, giving her tender young cunt time to expand around him. She kept looking into his eyes as he pushed more and more of his dick inside her oozing little cunt. Sometimes a tear would creep out the corners of her eyes, but she never cried out. Dad’s eyes were glazed over with lust as he got enough inside her to start fucking her.
Ellen opened her legs and then clamped them around his waist as Dad started pumping her. Her pussy was too small to accept all of him, but she was leaking juice all over the place, lubricating the way for him, and he pistoned in and out of her in smooth strokes. Sweat was beading on his head and I could tell he was feeling the hot pressure from her and trying to maintain, trying to hold on and keep from cumming too soon.
“Baby, you’re so tight,” he said between clenched teeth. “So hot and tight.”
“Ummm,” she said, shaking her head in ecstasy. “Fuck me. Umm, feels good.”
Dad couldn’t keep up his control long and as the lust built in him, he started fucking her harder until he was slamming into her full force, his big adult body dwarfing her little ten-year-old one. His hands were gripping her ass cheeks and roaming over her chest, tweaking her nipples and clawing at her hips and smooth stomach as he drilled his gigantic dick into her miniature pussy.
He was lost in a delirium and she was thrashing around under him like a full grown harlot. His body stiffened and his speed increased to a frantic pace. I knew he was about ready to cum. I wondered how much of his cum her tiny pussy could hold. He started shouting out, and his voice was almost unrecognizable, just a series of guttural grunts as he piled into her, giving her all of his massive prick in the last few seconds, nearly splitting her apart with the force of his pounding.
“I’m cumming,” he shouted as he began spewing his hot seed all inside her, instantly filling her to overflowing. His cum was bubbling out of her tiny pussy like oil bubbling out of a new well. She screamed and clamped her legs even tighter around his waist, urging him to fill her to overfull.
A river of cum was seeping out between her legs and spreading down her thighs and up her ass. She held on to him tight as he emptied his full balls into the cavern of her young pussy. It streamed down her and she gripped him in her arms, pressing her chest against his and shaking as he exploded inside her steaming cunt.
He was almost crying as he slowed his motions. She put her hands behind his head and smoothed his hair, soothing him as she clung to him. She kissed him tenderly and whispered words into his ears that I couldn’t make out. His hips came to a stop and he jammed against her, holding his dick all the way up inside her pussy as his climax passed.
His breathing was ragged when he pulled out of her, and her lips were searching for his. They joined together in a final passionate kiss, bringing a last spurt from deep inside my father’s balls that squirted all over her pussy and belly. He collapsed on top of her, his chest heaving with his expenditure.
“God baby, that was so incredible. It was the best fuck I’ve ever had. God I love you. I love fucking you.”
“I love you too,” she said, beaming at his words. “I took you all. You didn’t hurt me. I love you to fuck me. I love to fuck you.”

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