Very young incest
Chapter thirteen

Mom looked a little different to me after Aunt Emily told me about her. I had always thought she was kind of pretty, and she was still slim and wore nice clothes, including some above the knee skirts and tight sweaters. I thought about her and what Aunt Emily had said about her liking sex with women, how the two of them had been close since high school. I remembered seeing Jenny eating her sister while I sucked Dave’s cock, and tried to imagine my Mom doing it with Aunt Emily.
Even though Dave and I still shared a bedroom, I usually went to bed a little earlier than he did. I asked Mom to come in and say goodnight to me one night. She used to do that every night, but had stopped recently, maybe thinking we were more grown up now. But I told her I’d like her to do it again, at least sometimes, at least for me.
She came into my room after I was already in bed, while Dave was still up watching TV. As usual, I was wearing just my underwear. She had changed into a light robe that she wore around the house at night. I liked looking up into her face as she sat on the edge of my bed. Her hair was soft and loose around her shoulders, and she smiled nice and easy as she looked into my eyes and tousled my hair.
“I thought you were too big for this,” she said, meaning getting a good night tuck in bed.
“I just miss it sometimes. I like it when you touch me and kiss me.” It was the first time I had ever told her that, and she looked a little surprised.
“Well sweetheart, I love you. You’re my little boy and you’ll always be special to me.”
Her robe had slipped open a little and I could see inside, could see the outline of her nightgown under there. It was smooth and flimsy, and her breasts looked soft and warm where I could see their shape inside the filmy fabric. I put a hand between my legs because I realized my little dick was growing as I lay there looking at my mother.
“Does that mean I get a good night kiss?” I smiled at her.
“Of course darling.” She leaned forward and I could see even more of her as her nightgown fell open a bit. I glimpsed the creamy softness of the top of her breasts, and it sent a thrill through me.
Her lips were soft and sweet as she kissed one cheek, then the other. “How was that?” she said. “Good enough for my big boy?”
“Um,” I pouted, curling my lips downward, and thinking about how big my dick was getting, and about how turned on I was getting from my Mom’s kisses.
“What’s wrong baby?” She touched my face and her fingers were cool and sensuous.
“I meant like a real kiss. You know, a kiss on the lips.”
“Oh, I see. Sure honey.” She touched her lips to mine in a little peck of a kiss. I pouted again. She eyed me and pondered a moment. “Still not satisfied?”
This time when she kissed me I put my arms around her and hugged her tight, feeling her breasts start to press against me. I held the kiss long enough to feel her lips embracing mine. I could feel them part the tiniest bit, and I brushed just the tip of my tongue against them.
She pulled back from me, a little surprised, I think, but then returned for one more brief kiss on the lips before she stood up. “Feel better now?” she asked, and I thought I heard a different note in her voice.
“Uh huh. That was nice. Can you stay a little longer?”
“Okay honey,” she said, sitting down on the bed next to me. She touched my hair and smiled at me. I thought again how pretty she was. And my dick was throbbing and I knew I wanted to fuck her. I thought she wanted it too, so I smiled up at her.
“How about another kiss?” I said. This time my voice was husky from the emotion and desire welling up inside me.
She looked at me with new eyes, but she bent toward me, and I could smell the sweet fragrance of her as she came closer. Her hands were on either side of my face and her hair made a tent around us as she kissed me softly on the lips. This time it was slow and sensuous, a real lover’s kiss, and her tongue came inside my mouth and scrabbled around for mine.
I kissed my mother back, linking our tongues together and exploring all the inner recesses of her. It felt great and her breasts rubbed across my chest as we kissed, sending extra thrills racing through my young body. I put my arms around her and caressed her back. She shifted her position so she was laying on top of me, and our bodies melded together as we surrendered to the passion raging inside us.
She peeled the covers back from me and saw the hard-on pushing my underwear up. “What’s this?” she said, touching it lightly. “What are you thinking about?”
“About you, Mom.”
“Uh-huh, I see. You’re thinking you’d like to put that inside me, aren’t you?”
“Yes, Mom. Yes, more than anything.”
She slid her robe off her shoulders, revealing her nightgown. It was a one piece thing, just thin straps over her shoulders and I didn’t think there was anything underneath. I reached to touch her breasts and felt them just under the silky material, with no bra separating them from my searching fingers.
She grasped the edges of her slip and pulled it over her head in one smooth motion. I could see her marvelous breasts rising and falling on her chest with her heavy breathing. I squeezed them and fingered her nipples to erection. She sighed and leaned over me so they were poised just over my mouth.
I closed my eyes and took my mother’s breast into my mouth. It tasted incredible and I swirled my tongue over her nipple and sucked the soft resilient flesh into me. I loved sucking her tits, just like when I was a baby. A warm feeling flooded through me and I switched to her other breast.
She ruffled her fingers through my hair as I guzzled at her breasts, and then I felt her mounting me, the smooth fabric of her panties rubbing against the cotton of my briefs. My dick stabbed up and I felt the warm crevice of her pussy. We were separated by just two thin pieces of cloth and we gyrated together.
She slid off me and stripped her panties down. I threw off my underwear and looked at my beautiful mother as I got ready to fuck her. It was incredibly erotic and exciting. I was trembling with desire for her. She got back on the bed and straddled me, spreading her legs as she crawled up my quivering body.
“You want me, don’t you?” she whispered, and it shot a thrill through me to hear her voice so sexy.
“Yes, I want you more than anything,” I said, trying to control the shaking in my voice.
“You want to fuck me, don’t you?”
“Yes,” I said, my voice a sibilant hiss.
“You want to fuck your mother.”
“Say it. Let me hear you say it.”
“I want you. I want to fuck you.”
She shivered a little and I said it again. “I want to fuck you, Mom.”
“Oh, I want to fuck you too, baby,” she said and plunged my dick into her waiting pussy.
My little dick shot all the way up inside her as she settled her legs over mine. Her pussy was like a velvet lined glove that gripped me like a second skin, then rode up and down on me, sending ripples of pleasure flying though me like lightning sparks.
I fucked up into my mother with complete abandon and felt her riding on top of me like I was a hot young stallion. I wanted it to last forever, but it felt so good I knew my cum was going to burst out of me very soon.
It hadn’t been that long ago since I’d fucked the little ten-year-old Ellen, and now I was fucking my mother, who was thirty-four. My little twelve-year-old dick was sure getting a workout, and I was loving every fucking minute of it. Nothing beats the thrill of fucking your own mother, though.
Mom moved up and down on me, knowing everything that would make me feel good, touching me in all the right ways, cooing to me, brushing her breasts against my chest, milking me with her succulent hips, fucking me like no one else in all the world could.
“Oh, I’m gonna cum, Mom.”
“Oh, yes baby. That’s it. Yes, cum inside me. Cum in my pussy. Oh, fuck me.”
Hearing such words spewing out of my mother’s mouth while my little dick was barreling up inside her hot grasping pussy was like throwing gasoline on a raging fire. I exploded inside her with the force of a volcano, shooting hot lava up to the roof of her sweet hot pussy.
I bucked my hips uncontrollably and she ground against me, her fingers raking my chest. She was shaking her head back and forth, her hair flying around her as we furiously pounded our bodies together. My breath was coming in quick little bursts and I was seeing stars swimming around. I felt woozy and lightheaded as she climbed off me, sweat streaming down her sleek body.
“Oh baby. I love you,” she said. “I love the way you fuck me.”
She kissed me on the lips and I could feel her tongue squirming around, wrestling with mine. Her breasts were like pleasure balloons on my chest. I touched her back softly, tracing little tracks down her spine that sent shivers racing through her.
“I love you too, Mom,” I said. “I love fucking you.” I grinned at the lascivious sound of this, and the wicked, sexy way it made me feel to have just fucked my mother and loved it.
She straightened her hair a bit and slipped back into her nightgown and robe. “We’ll have to do this again sometime,” she said.
“Yes,” I said. “Sometime soon.”
She waved at me and blew me a kiss as she walked out the door. I put my hand on my dick as I watched her walk out of my bedroom. She looked nice as her robe swished behind her and her hair floated in a soft shimmer, just brushing her shoulders. My hard-on had come back and I rubbed it to full erection. Laying in my bed and thinking about the great time I’d just had with my mother, I started slowly jacking off, savoring the good feel of it in my hand and imagining fucking her again and again.

Chapter fourteen

The next week at school I savored the memory of fucking Ellen. She had been really hot, even though she was only ten, and she and Dad had hit it off something special. I saw her a couple of times on the playground at school, and we waved and smiled at each other. But I was looking for the little first grader, Amelia. I was dying to get some really young pussy.
It was difficult to find her because the grades had outside play at different times, all the first-graders at the same time, the second-graders at another time, and so on.
But there was some overlap, and sometimes two grades would be out at the same time, in different areas. It wasn’t consistent, but occasionally we’d see the other grades for a few minutes, like while one was starting and the other ending.
I saw Amelia once and caught her eye and winked at her. She smiled and waved and I caught up with her just as she was going inside. We talked for a minute and then I told her I’d seen her playing in the park near my house and asked her if she’d like to walk home together, since it seemed we lived close to each other. She said she usually walked with her girlfriends, but she’d go with me today, at least to the park.
When school let out I waited for her while she was talking to some of her girlfriends. She saw me and waved and said something to the other girls before coming over to me. They were all in first or second grade, and I looked at them, trying to decide which one was the cutest, which one was most fuckable. I thought Amelia won by a landslide. They watched us as we put our backpacks on and started toward home, or toward the park.
I told her that I thought she looked really cute, that she was cuter than any of her girlfriends, and she giggled and skipped ahead of me. She was short and slim and her light brown skin looked so smooth and her black hair bounced in pigtails. Her denim skirt was tight on her firm young butt, and it often slipped up her legs as she bounded down the street, showing off her milk chocolaty thighs.
I hoped to get a view of her panties, but her skirt always seemed to cling just tight enough that I couldn’t. The near views were tantalizing, though, and I liked looking at her as she skipped and hopped and and sometimes stopped to strike a pose for me. She was very active and didn’t seem to be aware of the sexy nature of her young body.
Her top was a black ribbed pullover with a blue ribbon in the center of the neckband. I could sometimes see the outline of her nipples underneath it, or get a glimpse of her tan stomach and even her belly button.
I thought she looked good enough to eat, and I was dying to get my tongue into her little pussy. She saw me looking at her intently and came back to play with me.
“What is it?” she asked.
“What do you mean?”
“Why do you keep looking at me like that?”
“Well, like I said, I think you look cute.”
“Yeah, you’re kind of cute, too,” she said and pinched my cheek.
“I’d like to kiss you,” I blurted out.
“Maybe,” she said, running ahead of me again.
Soon she was back and as we passed through the park she jumped up on a bench ahead of me. She stood there waiting until I caught up with her, then leaned forward with her head stuck out and her lips together.
“Okay,” she said. “You can kiss me now.”
Normally she was shorter than me, but when she stood on the bench she was taller. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her against me as she leaned toward me so our mouths could meet. She pecked me on the lips and started to jump down, but I held her in place.
“Again,” I said and kissed her longer, holding her against me.
This time she was a little breathless, and cocked her head sideways and looked at me. I kissed her again and let my hands roam up her back. I brushed my tongue against the softness of her lips and felt them part just a bit. She put her arms around my neck and I lifted her down from the bench, watching to see if I’d get a look at her panties.
We sat down side by side and I put my hand on her leg. She swung them casually back and forth, her toes just brushing the ground. I patted her thigh and lifted the hem of her skirt. She tapped my hand and then picked it up in hers, bringing it up to her lips and kissing the back of it. I liked seeing her brown skin against mine, which was a lot paler, and I liked the feel of her soft tan lips on my hand.
“You kiss good,” she said. “Do you want to be my boyfriend?”
“Uh-huh,” I said. “If you’ll kiss me every day, and let me kiss you everywhere.”
“What do you mean everywhere?”
“Well, I’d like to kiss you on the lips and kiss your chest, and your stomach, and your legs, and just everywhere.”
“Here too?” she said, pointing to the spot between her legs.
“There especially,” I said.
“Maybe,” she said. “Maybe later.”
“Has anyone else kissed you there?” I asked.
“A little,” she said.
“I know how to do it real good,” I said. “I learned it good.”
“Who’d you learn it from, your brother?”
“No, my Aunt.”
“Oh,” she said. “You kissed your Aunt there?”
“Uh-huh. Who kissed you there?”
“Uh, I’m not supposed to say.”
I put my arms around her and kissed her on the lips again. Then I slid off the bench and stood in front of her. I spread her legs a little so I could stand between them. She had her arms around my neck and was touching my back with her soft little hands. I put my hands on her thighs and rubbed them, easing her skirt up. I kissed her again and put one hand up under her skirt. I could feel the heat from her little pussy as I touched her and felt her slender thigh in my hand.
I touched her panties and extended one finger. She took in a breath as I rubbed the finger up between her legs. She clamped her thighs together, then opened them a little more as my touch became gentler.
“Come on,” I said. “You can tell me, especially if I’m going to be your boyfriend.”
“Well, okay,” she said after thinking it over for a minute. “I guess I can tell my boyfriend. But you have to promise you won’t tell anyone else.”
I promised and she leaned real close to me, putting her lips right against my ear. I could feel her hot breath inside my ear, prickling against the short hairs there. It made my dick start to get hard in my pants just feeling her breathe into my ear. When she said, “My Daddy,” my dick just burst up into a full blown hard-on.
“Oh,” I said. “My Dad likes to do it too. I’ve got this other girlfriend, sort of, and my Dad loves to kiss her there. She really likes it. Really really likes it with him.”
“Um,” she said, still whispering in my ear. “Um, I think you can kiss me there. But not here.”
I tried to see where she meant I couldn’t kiss her. She was looking around and I realized she must mean in the park. It was getting a little heated up here and someone might walk by at any moment, so I told her about a secret place I knew. We walked together with her skipping ahead like before, but now she would sometimes come back and suddenly give me a quick little peck on the cheek or neck.
We got to my secret place, which was really just a hidden place in the bushes with a couple of cardboard boxes smashed up and spread on the ground and a few old plastic milk crates I’d found and stashed there. But it was private enough that no one could see in, and far enough away that no one was likely to hear.
I pulled back a branch and we crawled in and sat down on two of the milk crates, facing each other. I motioned for her to come closer and she jumped up and then sat down in my lap She wasn’t heavy and she felt good sitting on me. I put one arm around her back and started rubbing her there, feeling the smooth skin just under her elastic top. I slipped a finger under the straps and teased them off her shoulders. She raised her arms and the straps fell to her sides.
I put my hands on her waist and worked my thumbs up under the bottom edges, rolling the stretchy material up enough to expose her softly rounded tummy.
“That looks good,” I said, admiring the gentle curve of her slim stomach. I put a finger in her belly button and she giggled.
“Tickles,” she said.
“How about this?” I said, kissing the soft flesh of her stomach.
“Um, that feels good,” she said. “But kind of tickles.”
I kissed around on her stomach some more and then stuck my tongue in her belly button and wriggled it around in there. She put her hands behind my head so I thought she liked that. I reached under her and felt her butt through the stiff denim of her skirt, rubbing it and pulling her closer to me. Her butt was round and firm and stuck out in a little bubble behind her. Her back had a little forward arch to it and I put my hands behind there, working the edge of her top up some more.
She was squirming in my hands now and put her feet down, sliding out of my lap. She stood between my legs, facing me and we kissed again. This time I held her face in my hands and stuck my tongue inside her lips. She hesitated at first, but then slid her tongue out to join mine. Our breath started coming heavier.
My hands were on her slim butt, massaging it and feeling it through her skirt. I moved my hands down to the hem and reached underneath. I could feel the smoothness of her panties with my fingers and I slid my hands up and down her thin legs, feeling them quiver in my fingers. My hands went to the place between her legs and I sluiced a finger up her slit, bunching her panties with the pressure of my probing. I could feel the heat radiating from her little pussy and my fingers were aching to touch it. She was getting wet from my massaging, and I could smell her musky animal smell.
She leaned back and my hands came out from under her skirt. She raised her hands and put them on my shoulders. The action gave me perfect access to her top, and since her straps were already off, I slipped her top down. Her eyes were sparkling as I exposed her little budding breasts.
“You like them?” she asked. “Daddy likes to kiss them.”
Her nipples were a dark brown and sticking up at attention. I sucked one of them into my mouth and she sighed and put a finger in my ear. That felt sexy for some strange reason, though I had never had anyone do that to me before. I switched to her other nipple and soon had them both hard and erect. She was smiling when I looked into her eyes.
“Yes, like that. Um, it feels good when you kiss them,” she said, reaching out for me and pulling my face back to her chest. My hands roamed up under her skirt and once again I felt the smoothness of her panties and the wet spot in them as I returned my finger to caressing her slit. She was moaning softly as I rubbed between her legs with one hand and kneaded her butt with the other.
“I’ll take them off if you want,” she said and stepped back a bit. I nodded and watched as she pulled her top over her head and unsnapped her skirt and folded it on top of her blouse. Now she had on just her panties and she started unbuttoning my shirt and pushing it off my shoulders. I unfastened my pants and pulled them down my legs.
Her hand touched my hard-on and she rubbed it a little, then ran her finger down its length, watching it spring to life. She spun around for my inspection and I was amazed to see that in the back her panties were just a thin triangular line up between her cheeks.
“What’s that?” I asked. “Your panties are just a string in the back.”
“It’s called a ‘thong,’ “ she said. “My Daddy got them for me.”
“Does your Mom know?”
“Of course, silly. She washes them. She’s got some of them too. We’ve even got a matching pair. She thinks it’s cute. And Daddy says they make my butt look sexy.”
“Uh-huh. Very sexy. You’re a sexy little girl.”
“Are you gonna kiss me there now?” she asked.
“You bet,” I answered, moving off my milk crate and onto the cardboard floor on my knees. “Come on down here with me.”
She giggled a little more and shed her panties. She sat down in front of me with her knees out, giving me a nice view of all of her cute little body. I gripped a thigh in each hand, spreading her apart like a clam and forcing her down onto her back. Her legs were smooth and tender and her ass was small and firm. I gripped her cheeks in my hands, squeezing them as I kissed up the insides of her thighs until I came to the smooth slit that was my goal.
Her hairless little snatch was beautiful. She was only six years old, so she was completely smooth. Her gash was small and pink against her tan skin. I put my nose into her cunt lips and rubbed it up and down, sniffing her and parting her soft lips.
“You smell good,” I said and replaced my nose with a finger. I worked it up and down until she got good and wet and I located the opening to her pussy. I let my finger go inside her and wriggled it around nice and slow so she’d get used to it.
“And you feel good,” I said.
She was making a little humming noise in her throat and moving her hips from side to side as I gently worked my finger inside her tiny pussy. I knew she was liking it, and knew she was used to her Dad doing it to her. I smiled and put my head between her legs. My tongue went right to her joy spot and she started making sobbing noises as I licked up and down her cunt lips, parting them and sticking it inside to slurp up her little girl juices.
“And you taste good,” I said. I spread her lips apart with my fingers and stuck my tongue all the way inside her pussy. “Does your Dad do it like this?” I asked, raising my head up to look at her pretty face. I could feel her pussy juice dripping down my chin, and I wiped it up and stuck my finger in my mouth. She opened her eyes and looked at me eating her pussy.
“Yes,” she said. “He puts his tongue in me, and then he puts it on another place down there and puts his finger inside me at the same time. That really feels good.”
“What other place?” I asked.
“It’s up a little,” she said. “There’s a little thingy that sticks out a little I think.”
I put my head back between her legs and spread her lips wide. I thought I saw a little button-like thing just at the top of her lips. I put my tongue there and swirled it around and felt the little nub grow in my mouth. It was little, but she started moaning loud then and clawing her fingers on my back, so I knew I’d found it.
I sucked that little thing into my mouth and put a finger back inside her cunt. I moved that in and out in time with my licking and sucking on her little nub, and she started going crazy. She just practically melted in my hands, wriggling her hips from side to side, grabbing handfuls of my hair and practically screaming with the feeling it was giving her. She tasted so good, I just loved eating her little pussy. It was so sweet and delicious, and my little dick was throbbing for release.
I wanted to fuck her, but she was so young and little and tight I didn’t know if I could go inside her. Just then my finger came out of her pussy because she was moving around so much, and when I tried to stab it back in, it slid up between her butt cheeks and I felt it going into her asshole.
She slowed down her movements, but didn’t stop, so I pressed in and felt it pop inside her. From that angle, my thumb was poised just over her pussy opening, so I jabbed that in too. She writhed around some more, making my fingers go deeper inside her. I grinned at how sexy she was for such a little girl. Then I put my mouth back on her little hot spot.
Now I had her nub in my mouth, my finger in her asshole, and my thumb in her pussy. I thought this was about all the stimulation she could get, and it sent her over the edge. Juice started coming out of her pussy and I removed my thumb and put my mouth there and started lapping it up like a cat lapping milk from a bowl.
It was the sweetest cum I had ever eaten, sweet little girl cum, and she gushed and gushed as deep sighs came wheezing out of her chest and her hips bucked against me. I stayed there for a long time guzzling down every bit of it. When I slipped my finger out of her asshole she gave a little jolt and her eyes popped open.
“Oh, you do it good,” she said. “Oh, that felt so good. I came for you.”
“Yes,” I said, realizing that she had learned that word from her father, and wondering how long he’d been eating his little six-year-old daughter and finger-fucking her. And what else he’d been doing to her, and about her mother. I was beginning to think that family sex was much more common than anyone let on. One thing was for certain, she was very sexy for such a young age, and I loved doing it with her. I looked forward to fucking her tight little pussy.
“How long have you been doing it with your Dad?” I asked.
Her breathing was starting to return to normal and she pulled me up to kiss me and hug me before answering.
“You’re a good boyfriend,” she said. “You make me cum. Just like with Daddy. He started doing it last year, before first grade.”
“When you were five, huh? How’d it get started?”
“Start? I don’t know exactly. I guess he just started kissing me more at bedtime.”
“Oh, I see. A sexy good night kiss. Does he do any other sexy stuff with you?”
“Like what? Oh, maybe I know. Sometimes he puts another thing in there. A squirmy thing with batteries. It was weird at first, but now I like it too. He says soon he’s gonna put his thing in me, but it’s awful big.”
“Oh, so he hasn’t fucked you yet?”
“Is that putting his thing in me?”
“That’s right, putting his dick in you, in your pussy. That’s fucking.”
“Oh, then what’s this, what we just did?”
“Eating. Eating pussy.”
“Umm, I like eating pussy.”
“You like to do it? Like, you do the eating?”
“Me? No, I mean I like it when you do it. And when Daddy does it. And . . .”
“Yeah, and who else? Oh, I think you’ve got such a cute little pussy. Everybody probably likes eating it.”
“Well, Mommy has a couple of times.”
“Oh, she kisses it goodnight, like your Daddy does?”
“Yeah, sometimes. She does it real soft and easy. It feels nice.”
“Uh-huh. You just love getting your pussy eat.”
She just smiled at me, a real big happy looking smile. “Yes, I guess so,” she said.
I couldn’t believe how sexy she was, how much she loved sex, loved getting her little pussy licked and sucked and getting a dildo put inside her. I knew I’d love fucking her, and if it didn’t hurt her, I knew she’d love it too. And the thought of both her parents doing it to her was driving me wild.
“I bet your Mom’s really pretty. Like you,” I said.
“Yeah, except she’s got titties. Pretty ones. They stick out when she dresses up for Daddy. She wears these short short skirts and her thong panties and teeny tiny tops and they go out dancing and stuff. And sometimes when they come home, Daddy eats pussy with her and puts his thing in her.”
“Do you watch them?”
“A little. When they come home late it usually wakes me up, and mostly they leave their door open a little. I can see into their room and see them on the bed.”
“Do they know you’re watching? I bet they do.”
“I don’t know. I just watch from outside.”
“Does it make you excited when you watch them?”
“Sometimes I put my fingers inside while they do it. Then it feels good. It’s like I’m doing it with them.”
“You’re a sweet little girl,” I said, imagining the next step for her, actually doing it with both her parents. In my mind I could the three of them together fucking and sucking. “I think I’d like to meet your Mom someday,” I said. “I bet she’s real sexy, like you. And I think you’d like my Dad, too. He loves little girls.”
“Okay,” she said and kissed me again.
I was already dreaming about little Amelia with my Dad. I thought he’d really like it with her, she was so young and so tasty. And even though I’d never seen her mother, from what Amelia had told me I thought she must be hot too. I wondered if maybe I’d be able to fuck her, or to fuck both of them, mother and daughter. I hadn’t even put my dick inside Amelia yet, but I thought her little pussy would feel like a vacuum pump on my prick.
All the sexy talk we’d been doing, plus the thought of fucking her mother got my dick to raging again, but she was already putting her clothes back on.
“I gotta go back home now,” she said.
“Okay,” I said. “Let’s do this again sometime soon.”
She smiled and tiptoed to kiss me on the lips. “You’re a nice boyfriend,” she said. “I like the way you eat pussy with me.”
“Uh-huh,” I said. “You taste good, good and sweet.”
“You want to put it inside me, don’t you?”
“Yes, very much.”
“Maybe next time,” she said, smiling and turning her back as she slipped on her thong panties that showed off her pretty little six-year-old butt.

Chapter fifteen

I answered the door in my stocking feet and was surprised to find little Amelia standing there on our doorstep. She looked cute as could be with her pigtails sticking out and tiny denim shorts that were so short I could practically see her panties underneath. Her thin brown legs looked just delicious, and her top emphasized her slender body and clung to her chest where her tits would one day grow. It was a Saturday morning and I wasn’t expecting her.
“What are you doing here?” I said, looking around to see if anyone was with her.
“Can you come out and play?”
“Um, well, sure I guess so,” I said. It was still early and I didn’t have any plans, but still it took me a few minutes to get used to the idea. “What did you have in mind?”
“You know, just going to the park and stuff. Playing on the swings and, um, maybe some stuff like last time.” She put a finger in her mouth and twisted one knee in front of the other. It was so cute looking I could have eaten her up right there.
“Sure, uh, why don’t you come in and I’ll throw something on.”
She came in and sat down on the sofa. Her feet didn’t reach the floor and she looked around the room, taking it all in. Just as I was about to head up to my bedroom to change, Dad walked in. “Well, who’s this?” he said, smiling at the little brown girl perched on our couch.
“This is Amelia,” I said. “She’s in first grade. We’re going out to play together.”
“Oh, I see. My, you’re awfully cute, Amelia,” he said, bending down and touching her chin.
“Thanks,” she said. “Danny’s my boyfriend.”
“Oh is he now? And you two are going out for a date, is that right?”
“Uh-huh. We’re gonna play swings and stuff at the park. And then.” She clamped a hand over her mouth as if she’d said something she wasn’t supposed to.
“Go on. And then what are you going to do with your boyfriend. Are you gonna kiss him?”
“Yes, we’re gonna kiss, play kissing games.”
“You like those, don’t you honey?” He was touching her legs now as he kneeled in front of her, his face just inches away from hers.
“Um, yeah. It’s fun. And feels good.”
“What part feels good, honey? When he kisses you?”
“Yes, he kisses good. He’s a good boyfriend.”
“Where does he kiss you?” He looked at her closely, watching her expression intently.
“On the lips. And on the neck. And everywhere.”
“Oh, everywhere, huh? Does he kiss you here?” He touched her chest, very softly.
She looked down at his hand just over her breast. “Uh-huh.”
“How about here?” He touched her bare thighs, about halfway up.
“Uh-huh. There too.”
“How about here?” He put his hand between her legs, touching her tiny shorts with one finger where they just covered her smooth little pussy.
She nodded her head. “That’s my favorite,” she said and smiled at him as he moved his finger around in a little circle on her shorts and down onto the place where her jeans stopped and her thighs were bare.
“I thought so,” he said. “Well, listen, maybe you’d like to come back here and play kissing games. You know, after you go swinging and all.”
“Okay,” she said. “You’re a nice man. I like you.”
“I like you too, Amelia. You’re very sweet looking.”
She bounced up and I hurried to change into some comfortable shorts and a clean T-shirt. We were out the door and she pulled me along to the park, tugging at my hand and urging me to hurry up.
We sat on the swings first, then did see-sawing, climbing on the monkey bars, all kinds of stuff. I hadn’t done some of it in quite a while, but it was fun with her. I liked watching her and liked the feel of her skin when she touched me or sat on me. She was always smiling and bouncing around, just full of energy.
I sat for a while and just watched. Her shorts would ride up on her butt when she climbed and I could see parts of her little brown butt cheeks peeking out. I wondered if she had her thong panties on again today, wondered if I’d get to fuck her today. Her top was a cotton shirt with a scoop neck and some little strings holding it up. Often it would flop open at the top and I’d get a look at her juicy little nipples under there just waiting to be sucked. I was getting a hard-on just from watching her play.
She came back and pushed my legs apart and stood in between them with her back to me. I put my arms around her and pulled her against me, feeling my dick starting to rise and rubbing up her back. I looked around to make sure no one was watching us and put my hands on her tiny little titties, tweaking her nipples through her thin shirt. I slipped one hand down to her butt and squeezed her cheeks.
She leaned her head back and shook it from side to side in the hollow between my jaw and my shoulder, just nuzzling into me. I kissed her on the cheek and she turned around to face me, putting her arms around my neck. She kissed me on the lips with a little peck and then was off to play some more.
After a couple of hours of fun in the park, I took Amelia’s hand and led her back to my house. As I suspected, everyone but Dad was gone. He had some sandwiches ready and we sat wolfing them down and following them with big glasses of cold milk.
She was swinging her legs under the table and holding her glass with both hands. She set the glass down and licked a line of milk off her upper lip. Dad cleared the dishes away and we went back to the living room.
“Would you like to sit on my lap, honey?” Dad said.
“Sure, “ Amelia said, climbing right up on him with no hesitation.
He put his arms around her waist and she turned to face him and put her hands on his shoulders. He moved his head closer and touched his nose to hers. She smiled at that and shook her head from side to side, her hands slipping up around his neck. Dad kissed her cheek, then her ear, and then her neck. She scrunched up at the last kiss like he had touched a really sensitive spot.
“Now you kiss me,” he said, smiling broadly at the little girl cuddled in his lap.
She kissed him on the nose, the forehead, and the chin. Then she looked at him again and kissed his lips, just a tiny one. His hands were roaming all over her back now, up under her top sometimes and down onto her shorts. I knew he was getting excited by having this little girl on his lap, kissing and playing with him. I was getting pretty turned on by it too.
“Me too,” I said, scooting over next to Dad on the couch.
She looked at me and then leaned over, squirming to get closer. I held her arms to steady her and our lips met. I held onto her, holding the kiss until I could feel her soft lips open. I flicked my tongue in between them and thrilled to feeling hers brush against mine. She shifted her weight a little and then her arms were on my shoulders and she was kissing my neck, taking little mouthfuls of flesh and sucking them with a wet, sexy sound.
Dad was holding her sideways on him, and she stretched her legs out. He squeezed her butt, his big hands practically covering her little cheeks. He gripped her top leg and pushed his hand underneath it, rubbing up her inner thigh until he came to the edge of her shorts. He ran a finger up under the bottom of them and worked it inside.
She turned her head from kissing me as his finger went further in. She rolled over onto her back, her lower half in Dad’s lap and her upper part in mine. I put my hands on her chest and felt her nipples just under her thin cotton top. I took the straps in my hands and pushed them over her shoulders and she pulled her arms free. I peeled her T-shirt down to reveal her shiny dark nipples.
I grinned at the sight of them and moved my hands gently over them, twisting the tips between my fingers and watching them perk up. I looked over at Dad and saw him unbuttoning her shorts. He pulled the zipper down slowly and she wriggled her hips free as he pulled her little pants down. He spread her legs apart as he put his hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy through her thin panties.
Amelia sighed and moved her hips and legs in time to my father’s groping. She opened her arms and I bent my head down to suck one of her nipples into my mouth. There was no breast swelling around it, but her skin was soft and smooth and I could get the whole nipple into my mouth and suck on it. I swirled my tongue around and around and sucked one nipple stiff, then switched to the other.
She was moaning when I lifted my head and kissed her on the lips. This time her tongue eagerly sought out mine and we held the kiss for a long time, exploring the insides of each other’s mouths. She gave a little twitch and her mouth broke free of mine. I saw she was jerking her hips and that Dad now had his hand inside her panties and was fingering her pussy.
He started rolling her panties down her legs and she kicked up her thin pretty legs as he peeled them off her ankles. Her body was so small looking against him and her thin brown form moved so smoothly. She was like a little toy, a cute little sex toy and Dad was like a little boy playing in the toy store.
“Well, son,” he said, grinning at me. “What are we waiting for?”
I clapped hands with him and we both quickly stripped out of our clothes. He picked Amelia up in his arms and kissed her. I could see her moving her tongue to return his kiss. He was standing up and her little arms were around his neck as he cradled her like a little baby and kissed her like a little slut. He turned her so she was facing him and slid her down the front of his body.
“Have you ever kissed a dick?” he asked her.
“A little,” she said. “But not if it’s too big. I’m just little.”
“Yes, I know baby. I want you to kiss Danny’s dick for me. And I’m going to kiss you while you do it.”
“Down there?” she asked, pointing.
“Yes baby. You like that, don’t you?”
“Uh-huh. Danny kissed me there. And . . .” She hesitated.
Dad put his hand over her crotch and slid a finger up between her legs, tracing the outline of her slit. She trembled a little at his touch but spread her legs as he fingered her. I could see his finger start to disappear up inside her as he worked it back and forth. He lifted her off the floor with his hand still between her legs. She was so small and light compared to him that he had no difficulty doing it.
He laid her on the couch on her back and shifted his hand around, spreading her legs wider. He nodded at me and I climbed up beside her head. Amelia was nearly shivering now as my Dad pushed his finger against the opening to her pussy. She closed her eyes and bit on her lower lip as he got it inside her. He held it still while she got adjusted to it, and then he moved it in and out in slow steady movements.
“Now tell me who else has kissed you here,” he said.
She opened her eyes and looked at him, his finger oozing into her tight little pussy, and then up at me. I was stroking my cock, getting it good and hard and I nodded at her.
“It’s okay,” I said. “You can tell him.”
She turned her head back to my father. “My Daddy,” she said slowly, looking him right in the eye as he fucked his finger into her hot hole.
“Um, Daddy’s little girl,” he said. “Such a sweet little thing.” He removed his finger from her pussy and put it in his mouth, slurping her juices off it and licking it so she could see. “Like I said, young pussy’s the best pussy.”
“The younger the better, huh Dad?” I said.
“Yes, the younger the sweeter.”
He smiled at her and smacked his lips to show how much he liked it, then scooted back a little and raised her legs higher in the air. He spread her apart and started lowering his face toward the ‘V’ of her legs. He kissed up the inside of her tender young thighs and then kissed her pussy lips, holding onto her ass cheeks like they were the cheeks of her face and holding the kiss for a long time. We were both watching and I could see his tongue making long slow movements into her little girl cunt.
“It looks good,” I said.
“Feels good,” she said. “Real good.”
Dad stretched his tongue up and down Amelia’s slit, then he pried her legs apart even more, spreading her apart like a wishbone. His lips were wet with her pussy juice, but he wanted more. He stuck his tongue into her asshole and she moaned as he kissed her little brown hole. He put it up inside her as deep as he could. She was wailing and her hand went to her pussy. She put a finger inside herself and rubbed it around while he ate her asshole. She was shaking like a candle flame in a breeze.
My dick was hard as could be and I bent my knees and positioned it close to her face, pulling on it slow and steady just in front of her. She put one hand on it and her little fingers gripped it tightly as she started to imitate my movement and jack me off.
“Kiss it,” I said.
She touched her lips to my throbbing cock and her tongue explored the head and then the underside of the shaft. Her lips made little kisses all over it and it felt so good I thought I would explode. Then she took it in her mouth. She just put the head in, but her cheeks hollowed in and she was really sucking on it. Prickles of light were firing in my head and I felt like fireworks were exploding. I pushed inside her a little more and started fucking her mouth while my Dad ate her pussy.
I could have cum at any second, but Dad had another idea. He was guzzling happily away at her sweet little pussy, but his dick wasn’t getting any stimulation. He withdrew his mouth from Amelia’s snatch and looked up at me as I pushed my little dick into her mouth. His mouth was covered with her pussy juice and he licked his lips to get some more of the taste into his mouth.
His hands roamed up Amelia’s body, caressing her smooth stomach and tweaking her brown nipples. She couldn’t hold all of my dick and she let it slide wetly from her mouth as Dad massaged her. He sat up a bit more and then, with his mouth still full of the taste of her pussy, leaned forward to kiss her on the lips.
“Have you ever been fucked?” he asked her.
“Danny told me what that is, but I’ve never did it,” she said, looking at him dubiously. “I think you’re, uh, awful big,” she added as she watched him stroking his hard cock.
“Yes, I know baby. I’m too big for you. I was thinking of Danny here. Wouldn’t you like for him to fuck you? It’ll feel real good.”
“I like it when you kiss me, uh, eat me,” she said. “But I’ll try.”
“Don’t worry baby, I’ll help.”
Dad motioned for me to change places with him and I happily crawled up between Amelia’s outspread legs. I could see her little pink pussy there, exposed to my view and wet from my Dad’s tongue action. He got up over her head and leaned down and put his mouth back on her sweet little cunt from an upside down position. I touched his hair as he continued eating her pussy. My dick was really aching now and I jacked it off as I waited for my turn.
He withdrew his mouth and looked at me, then back down at Amelia’s little pussy. He smiled and patted me on the back.
“There you go son,” he said. “I got her all primed for you. Go to it. Fuck her young little pussy.”
I moved forward and aimed my stiff prick at her little opening, more than willing to carry out my Dad’s erotic request. Her legs were wide apart and up in the air. Her bare skin was a coppery gold and glistening with a light sheen of sweat. My dick pushed aside her thin outer lips and probed for the opening to her tight cunt. I thrust forward and felt the head penetrate her.
She cried out a little, but Dad smothered her lips with his and stabbed his tongue inside her mouth. She started sobbing as he deep kissed her and I pushed again. This time I went farther inside and her little pussy gripped me so tight a sweat popped out on my forehead.
I shoved once more and a cry broke from her lips as she jerked free of my father’s kiss. I couldn’t go any deeper inside her because something was holding me back, but she was so tight and hot that I couldn’t last anyway. I tried to fuck her slow and easy, but I was already cumming and my hips just bucked out of control as I spewed my white jism up inside her little pussy.
It came gushing back out, flooding between her legs and dribbling up her ass cheeks. My motions spread it around like sticky jelly and soon we were both coated with it. I was gasping for breath and she was sobbing into Dad’s arms. Tears were trickling down her cheeks.
“It’s all right baby,” he said, soothing her. “You’re just too little, too tight.”
“It hurt,” she said, brushing away a tear. “But it felt good too, kind of.”
“Yes, yes. Soon you’ll be able to take it. Don’t worry baby. You’re a sweet little fuck.”
He held her in his arms and swayed her back and forth. She looked content and satisfied in his arms and I knew soon she’d get a real fuck. I felt the warm afterglow start to creep up my spine, the one that follows a good cum.
“Good job, son,” Dad said to me, high-fiving me. “You did good. She’s a prime little honey. So sweet.” He looked lovingly down into her eyes.
“Thank you,” she said. “You’re a nice man.”

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