Young incest
Chapter sixteen

I walked Amelia home, holding her hand and skipping with her, trying to keep up. She was a little more subdued this time, after her first fucking.
“Did it hurt too much?” I asked.
“No, it’s okay,” she said. “Your Dad’s nice, and you’re still a nice boyfriend. I know you didn’t want to hurt me.”
She hugged me and gave me a little smile that melted my heart and made me feel good again. We went up to her door hand in hand, and she opened it and shouted that she was home. I started to turn and go back home, but she pulled me inside, shutting the door behind us.
Amelia led me to the kitchen and introduced me to her mother, who was putting some groceries away. Her Dad was out somewhere, she said, waving vaguely. Just as I had thought, her mother was very attractive. She had on tan shorts that showed off her shapely legs and a striped top that almost matched the one Amelia had on. It had the same scoop neck line and thin straps over the shoulders.
It made me think of them wearing their matching thongs. I looked at her and tried to imagine how she would look in those kind of panties that I had seen Amelia wearing, the ones with just a string up the back, between the butt cheeks.
Her breasts stuck out the top a little and when she kneeled down to put something in a low cabinet I got a good view of them. She had on a black bra and it clung to her tightly. It was silky looking and I liked seeing it. Something about women’s underwear just drove me crazy with desire.
“You’re awful pretty,” I said as I gazed down her top.
“Why thank you honey,” she said, her soft brown eyes coming up to meet mine. She must have known I could see her bra, but she didn’t move to cover herself. Instead, she reached a hand up to touch my cheek. “You’re sweet, a real sweetheart.”
“He’s my boyfriend,” Amelia said.
“Oh, is he the one you told me about? Your older boyfriend?”
“Yeah, he’s twelve, but he’s nice.” She put her arms around me and stood on her tiptoes to give me a kiss on the cheek.
“Ah, I see. Twelve is such a sweet age,” she said, looking at me, then back at her daughter. “You really like him, don’t you?”
Amelia nodded vigorously and kissed me again, this time wrapping one leg and both arms around me. Her mother was still kneeling, so she was about the same level as me. She patted her daughter on the head and touched my face gently. Her fingers felt nice and I could smell the delicate scent of her hair. Her lips were moist and red with lipstick.
“Can Momma kiss him too?” she asked and I thought I’d just about pass out.
“Yeah, but not too much.”
Her eyes were sparkling as she moved her face close to mine. I could feel the softness of her lips as she kissed me on the cheek. I put my hand where her lips had been and then she kissed my mouth. I could feel the slickness of her lipstick, and her sweet smell combined with the heady feel of her lips on mine made me almost faint.
She put an arm around my back. “Are you okay?” she asked.
“Uh-huh. Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just that, well, that you’re so pretty and all. It just made me feel dizzy I guess.”
“Oh, you are a sweet boy,” she said. “You two go and sit in the living room and I’ll be in in a minute,” she said, standing up and surveying the kitchen.
Amelia and I went in and sat down beside each other. She was right up against me, her hips touching mine, so I put my arm around her. She nuzzled my nose like she had done with my father and kissed me on the cheek, the same one her mother had kissed.
“You’ve got lipstick there,” she said. “My Mommy’s lipstick.”
“Uh-hmm. She’s nice, and pretty too. Just like I thought.”
“Who’s prettier, me or her?” she said, pouting a little.
“Uh, um,” I stammered, knowing there was no good answer to this question.
“You’re both pretty,” I finally said.
“Why, thank you Danny,” her mother said as she strolled into the room. “He is a nice boyfriend, isn’t he?”
Amelia took my hand in hers and put it in her lap. I thought our hands looked nice together, mine bigger and lighter and hers smaller and darker. The back of my hand was resting on her thigh and I rubbed it back and forth a little. Her mother sat down in the chair opposite us. Her black hair was smooth and straight. It hung down to her shoulders and then flipped up just at the ends. She had a little ribbon in it on top just behind her bangs.
Her eyes were bright and when she smiled her red lips showed nice white teeth inside. Her skin was just a little darker than her daughter’s, a sort of caramel chocolate color. It looked almost golden in the lamplight. Her shorts were a light tan color that fit tight and showed off her legs, which she spread when she sat, giving me a look up right to her crotch. She leaned forward, putting her elbows on her knees and letting me see down her top again.
I loved looking at her and was dying to see more of her beautiful body. She got up and walked around the coffee table to come up beside us, kneeling on the floor just in front of us. I felt one of her hands touching my thigh and her breast pressed against my lower leg.
“I’m so glad you brought your boyfriend over for me to meet,” she said, looking deep into my eyes.
“You can kiss him again if you want to,” Amelia said.
“Sounds like she wants us to get to know each other better,” her Mom said, smiling at me.
She parted her lips slightly and tilted her head to the side and I leaned forward and down. When our lips met this time she put her hands behind my head and made little circles in my hair that raised bumps on the back of my neck. I tasted her delicious lipstick again as her soft warm lips enveloped me, and I smelled her erotic perfume.
I felt her tongue touching the outside of my lips and I opened my mouth and wriggled my tongue against hers, thrilling to the feel of them writhing together. Her breasts were rubbing against my legs and her tongue was sending chills down my spine. When she drew her lips away, they were moist and I could see her pink tongue behind her white teeth.
“Now that was a real kiss,” she said. “Your boyfriend is a good kisser.”
“Uh-huh. He kisses me all over.”
“All over. Really? Everywhere?” Her voice was like silk and she kept her eyes fastened on me as she spoke.
“Yes, everywhere.”
“Can he kiss me everywhere too?”
“I think he likes you,” Amelia said. “I think he likes your titties.”
She laughed a soft little laugh from deep down in her throat and leaned back a little. “Well, do you Danny? Do you like them?” She pulled her top tight to emphasize their shape, then cupped her hands under them.
I swallowed hard and stared at her, unable to answer.
“I think he does too,” she said and this time she spread the neckline low so I could see down it all the way. “Don’t you Danny?”
“Yes,” I finally managed. “They’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.”
“Careful, you’ll make your girlfriend jealous.”
Amelia was down off the couch now and tugging at her mother’s top, pulling it down. She slid the thin straps down over her shoulders as her mother kept her eyes glued to mine. Then Amelia went behind her back and unsnapped her bra.
Her mother held the soft cups against her with her hands. I watched in fascination as she slowly pulled away her bra to reveal two perfect cones of rippling flesh. They were firm looking and erect on her chest, sticking out in front of her without sagging. She touched the dark chocolate nipples with her fingertips and I watched them stiffen.
“Don’t you want to kiss them?” Amelia said, urging me against her mother.
I slid into her mother’s arms and nestled my head between her breasts, sucking first one and then the other into my greedy mouth. I sucked them hard and gobbled on them, trying to get them all into my mouth. They weren’t huge, but they were too big to fit in my little boy mouth. She played with my hair as I suckled on her breasts.
Amelia had stripped off her own clothes and she came up and kissed me on the lips. I could feel her little tongue probing against mine and could feel my dick pounding in my pants. She put a hand on one of her mother’s breasts and squeezed it, then offered it to me.
I gladly accepted the warm sweetness in my mouth, and stretched the nipple between my lips, teasing it with the tip of my tongue. She let me kiss it for a while, and when I moved on to the other one, I was surprised to see Amelia put her mother’s tit into her mouth and start sucking on it. Her mother put an arm around each of our heads and encouraged us to suck all of her titties that we wanted. She was starting to make little noises in her throat, a sort of low humming or moaning.
She lay back so her tits were facing straight up, and I moved downward, kissing her smooth brown belly and swirling my tongue into her belly button. I unbuttoned the top of her shorts and unzipped them, reaching a hand inside to feel the marvelous warmth of her pussy.
She sighed and arched her back toward me as I rubbed against her mound. When my fingers slid up between her legs, I found that she was already wet. Standing up, I shed my clothes, and she soon had her pants off as well. I watched as she squirmed out of her bikini panties.
“No thongs?” I said.
“Oh, so Amelia’s shown you those, has she?”
“So, he really has kissed you everywhere, eh?” she said to Amelia.
“He kissed my pussy,” she said.
“Umm, oh my. Oh, can he kiss mine?” she said, squirming around on the carpeted floor, just begging me to eat her pussy. “Can you Danny?”
I didn’t need a second asking and immediately stretched out between her outspread legs. I could smell the sweet smell wafting from her overheated pussy and I headed straight for that delectable treat.
“Eat me,” she said as I moved her black hair aside and kissed her outer lips. I raked my tongue up and down her slit and found her love button. She squealed in delight and wrapped her legs tight around my head. I jabbed my tongue into her steaming snatch and lapped on her juices.
“Eat my pussy,” she said and I started to lose control, going wild over the sweet taste of her delicious inner juices.
I was sucking on her cunt and loving the taste of it. I moved back up to her nub and put a finger inside her, fucking her with my finger while I licked and sucked on that little thing that seemed to drive her crazy. She grabbed my head with her hands and clenched her legs tight against my ears.
Just then I felt a hand on my dick. Little Amelia was jacking me off while I was eating her mother. My dick got so hard I thought I’d shoot off instantly, but after a few furious up and down strokes, she slowed down and settled into a better rhythm. But then I felt her lips go around me and I knew I couldn’t hold out long.
She sucked on just the head and continued to jack me off. Her delicate little fingers strayed down to my taut balls and cupped them very gently. My hips were bucking and I could feel the cum bubbling just inside, aching to get out.
“Oh, fuck me, fuck me Danny,” her mother shouted, and Amelia slid her lips off my cock so I could fuck her mother.
“I love your lips,” I said to Amelia. “They felt good on my dick.”
She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and pushed on my butt. “Go on,” she said. “Put it inside her. Fuck with my Mommy.”
I ruffled my hand through her hair and moved my knees forward. Her mother was spread wide apart, and her pussy was wet from the way I’d been eating it. My dick slipped in easily and she closed around me nice and tight. It felt good to have lips wrapped around my cock, but it felt even better to have pussy lips surrounding it. She put her legs up over my shoulders and I rammed in as far as my little dick would go, slamming against her with wet squishy sounds.
Amelia crawled up to beside her mother and caressed her face as I fucked her. She opened her eyes and looked lovingly at her daughter, then put one arm around her and kissed her. I could see their tongues dancing together as mother and daughter kissed deeply.
“You are such a sweetheart,” she said. “Come up here, put your legs around my face and sit on my chest.”
Amelia followed her mother’s directions and I looked at her sweet little back as she straddled her mother, her pussy poised just in front of her face.
“Mommy’s going to eat you now,” she said. “Mommy’s going to eat your sweet little pussy.”
Amelia’s Mom snaked her tongue inside her daughter’s cunt and I could hear the wet gurgling sounds in her throat as she licked and sucked at her gushing juices. I pounded my dick deep inside her and watched her eat out Amelia’s cute little smooth pussy. She rocked her back and forth in her hands, holding her ass and moving her against her tits. Amelia was holding on to her mother’s hair as she rode in the saddle of her breasts and bucked her hips forward into her mouth.
“Um, feels good Mommy. You kiss me good. You eat my pussy good.”
I started feeling the cum bursting up out of me. “I’m gonna cum,” I shouted.
“In my mouth,” Amelia’s mother said, lifting her daughter gently off her chest.
I jerked inside her as the first blast came tearing out of me, and then I pulled out and another stream came flying out to land on her stomach. I grabbed hold of my dick to stop the flow, but a couple more drops splashed against her tits before I got it in front of her mouth.
She opened wide and I let go, shooting a white hot stream into her mouth. A few drops hit her chin and then she pulled me inside. Her fingers clawed my butt as she greedily rammed me forward so my dick was filling her mouth and the last spurts of my cum shot deep inside her, down to her belly. I could hear her swallowing them and sighing down in her throat.
“Oh, you ate him all up, Mommy,” Amelia squealed, clapping her little hands together.
“Yes, darling. You were so sweet to bring him over for me.”
“He’s too big for me. He couldn’t go inside me.”
“It won’t be long, honey. God, look at all that cum,” she said, looking down at her chest and stomach. I looked at it too. My white cum lay in puddles on her smooth brown belly, on her soft pointy tits, and a couple of drops were still on her chin.
“It looks good on you,” I said, and started licking it off her breasts.
“Yes, baby,” she cooed. “That’s right. Eat up that cum. Eat your cum off my tits.”
I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth to suck up the cum and she started shaking. I took it out of my mouth and looked into her soft eyes and then down at her cum-streaked pussy.
“Help him, honey,” she said to Amelia as I started down to clean my cum off her belly.
Amelia slid down her mother’s body with me and together we licked all the cum off her smooth brown stomach. I stuck my tongue inside her pussy to get the last sweet taste and Amelia put her tongue in my ear. She blew hot air across the moist channel, sending shivers racing through me as I ate her mother’s juicy pussy.
“What a great boyfriend,” I heard her mother say as I happily lapped away, eating my cum out of her pussy and looking up into her eyes.

Chapter seventeen

The next time I went to Aunt Emily’s I took Benny with me, as she had asked. As we rode the bus over he told me about his sister.
“You know, Becky’s a couple of years younger than me, but since we’ve been doing each other and all you’ve told me about your family, I started looking at her different.”
“Yeah, she’s pretty cute. Have you done anything with her?”
“Not exactly. I’ve been sort of spying on her though to see if I could get a good look at her, you know, in her bedroom or when she comes out of the shower.”
“Uh-huh, have you seen her naked yet?”
“Almost. Her towel slipped down and I saw her titties. They’re little, but the nipples stand up real nice. And I saw her in her panties from the back while she was dressing. She left her door open a little.”
“Do you think she saw you?”
“I’m not sure. Maybe. She took an awful long time to put on anything besides her panties.”
“What are you gonna do next?”
“I don’t know. Go somewhere together? Invite her into my room for something?”
It was our stop and we continued discussing what to do about Benny’s sister as we walked the couple of blocks to my aunt’s house. When she opened the door and we went inside our attention was all on her. She had on a tight fitting top with no bra underneath so the shape of her breasts and her titty nipples immediately drew both our eyes to her chest. She also had on her usual length of skirt that ended just where her artificial leg started.
She gave me a kiss on the lips and held Benny’s hand and looked deep into his eyes before giving him one too, but just on the cheek. He looked at her with such longing that she kissed him again, this time on the lips. We went to the living room and Benny and Aunt Emily sat on the sofa while I sat on the ottoman facing them. Aunt Emily’s skirt had ridden up when she sat down and her legs were parted just enough that we could almost see her panties. Benny was practically panting at seeing her dressed so sexy, and I already had a hard-on just thinking about what we were going to do.
“So, I know you’re Danny’s best friend, and he tells you everything. I know he’s told you about me, and he’s told me about you too,” she said, smiling and lowering her eyes. She looked right at him when she said it, and touched his thigh with her delicate hand.
“Danny and I have been having a lot of fun together, and when he told me about you two being together, I wanted to see for myself.” She moved her hand up his thigh and Benny was starting to sweat from already being so overheated with desire.
“He tells me he sucks you off, and maybe you’ve started sucking him too?”
“I’d really like to see that. It turns me on to see two guys sucking each other, and Danny and I have become very close over the past couple of months. Very close.”
She smiled and licked her lips with a long slow movement that made my dick hard as I could just imagine it wrapping around my cock and licking the juice out of it, or around Benny’s cock, where I’d like to wrap my lips too, maybe sharing it with her. We were all getting pretty turned on, and Aunt Emily sat back and looked at both of us boys. She stretched her arms over her head, thrusting her beautiful tits up, and her tight fitting top clung to them tightly. We could see her erect nipples standing at attention without any bra to restrict our vision. Her skirt had slid up to where we could see the tip of her panties showing underneath, and as we stared at her, she spread her legs apart to give us a better view.
“Now that I’ve got your attention,” she said, “I want to see some cock sucking before you get to fuck me.”
Benny was hypnotized by Aunt Emily’s frank talk and her open sexuality, and he would have done anything she asked without hesitation. I grinned at him and licked my lips in anticipation as Aunt Emily stood up and walked to her bedroom. She let her skirt fall to the floor as she entered, and as she sat down on the edge of the bed she pulled her top over her head.
“Come on boys, let me see you do it,” she said. We were both staring at her naked body, with her bare tits waving at us and her slender thighs beckoning us, and our lust at an all time high. We threw our clothes off and hopped onto the bed beside her. I started crawling up between Benny’s legs, spreading them as I went, and he pushed a pillow under his head and raised his knees. His cock was standing at full attention and when I squeezed it in my hand, I thought he was going to cum instantly. It was red hot and pulsing.
“God, you’re hot,” I said, but he was staring straight at Aunt Emily. She scooted over close to him and he reached out a hand to massage one of her breasts. She leaned close to him and brushed them across his face and before I could even get my lips on his cock it exploded. He started trembling and his hips were bucking uncontrollably.
“Oh my, you’re quite the eager beaver,” Aunt Emily said. “You’re not going to waste that are you, Danny?”
I grinned and started licking up Benny’s cum. It tasted a little different since it hadn’t come into my mouth first, but I still liked it, and when I had cleaned him up, I turned to face Aunt Emily, who immediately clamped her lips against mine and shoved her tongue into my mouth, slurping Benny’s cum out of my mouth.
When we broke the kiss she turned to Benny and moved her head down to his. His eyes were wide with disbelief as she kissed him and sent her tongue into his mouth. He groaned and melted into the kiss, and I knew he was getting a taste of his own cum mixed with Aunt Emily’s sweet lips and tongue.
“That’s it,” she said. “Taste that cum. Now I want you to taste some straight from the spigot.” She pulled him up and pushed me down and before I knew it Benny was between my legs, his hands scrabbling for my cock. He gulped it into his mouth without hesitation and started sucking on it hard and fast. He was in a cock sucking frenzy as Aunt Emily caressed his neck and breathed in his ear as he gobbled my cock all the way into his mouth.
His lips were bottoming out on my throbbing cock, brushing against my lower belly as he went down. I don’t think he was even aware of how deep I was going into his mouth. He was just so excited by Aunt Emily that he wanted to please her at any cost, and she wanted him to suck my cock so he was diving into it with complete abandon.
“Such an eager cock sucker,” she cooed. “You want him to cum in your mouth, don’t you? Want him to fill you up with his delicious cum.”
Benny just mumbled some unintelligible words around my cock and he cupped his hands under my balls for added effect. He was really going to town on it, and I started to feel it pumping up out of my tight little balls.
“Oooh,” I said, “I’m gonna cum. Oh, here it cums Benny, right in your fucking mouth, you hot little cock sucker.”
Emily smiled at me and locked her lips on mine. That was enough to send me over the edge and I thrust into Benny’s mouth with all my strength as Aunt Emily burrowed her tongue inside my mouth and pressed her soft breasts into my chest. I let go wave after wave of hot sticky cum and Benny’s cheeks ballooned out as he struggled to keep up with it. His face was red and his eyes were watering when he finally pulled off my cock, a sheepish grin spreading over his features.
“Good boy,” Aunt Emily said. “Now kiss Danny and let him taste it.”
Benny was a little hesitant about that, but as I put my hand behind his neck and Aunt Emily caressed his shoulder, he gave in to it and our lips joined together and our tongues were spearing into each other, swirling my hot cum between us and grinding together so hard our teeth scraped together.
“That’s good,” Aunt Emily said. “Now, which one of you is ready to fuck me?”
It didn’t take Benny long to recover and his dick was standing up like he was raising his eager hand in class, just waiting to please the teacher. Aunt Emily lay on her back and spread her legs and Benny squirmed between them, holding his cock in his hand. She guided him into her and he started pumping wildly, but she slowed him down.
“Easy, lover,” she said. “Slow down and make it last.” She soothed him with her delicate hands running over his back and soon he was settled into a steady rhythm, fucking in and out of her wet pussy.
“Come on Danny,” she said, waving me toward her. “I want both of you at once.”
I got up on my knees and knee walked toward her face, stroking my cock as I went. She opened her mouth and I pushed inside her, feeling her hot wet lips close around my throbbing hard-on. I started fucking her mouth as Benny fucked her pussy. I tried to match my tempo to his so we were both fucking into her at the same time and he grinned at me.
“God, this feels great,” he said. “Fucking her at the same time. She’s so hot, so fucking hot.” His eyes started to roll back in his head and I could tell he was going to cum pretty soon. I moved myself around a little so I was above Aunt Emily’s head, but still fucking into her mouth, sort of upside down. My balls grazed against her forehead and nose when I pushed in, and my in strokes took me close to Benny on his in strokes.
I put my hands on his shoulders for balance and he put his on mine. I looked down at Aunt Emily’s mouth and she looked up at me with wide eyes. I knew what she wanted and I leaned closer to Benny, pulling his face toward mine. I tilted my head to the side a little and he did the same and before we knew it we were kissing, our lips locked together and our tongues swirling inside each other’s mouths as his cock slid into her wet pussy and mine burrowed deep into her sucking mouth.
It pushed Benny into instant orgasm and he started cumming, breaking our kiss because of his gasping for breath. It was just a few seconds later that my cum started boiling up also. He filled up her pussy and I filled up her mouth, and she moaned with pleasure under us. Benny slid out of her, gasping for breath and leaning his head against her smooth stomach. I sat back and let my cock slide out of her mouth and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.
“Oh, you two are marvelous,” she said. “I loved it when you kissed while you were both fucking me. It was so hot. You’re my two hot rod lovers.”
We both smiled at this. She sat up a little, arranging the pillows under her head. “Okay, now Danny, I think you should eat your buddy’s cum out of my pussy, and Benny, you come up here.” She opened her arms and Benny eagerly flew into them. She pulled him close against her breasts and kissed him lightly on the lips, then waited for him with her lips slightly parted. He took the cue and joined his lips to hers, his tongue probing inside her, searching for my cum.
I stuck my tongue inside her pussy, spreading the lips apart so I could get deeper, and I rolled her little clit, as she told me it was called, in my fingers as I licked and sucked inside her. I could taste Benny’s cum mixed with her pussy juice, and my cock was already starting to stir to life again. I licked her clit with my cum-soaked tongue and she jerked a little and then started moving her hips against me, pushing her clit into my mouth.
I put a finger inside her pussy and continued swirling my tongue against her clit. My finger was getting slippery, so I replace it with my thumb, which was bigger anyway. This made my fingers stretch up between her butt cheeks, and since one of them was already wet with her pussy juice, I felt it slide into the opening to her ass. She squirmed a little more and I could tell she liked it, so I pushed it in further, until it was all the way inside her.
Now I had my lips and tongue massaging her clit, my thumb inside her pussy, and my finger all the way inside her asshole. At the same time, she was kissing Benny and exchanging my cum with my best friend and rolling his head against her wonderful titties. Soon she started to shake and she moved her hands to the sides of my head. She was groaning and writhing back and forth and suddenly she screamed out and pushed my head away from her clit, though she continued moving her hips back and forth.
I looked up at her with my lust soaked eyes and my cum drenched mouth and I thought she must be cumming too, though nothing came out of her that I could see. She pulled me up to her and hugged both of us against her soft breasts.
“You two are fantastic,” she said. “You made me cum more than I have in, in, I don’t know how long. My two sexy hot lovers.” She smiled and crushed us against her.
We lay like that for awhile, and then she got up to take a shower, while we straightened ourselves out and put on our clothes, smiling and grinning at each other over our accomplishment.
When Aunt Emily came back, she fixed us all a little lunch and we sat around chatting and playing with each other casually.
“Don’t forget about the birthday present I promised you,” she said.
“Oh, yeah, that’s right, it’s coming up next weekend. Are you gonna be able to come, Benny?”
“I don’t think so. I promised I’d go with my sister to her volleyball.”
“Oh, it’s going to be a hot party, Benny,” Aunt Emily said. “Well, I guess it’s all family then.”
“Will Uncle Pete be there?” Benny asked.
“Yes, uh-huh. So, you know all about him, too, huh? Yes, it’s going to be a family birthday party. A fucking family birthday party. Or I should say a family fucking birthday party. Did Danny tell you what his present is going to be?” There was a gleam in her eyes as she said this, looking right at Benny.
“No, he didn’t mention anything.”
“It’s a butt fuck.”
Benny swallowed hard. “God, you’re going to get fucked in the butt? Wow. What a birthday present. You’re really something special Aunt Emily.”
“Thank you Benny.” She kissed him on the lips. “I haven’t decided who’s going to fuck him yet, though. Maybe me.”
“Are you gonna try to fuck your sister, Benny?” I said. “It would be the perfect start at the volleyball game. Just the two of you, her kind of hot and sweaty and just wearing shorts and a T-shirt.”
“Oh, that would be an excellent idea,” Aunt Emily said. “Then maybe the four of us could get together and try some more things. I love women.”
“Like my Mom?” I said.
“Um-hmm. We love to eat each other and make each other cum. And I love little girls too. Almost as much as I love little boys. Like you two.”
“I’m starting to love you, Aunt Emily,” Benny said. “Is it all right for me to call you that?”
“Of course baby. I love fucking the family, and you’re like one of the family. Especially now that you’re sucking Danny and fucking me.”
“And I hope I can continue the ‘family’ tradition by fucking my sister.”
“And then maybe your parents,” I said. “Your Mom’s pretty hot looking, and your Dad looks pretty good too.”
“Maybe so. But I’ll start with Becky.” He smiled and rubbed his cock in his pants. It was already hard as he contemplated fucking his sister.

Chapter eighteen

The party was quickly approaching, and I was getting really excited. Just the family group, plus the sisters who were mine and Dave’s girlfriends. I wondered what would go on, especially with Uncle Pete and Aunt Emily there. I realized how much sex I’d had with the family recently, and how much I had been turned on by thoughts of my parents. It was bound to be a wild evening, a birthday sex party and I was looking forward to fucking both my parents.
The day was set for a Saturday evening, beginning around six o’clock at our house. Mom bustled around cleaning the house, Dad went out and bought some party decorations, and me and Dave did our best to stay out of the way. There were going to be a couple of games, some snack food, and of course cake and ice cream. Beyond that, I didn’t know much.
Uncle Pete and Aunt Emily showed up together because she didn’t own a car so he had picked her up in his. Holly and Jenny came soon afterward. Dave was in charge of music and Jenny quickly went over to join him. I shook Uncle Pete’s hand, exchanging a secret look with him, and kissed Aunt Emily on the lips, a short sweet one, followed by a nice hug that brought her tits against my chest.
Things went pretty smoothly. Everyone had some snacks, Dave kept the music going, not too loud, and he and Jenny danced a little. I tried a time or two with Holly, but I still wasn’t much of a dancer. We gathered around and I opened presents, everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday,’ I blew out the candles, and it seemed like a normal, everyday kind of celebration.
Then we started the games. The first one was innocent enough, a sort ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey,’ except it wasn’t a donkey, but a picture of a cheerleader and you had to pin the logo on her sweater. It was fun and amusing, as we stuck the symbol everywhere. Holly put it between her legs, and Dave on her left breast. It was supposed to be on her chest, sort of centered.
We tired of that one after a few laughs, and the adults were starting to drink a little and get loosened up. Uncle Pete suggested we play a blindfold game. The person wearing the blindfold had to find another person by touch, and then identify that person without looking. It sounded kind of fun, and when I was “it” I touched a woman, but I couldn’t tell right away which one.
I sniffed a little, but that didn’t help. I touched her shoulders. That only gave me an idea of her height. Then I had an idea and I touched her breasts. I knew right away that it wasn’t Holly or Jenny, because the breasts were bigger and softer. The sharp intake of breath told me it was probably Mom, because I thought Aunt Emily would most likely let me touch her some before doing anything, even in front of everyone.
Sure enough, when the blindfold was removed, I found myself standing in front of my mother, the memory of her breast still in my hand. Next it was Uncle Pete’s turn, and it was then that it started to get interesting. He found someone, then reached down between his legs. He smiled and said he’d found Dave. Of course he was right, and then Aunt Emily wanted to be “it.”
She touched Holly, and when her hands roamed over her chest, it was obvious that her tits were tiny, and so that one was easy too, though Jenny’s weren’t much bigger. But that sort of set the stage for even sexier adventures. This time my aunt suggested we extend the game by testing by kiss. The blindfolded person would get kissed by someone and have to guess who it was.
“Loser has to take off some clothes,” Dave suggested, reminding me of our ‘Spin the Bottle Strip.’ I was surprised when no one objected, and I think Dave was too. Maybe we all were, but then maybe we all knew where this party was leading.
So, Dave volunteered to be the first “it,” and we had Mom kiss him, thinking he’d never guess that one. Sure enough, he guessed Aunt Emily, and then happily stepped out of a shoe. It was then Mom’s turn, and Jenny went over to kiss her. She guessed Holly and since her shoes were already off, she slipped a sock down and tossed it into a corner. Her face was a bit flushed and I guessed that she had really liked getting kissed by a girl, like Aunt Emily had said.
So, Holly got kissed by Dad, guessed Uncle Pete, and so it went, until we were all close to being naked, with just underwear on mostly, though Dad still had his pants on, and Holly had already lost her bra. It was starting to get heated up, and I wondered what the next step was going to be this time.
Aunt Emily made the suggestion this time. We were going to pick a partner by putting our names on a folded piece of paper in a jar, and then taking one out. Then each pair would go into a corner of the room, do whatever they wanted for one minute, and then we’d rotate, that is, one person from each pair would move on to the next corner, making all new pairs. This worked out perfect because there were eight of us, four pairs.
Then, after we had gone around the room once, and were back to our original partners, we were to all join together in the center and grab somebody. Whoever we got hold of would be our partner for the next five minutes, and after that, she said, she had another idea. If we needed one. The atmosphere in the room was pretty sexually charged by this point, and I was pretty sure that if we got through the second phase of her plan, there’d be no turning back.
As it turned out, Dave was paired with Mom, Dad was paired with Jenny, Holly was with Aunt Emily, and I was with Uncle Pete. As we moved into our respective corners, I wasn’t sure what would happen between the others, but I was pretty familiar with Uncle Pete, so neither of us was in for any surprises.
As we went to our corner, I moved into my uncle’s arms and ran my hand up between his legs, looking around the room to see what the others were doing. Mom was hugging Dave, and he had his head buried between her breasts. Aunt Emily had Holly’s head in her hands and was getting ready to kiss her, from the looks of it. Dad was trembling, looking at Jenny and putting his hands on her shoulders. She had her eyes closed and her head turned to one side, ready for whatever he was going to do.
Uncle Pete just had his underwear on, same as me, and it was easy to slip my hand inside them and fondle his massive prick. He was good and hard and I liked the feel of him in my hand. I started jacking him off, looking out the corners of my eyes at the sex action going on in the other parts of the room. Aunt Emily and Holly were kissing tenderly, Dave was sucking on Mom’s tits, and Dad was squeezing Jenny’s breasts and pulling her against his chest where she licked his nipples into her mouth.
Aunt Emily announced the one minute mark and we all shifted one place. I moved to Mom, Dave went to Aunt Emily, Holly went to Dad, and Jenny went to Uncle Pete. I looked deep into Mom’s eyes, seeing them glazed over as her lust began to flow. Dave’s actions and the whole sexually charged atmosphere had clearly aroused her.
We were just about the same height, and I felt her naked breasts press into my chest as I kissed her. This time I stuck my tongue into her mouth and after a brief hesitation, I felt her accept it and return the action to me. I saw Dave playing with Aunt Emily’s breasts and running his hand up between her legs, pressing her panties into her crotch. Jenny was on her knees and was working on kissing Uncle Pete’s cock. She had one hand under his balls and he was running his hands through her hair and smiling broadly.
Dad was beside himself. His underwear were gone and Holly was like his dream come true, a cute little schoolgirl just waiting for him to ravish her. He was so hard and so excited that I thought he might cum without ever sticking his cock anywhere. Holly was letting him rub his hand up between her little legs. One of his fingers was snaking up into her tight little pussy and she was gyrating around as he worked it up inside her.
We continued shifting until we were back to our original partners, and then Aunt Emily gathered us all back into the center of the room. It had been really exciting, but also frustrating because just as we were about to get into something, we had to stop. When I got back to Uncle Pete, I was kind of glad this part was over, and we’d get a little longer on the next phase.
By this time no one had any clothes left on. We were eight naked people, most of us related by blood, and we were just on the verge of fucking each other. We crushed together in the middle of the room and groped for each other. When the tangle of arms, legs, and bodies separated, I had a hold of Mom, Dave had Holly, Uncle Pete had Aunt Emily, and Dad had Jenny.
We moved a little apart, but not as much as before. We were all more or less still in the center of the room, all close together. I thought it would be easy to slip out of one person’s arms and into another’s.
Mom pulled me down on top of her, and I felt Dad touching Jenny right beside me. I looked and saw that Dave already had Holly locked in a passionate kiss, and Aunt Emily was feeling up Uncle Pete and whispering something in his ear.
It was pretty heady stuff for my thirteenth birthday, and Holly was just a month or so behind me, and Dave and Jenny just a couple of years ahead. None of us kids was even sixteen yet, and here we were having a free for all sex party, kids fucking, fucking our parents, our aunt and uncle, and trading partners freely, sometimes even coupling with our own gender. I didn’t think it could get much sexier than this, ever.
I looked at my mother lying there under me, her lips open and panting, her eyes pleading with me, and her hair soft around her shoulders. Her breasts were pretty on her chest with the nipples sticking straight up. Her arms were on my shoulders and I thought she was extremely sexy as she writhed on the floor, practically pleading with me to have sex with her.
My pulse was pounding in my temples as my lust for my mother overpowered me. I wanted to feel my dick slide inside her, to feel her legs wrap around my waist. I wanted to fuck her until she came and cried out for more. As I lowered my head toward hers, she whispered something to me.
“Fuck me,” she said. “Fuck me Danny.”
My dick was as hard as it ever got and it rubbed up against her pussy as I collapsed into my mother’s arms and we locked together in a deep kiss that sent thrills racing through my young body. I shivered with the anticipation of fucking her, of penetrating my mother and cumming inside her pussy. It made me so hot I could hardly stand it and I started shaking.
“Easy baby,” she said soothingly, taking my head in between her breasts. “It’s okay. Just take it nice and slow. Come on, you can do it, you can fuck me. I love you, you’re my darling son, my darling fucking son.”
She was going pretty crazy herself, her head lolling back and forth as she cooed these hot words to me. My dick was sluicing through the groove just outside her pussy, which was already wet, and I just aimed it a little lower and suddenly it slid inside her. I thought fucking Holly was great, but it didn’t compare to the thrill of fucking my mother. She looked deep into my eyes, ruffled her fingers through my hair, and it felt like magic. Like we were meant to be joined together.
“Oh, it feels so good baby,” she sighed, her lips weaving a magical spell as I watched them forming those sexy words and felt my dick exploring the insides of her pussy. “I love you inside me. I love you Danny. I love to feel you fucking me.”
I gave it to her, gave her all the dick I had. It wasn’t too long or big, but she sighed and moaned as it penetrated her and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me tight against her. I moved my hips in and out and started fucking her slow, feeling like I was in heaven as every movement sent pleasure sensations racing up the shaft of my dick and through my whole body.
My mother wrapped her legs around mine as I fucked her. She shook her head from side to side and I kissed the side of her neck. She took my head in her hands and kissed me, sticking her tongue into my mouth in rhythm with my dick going into her pussy. It was an incredible feeling, her tongue fucking my mouth while my dick fucked her pussy.
“I’ve wanted to fuck you for ages,” she whispered as she held me tight, slowing my motions. “You and Dave both. Ever since I saw you jacking off.”
“You saw me?” I asked, incredulous. “Saw us?”
“Yeah, I used to peek into your room at night. It got me horny and I’d stand there watching and do myself.”
I grunted and practically stopped my movement, just holding myself deep inside her pussy. I could feel my hard-on throbbing and I’d give an occasional little shove to keep it good and stiff. I was loving hearing my mother talk this way, but was astonished to hear what she’d done, to hear that she’d spied on us and gotten off on it.
“What else did you do?” I asked.
“The thing that got me the hottest,” she said, “was when I saw you and your brother together.”
My heart started racing at that, thinking of her watching us two playing with each other and playing with herself, making herself cum as we came. I had no idea my mother was so sexy, but I was beginning to see that my whole family was sex crazy.
“Uh huh. And when I saw you sucking him off, it nearly drove me insane. I wanted you more than anything then.”
All I could do was listen as my mother told her incredible story of watching me jack-off and watching me suck my brother’s cock.
“And I bet I know where you learned it. From Uncle Pete, right?”
“Yes, that’s right,” I said. “You know everything.”
“I know how Uncle Pete likes little boys, and since you didn’t say anything, I guessed that he had started sucking you and you didn’t mind. Maybe even liked it. And when I saw you sucking Dave’s cock, and even taking his cum in your mouth, I knew you did.”
“Yeah, I like it. I like to suck cock,” I said. “And eat cum.”
“Oh, maybe not just your brother’s cock, huh? You’ve had some other meat, haven’t you? Oh you little slut. Oh baby, I love you. Come on, fuck me some more.”
She started moving her hips again and my dick was pumping into her good and deep. I thought I was going to cum any second, but just then Aunt Emily showed up. She was leading Dave, holding his hard little dick in her hand as he followed behind her. And Uncle Pete was there too, his big fat cock standing up huge and ready.
“What’s this?” Mom said, rolling her eyes toward them.
“It’s Danny’s birthday present,” Aunt Emily said. “I promised him a butt fuck for his birthday.”
My eyes opened wide. I had forgotten about that, and as I looked at my Uncle’s huge cock I thought it would never fit inside my tiny little ass. It would tear me apart.
“Don’t worry honey,” Aunt Emily said. “Not from him. From your brother.”
She moved her hand up and down on his shaft and Dave grinned. I knew he liked it when I sucked him off, and thought our aunt had been coaching him. Sure enough, she moved into position behind me and patted my butt.
“I think it’s a little dry, Pete. How about if you prime it up for us?”
Uncle Pete was glad to comply and his hands pried my butt cheeks apart, his fingers searching up between them. He started kissing me as his fingers kneaded my tender young ass. He kissed my asshole like it was a pair of lips, and it gave me a warm feeling. And then his tongue went up inside me in a French kiss and it felt really good and wet. I had never had anything up there before, but as he spread me apart and forced his tongue in, I opened up to him and was beginning to like the way he ate my asshole.
Then he withdrew and I could feel Dave moving up behind me. His dick must have been wet from fucking Aunt Emily, or my asshole good and primed by Uncle Pete’s tongue, because he slid inside me before I hardly knew it, but not very far. The head of his cock was up my ass, but then it reached a place where I was holding him out, where my asshole muscle was closed tight.
Uncle Pete told Dave just to wait, to hold on there and soon my ass would open for him. Then he moved around to in front of me and his dick bobbed up in my face. It was so big, but so delicious looking. I wanted to eat him, to get his cock in my mouth while I was fucking my mother, and my brother was reaming my ass. I opened my mouth and he put one hand behind my head to steady me as he slipped it in my open, waiting lips.
He had never felt better in my mouth, had never tasted better. I was loving sucking him now that I was so sexually turned on. Every nerve in my body seemed to vibrate as I wrapped my tongue around his ultra hard prick and slurped it like an ice cream cone. He pushed just a little, sliding in further and I gulped him down. He started fucking me in slow easy movements, not giving me more than I could take, just letting me get the full taste of his big cock without gagging me on it. I knew he wanted to cum in my mouth.
As I was getting into the good taste of my uncle’s cock in my mouth, I felt my asshole suddenly release and my brother’s cock swooshed up inside me. It sent a shock wave through me, but it didn’t hurt, not after the first sensation, and I wasn’t sure it had actually been pain, maybe just a new kind of pleasure. I wasn’t sure I could separate the two at this point. I was completely over the sexual edge, every pore of my body attuned to it as I got it from three different directions at the same time.
The dick going up my ass felt good after a while, after I got used to it, and the one in my mouth tasted sweet, and my own dick buried in my mother’s pussy couldn’t have felt better as she ground her hips against me. I was getting it from all ends at the same time and my head was spinning.
Just when I thought things couldn’t go any further, Aunt Emily sat down on my mother’s face. I could feel the heat of her body close to me and I opened my eyes and looked at her as she settled her pussy against Mom’s mouth. My mother started licking her and slurping up my aunt’s sweet pussy juices.
I tried to look around to see what else was happening in the room, but my vision was limited by all the hot sweating bodies packed together. I thought I could hear the girls groaning nearby, and guessed my father had his hands full with both of them, or more likely his dick, and his tongue as well.
My ass was so tight that Dave started cumming after just a few strokes and I felt the warm liquid shoot up inside me, then his dick started to shrink and he pulled it out. My uncle saw it and it drove him crazy with lust. He put both hands behind my head and held me tight as he spurted into my mouth. I choked on it a little because there was so much, but it tasted good, and I tried my best to eat it all up the way he had taught me.
My own dick was throbbing and I came inside my mother, jamming my hips against her pulsing cunt as I emptied my load in her hot squirming pussy. She gushed all over me and I heard her sobbing as she grasped Aunt Emily’s ass and gobbled down her pussy. That was enough to send my aunt over the edge as well, and she cried out and fell forward on the floor. She kissed my mother and I saw their tongues joining in a deep kiss that I knew was full of pussy taste.
Cum was dripping down my chin and across my ass. I wiped it off my face and stuck my fingers in my mouth to get the last drops. My uncle looked on in satisfaction.
“That’s it Danny. You’ve turned into a real cocksucker,” he said, his face glowing with pride. “A real good cocksucker.”
“Thanks, Uncle Pete,” I said. “You taught me good.”
“And how did you like your birthday butt fuck?” my aunt said, sighing in my mother’s arms as they both looked up at my cum-drenched face.
“It felt good, too,” I said. “And I loved fucking you, Mom.”
“Oh baby,” my mother said. “You’re the best darling boy a mother could have. Isn’t he sweet, Emily?”
“Like you said, the best,” she said, and my mother and her sister kissed each other, long and lovingly.
We could all hear the wet sounds of sex continuing and looked over to see Dad with his cock inside Jenny and his tongue deep inside Holly’s little pussy, his hands scrabbling at her tiny little titties. Jenny was really fucking him good, pushing her hips up against him as he jammed inside her.
“He always did like the young ones,” Mom said. “And now look. Now he’s got two at once.”
“But you didn’t mind?” I asked.
“Not as long as I could get my pussy,” she said, reaching over to touch her sister. “We had the perfect understanding. He got his and I got mine, and we both got each other.”
“And now you’re getting us, too.”
“Yes, baby, now you two boys have gotten in on the family act. And we love you for it.”
“Thanks Mom,” I said, and I felt a warm glow inside at how close and special our family had become after we started sharing sex with each other.
Holly was spread eagled just above her sister’s head, and Dad was spearing her with his tongue. Her pussy was squashed against his mouth so tight that his lips were completely buried in her hot young snatch as he struggled to eat one sister while he fucked the other.
Jenny looked around her and realized that everyone else had finished fucking and they were on display. She pushed gently on Dad’s chest to dislodge him from Holly’s pussy. His lips came out dripping with her sweet young juices, and Jenny gave him a quick little kiss and slurped in some of them. She rolled sideways and came up straddling Dad’s waist.
Slowly she raised herself up until his dick withdrew from her distended little pussy. It was red and coated with her juice just as his face had been covered in her sister’s. Motioning for Holly to join her, she spread Dad’s legs apart and crawled up between them. One of her hands encircled the huge prick that had just been buried in her. Holly kneeled beside her sister and together they started licking Dad’s cock.
He put his hands behind his head and looked down at the beautiful sight of the two young girls gobbling down his cock, trading it off between them, one feeding it to the other, and we all gathered close to watch as they kissed each other deeply. Mom squeezed Aunt Emily’s hand and Uncle Pete patted me on the dick. Dave pulled his own meat.
Just then Dad erupted, sending buckets of his cum spewing everywhere. Jenny stroked him, pumping it all out, and covering the head of his cock with her mouth to catch some of it. I could see her throat working as she swallowed and then held him toward her sister’s mouth. Holly took a big load too, with her eyes locked on her sister as Dad shot into her. She swallowed some too, and then as she took him out of her mouth, another huge wad came flying up into the air to splash across her chin and dribble down to her perky little breasts.
Jenny leaned over and licked the cum off her sister’s face and tits, holding it in her open mouth before kissing Holly on the lips and pushing her tongue down deep in that lovely orifice. My dick was starting to get hard again just from watching them kissing and sucking Dad off.
They both snuggled up into his arms, laying on top of him, their tiny breasts smashing against his manly chest and smearing the remainder of his cum between them as they giggled and kissed him.
I could smell the cum and pussy juice and sweat just oozing out of all of them as they writhed together in the afterglow of sex. It was a marvelous heady feeling of freedom and lust and it spread to all of us who had just watched my Dad fuck these two lovely young girls, one not yet a teenager and the other only fourteen.
And that sweet little Ellen. She was only ten, but she was a great fuck. When I brought her over that time it had really been special. It started my mouth watering just thinking about how sweet her hairless little chocolate pussy was, and how much I had enjoyed eating her, and watching Dad fuck her tiny pussy with his gigantic dick. And how much he had gotten off on her. He really liked them young and he was in heaven with all the young pussy I was supplying him. And of course I got some of it too, and got some cock to boot, including Dad’s.
And I wanted my Aunt Emily to fuck me in the ass, maybe while I was fucking Mom, or sucking Dad. I was getting so hot just going over the possibilities I thought I’d explode again. I looked down and sure enough, my little cock was standing back up, hard and ready for more action.
I wondered what was next for our family, but I didn’t have long to wait, as Aunt Emily and Mom came up and sandwiched me. Aunt Emily pressed herself against my back, drilling her tits into me, and Mom got in front or me and started doing the same thing. They reached their arms around me and hugged each other and I knew I was in for another wild ride. I dreamed about the little ten-year-old as my dick pressed into my Mother’s soft belly and my Aunt’s hands roamed up my butt cheeks.

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