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One night I playing darts with the owner of the pub, he a tall black guy of 42 years old, after a few games we were drawing, he asked if I wanted to put a bet on the next game, I said sure what about hundred pounds. He said ok. I lost on purpose because I had something else in mind. I didn't have a hundred pounds to pay him. I told him he could fuck my wife Rose of 38 years old instead. Who was sitting by the bar talking to the barmaid. He agreed and I had to tell Rose that Steven was coming home with us for some reason or another. The night I lost the darts on purpose, we had watched some videos which was of a woman sucking on a long black cock and Rose said she would love to try that. Well just the idea of watching her suck a big black cock really turned me on. She had never been with a black man and I didn't tell her what I had in mind. After loosing the darts, we came back to our place and had a few more drinks; we were getting a little drunk.

I took Rose in the bedroom and started squeezing her large tits really hard the way she liked it, and I slid my hand in her pants rubbed her pussy kind of ruff. She was hot and ready. So I told her to get undressed and I would get rid of Steven. I told Steven to get undressed and come in the bedroom. I was the first to see his enormous dick, and was really turned on at the size.

I had to laugh; his dick was going to make her shit herself. He walked in the bedroom and Rose almost passed out with shock. She was very embarrassed at first. I whispered in her ear just think of it as a horse cock and winked.

He walked up to Rose while she was sitting on the bed. She took it in her hand and put it in her mouth. As it hardened up it gagged her and the head was so big it almost stayed stuck it her mouth. Steven pumped on her for a good 20 minutes before he blew his come in her mouth.

I sucked her pussy a little while Steven rested, then pushed her down on the bed ready for a big black cock up her asshole. Steven asked for some K.Y. jelly, I said go for it, she like it ruff in the ass.

I held her legs apart and Steven pushed his cock in her pink asshole, it looked great to see a big black cock going into her white asshole. She tried to pull away but I had a good grip on her ankles. He pushed in deeper and deeper. He had 11 and a half-inch cock and all of it was ramming in her hot ass.

I got under her and pushed my cock into her pussy, and could fell Steven inside fucking her ass. I could not believe how big it felt in her ass while I was pumping her silly, Steven was ramming her like no tomorrow and she was screaming as she was cumming, all over my dick and balls. (My wife is one of the rare women that can ejaculate).

We fucked for hours, and then Steven asked could he invite a friend of his over Rose said yes without even asking me.

Rose was wearing a yellow bath rob that her big erect dark brown nipples were visible. She wore a garter belt, and black fishnet stockings.

When Steven friend got to our house in the quiet neighbourhood, he rang the bell and Steven answered the door. Steven brought his friend in to our house and he had his dog, a Doberman with him, he told Steven "it’s the only way I could get out with out my wife making a fuss". After Rose got in the living room with are drinks, she saw two black guys sitting on the sofa Steven, and Ray.

Ray said, "Yeah! She lovely?"

Steven said, "Yeah, she is beautiful!" "I'm Ray." as Steven pointed to a black guy about 6 foot 7.

"I'm Ray. What's your name?" a huge black guy asked Rose.

Rose relied, "I'm Rose. Nice to meet you!"

Steven said, "Now everybody knows each other. Shall we start partying?"

Then they drank some beer. Both black guys were really turned on. Ray suddenly pulled videotape out of his pocket and put it in the VCR. He said, "I've got a hardcore porn movie. Do you want to see it?

"Yes! Please!"

Rose was so embarrassed when she saw Black guys fucking white women. She closed her eyes and only heard moaning and crying out in lust from the screen. Rose sat on a chair by herself and she opened her legs and saw Steven sitting between them and Ray came from the sofa. Steven was licking Rose off and the two guys watched Rose enjoy her first orgasm.

Ray was getting excited. "This is hot! Rose, you're the hottest chick I've ever seen."
Steven was sucking Rose and told her to strip everything off. Ray walked over to Rose and stood next to her. Rose felt Ray trying to put his cock into her mouth. Ray said, "You love black cock, don't you?"

Then Ray extended his left hand and started playing with her nipples. Rose saw me fuck Steven doggie style while Steven gave a hand job to Ray. Then Rose opened her mouth and took in as much as she could of Ray's black cock.

"Oh! Am I dreaming? Rose put your legs on each arm of the chair. I want to see your pussy."

Rose did it and spread her light brown cunt lips with two hands while fingering her pink clit. After a while, Rose asked Ray, "Do you like my pussy?

Ray answered, "Sure I do!"

She said, "Please eat my pussy!"

Ray complied and knelt between her thighs, opening her pussy with two hands. He ate her black hairdo pussy madly."

"I love your pussy. It tastes so good. I also like your cunt juice." Ray put a finger into Rose's fuck hole. She was wet and tight. Ray said, "You are so tight. Like a virgin."
She said, "I've only let three male fuck me. My pussy is almost unused!"

Then Ray took Rose over to the coffee table and let her lay on it. Ray asked Rose, "Can I fuck you? You will be the first girl I ever fucked since I got married."
She said, "You also the first married man I fucked. Fuck me!"
Then Ray slowly pushed his 10-inch cock into the black-haired cunt.

"Please fuck me slowly! You are so big!"

Rose felt her pussy was almost painfully full and Ray's cock was deep inside her.
Ray sucked and bit her big brown nipples while increasing his fucking speed.
Rose moaned, "I love your black cock. You fuck me so good."

Ray asked her "Am I better than your husband? I can suck your nipples while I am fucking you. Your husband won't do that!

Rose relied, "Yeah! You are a much better lover. Fuck me harder!"
Ray said, "I can't hold back any more! I'm going to cum inside you! Do you want me to cum inside you?

"Yes! Cum inside my womb!"

Ray shot his load deep inside her cunt. When Ray pulled out from Rose, Steven, and me had already finished are fucking and were watching Rose's performance. We were both hard again. I lay on the coffee table and asked Rose to sit on my cock.
Let's make her a Sex Sandwich!" Rose took in most of my dick and bent over her body to expose her ass to Steven.

Steven put some KY Liquid on her ass and put his dick into her ass hole.
Steven said, "Rose, how do you like the rainbow fuck?" Rose felt both cocks fucking her nice and deep. Ray came over and offered his dick for her to suck. They all came on her or inside of her.

Rose was covered with white gooey cum and lay on the coffee table with her stocking thighs wide open, cum oozing out of her ass and cunt.

Ray said, "I want to bring you a special guest."
He went out for a minute and brought back his Doberman dog. Steven said, "We want to see some animal action. I pulled the dog over to Rose's cunt said, "Boy! Lick her! Taste this wet hot pussy!"

Rose spread her cunt lips to let the dog lick her. Rose said, "This dog really knows how to eat cunt. I am going to cum!" as her body jerked involuntarily through an intense orgasm. Ray helped the dog mount her pussy in the missionary style. All three guys sat on the floor to watch the dog fuck. Rose held the red pointed cock in place."

Do you want to see the dog fuck my wet pussy?"

"Yes we'd love to!"

The dog did the rest, fucking his long hard tool into the tight pussy. The dog fucked her like no tomorrow. Rose's stocking legs wrapped around the dog ass and tried to push the dog even deeper. Rose held the dog's neck said, "Fuck Me! I'm your bitch. Kiss me please!"

The dog pushed his tongue deep inside her mouth. The dog also licked her big erect brown nipples.

"I can feel his pointed head penetrate my womb! Oh! He pushed his knot inside my cunt!"

Rose again came hard. Her cunt milked the dog's cock and the dog shot all his sperm into her womb. After ten minutes the dog dismounted her. Rose messaged her clit and said, "You guys, please fuck me one more time. I want to have your human sperm with the doggie sperm inside my womb. They fucked her and came inside her pussy.
Rose did not see Steven or Ray after the orgy or the dog. But all she knows is we are getting are own Doberman very soon.


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Another that a little unreal
If its real i would like to see it

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That happen to me. I was at a run down bar. It was our game night. So I dress like a whole. Then the owner ask if I like to go to the back. He tired me up. My ass was up. Then he let his 2 huge pit duck me.

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3FWBat Strange but true. Your resource is expensive. At least it could be sold for good money on its auction!...

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Four score and seven mnitues ago, I read a sweet article. Lol thanks

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it's a very bad story .. an untrue one

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