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My wife and I have foursomes on and off for quite a while. One night that comes to mind was recently when we meet up with a couple off the Internet. It went well, and on are way home the next day, we were high after the sex we had just had. You see she enjoys showing off and getting into some exciting situations and I enjoy watching her show off and meeting new guys.
This particular morning Rose was wearing a black mini skirt white blouse, a Lacey black bra, a pair of Lacey black panties, and a pair of sheer black thigh high stockings.
As we drove along Rose started to flirt and chat on the CB with a van drivers who rode alongside of us. She had her skirt hiked up and a few buttons undone on her blouse. I told her to ask the van driver if he'd like to see a 'little more' and he immediately said, "YES".
Rose then nervously undid a few more buttons on her blouse and pulled her skirt even higher. High enough that the tops of her stockings were in clear view, and as she sat back, a lot of her bra was showing too. His feedback was definitely excited. I asked her on to show him more. He asked to see more, and he went on to tell her that it was his birthday! I told her to take her skirt off and she did. Then without me saying another word, she undid her blouse the rest of the way and slipped it off. She sat there looking fantastic in a sexy black bra and panties, along with her black stockings.
He started asking if we could stop so he could talk face to face and he sounded so comical. He wanted to see Rose close up! I asked her what she thought and she surprised me by saying, "Yes" I told him to find a place to pull over and soon we were pulling off onto the side road off the motor way, pulling up and parking right behind him. Rose started getting dressed but I stopped her. I said it wouldn't be right to cover up everything that he wanted to see! I told her that she could only cover up with her light coat that reached only to the middle of her thighs, covering her enough if someone else should be close enough to see. We got out of the Land Rover and stood alongside the van, it blocked the view from the road. He asked her to open her coat and I told her to go ahead and open it. He liked what he saw, and he smiled a lot. But I could tell that he wanted more. I excused Rose and I for a minute and whispered that she should go back to the car and maybe take off some more of her clothes, I mentioned how excited he seemed and I suggested that he would like to see even more of her! She said ok and also said that she would go along with whatever I wanted her to do. I went back and talked with this guy. I told him that Rose likes a guy who takes control of a situation. I went on to tell him that if he liked what he saw that he was more than welcome to reach out and touch her where ever he wanted and I told him that if he were to have her join him sometime that he would be free to do anything that he wants to her, and that he would be free to let other guys have fun with her too like any work mates. He asked me what would happen if he wanted to get kinky with her and I laughed, and told him that he was welcome to get as kinky as he wanted with her, and if he was into S&M B/D that marks and bruises was the only thing that meant he was going too far.
I heard the Land Rover door open and I was floored. Rose walk up to us wearing only her sheer black thigh high stockings and a pair of black heels. Her tan looked great and she was nude.
She came over and stood by me and the van driver looked her over. I felt her ass and made her walk over by our new friend. He started feeling her large nipples and his one hand reached down and felt her cunt. From her moan I knew he had at least two or three fingers deep in her pussy! He said something to her and then told me that he was going to take her for a ride, and that I could expect her to call a few hours later (on his mobile phone). Rose looked nervous, but excited. I kissed her good-bye and watched her walking alongside this the van with the van driver whose hands were all over her white butt.
That was about a quarter to ten in the morning. I followed them with out then knowing I hoped and they went to the yard of the company written on the side of the van. I then went into the yard on foot and into the warehouse up the fire escape. The warehouse interior was dimly lit. Around a corner I found them.
The van driver told Rose to kneel down and pull his cock out of his pants. She unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his pants. She zipped him down and reached in his shorts to find his cock. She struggled but finally pulled out large slab of semi-hard black beef. He must have been a foot long and still growing. Rose 's eyes showed admiration at the site of his cock. The van driver ordered Rose to suck his cock. Rose did not hesitate. She stuffed as much of his sausage as she could in her mouth. She greedily licked and sucked the head. She licked his plum-sized balls.
The van driver grabbed my wife's head as she furiously sucked his cock. He continued to grow as Rose sucked him. She tried twice to swallow his cock down her throat but it was too large. His cock stopped growing when it reached 14 inches. Rose held the thing up with both hands to inspect it. She had a look of awe on her face.
The van driver told Rose to stand up, turn around and bend over. She braced herself against the wall with her hands. Rose knew what was coming and she looked anxious. She looked around to see what the van driver was doing. Her hair was now in disarray after the face fuck. She had a wild animalistic look to her. He finished removing his pants and pulled his shirt off. He moved up behind Rose and nestled his cock against Rose 's ass. Rose asked, "Aren't you going to use a condom?" The driver replied, "No baby, your gonna take me bareback, skin to skin." A concerned looked crossed Rose 's face as she said, "But I don't have my diaphragm in. I think I'm ovulating." I was stunned. I wondered if the driver would cut Rose some slack. Surely the driver wouldn't want to get my wife pregnant.
The van driver continued to rub his monster cock across Rose 's pussy as he said, "Baby, I'm sorry but I don't have a condom. It's either bareback or not at all." It sounded to me like he might let my wife go. Rose seemed to be pondering her situation. The van driver brought his hands around Rose's waist then slide them up her sides. He grabbed two handfuls of Rose's tits and massaged them. Rose moaned at his touch. She looked now like she was hungry for his cock.
Rose 's face showed pure lust. She said, "Put it in me, Driver." The van driver asked her the repeat what she said. Rose repeated, "Please Driver. Put your cock in me." The Driver began to taunt Rose by saying, "What kind of wife are you? You would let a strange man fuck you without birth control?" Rose looked the driver in the eye with a lusty look and said, "I don't care. I want you to fuck me. I want your big black cock pounding my hole!" The Driver complied immediately. He rammed into Rose about half the length of his cock. Rose gasped. I had begun to accept and even look forward to my wife satisfying her newly found sexual passions, but I never thought she would risk getting pregnant.
The van driver began pumping Rose 's pussy hard and steady. She never took her eyes of the driver. She continued to beg him to fuck her hard. I was amazed at Rose. Usually, she was quite in bed. This situation must have awakened a deep lust in her. Driver continued to pump Rose 's pussy. He had now managed to penetrate her to the fullest extent. It was amazing to see that huge black cock disappear between my wife's white legs. I couldn't believe how she took the entire thing.
Rose came twice as they fucked. Shortly after her second orgasm the driver began grunting something to her. I couldn't understand but she nodded. Suddenly, The van driver jerked his cock out of Rose 's pussy. She pivoted and knelt down. Rose opened her mouth wide as The van driver let a long cum string fly right into my wife's mouth. She didn't miss a drop. He then stuffed the head into Rose 's mouth and pumped two of three more cum strings into Rose. She swallowed, however, some of the slimy goo escaped her mouth and drooled onto her chin. When the driver had finished, she took time to lick all the cum off her chin and his cock. I was shocked. She had never eaten my cum before. I guess it was better in her mouth than in her fertile womb.
Rose continued to licked the drivers cock as she flashed him a grateful smile. Slowly, Driver's cock diminished in size. Rose asked, "When can we fuck again?" The driver gave an exhausted reply, "Baby, it will be a while before I can go again." Rose looked greatly disappointed as she whined, "I'm still horny. Please fuck me." The driver went to his van reached for his radio and said, "Time to call for help" Rose gave the driver a puzzled look. The driver chuckled and asked, "How many more men will it take to satisfy you?"
Rose's mouth dropped open in surprise, "More men?" The driver added, "Why let that sexy hot horny body go to waste? You can get your fill of cock and my buddies will have a night to remember for life." Rose pondered the driver's words for a moment. Finally, she said, "What the hell. I've cheated on my husband already. More won't make a difference. Besides, I don't think I want to stop until my body gives out." I don't think Rose realised that I was watching. She probably thought that I had just gone home. I wasn't about to spoil the show to come by letting her know that I was watching. The van driver got on his radio and called for 'help'. Suddenly, I heard a noise coming from the door. I ducked behind some boxes and watched two more van drivers and a security officer walk by, the security officer leading a German Shepherd, or rather it was leading him. I knew when they spotted Rose based on the hoots and whistles. The van driver greeted his buddies and said, "Guys, meet Rose."
Rose said shyly, "Hi guys."
One of the drivers said, "Rose, you look sexy."
Another driver said, "You think maybe we could sample that pussy of yours before are friendly German Shepherd."
Rose stood up and said, "Guys, you can have my pussy, mouth and even my ass until you can't get it up any longer but not the dog."
The three new drivers got out of their clothes in record time. They pounced on my wife like a tiger to its prey. They rubbed her and felt her and licked all over her body. Rose appeared in a deep daze as they stimulated her sex starved body. She began to moan, "Somebody fuck me. Please, fuck me." Two of the drivers broke away to retrieve something from there pants. They moved back to Rose opening packets that obviously contained condoms. I felt relieved that I wouldn't have to watch these men impregnate my wife.
Before the thought had left my brain, Rose said, "You won't need those, guys. I want to feel your skin touching my skin." The van driver shot Rose a look and she smiled at him as she added, "I also want to feel your creamy sperm deep in my pussy." The van driver looked at Rose with amused shock. They other guys thought nothing of it as one filled Rose 's mouth with a hard ten inch cock and another impaled her pussy with a similar tool. The third man pinched Rose's nipples and The van driver rested for his turn.
I watched as my previously devoted wife took on three black drivers and one white security officer. They fucked her for three hours solid depositing numerous loads of sperm into her very fertile unprotected womb. If my wife was indeed ovulating, then she was almost assuredly pregnant after the onslaught. I watched her take several loads in her mouth and in her bowels. She seemed to have taken to anal and oral sex despite her reluctance to do so with me during our 14 years of marriage. After taking these men on for several hours, they finally began to show signs of exhaustion. It seemed appropriate for them to stop. It appeared that the she was wiped out as well. Slowly the men got dressed. Rose sat down on her knees and was wiping her hand through her well used fuck hole and repeatedly licking it clean like a wanton slut. Then she said, quite distinctly, "Do you think the cute little doggie would fuck me?" The van driver laughed a deep belly laugh and said, "Oh you are one hot whore aren't you. Well, there's only one way to find out" He grabbed the dog leash and pulled the shepherd over to her and ordered him to lay down. He looked down at Rose and said, "I don't know much about these things so see if you can make him hard."
Rose crawled over to the dog and wrapped her hand around his sheath, I couldn't believe my eyes. The dog just lay there as his pink cock started to make an appearance. Rose touched it and cooed, "Oh it's hot and slimy." then lowered her mouth to it and without hesitation engulfed it. The drivers laughed nervously too, I don't think they were believing their own eyes. Rose continued giving the dog head for a while then looked up at the van driver and said, "I think he's ready." The van driver ordered the dog up and told Rose to get on her hands and knees like a bitch. Rose did so, sticking her ass high in the air. The van driver led the dog around behind her, He sniffed at her ass crack gave a few licks then tried to mount her. The van driver had to help him up and Rose had to lower her ass some, but the dog eventually seemed to get the right angle, as soon Rose was moaning and the dog was humping like greased lightening. Rose was moaning and carrying on, at one point I heard her say, "Oh, I'm such a fucking slut, OH this is so nasty I love it, this is so fucking good," and then "Oh, Oh, Yes," as she orgasms hard. The dog fucked her for about 10 minutes then stopped moving. Rose started moaning again then was excitedly yelling that his cock was swelling up, and how she's never been filled like that before.
She was a woman completely obsessed by the feelings being delivered to her cunt. After a little while the dog somehow reversed his position and they were ass to ass. Rose said with amazement, "He pumping his cum in me, Oh God so much, there's so much, it's so big he can't pull it out" then the rest was insensible moaning and noises as she orgasms again. She seemed to love it and started rubbing her clit furiously while trying to keep her balance. She finally lost her balance and with a little shout from her and yelp from the dog, there was an audible "POP" and she was free. She was positioned in such a way now that I was looking directly between her legs. Cum, a mixture of the men and the dog's was pouring out of her gaping fuck-hole like a river. It was run running down both her legs and pooling on the floor under her knees. I left then and when home it was ten o'clock
Around Ten-thirty o'clock the phone rang and it was Rose. She sounded a little uneasy. She told me that they were parked at a motor way service station and that things were going well. She told me that she was co-operating with everything he wanted her to do. She then asked if I really meant that she should. I told her yes. It was important to go along with 'anything' he wanted to try, and she said she would. I asked what was up and she said that he had got kinky with her. She told me that he enjoyed getting kinky with her but she said that he had spoken on the CB with some older guys that he knows. I asked her if that meant that he was going to show her off to them, but she wasn't sure yet. At that point her voice got quieter and she said, "Oh no! I've got to go now, and I will call you later," and the line was dead. I wasn't sure what that meant! But what could I do now she had moved from the warehouse?
Two hours later she called. She told me that he had brought back two older guys with him. She told me that the two older guys brought her to their large van where they took turns fucking her in the ass and pussy, as well as abusing her with objects, and telling her that they were going to let their German Shepherd have fun licking her and maybe even more before she could go home.
She sounded scared. I asked her what she was going to do, and she said that all she could do was to do her best to co-operate. She sounded really odd and when I asked more she said that they had brought Doberman over to have fun with her and that while she was on the phone with me right now, he had his cock in her! I heard some chatting and she told me that the van driver just told her that he was looking forward to watching the two dogs fuck her at once!
I picked her up and two-hour later. She was sore, she had cum dripping out of her pussy. Her butt was sore. All the guys did whatever they wanted to her. Most fucked her pussy. Two fucked her in the ass. All fucked her mouth. Her nipples were pinched. Her cunt was also entered by a variety of objects.
I had her stay nude for the ride home. On the way I learned that black guys fucked her dogs fucked her and she did in fact enjoy it. I told her about the warehouse and that I enjoyed watching the German Shepherd fucking her. We have decided to get our own dog soon.


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a little unreal

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Obviously English is not your first language.
Your story is very hard to read at times, I'm wondering if it is actually true.
Negative from me, sorry
From Misterjedi.


2010-06-27 13:23:33
very hot love the story

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sick woman my god be with you


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lovely erotic real story,i also want to know more this type of real story

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