A story of love that knows no age.
My Little Lady Jade”, by Roger Crown

Prelude: This story is based on both fact and fiction. I am writing it in two parts. Jade does not appear until the beginning of part two, but part one was necessary to fully understand my relationship with Jade. This is my first attempt at writing so be gentle with your comments! I hope you enjoy my story.


I was in a phase of trying to somehow find meaning in my life. I don’t get out as much as a should because I use a wheelchair as the result of a spinal cord injury I suffered twenty years ago in a swimming pool accident. My lifestyle suits me just fine though because I am content being alone, but I still wanted to have someone special in my life. I do manage to meet new people at my various volunteer jobs but I try not to mix business with pleasure. I love my son Kyle, but I still longed to be loved by a special lady.

I need to begin by explaining that I love women of all ages but I have a strong attraction to young girls. It began years ago when I began to realize the unconditional love that young girls are so quick to give. Older women tend to be more self centered, shallow and judgmental. I am often seen as something less than a “man” by older women because of my disability. I never wallow in self pity over it, but it is a reality that I can’t simply ignore.

At first, I just enjoyed the innocent flirting that younger girls love to partake in. Most girls begin to desire attention from boys at around the age of ten or eleven, but most boys that age are not yet interested in girls, so the girls tend to seek attention from older men. I saw this daily when my son Kyle turned 10 and had several darling little female friends that liked to hang out at our home. The flirting came so naturally for both the girls and myself. They were good at it and I always gave them the attention they needed. The summer months were the best because the girls loved to run around in cute outfits and even in bikini swimsuits. The female form is pure art in my eyes.

My attraction to these girls slowly began to towards sexual thoughts. I started to truly enjoy the hugs and kisses I would receive from the darling young ladies. Kyle’s friends would often beg to sit in my lap to help me roll around my house. I would let them take control of the wheels which freed up my arms, allowing me to wrap them around their waists. I would often lean forward to kiss them on the sides of their necks which would usually cause them to giggle and squirm, but they never protested my lips being on their flesh. I could not deny the joy I felt while doing this. The movement of the girls pushing on the wheels would cause their butts to wiggle in my lap, which made my dick hard and I loved it. (despite my injury, I easily get hard by any form of direct stimulation on my cock) I would often slide my hands under the girl’s shirts to feel their soft, warm tummies. When I was feeling brave enough, I would allow my roaming hands to stray to their pointy little nipples for a quick feel. This would often cause a brief but obvious change of expression in the face of my little co-pilot. They liked being touched but didn’t know how to react. I never felt as though I was doing something “dirty” because I always looked at the girls with love and adoration. I could not deny their natural beauty. From this point on I could not ignore my sexual attraction to young girls. Simply put, it is who I am. But I never took it any further than the touching and kissing. Not yet.

A few months later my desires took a dramatic turn when I bought my first computer and began my first trip on the World Wide Web. I knew there was plenty of porn to be had, but it was truly by accident when I saw the first nude photo of a stunning young girl who had a bald pussy and tiny budding nipples. I was randomly entering chat rooms and somebody sent me the photo without my asking. I was entirely taken in by the sight of her youthful flesh. The image is forever etched into my memory. She was maybe 12 or 13 years old with brown hair, brown eyes and the face of an angel. She was completely naked and seated in a parlor style chair near a computer with headphones on her head and a bottle of flavored water in her hand. She was leaning back in the chair with her legs spread just wide enough to see her pink pussy lips with a small trace of moisture at the bottom part of her crack. There was a comical aspect in her facial expression that made me laugh. She was looking at the camera with her head turned slightly down with a stare in her eyes as if she was saying “get that camera out my face!”. But I still knew she liked showing everything her youthful body had to offer. All I could think about was how it would feel to slip my tongue into that precious little slit. I was hooked forever. I saw countless of photos since then, but that one will always stay with me.

My son Kyle would spend time online occasionally and one day he met an eleven year old hotty named Kimmy in a chat room. They talked and traded pics but Kyle was more interested in hockey and running with his buddies so he basically ignored Kimmy’s attempts to advance their friendship. Kyle and I shared the same screen name so Kimmy and I began talking on a daily basis. She was eager to trade pics and I was pleasantly surprised by her natural beauty. She had the face of a doll with huge brown eyes and tiny button nose but her mouth really grabbed my attention. Her lips were full and perfectly shaped and stirred my thoughts towards thinking how it would feel to kiss her the way a man kisses a lover. Kimmy was tall for an eleven year old and slightly overweight with tiny breasts that stood out through the thin pink halter top she was wearing in the pics she sent. I’m convinced that she chose those pics because she knew how they showed off her just developing chest. Little girls are always so eager to “grow up”. Her darling looks and charming personality had me smitten from day one.

My daily conversations with Kimmy were never of a sexual nature but she was still an expert at flirting. She often commented on how she thought I was handsome and she wished I was her age so I could be her first real boyfriend. These comments stirred my imagination and I wondered where this whole thing might lead.

Kimmy soon began to talk about her home life. Her mothers name is Brenda. Brenda was my age and was divorced from her first husband, who was Kimmy’s father. Kimmy also had a fifteen year old brother named Mike. Brenda had recently remarried a guy she met online. Kimmy hated her new step father because he had hit her mother on several different occasions and was arrested when her broke Brenda’s jaw about one month before I started talking with Kimmy. Kimmy’s father lived nearby but was not involved in his children’s lives.

It soon became obvious to me that Kimmy wanted me to meet her mother.
Soon after, I received a nice email from Brenda. She informed me that Kimmy talked about me often with a certain level of excitement about the bond we were developing. Brenda and I then began talking several times a week whenever Kimmy was not demanding my attention. Brenda took it upon herself to take several new photos of herself and Kimmy. I was flattered that she did this just for me. It was quickly apparent where Kimmy got her looks and personality from. Brenda was gorgeous. She has jet black hair and very sexy dark eyes and the exact full lips that Kimmy has. She had the body of a teenager with small firm breasts and tiny waist and the cutest little ass I’ve ever seen on a girl of any age. Most of the photos were of the two of them sitting and lying on Brenda’s king sized bed that was full of oversized white pillows on top of a lilac colored comforter. They were wearing identical outfits of white ankle socks, white shorts and white spaghetti string halter tops. These outfits showed off their well tanned bodies. The sweetest shot was with both girls lying on their bellies with their elbows on the bed and their chins resting on their hands, both wearing girlish grins on their darling faces. They both had their lower legs bent up and crossed at the ankles. These poses really showcased their skinny little butts. And the shirt Kimmy was wearing emphasized her pointy nipples. I had to wonder if there was a hidden message in these pictures.

After a month of chatting online, Brenda asked if it was ok if she called me on the phone. I quickly agreed and we started talking two or three times a week for a few weeks when she began hinting that Kimmy wanted Kyle and me to come to Georgia to meet them. I think Kimmy was still hoping to capture Kyle’s attention but I didn’t think it was going to happen any time soon. All I knew for certain was that both Kimmy and Nanette had my attention in a big way. We mostly joked about the whole idea of us meeting but it was soon obvious that they were serious.. I arrived home one day to find a letter in my mail box with two E-tickets for a flight to Atlanta. I couldn’t say no. School let out for the summer three days later and we were on a plane to Atlanta the very next morning.

We got off the plane and it was a sight to behold. Both ladies were far more stunning in person. I was sexually attracted to both of them, but Kimmy held the attention of my deepest desires. She was wearing denim shorts and a bright yellow halter top that exposed her sexy little belly. Kimmy had told me two weeks ago that she had bought a new bikini swimsuit especially for me and said that she was dieting so she would look good in it. I could see she had trimmed down. Both of my new friends were eager to embrace me, but Brenda let her daughter have me first. Kimmy ran to me and sat sideways on my lap so we could hug each other better. She often joked about wanting to sit on my lap when we were chatting online. She kept moving her precious face from side to side to kiss me on both of my cheeks. I felt lucky to be the target of her silly antics. This brief moment set the tone for the rest of our visit. She was a very affectionate young lady.

After a minute of her rapid fire kisses, I held her face still, looked her right in her big brown eyes just inches away from my face and said “now give me a real kiss!”. She giggled and the feel of her warm breath on my face was incredible. She was no longer just a screen name…. she was real and I was in heaven. We kissed full on the lips. It was not a sensual kiss. It was a hard kiss fueled by her excitement and her youthful energy. But we stayed connected for several seconds before we separated. Even in these hectic moments I quickly knew that I wanted feel her tongue in my mouth. Brenda then tapped Kimmy on the shoulder to remind her to share. Kimmy got up and her mother playfully mimicked her daughter’s technique and smothered me with her own kisses. She then stopped, looked me in my eyes, and without saying a word she licked her lips and gave me a moist kiss with her incredibly inviting lips. Kyle watched all of this with amusement, but he wanted nothing to do with kissing either girl. He barely acknowledged Kimmy. He was not being rude…he just wasn’t experienced with this sort of thing. Brenda sensed Kyle’s shyness and decided he needed to be kissed too. She managed to plant one on his cheek, but only after a brief foot chase through the terminal. This was going to be a fun summer.

We arrived at their home and quickly settled in. Kimmy played a terrific young hostess and stuck to me like glue. Kyle was relieved to meet Kimmy’s 15 years old brother Mike. Just like before, he showed little interest in spending time with an eleven year old girl regardless of how cute she was…he just wasn’t ready yet.

The house was brand new and quite large but was not at all wheelchair friendly. We had discussed this before we came but I wasn’t going to let it stop me from coming. The bedrooms were up a curved flight of stairs so it was a more difficult trek than normal but after a few times, Mike became much better at lifting me up them.

Before we came to Georgia, Brenda and I had agreed that it was only going to be a “friendly visit” with no intention for sex…..yea right….like either of us really meant it. It just made her feel better about inviting a new man into her home considering that she was still married to her husband Justin. Brenda had a restraining order against him because of the assaults he did on Brenda and he was not allowed in the county for any reason. Brenda had faxed me a copy of the order to help convince me that their marriage was over and it was safe for me to be there. I took this seriously…I was not trying to get in the way of anybodies marriage. I still knew the trip was a risky thing to do but I had a gut instinct that nothing bad would happen.

We had discussed a few different options as to what would be the best sleeping arrangement for everybody. Kyle quickly voiced his preference to sleep on the spare bed in Mike’s room. Brenda said she would sleep with Kimmy and I could have her bed…the very bed they posed on for the photos they sent…I couldn’t believe I would now be sleeping in it!

Well….bedtime came and everybody retired to their places for our first night. Brenda came and sat on the bed with me to talk because, up ‘til now we were to busy to be able to talk one on one. We made small talk for a while but there was defiantly a noticeable level of sexual chemistry between us. It didn’t take more than ten minutes for us both to realize that we would become lovers that very night. Brenda asked if she could kiss me and we were soon locked in a passionate embrace. Our tongues played together and I got that nervous feeling in my stomach that reminded me of my first time having sex as a teenager. I was still hesitant to go beyond kissing because I did not want to rush this, but she would not wait. She began rubbing my cock through my jeans until I was rock hard. Without hesitation, she yanked my pants open, grabbed my dick and slipped it into her mouth. Because of my injury, I tend to cum quickly and within a few minutes I shot my load in her mouth. She continued pumping me with her mouth and I held onto her head with both hands to assist the action. I’ve had my dick sucked before but this was the first time I felt how it is to cum in somebody’s mouth and it blew my mind. What Brenda did next shocked me. She moved up to kiss me with her mouth still full of my cum, and the taste of my own juice blended with her saliva was a very erotic experience. I know most men would be repulsed by this, but I can tell you it was the most intimate thing I’ve ever done with a lover.

I then sat up against the headboard and waited as Brenda went into her dressing room to get into her sleepwear. She returned wearing a peach colored, sleeveless shirt and a pair of skimpy purple bikini panties barely showing below the bottom of the shirt. A good portion of her firm titties were easily seen through the arm openings of the shirt and this turned me on big-time. I could see her swollen nipples through the thin fabric and I knew I would have them in my mouth as soon as I wanted to, but I wanted this all to last a while so I just laid there while she sat next to me. Brenda then helped me out of my clothes and I could tell she enjoyed helping me even though I was capable of undressing myself.

We tried hard to continue with idle chat but she kept playing with my dick, keeping it erect. She laid her head on top of my thighs and teased my balls with her tongue while holding onto my cock, slowly pumping it and squeezing the head each time she reached the top. I figured it was time to begin making her feel good so I slipped my hand through the arm hole of her shirt to finally feel her firm breasts and play with her nipples. This got her attention and she stopped playing with my dick and rolled over onto my lap on her back. I pulled her shirt off and was amazed at the sight of her tits. They were as perky as a teenagers tits. I leaned forward and took her nipple in my mouth and she moaned softly, laid her head back and closed her eyes. I knew it was now her turn to cum. I kept teasing her nipples with my tongue and I slipped my hand into her panties. She was completely shaved and already wet with excitement. I rubbed her slit for a minute before slipping my thumb into her and she grabbed my hand to increase the pressure. After a few minutes of this, Brenda pulled my hand from her panties, brought it to her mouth and licked her own juice from my fingers. We kissed again, giving me the first taste of her pussy. Then I slid her off of my lap so I could slide onto my back. Brenda knew what I wanted to do so she straddled my chest on her knees to give me a full view of her bald honey pot. Her pussy lips were red with passion. She spread them apart for me and brought her crotch to my face. I licked all around her cunt for a few moments and then went to her clit to get things going. She began grinding her hips onto my face and started to moan in rhythm of her thrusts. My face was covered with her fluid and I loved it. She increased the pace and the volume of her moans and I grabbed her ass to assist in her quickening tempo. With a sudden burst of grinding and moaning, Brenda then let out a cry of pure bliss as her orgasm sent uncontrollable shudders through her entire body. She collapsed from pleasure and exhaustion. We held each other and kissed some more before deciding that we needed to get to sleep. We knew there was plenty more lovemaking to come so there was no hurry to do any more tonight. We slept together in each others arms.

Morning came and I could hear music coming from Kimmy’s bedroom. Kimmy had often mentioned that she likes to dance and I often wondered how it would affect me to watch her shake her little bum for me. Brenda must have read my mind. She left the room and returned a minute later with Kimmy who was carrying her boom box. Brenda then informed me that they have what they called “happy dance time” at least a few times a week. Brenda then told Kimmy that I wanted to watch her dance. I could tell that Kimmy was a bit shy about the idea but as soon as Brenda popped in Kimmy’s favorite tape the show began.

Kimmy was still in her sleepwear which was the same as what her mother wore but she had a pair of silk shorts on over her underwear. I knew I would enjoy watching her dance dressed like she was. She started off rather conservatively but within a minute or so she was really getting into it. This little hotty really knew how to move.

She started off with some simple moving but before the song was half over she was throwing everything she knew at me. She turned her back to me, raised her arms over her head and shook her booty like there was no tomorrow. Kimmy then did a series of high leg kicks that gave me some awesome crotch shots and I caught glimpses of her white panties through the leg holes of her shorts. All I could do was lay there with a huge smile on my face. I was in bed with a beautiful lady, watching her equally beautiful eleven year old daughter performing a dance just for me. Can it get any better than this? Brenda was apparently proud of her young daughter and it was becoming more obvious to me that she knew I was attracted to Kimmy.

Evening came and Brenda was eager to get me upstairs for the night. She suggested that I spend some time with Kimmy while she took a bubble bath. Kimmy was quick to invite me into her bedroom so we would be away from the boys. Mike was constantly teasing Kimmy and Kyle soon followed suit. I tried to put an end to it but both boys were relentless so I pretty much gave up, but I still stepped in whenever it went to far.

It was a nice feeling to be alone with Kimmy for the first time since our arrival. She was wearing a pair of sweat shorts and a tight fitting white tank top. She was very talkative and open with me, even more than she was when we talked when online. She was really at ease with me and I knew we would become closer as time passed. I started rummaging through her knickknacks that covered her whitewashed dresser. She came to stand near me to explain the meanings behind the more sentimental items in her collection. Seeing this young beauty so near me was so distracting, it kept me from hearing much of what she was telling me. Kimmy was wearing a very subtle perfume and her smell only enhanced her allure.

Kimmy took a step backwards and nearly tripped over my feet, landing her right into my lap. She giggled and started to get up but I wrapped my arms around her waist and told her I would like her to sit on my lap whenever she wanted to. I kept my arms around her while she continued with the tour of her dresser. When she finished with the stuff on top, I suggested we continue by going through the drawers. I opened the nearest drawer and much to my delight, it was her underwear drawer. Kimmy reached to shut the drawer but I stopped her and told her it was nothing to be embarrassed about. I reached in and grabbed a pair plain looking yellow nylon undies that had the word Tuesday embroidered with red thread just above the crotch. I held them up, looked and Kimmy with a grin and proceeded to bring them to my face to take a long, deep smell. Kimmy smacked my head and said I was gross. I told her that it is natural for a guy to want to smell “that part” of a girl and I told her the next time I want to smell a pair that has been on her. Thinking it would be funny, she rushed to her closet, opened the door and reached into a laundry basket to retrieve a used pair oh her little panties. They were green and yellow striped and I could see they were a bit stiff in the crotch from being wet with something and then drying. I knew it was not from pee dribble and this told me she must be able to ooze the juices of a girl who is sexually excited. She then shoved them in my face as though she was expecting me to resist, but instead I held her wrist to be sure I got a good smell of her virgin odor. The stiffness and smell from the crotch confirmed it, she had been sexually excited for some reason. The scent was very faint, but unmistakable. I asked Kimmy “what did you do in these?”, and she giggled and said “I don’t know, it just happened”. I told Kimmy that I had heard her, seen her, touched and held her and now I finally got to smell her. I then told her next I want to kiss her and she quickly reminded me that we’ve already kissed. I told her yes, but not a “real kiss”. She again told me I was gross but I could tell that, in a way, she liked what had just happened. This was an intimate moment and she knew it. I then told Kimmy that it was best that she didn’t tell her mom what I just did and she said she wasn’t going to tell anybody. I knew I was taking a risk here, but I had a strong feeling that it was just where I needed to go with the whole situation.

I heard Brenda moving around in her room so I told Kimmy goodnight and she hurried to me to plant a warm kiss on my lips. I still could hardly believe this was all really happening to me. I started to leave Kimmy’s room when she told me to tell her mom not to make so much noise tonight. I turned to ask her what she meant by that and, with a huge smile on her face, she said “you know exactly what I mean, big boy”. She must have heard her mom moaning the night before and she knew exactly what was going on. This was all too much to grasp, but I was loving every minute of it.

I returned to Brenda’s bedroom and was treated to an eyeful. She was clad in nothing but a pair of white panties and a white lace bra. She was lying on her belly just like she was in the pics she sent a month ago. Only now it was in person and I knew we would be picking up where we left off from the night before. I told her how sexy she looked and then I rolled next to her bed so I could reach her. I began massaging the back of her well toned legs. When I moved near her ass cheeks, she told me to not be shy and she laid her head on the bed and spread her legs slightly. I accepted her silent invitation and slid my fingers inside her panties and gently squeezed her buns. Then I ran my fingers along the crack of her sweet ass, moving down to her pussy. She raised her hips just enough to give my hand more room to access her cunt. I slid my first two fingers in and slowly pumped them in and out. Brenda began moving her hips with the rhythm of my hand. I stopped just as I felt she was going to cum because I wanted her to cum with my dick insider instead.

I told Brenda that I wanted to feel myself inside of her tonight. She stood up in front of me, playfully leaned over so we were face to face and asked me “can you fuck me in your wheelchair?”. I told her yes and she started to help me out of my clothes. She removed her panties and sat on the edge of the bed, spread her legs and started rubbing herself. My dick was still limp so she told me to play with myself too. This was different but it was very erotic to play with ourselves while watching each other. As soon as I was hard, I slid forward on my chair and leaned back into a semi-reclined position to allow better penetration. Brenda straddled over me and brought her crotch to meet my stiff rod. She took it in her hand and rubbed the head along her crack a few times before slipping it into her steaming hot hole. She flowed even more than last night and my entire crotch was soon wet with her juices. She humped me with a slow, steady pace, all the while staring into my eyes from above. She was incredibly tight and we melded into one sexual being. Brenda slowly picked up the pace, and within a minute we were both nearing our orgasms. I could feel my balls tightening and my whole body began to spasm like it does when I’m going to experience one of my more intense orgasms. I let out a loud moan while Brenda slammed herself on my as hard as she possibly could. I erupted inside of her with the strongest orgasm I’ve ever experienced with anybody. Just as this was happening, Brenda let out several short moans and her body shuddered while she came just moments after I did. She was exhausted and quickly slowed the pace until we were motionless. She got up and fell back onto the bed while I climbed onto the bed to hold her in my arms. After we recovered, we just talked for a few hours until we fell asleep for the night.

We felt so natural together and I knew I was falling in love with Brenda. Yes, I was still very interested in Kimmy, but my feelings for her mother were taking over. I have never been the type to indulge in meaningless sex just for kicks. When I make love with a woman, I always develop a deep, personal bond with her. This has scared a lot of women away from me, but it’s a part of me that will never change. A lot of people jump from one partner to the next with no second thoughts, but I can’t do that. I’ve tried that lifestyle just so I could at least say that I was getting laid, but it just wouldn’t work. Sex is for two people who love each other. I believe that and that’s how I’ll always live my life. I know I’ve already talked about my sexual attraction towards young girls, but I also know it would be the same way if I ever take a young lover. It needs to be about love, not just sex.

This whole scenario with Brenda and Kimmy is entirely new to me and it has me struggling with my feelings. I am falling in love with Brenda, but I still long for Kimmy. Can I somehow change my views about sex? Will I even need to change my views? I don’t see that happening, but now I’ve started to fantasize about having sex with Kimmy. I am loving the whole thing, but I just don’t know what might happen. All I do know is that I don’t want anybody to be hurt, including myself.

A few days later, Nanette and I were enjoying some serious kissing when she casually asked me if I wanted to kiss Kimmy like I was kissing her. This caught me by surprise and before I knew it, I said yes. I was shocked by my answer but it felt good to be honest regardless of what Nanette might think. I didn’t want to have to hide me feelings about Kimmy any more and it was a relief to “come clean”. Nanette responded by saying she knew I had feelings for Kimmy and she thought it was cute. We left it at that but I had to wonder where this would go. She wasn’t mad and that was all I needed to know for now.

The next morning things got twice as interesting when Kimmy’s friend Melissa made her first appearance. Melissa was a stunning blond and was also eleven years old. She came to visit Kimmy and when Kimmy told her about dancing for me, Melissa wanted to join in the fun. Kimmy was a good dancer but Melissa was by far more seductive in her moves. She was doing hip thrusts, booty shakes and deep knee bends like a pro. Nanette told me that Melissa has two older sisters and that’s where she learned to dance like that. So now here I was…lying in bed watching TWO eleven year old girls trying to out-dance each other in order to win my attention.

I loved watching both girls dance for me but Kimmy was the one who had already won my heart. After all the time we had talked online, and then meeting her in person, I was falling for this sweetheart in a big way. She was smart, funny, caring and beautiful…how could I not fall for her?

Melissa had just returned from a vacation, and now that she was home, she was with us most of the time. Kimmy and Melissa were total clowns when together. They were always playing music and they sang to every song they knew. There was never a dull moment with the two of them. One of their favorite games to play was Twister. They loved to show off their acrobatic skills for me and it always provided me with great peeks of their sexy little bodies. They both usually wore denim shorts with loose leg holes. I got more panty peeks than I could count. They would sit on the floor in front of me to play board games and with their legs crossed. I could often see their entire crotches covered by whatever panties they were wearing.

I soon noticed Kyle was spending more time around the girls. It was obvious he had taken to Melissa and it was cute to watch the two of them tease each other the way kids do when they develop crushes.

A couple of days later, Kyle and Melissa were wrestling on the living room floor. Melissa was wearing a one piece swimsuit with a large t-shirt on over it. When Kyle grabbed Melissa’s leg to try to flip her over, the crotch of her suit pulled completely to the side, giving Kimmy and me a complete look at Melissa’s bald crack. I looked at Kimmy and she knew exactly what I had just seen. I sensed that she was jealous and she came to sit on my lap in order to get my attention away from Melissa’s little cunny. It made me feel good knowing that Kimmy felt jealous. This meant that she had strong feelings for me. To help reassure Kimmy, I wrapped my arms around her tightly and told her that I loved her. This was the first time I said that to her and it felt so right. She laid her head on my shoulder and her warm breath on my neck stirred my desires for her. I casually slid my hand under her shirt to get my first feel her tummy. She was so soft and warm. I was rubbing her belly and was shocked by what Kimmy did next. She took my wrist and moved my hand to her bare chest so I could feel her pointy nipples for the first time. Kyle and Melissa we too busy to notice what I was doing and Kimmy was wearing a loose fitting sweatshirt that allowed ample room for me to roam unnoticed.

This was both exciting and confusing. First, I had to wonder if somebody else had done this with her before. I really doubted if that was the case because I think she would have told me about it during our lengthy conversations we shared. I guess it’s not that unusual for her to already be aware of the pleasure we would both experience by my playing with her budding breasts. At the same time, I felt cheap because I was her mother’s lover and I felt like I was cheating. But I told myself that it’s not really cheating because it’s only touching and I had love for Kimmy too. I was trying to lower my values for my own selfish pleasure and I knew it, but I had no plan to stop whatever might happen next. My mind wandered to how nice her nipples would feel in my mouth, and more so, how her body would respond to her being licked like that. This special moment then ended when Brenda and Mike returned from a trip to the store.

Brenda and I continued our lovemaking on a regular basis and it only got better. We had both openly expressed our deep love we had for each other. Just as everything was going great, Brenda’s husband Justin had begun calling to talk with her on the phone. These calls soon grew in frequency and in length. It became a nightly thing and he would keep her on the phones for hours at a time. Of course, this bothered me because I thought their marriage was over and I thought Brenda should just tell him to leave her alone. She told me if she didn’t talk with him, he would probably just show up at her house, regardless of the restraining order.

Justin then began to insist that Brenda drive to his area to talk in her car. This started happening two or three times a week and I told Brenda it needs to stop. Again, she said if she stops meeting with him, he’ll likely show up at her house. Brenda then told me that Justin was very obsessed with her and was now demanding sex from her during their meetings. She told me she wasn’t having sex with him, but I did not believe her for a moment. From this point on, I began to back off with my feelings for her because I could see it just wasn’t going to work. This angered Brenda because she was trying to convince me that it was still over between her and Justin. It didn’t end, it got worse.

Brenda soon admitted that she was having sex with Justin and this changed everything. I’ve never shared a lover and I wasn’t about to begin now. I told her that our lovemaking needed to end and this angered her even more. She was not used to being rejected and she hated it. I really did love her, but I knew I needed to somehow distance myself from her emotionally to minimize my heartbreak. I’ve been hurt too many times before and now it’s happening again.

Kimmy and Mike caught onto what was going on and they were upset with their mother. They both hated Justin and they both were hoping I would someday marry their mother and be their step dad. Kimmy saw that I was hurting and she wanted nothing more than to comfort me. We were already close, but this would bring us even closer in a hurry.

My first thought was to pack my stuff and take my son back to Michigan, but I had promised everybody trips to a Braves game and to Six Flags Over Georgia, among other things. It would not be fair to just drop it all so I agreed to stay one more week. I then began sleeping on the living room floor and Brenda and I never had sex again.

This is where it gets scary and funny at the same time. Brenda had confessed to Justin the entire affair we had. He asked to talk with me on the phone and I agreed. At first, he insisted that I leave immediately. After he settled down a bit, I convinced him that I never intended to interrupt their marriage and he believed me. And I told him that I knew before we came that things could easily go bad, but Brenda had convinced me that her marriage was over. I then told Justin about the things I had promised to do with the kids and he was understanding and agreed to let me stay. I had also assured him that I was no longer sleeping with Brenda. The only stipulation he placed was that he wanted to go to the game with us which was the very next day. I told him it would be ok, but only if he leaves his gun at home and promises not to push me off any cliffs. We shared a good laugh and we would meet in the morning. What the hell did I get myself into?

Bedtime came and after everybody went to their rooms, Kimmy came down to keep me company for a while. We sat on the sofa to be more comfortable. She was still thinking everything might work out between her mom and me and I had to tell her it wasn’t going to work. She fell apart. This poor girl sobbed and fell into my lap. Kimmy was holding onto me so tight it was hard for me to breath. She told me she loved me and she never wants me to leave. She said I could use the den as my bedroom and that she would help me with whatever I needed. She was so desperate to believe that it could somehow work, but I knew it wouldn’t. My little girl’s heart was breaking and I hated it. We held onto each other and cried until we could cry no more tears. I refused to tell her it would soon be over, but I think she knew it but was afraid to hear it, so we just sat quietly, holding onto each other until we both regained our composure.

Kimmy suddenly returned to her normal, cheerful self. She jumped up, told me to wait there while she ran upstairs to do something. She returned a few minutes with her arms full of blankets, sheets and pillows for me to use. I was still sitting on the couch and I asked her to spread the larger blanket on the floor to serve as my bed. She said “ok, but only if I get to sleep here with you, big boy”. The only other time she called me “big boy” was when she was teasing me about her mother’s moaning. Just what was she trying to say here? I told her I would love to sleep with her anytime she wanted.

Kimmy said she was too hot and needed to change her clothes before messing with the blankets, so she left to get ready for the night. While Kimmy was away, Brenda was on her way out and she informed me that she was going to be at Justin’s house and would not be back until the next day. As luck would have it, Kyle and Mike had already left to spend the night in the woods behind their house, so Kimmy and I would be the only two in the house for the entire night.

My eyes grew with delight when Kimmy returned. She was dressed in a rather skimpy set of baby blue pajama shorts and matching button down top. The top button was left undone, exposing her soft white chest and just barely hiding her puffy nipples. She asked me if I liked her “jammies”. I told her I thought she looked sexy, and she replied with “good, that’s the look I was going for”. I knew they were her mother’s pajamas but I didn’t say anything. My little sweetie was not so innocent now and she knew exactly what effect she had on me. I’ve been ogling this precious beauty from day one, but now she took on the seductive appearance of a young lady who knows she is beautiful and wants to show it.

I just sat there and watched as Kimmy began to lay out our bedding on the floor. She leaned over to grab the linen and I was treated to a peek down her top. Her nipples were large for an eleven year old, but I know that is the look they take on just before they begin to sprout their full breasts. This was nice to see, but nothing compared to what I saw next. Kimmy started to crawl around on her hands and knees to arrange our bedding. Her skimpy bottoms rose up on her ass far enough for me to see she had nothing on underneath. The view from behind was absolutely incredible. The thin fabric just barely hid her bum hole, and I could clearly see the fatty flesh of her vulva. God was this beautiful to see. All there was left to see was her slit but I would have to wait to see it. This went on for a minute or so and that was all I needed to see for now. I knew I would be seeing things even better once we were on the floor together.

Even though Kimmy was trying her best to get my attention, she was still unsure about what to do next. So she did what most girls her age do when they like a guy and secretly want some physical contact but are too scared to ask, she challenged me to a wrestling match. I asked her to leave for a minute so I could get ready for the night. She went to the kitchen and I got on the floor and took my pants off, leaving my underwear and t-shirt on and I covered my lower body with a sheet.

I lay on my back and called Kimmy. She returned and stood over me with her hands on her hips and a mean look on her face, trying her best to look menacing. This gave me another look up the leg holes of her shorts, once again barely hiding her pussy lips. This was driving me crazy. Kimmy then lowered herself to sit on me, placing her weight right on my crotch. This caused my dick to swell and it felt great. This position gave me an even better look at her crotch with the cloth pulled slightly into her crack. We were supposed to be wrestling, so without warning, I grabbed her by the wrist while I rolled over in order to cause her to roll off of me. Kimmy offered little resistance, and she let me roll partially on top of her as if she were pinned. We took turns doing this for a while and we were having a blast. We were both laughing so hard we were out of breath, so we stopped and just lay on our backs next to each other for a while.

I’ve been wanting to French kiss Kimmy for too long and I figured this was the right time to go for it. I rolled onto my side and edged closer to her until our bodies were touching. I was propped up on one elbow, which allowed me to hover over her, face to face. My blood was rushing with the thought of where this kiss would lead. I kissed her softly, just as we had done many times before. I paused and looked into her deep eyes. Her tranquil expression told me she was mine now. Without asking, I kissed her again and gently slipped my tongue between her warm lips. She instinctively opened her mouth our tongues met in a nervous but slow manner. Kimmy’s response was not at all childlike. She placed her hand on the back of my neck so I would not pull away. Our souls were connecting like never before.

Kimmy then pushed my shoulder so I rolled over onto my back. She hovered over me just as I did over her moments ago. It felt great knowing that she was just as willing to do this as I was. If I had sensed any level of discomfort in her, I would have stopped everything. Kimmy then leaned in to kiss me. Her brown curly hair fell along the sides of her face and she looked perfect. She initiated the tongue action this time so I knew she liked it. We kissed for a while longer and then Kimmy sat up for a moment. It was then that I realized the sheet had moved partially off of me and Kimmy looked right at my half erect dick covered only by my white briefs. Her gaze was both nervous and intent. She didn’t know what to do, so I took her wrist and gently guided her trembling fingers onto my crotch. I let her wrist go and she kept her hand on me and gave my cock a few squeezes. This was a first for Kimmy and her excitement was evident by the way she stared at what she was doing to me. I reached down to lift the elastic waistband of my briefs, giving Kimmy her first look at my now hard dick. She acted on her own this time as she slid her hand in and wrapped her tiny fingers around my dick and slowly stroked the entire length of it. I had to stop her or I would have shot my load right then. I wanted to make this as special as I could, so I needed to take my time.

I could tell that Kimmy was eager to please me but I was more interested in her pleasure than mine. I pulled her down onto her back and resumed the kissing like before. But this time I slid my hand under her top to play with her nipples. I asked Kimmy if I could kiss her breasts and without a word, she unbuttoned her top for me. She started to remove it but I told her I liked the look of it laying open so she kept it on for me. I took in the sight for a moment rubbed her chest and belly. I leaned to get my first taste of her nipple and she responded with a barely audible whimper. She held the back of my head just as she did when we were kissing. I kissed and licked her tits for several minutes and her whimpers grew into soft moans. This was my first time hearing a little girl moan with pleasure and it was so sexy. My instinct at this point was to start rubbing her pussy but I wanted her to be a part of it and I asked her to lift her waistband so I could look at her. I instead of merely lifting the waist, she slid her bottoms down to her knees. I had to sit up to take this all in. Here was my little angel…lying on the floor with her top unbuttoned and her shorts around her knees…man what a sight to behold forever.

Even though I already knew the answer, I asked Kimmy if she has ever touched herself. She told me yes and I asked her to show me how she does it. She finished removing her shorts, opened her legs slightly and started rubbing herself. I was amazed with how comfortable Kimmy was with being exposed in front of me. She was acting far beyond her age. She laid her head back, closed her eyes and continued rubbing her pussy for me to watch. I put my hand on hers to help her rubbing for a minute, and then I pulled her fingers to my mouth to get a taste of her wetness. She once again amazed me by bringing her hand to her own mouth to taste it for herself.

I couldn’t wait any longer….I had to lick her pussy now. I told Kimmy I wanted to see her closer. I took her knee and pulled it to the side, giving me a full view of her wet crotch. It was nothing short of beautiful. Her lips were slightly red from both her excitement and her rubbing herself. Before I could speak, she told me to do whatever I wanted to do to her. Now shes giving me instructions? This told me that she was truly ready for anything I decided to do.

I got on my belly and scooted between her outstretched legs and lingered with my face just an inch from her sweet crack. Kimmy smelled so innocent and pure. Just knowing that I had the honor to be the first man to enjoy her was a huge turn-on for me. I gingerly ran my tongue along her slit from top to bottom several times just to get her prepared for what was to come next. I used both hands to spread her lips open, revealing the tiniest clit I’ve ever seen. Just as I licked it for the first time, Kimmy’s body jerked and she let out a much louder whimper than before. She was obviously extremely sensitive. I stopped for a second and told her to take some deep breaths and try to relax. Then I placed my tongue flat on her hot spot and just held still for a moment to let her get used to the new sensation. When I felt she was relaxed, I started with slow circles around her clit while occasionally flicking it which still caused her to twitch with pleasure. It only took less than two minutes of this and I sensed she was ready to rock. I held onto her skinny waist to keep her attached to my face and stayed on her sex button, flicking it as fast as my tongue could move. All at once, Kimmy let out a series of girl shrieks while her legs stiffened and squeezed my head like a vice. She began a violent hip thrust, ramming her cunny onto my face as hard as she could. Her juices had her crotch and my face drenched. Then, as fast as it happened, she fell completely limp and was gasping for air. Her orgasm was as intense as any I’ve ever seen. I wiped my face with the sheet and moved up to nestle my head on her shoulder while she recovered.

Just as with any other lover, I immediately felt a deeper love for Kimmy. She just gave me herself like shes never given herself to anybody before. I really think this was Kimmy’s way of trying to fix the pain her mother caused me, and it was certainly helping. I’ve never jumped from one lover to another so fast before, but this just felt so right. Kimmy and I were both hurting and our lovemaking eased our sadness…for now at least.

Now Kimmy turned her attention back towards me. She rolled onto her side next to me started rubbing me through my underwear. As soon as I got hard, she pulled my briefs off and looked at my dick and balls with a look of wonderment on her face. I started to explain to her what to do but she interrupted to tell me that she had watched her brother’s porn movies so she knows how to do it. She sat along side me on her knees and jerked me off for a few seconds. Kimmy then leaned over and licked the head with her wet tongue before wrapping her lips around it. I stayed on my elbows so I could take in the sight of her darling face sucking my dick. She tried taking more in but her gag reflex stopped her. I told her not to worry about it. I said all she needs to do is pump me with her hand while taking the head in her mouth. She caught on fast and was soon in the rhythm needed to get me to climax. I could have let her suck my cock all night long but I knew I was going to shoot my wad very soon. I wanted to shoot into her little mouth but I decided to leave it up to her. I began moaning and telling her I was cumming and to pump me harder and faster. She handled it perfectly. Just as I started to blow, she sat up but continued pumping me as fast and hard as her little arm could go. She wasn’t expecting me to shoot so far and a few drops landed on her chest and the sight of this was very erotic to see. I reached up and rubbed my cum onto her nipples and she loved it. She took my hand from her breast to taste my cum on my fingers. This young lady was becoming an incredible lover very quickly.

Kimmy then gave my dick a few more squeezes as it went limp in her hand. She left and came back with some wet towels and cleaned us both up as good as she could. We talked for a while and drifted off to sleep together. An hour or so later I woke to Kimmy kissing my neck and rubbing my dick under the sheets. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she wanted me to “put it inside of her”. As much as I wanted to have intercourse with Kimmy, I felt something deep inside me that told me it was not supposed to happen. I could not understand why I felt like this, but it was a very definite feeling that I could not ignore. I didn’t know what to say to her, so I just told her that it wasn’t the right time. I think this hurt her feelings but she acted like it didn’t bother her. I hoped to someday understand how I knew it wasn’t supposed to happen. I had never had a young lover before and this was not the right time for reasons I could not grasp. What I did know is that I was in love with this eleven year old princess. We then fell back into slumber soon after with these thoughts swirling in my head.

The next morning Justin came to the house to meet me, and we all went to the Braves game together. From that day on, Justin stayed with us for the remainder of our visit. Justin and I had some lengthy talks and we became friends. Brenda went to extremes to shower Justin with affection in an obvious attempt to make me jealous but it had no affect on me. This bothered Brenda and I thought it was funny. Seeing this side of Brenda convinced me even further that I would not be returning after this venture ended.

During the final days of our stay, Kimmy and I had several more heated kissing sessions whenever we could, but we didn’t have sex again. With everything that happened over the summer, Kimmy and I shared a very deep love for each other. Brenda and I were still close, but I had, with Kimmy’s help, managed to get over the heartache she caused me. I knew there was no future with Brenda, and I knew I would never see any of them again after I left. I loved Kimmy dearly, but she was, for the most part, still a child so I had to let it all go for now.

It was our last day of our visit and we had to be at the airport by noon. We were all busy getting ready when I realized I hadn’t seen Kimmy yet. I asked Justin to go tell her it was time to get going. He came back a few minutes later to tell me she had locked herself in her room and was refusing to come out. This was going to be a difficult time for me. Kimmy was still hurting and angry and she didn’t know how to deal with it all. I guess she thought if she stayed in her room, she wouldn’t have to say goodbye to me. I wanted her to come to the airport with us but it looked like it might not happen. I could not handle the thought of leaving without giving her one last hug and kiss, but what could I do?

At the last minute, Brenda managed to convince Kimmy that she needed to come with us to the airport. I was already loaded in the car and when Kimmy came out, she refused to make eye contact with me. She was filled with so much heartache and she was scared to let it out in front of everybody. We all did our best to make small talk during the drive and Kimmy remained silent while she stared out of the backseat window as if in a daze. She was still avoiding the reality any way she could.

We drove up to the drop off area and I said goodbye to Justin and Mike and they stayed in the car while Brenda, Kimmy, Kyle and I made our way to the gate. On the way to the gate, I managed to get Kimmy to look at me a few times, but she kept tearing up and would look away to avoid crying. I let it rest for now because I wanted her to deal with it on her own terms.

We were right on time so we only had a few short minutes before we had to board the plane. Brenda gave Kyle and me some tear filled hugs and kisses and no, she didn’t need to chase after Kyle this time. Kimmy was standing there doing her best to remain invisible, still trying to avoid the inevitable. I refused to let that happen. I would never be able to forgive myself if I were to leave without holding her in my arms one last time. I pushed my way right in front of her, reached for her hand and told her I loved her but it’s time for me to go now. In an instant, Kimmy fell to her knees and let it all out at once. She began sobbing and begged me not to leave her. I had never seen a girl so hurt and I felt as though it was all my fault. All I could do was hold her and tell her I loved her. I wanted to tell her I would come back, but I knew that was very unlikely and I couldn’t lie to her. I somehow managed to stay composed, perhaps because I knew I needed to board the plane in a minute. Kimmy could not stop crying but I had to leave. She went to her mother’s arms for comforting. It tore me apart to have to leave her like that but I had no choice. At least she did manage to say she loved me and then she actually forced out a “goodbye” before I went through the door.

When I took my seat on the plane, I could see into the terminal. Kimmy was still crying in her mother’s arms and I lost control of my emotions. I began crying like a baby. My show of emotion caused Kyle to cry, which surprised me. I knew he had become attached to everybody, and it was actually nice to see he was able to cry with me. I tried to wave to the girls through the window, but they couldn’t see me. We had said our goodbyes.

Five days later, I received a letter from Kimmy. She wanted to apologize for crying at the airport. She also told me that she “was in love with me like a woman loves a man”. This was very flattering but Kimmy was not mature enough to fully understand what she was feeling. I was in love with Kimmy, but it just wasn’t the right time in her life. Then she wrote about how she can’t wait until she can see me again. The girl was still in denial and it hurt me to know that. I wanted to write her back, but I needed time to think about what to say. Each time I tried to think of what to say to her, I cried.

Also, I was still confused about the weird feeling I had when I decided not to have intercourse with Kimmy. While I knew it would have been a truly beautiful experience for both of us, I also knew that it wasn’t supposed to happen, but I still wondered why. I may never know the answer to that.

The next day my phone rang and it was Justin. His voice was shaky and I knew it was something bad. He said the words that still echo in my head nearly every day…”Kimmy is gone”. OK I thought…shes run away…probably trying to get to Michigan. I asked Justin where he thinks she might be. Justin repeated the same words…Kimmy is gone….This time it hit me and my breath left my body. Justin went on to explain. Kimmy was riding her bike and was hit by a drunk driver when he drove up a curb and onto the sidewalk just a block from their house. She died at the scene. I went numb and became ill. How could this happen to a precious young girl like Kimmy?

I was not able to leave again and I had to miss Kimmy’s funeral. I still feel horrible about that even today. My little girl was gone forever and I couldn’t say goodbye. I still have my son, but I feel empty again. I am beginning to think that I’m just not supposed to ever find everlasting love.

Eventually, I do manage to find the answer as to why some things happened like they did. I’m writing about it now in part two of my story.

To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. (FullMetalAlchemist)

End of part one.

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He obtained love, and lost it

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"Older women tend to be more self centered, shallow and judgmental."


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aughhhhh what the fffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

she fucking DIES?

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"Older women tend to be more self centered, shallow and judgmental."


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