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Every Friday night, like clock work the guys come over to my house for "Poker Night". It is an evening away from the wives. For those of us who are lucky enough not to have a wife, it is a time to see how the other half lives and to win a bit of cash (or loose a bit if its an off night). This evening was special. The wives were included. For those poor bucks without a wife, they brought along a girl friend or someone of the female persuasion. This was not my idea. I was totally set against it even though it turned out quite well!

Once everyone arrived, we started to play. Instead of playing for money, clothing was the object. Each wife/girl friend, depending on how well their "partner" played would either gain or loose articles of clothing. Once the article was lost, even if the husband won the next hand, they were unable to replace that item. Each women looked like they lived in Alaska, bundled up in as many layers as they could possibly wear. The first hand went well, and a few of the women lost their first layer of socks or mittens. The second through tenth hand had a few of the women worried, they were close to outer clothing at this point. As the night progressed, and the layers of clothing started depleting, one of the guys got an idea. He put his whole wife on the stack, and a few guys followed suite. The winner got all 3 wives. In order to continue betting the guys had to remove their articles of clothing. This was going pretty smoothly, until one of the girls was almost naked.

Her tender slight form was turning us guys on. So one of the guys decided to bet sexual favors, since most of the clothing was gone. His girlfriend agreed to give head to the winner or give a lap dance, etc. This idea spread like wild fire and the other guys agreed to bet the same favors. All the women seemed eager to participate. The next hand was played leaving the winner getting head from two of the wives and one lap dance. The poker game was soon forgotten as the winner enjoyed his winnings. Other wives, switching husbands, decided to participate even though there was nothing won. The tables were moved aside and soon bodies were wrapped together, sucking and fucking.

This is when an extraordinary thing happened. I seemed to be paired off with my best friend's wife. I had been interested in her the first day I met her. She was a very pretty women with long blonde hair and very large tits. My wife had gotten chubby during our years married, but his wife was still thin and firm as a rail. Her tits could easily be used as flotation rafts! And she was mine for the time being. My wife was busy sucking one of my buddies, oblivious to my hardening cock. Feeling absolutely no guilt, I straddled this women, shoving my hard cock deep into her hot wetness. I pulled and teased her tits with my hands and mouth. I could have easily gotten lost in her yards of breast flesh! She laid back allowing me to penetrate her deep. She arched her back causing me to penetrate her even further. She rotated her hips and road my hard cock. Before I could cum, she pulled my large cock out of her wet pussy and started sucking on it. I loved getting head. After several years of marriage, my wife stopped. Actually, the sex sort of stopped. Getting head, with my wife was just an arm reach away made me so hot, I exploded spraying my cum all over her face. Eagerly she licked up each drop, begging for more! I was amazed how willing she was. She eagerly straddled, allowing me to penetrate her again. I shoved my cock deep up her tight little ass as she wiggled with pleasure. She reached between her own legs and started stroking her own wet pussy as I continued ramming myself deep inside her. I bent over grabbing her soft large breasts as I dumped another load of my hot cum deep into her. My buddy heard his wife orgasm and looked over at me and smiled.

I was amazed to see that my own wife was sweating and close to an orgasm. We laid there panting like animals. When the urge had left us, we started getting dressed. Everyone looked slightly embarrassed, as they helped clean up and left. That evening, my wife and I enjoyed the best sex of our relationship. The next day, we had several phone calls from the other couples. Each one wanted to make Friday nights a regular thing... with the wives. We no longer play Poker, but rather we tend to other adult games. The experience has left us all realizing that there is more to a marriage then just being with each other!


2005-10-19 22:27:57
a bit too short and some details missing. but still a 6 for me. keep on writing


2004-03-22 07:19:21
Ya Whoo. Makes my poker night look duel. Good story look forward to reading more of them.

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