A hell of a welcome home for Sam!
Dave and Ariana walked out of school for the last time that year. Junior year was finally over!

"Thank God school is over!" Dave said. "This year drove on forever!"

"You didnt have to move in the middle of it!" Ariana replied.

"Yeah, but if you wouldnt have moved you wouldnt have gotten such an awesome fuck-buddy!"

She giggled at his remark.

He used his remote to unlock the doors of his new Jeep. This was a badass present from him family. No telling how long it took to save up for it.

Dave like his new Jeep. It was a dark forest green and was really tall. It was big. And he liked it especially for that reason. Why did he like it for that reason? Because it was an awesome place to fuck.

He sat down in the seat and rubbed his hands on the steering wheel. Ariana climbed in and shut the door, after Dave shut his. Ariana looked over at him.

"I got you something" she cooed into his ear, putting her hand on his thigh. "Something I hope you'll really enjoy" she slid her hand up further brushing the base of his now hardening cock.

"Really?" He said, trying to remain calm. He turned and blew into her ear gently. "I have something for you."

She shivered. "Oh.. How sweet" she said slightly going limp.

Dave turned on the ignition and sped out of the schools parking lot. He headed to an alleyway big enough for the monsterous vehicle. He went to one he had been to before and turned off the car. He looked over at Ariana to see her with her shirt off finger fucking herself in the seat. His erection grew longer.

He threw off his t-shirt and unbuttoned his jeans. Ariana took off her bra and slid down her skirt. Dave noticed she didnt have any panties on.

He crawled into the backseat with his back against the wall spreading his legs. He pulled down his jeans and sat in his shoes and boxers. Ariana climbed on top of him.

"Shit I dont have any condoms" Dave said, slumping.

"Remember my gift?" She asked.


"I told you I had a gift. Close your eyes."

Dave did as he was told. He heard lots of shuffling and wierd noises and sqeaks. But eventually he felt Ariana on his thighs.

"Open your eyes." She said sexily.

Dave opened his eyes and saw Ariana naked on his thighs. She was reaching to take his cock out of his boxers when he stopped her "Didnt you hear me? I dont have any condoms!" He said stupidly.

"Look fucker, Im on the pill now!" She said sounding frustrated.

"Oh... Why didnt you tell.. Fuck it." He said frustrating himself.

She reached for his boxers again and freed his now solid as steel dick. she began stroking from his base to the tip slowly jerking off. Dave grunted.

"Likey Davey?" She asked cooing. Dave nodded. "You'll like this even more. Close your eyes."

Dave closed his eyes and was wondering why she let go of his dick. He then found out why when he heard and felt her pussy slam down on his dick. The quick, slick, tight, slit startled him to say the least, but in a good way.

"Hoooly fuck" He moaned. He cocked his head back and let his jaw go slack, his eyes still closed.

"Open" she said through closed teeth. The quick, thick, long, dick must have startled her in a way. She whinced when Dave moved to look at her.

"Stay still. Let me stretch." She said.

They waited about 30 seconds or so until Ariana gave him the OK to start pounding her.

He started pumping fast and hard in her and looked at her tits jiggling. He reached up and grabbed them and flicked the nipples. Ariana and he moaned in unision.

He kept fucking her as hard as he could quickly draining him of his energy within minutes. He slows to a stop as Ariana begins moving up and down fucking him. Soon Dave built up more strength and met her pussy as she fucked him, doubling the pleasure.

Soon they both erupted in and amazing climax in the jeep. Daves head cocked back as he exploded into her pussy and Ariana, now nearly screaming, feels his cum shooting into her.

She collapses on him after the orgasm and lays there. Dave came down to her and lifted her up and began making out with this naked goddess in his jeep. He whispered in her ear "I have a surprise too."

She leaned up and smiled. "What is it?" She asked.

"You'll find out" Dave says.

As they dressed Dave thought of his plan to double team Ariana. If Sam had gotten there at the right time and his car was in the garage she would never know. He was hoping Sam didnt get caught in traffic or anything.

Dave drove home and was ready to enjoy his summer with his buddy, and his fuck buddy. Dave dropped her off and kissed Ariana good-bye. He parked his car in front of his house. Sams was not there.

He began to feel anxious. Filled with worry that his friend didnt make it. He opened his door and wondered if he was there.

Dave walked into his house not seeing any bags or anything hinting he was home. He went through the whole first floor looking to see if Sam was home. Stupidly he didn't look through the garage.

He headed upstairs and went to his room first. Nothing. He walked to his bed and looked over to see if his bag was on the other side. Nothing.

Right as Dave turned around he felt a strong force push him onto his bed. He nearly fell over it and saw Sam lurch at him he rolled away and ran being chased by his friend.

He ran down the steps and when he got to the bottom felt Sam jump on him. Dave toppled to the ground.

They wrestled on the ground attacking eachother. Swinging and goofing like they did before Sam had left.

Dave knocked him down and stood up and pulled his friend up.

"Sup, mother fucker" He said with a big grin of victory on his face.

"Not much, ass" Sam replied dusting himself up. "Im hungry."

Dave ordered 2 pizzas one for each. As he walked around the house he saw a note on the table.

"Dave, Your father and I have to go to my high school reunion. Sorry, but we forgot to tell you! We should be back monday! We took your brother because we know he kind gets in the way of your plans with Sam. Have a nice weekend! And have a great summer vacation!

Love, Mom and Dad"

"Shit they have no idea how great of a summer this will be!" Dave said aloud.

"What?" Sam asked, dazed.

"Read this" He said to him and gave him the note.

As Sam was reading the note he noticed something different about his friend. Something strange. He had never seen him like this in a long time. A way he never thougth he'd see his friend like again.

"Dude, Im so fucking hungry right now." Sam said.

Dave pieced it together slowly. "So how much weed did you smoke today" he said bitterly.

"What are you talking about man?" Sam asked, suddenly looking worried. Dave looked in his friends eyes, both dialated.

"Don't be stupid. We quit that shit a long time ago." Dave felt anger towards his friend. Something he hardly ever felt towards him except whenever he fucked up. "Remember?"

Sam looked down at the counter. He slowly moved his head up. "A dime. But that was this morning. Ive been doing it now for a few weeks."

Dave slowly felt regret towards being so hard on his friend. "Thanks for telling me though."

Sam still looked down.


"Yeah..? Whats up man" Dave said.

Sam reached into his pocket pulling out about an ounce of weed. He put the bag on the table

"I was hoping... We could do it on last time. For old times sake?" Sam asked, raising his head.

Dave wondered... Remembering the hilarious times they had back in high school. Going to the store and eating about 6 hotdogs a piece before being thrown out, Talking about aliens, wondering why poop had to be brown.

"My parents ARE going to be out for a few days" Dave said. Sam nearly squealed.

"Fuck yeah. Lets get fucked up one last time" Sam said.

"Hell yeah" Dave said. "One last time."

Sam pulled out a couple rolling papers and began rolling getting ready for the night. Then Dave got an idea to expand his plan.

"Wait. I have an idea."

Sam stopped rolling and looked at his friend, puzzled.

"Well dont stop that. Just listen" Dave said. He had a plan. Roll up a couple joints but hold out for awhile. Dave told his plan to his friend. What was this plan?

The plan was to hold on to the joints and stash them. Then Dave would call Ariana and he would fuck Ariana in his room. In the meantime, Sam would be waiting in the closet recording his friend fucking this hot girl. Then near the end Dave would cough twice when he was getting head and Sam would put the camera on a tripod and slip in her. After Sam finishes with her they would all smoke on camera and have sex again. Except you know.. It'll be alot harder because they'll be fucked up.

"Holy shit dude. You really thought this out" Sam said, licking the 7th and final joint.

"I know. How much do we have left?" Dave asked picking up the now smaller bag.

"A shitload. We got about an 80 left" Sam said.

"Cool. Ill get out the old bong" said Dave.

Soon they were ready. The pot was in a shoe, in a closet, where Sam was going to be hiding.

Sam mounted the tripod in the closet and the camera was on it. Sam stood behind it and recorded through the small opening in the door. He was glad he spent the extra money on a 6 hour disc. He was going to need it.

Dave had already taken Ariana to his house when Sam got into the closet. A few minutes later he saw his friend burst into the room kissing Ariana as she began unbuttoning her blouse.

Sam watched his friend begin pulling down her jeans, exposing her black thong. "Shes so fucking hot" Sam thought.

Ariana got completely naked and began fucking Dave on the bed, her knees and ass being a lever pumping her up and down on his shaft. Watching her getting fucked was incredible. Especially since it was his old friend. After a few minutes of her being pummeled she finally climaxed.

Dave picked her up and put her on the floor. She was sitting on her knees and opened her mouth. Dave was on the edge of the bed and began pushing her head ont to his cock with his hands.

Dave stood up and let Ariana be on all fours as Dave fucked her throat. Dave was about to give the signal.

Sam had already unbuttoned his jeans and had his cock out, stroking it. He was about the same long thick size as Dave. After she got on all fours he heard Dave cough.. Once.. TWICE! "Yes!" He thought.

Sam quietly came out of the closet. As he did, he flipped the camera side monitor thing so it was facing Dave. Dave smiled.

Sam being as quick as possible grabbed Arianas' ass. He slipped into her tight pussy and Ariana nearly screamed. She pulled off of Daves dick and saw this mystery man fucking her.

"Who are you?! How did you get in here!!?" She asked franticly.

Sam almost paniced. "Im Sam" he said trying to remain calm. "And Dave and I are going to give you the best night you ever had."

"How do you know.."

"Long story" Dave said. "We're old buds. Now if you let Sam fuck you while I get head 'spit' style, we'll give you something incredible that you'll never forget" Dave explained.

Ariana sat down one cock in front of her one cock behind her. She wanted to have some fun. Plus she knew she always wanted a double fuck.

"Fine. But if it isnt good, Im gonna be really pissed" She said.

Dave rammed his cock in her mouth and held her at the chest, and Sam held her thighs. Sam began pumping hard and fast.

"Good." Said Sam "Cause if you said no I would have done it anyway" He said almost evily.

Ariana smiled on Daves dick and took the damge. "Babe, I almost always say yes" she said pulling off of Daves dick. She went back on and continued sucking.

Dave and Sam got into a thythm. Dave would go in Sam out. Sam in Dave out. They kept this up until Dave finally exploded into Arianas mouth. Sam pulled her up and wrapped her legs around his waist as he fucked her standing. Dave laughed as he watched and listen his fuck buddy and friend. This was turning out better than expected!

Soon Sam finally came as well as Ariana for the 3rd time that night. He dropped onto the bed with her and panted, Ariana panting on his chest.

" something incredible" she moaned.

"Right here" said Dave. He whipped out the joints and the bag of weed. "Oh and you'll get a copy of all of this."

"Oh shit." She moaned.

"Yeah. I hope you arent too pissed." Dave said.

"No. I just dont want it on the internet." She said.

"Did you not see this?!" Dave said waving the cannabis in her face.

Sam laughed.

They all put on their underwear. Dave and Sam wore boxers and Ariana wore her black thong. Soon they all lit up at the same time. They coughed, they laughed, they talked. Soon after about two hours, it had all been smoked. Now the real fun was going to begin.

"Oh shit man! We should start porkin' like... Now man!" Dave said.

"Yeah!!" Sam said.

Ariana looked up with her bloodshot eyes. "Yeah! Oh man, oh man! Tha sounds funny. Im so hi--"

Dave pushed her on the bed and went to her mouth and started fucking her face. "Oh dude! It feels so good!" He yelled.

Sam tried for a few seconds to pull down her thong. It was difficult being baked and all but he got it down and started pummeling.

Soon they were back in that motion. Except now, Dave was licking on Arianas left tit when Sam got her right. She climaxed after a few minutes. The guys eventually came too. They were'nt done yet.

"Stand please" Dave said.

"Okay" Sam and Ariana said.

Soon Dave told Sam to use her juice to enter her ass. Then after Sam was in Dave went in her pussy. Soon she was having her first double penetration session. At the same time she was higher than she had ever been before.

All three felt the incredible heightened feeling of sex while being high. Dave felt as though she was tighter than ever, Sam getting his first anal fuck, and Ariana getting her first double penetration. Two first and they all three felt incredible.

Soon all three began to moan. " Oh fuck! FUCK ME HARDER BOYS!" She moaned.
"Ohhh Goood!!" Sam and Dave moaned.

"I CAN FEEL IT GOING IN ME!!" She moaned through her orgasm.

Sam popped out and fell on Daves bed. Ariana fell and sat down. Dave leaned on his wall. All three panting.

"That was incredible.." Dave moaned, sounding earlier than before.

"Shit man.. I think Im sober." Sam said through breaths.

"Oh my god. You guys were incredible." Ariana moaned. She was still a little high but it was going to be over soon.

After they got dressed Sam turned off the camera. Being on for 5 hours makes it hot. He didnt want it to fry out.

"I'll make burns tonight" Sam said.

"Cool" Dave said. "Im fucking starving.

"Me too" said Sam and Ariana at the same time. They looked at eachother and blushed.

"Ha" Dave laughed "I think you two are in looove" Dave said.

Both smiled. Sam pulled Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle and suggested Whitecastle. Then when they got home they could watch it. All agreed.

They followed that plan. Then later on that night in th middle of the movie all three pased out. Dave on the bed, and Sam on the couch holding Ariana close.

Part 3? You decide.

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2008-06-11 12:53:09
Hey! It's been over a year, now... Where the fuck is part 3? Come on, dude! Get on with it!
Or I'll go out and find Ariana myself and fuck her asshole! How do you think she'd like that, huh? I'm a 44 y/o pervert who looooves fucking sexy, young girls' assholes! Mmmmmm.... There is nothing I like better than plundering a young girl's tight anal orifice with my big, old, fat dick! I've never had a single complaint from them, either! But let's face it--If one had complained I wouldn't have cared. Nope, I'd a' just kept on fuckin' the little bitch, anyway!
It's what I do!
But getting back to your story--- I want to read MORE!!! (I like these stories.)
Thanks for writing and posting them.
Now, with all of that said, get back to work on Part Three, already!
Hurry up!
I'm horny, dammit!


2007-12-17 06:03:56
oh my fucking god, what a fucking fucked up fuck story that i have ever fucking read in my entire fucking fucked up life, the fucker who wrote this fucking fucked up fuck story should go to hell.

... im just kidding, im just pissed im in detention right now, nice stoy ;)


2007-07-10 12:15:15
i thought he was an only child


2007-06-11 22:04:45
three is or better be on the way i need more cum materal please 10/10


2007-06-10 22:05:37
yeah make a third iv liked all your stories so far

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