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She accepted the gift with more than a drop of reluctance. She never saw herself as kinky and was not interested in the various fetish realms. And yet, the Hosiery given held a special mystery as if she was about to open Pandora’s Box and be enlightened by the secret within. Her boyfriend Gregg just couldn’t wait. He was so eager to get her home and see her in her special gift. As they drove home, they discussed the Hosiery and the depths of the leg fetish. Sandra looked directly into Gregg’s eyes and was more than a bit mystified. She had been married to Gregg for over two years, and not once had he mentioned his desire to see her wearing a garter belt and stockings. The same secretive question swarmed through her head… had he been cheating on her? Wouldn’t she had known… and would that be the only answer to his new found sexual fetish?

Greg insisted that they stopped at the Lingerie store on the way home. Sandra never owned a garter belt. She had no purpose for one. Sandra was an artist and her idea of getting dressed for work consisted of a pair of white cotton drawstring pants and a big white shirt. She had several “painting outfits” for years, each covered with different shapes of spattered colors. Recently, her paints had become more popular in the market, allowing her some extra financial freedom. Gregg was a great financial support, but Sandra wanted… no, she needed to be self-supporting. She never wanted to be dependent on anyone, especially a man. She loved Gregg dearly, and would do anything (almost) for him. But her financial independence was essential to their successful relationship. Gregg didn’t understand her drive for independence. As a successful Architect, he made enough to support them in any style she wished. Even though they lacked for nothing, she never once splurged or bought her self something special. She insisted on only the necessities of life. That was one reason Gregg had felt so uncomfortable to bring up his desire to see her in Hosiery.

Sandra shook her head when she saw the skimpy outfit Gregg had chosen for her. Again, she reflected her doubts as she unconsciously stroked the softness of the stockings she held in her hands. A part of her was excited to see just how well she looked in her gift.

Upon arriving home, she insisted that she have some time to herself. Initially, she just wanted a few moments to mentally prepare her for the situation. But after a long hot bath brewing over the Hosiery that a waited for her, she was so eager to inspect herself in their long bathroom mirror. Carefully she towel dried her shapely body. She inspected her naked form in the mirror, admiring her soft curves. Sandra was a slender 5”8’, with short black hair that clung to her shoulders. Her breast were two large firm mounds that enhanced her broad shoulders and narrow waist. She looked down at her toes, admiring her firm shapely legs. All in all she had little to complain about. She still had an appetite of a 16 year old where sex, food, adventure and life were concerned. And yet she held the pose and elegance of a mature women.

Slowly she pulled each stocking up her firm legs, enjoying the feel of the silky material against her sensitive skin. She placed the belt around her waist and hooked the top of the Stocking, holding them in place. She pulled on the sexy red silk panties and the matching skimpy bra. The final touch were the high red heels. Once done, she admired the full picture in the mirror. Without realizing it, she found her hand down her panties fingering her wet pussy. She was so aroused with just the feel of the silk against her skin and the erotic image in the mirror, that her fingers slipped into her welcoming pussy as she orgasmed. Not wanting Gregg to miss out, she quickly turned away from her image and exited the bathroom. She found her husband laying on his side facing the bathroom door.

Gregg was struck dumb as he stared at his wife. “My God… was she beautiful.” His penis immediately became stiff with anticipation. She slowly walked toward the bed her hips swaying as she moved. She had a mischievous grin on her face and decided to tease her husband just a little. She raised her foot onto the bed, spreading her legs wide. She moved her hands over her legs, smoothing the fine lines of the silk stocking. By this time, her pussy was dripping with anticipation. She wanted to feel her husband’s dagger deep inside her.

Gregg reached forward and stroked her moist panties. Sandra groaned with shear pleasure. Gregg ran his hands down her legs feel the silky material against the firmness of her legs. He savored each moment wanting to experience it both physically and emotionally. As his erection grew, he removed his panties. He pulled away from his wife, asking her to spread her legs flashing her delicate pink wet lips. She slid the material way and caressed her inner folds with her fingers. Again, she raised her head groaning with pleasure. She knew Gregg’s cock was so hard and about to bulge with his juices. She moved toward him, straddling his cock between her firm long Stocking legs. She ran his tip against the soft folds of the moist fabric barely covering her increasing wetness. Slowly, purposefully she pulled the material away allowing him to slowly slip into her world. He pumped her hard and deep as he stroked her stocking covered legs. The friction his under his hands made him quickly explode.

As Sandra she stroked her own legs, she orgasmed simultaneously. The rush was like nothing she had ever felt before. She was amazed that she had never dwelt into the world of stockings. Her husband pulled her close to him, whispering in her ear. She smiled and responded, “yes darling, the night is very young…. and if you desire, I will wear my present to bed!”


2004-07-11 23:00:14
Sorry that your rating is not better. I like the story,much more realistic than most, It would be good to see Chapter 2.


2004-07-06 00:12:29
his panties - her panties

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