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A true story about the first time with my cousin Kristen
My name is Jim and I'm now 28 years old. I grew up in a small town in the midwest. My family lived on a middle class income and I had 2 brothers and a sister. I was the middle child, my brothers both younger while my sister was 3 years old than I. I lived with my siblings , mother and step-father in a large older home with lots of cracks to look through, but thats another story.... this story is about my first real incounter with another person sexually. I was 11 yrs old and it just so happen to be with my older cousin Kristen who was 16 at the time.
We would usually go stay with my mother's sister Aunt Stacy and her family twice a year, once in the summer and then again for the holidays. So I was pretty close ofcourse to my three cousins Sam , the oldest ( 21 yrs at the time of this story ) Natalie (18) and Kristen(16). The lived on a farm with horses and barns filled with hay to play in. Kristen being the closest to my age would always take me under her wing during our stays. She had watched me grow up from a little child to a nicely filled out preteen. I was coming into my own , delevoping early for my age. I had a few hairs on my chest and my muscle tone was taking shape through my shoulders. The biggest and what I thaught was the most exciting change was my dick. The winter before this vist I had discovered how large and throbbing my prick would get when I just played with it for a couple seconds. I had taken nicely to rubbing myself atleast once a day.
On the long four hour ride over to thier house I was filled with anticipation of all the fun we would have over the next 6 days. The summer vist after all was my favorite of the two. My Aunt Stacy had bought a pool last summer and we practically lived in there during the hot parts of the day. Kristen would always hang out with my little brothers and I. She would were her little two-piece bathing suits that would never cover enough her over developed breast. She always had darkest tan, by the time would get there in August, from sun bathing all the time. She had wonderful silky skin just like my Aunt and other cousin Natalie. She was short like everyone else in our family but her body was full of curves even for her young age. She easily filled a c-cup and at only 4 foot 11 inches those tits of hers seem to pop out at you. Just as I was getting comfortable in my nap I heard the car stop, we were there. I jumped out and grabed my backpack then I started heading up to the huge house on the hill. As we got close I could see my Uncle Nick and Aunt Stacy by the door with big smiles and welcoming gestures. The first person I saw when I enter the house was my cousin Natalie , she gave me a huge and kiss and told me Kristen was downstairs waiting for me. I made quick work of the rest of the welcoming hugs and kisses and scurried to Kristen's room. I wanted so badly to show her my older more mature self. As I walked into the room I could see her laying on her bed in a little pair of red cotton shorts and a white t-shirt. The shorts did not cover her ample ass, and I could see her little white panties when she lifted her legs alittle. She immediatly jumped up and gave me a bear hug. I was happy to see her and plopped down on her bed. We spent the next couple of hours catching up on school , friends and general stuff. I spent the first night on her floor in my sleeping bag. It was a long night , I didn't get much sleep, mostly thinking about Kristen and how much I thought about her sexually even though I knew it was wrong. Plus she was older than me , much prettier than any girl I could get and lets not forget to mention, my cousin. I laid there rubbing my hard 4 inch cock think about Kristen and her silky legs.
The next couple of days that went by seem to be like everyother visit. We would wake up and go out to the pool until late afternoon. Kristen rarely left my side , we played and talked and I would watch her lay by the side of the pool sunbathing. I could barely take it. Her huge dark nipples would poke out the edge of her bikini tops all the time. She was very confident in her new body and never seemed to mind what was showing. My Aunt and Uncle were very laid back people and would walk around half naked half the time themselves. I would get caught looking at her crotch sometimes, she would just smile at me, then quickly turn away careful not to embarass me too much. The first half of our vist seem to go by fast, except for my long nights awake with my throbbing cock.
This all changed on the fourth night. It was around 11:30 or so when the movie we were watching went off. Kristen turned to me and said she was off to her room,and for me to change into my night clothes and meet her in there. I quickly changed and opened the door to her room. She had put on a big t-shirt with nothing else but her panties I was guessing. She was still at her mirror,when I walked in, brushing her long blonde hair. She looked at me in the reflection of the mirror and told me that the floor was too hard to sleep on all week long, that I could sleep at the opposite end of her queen size bed. I was so suprised by what she had perposed I lost my breath and hesitated to say a word. She pulled down her blankets and motion for me to get in first. I jumped in and moved close to the wall being careful not to intrude on her space. She then crawled in and put the covers overtop both of us. We were laying there making small talk and watching her little TV, when she brought up the subject of sex. She aked me what my experiences where, I went on to tell her I had none. She told me she had been felt up by a few boys but that was all. During this conversation I had notice her hand on my leg, I thought this was just by accident until I realized she was moving it up and down getting closer to my cock with each stroke. I begin to take deep breathes with every touch of her warm hands. As her fingers mader thier way to the rim of my briefs the room grew silent. I couldn't believe what was happening but I knew I liked it. My cock begin to grow and I started to spread my legs apart allowing her to gain better access to my little white underwear. As she used her fingers to pry my elastic band from my skin she used the other hand to rub the inner part of my thigh. My little body was tingling all over. As she grabbed ahold of my throbbing prick, I let out a huge sigh and my body seemed to sink into her mattress. She started stroking slow at first then faster, then slow again, telling me she knew how to prolong my orgasm until she was satisfied. I could hear her soft moans and could see the blankets moving up and down as she rubbed me. I was in heaven, it felt so good to have someone else rubbing my cock instead of me doing it. Especially Kristen, who I felt so comfortable around and had grown up with. She went on to rub my cock all night long, slow and the fast careful not to make me cum. Until finally she removed her hand from my crotch, she then turned over to get a bottle of lotion out of her nighstand and placed alittle in the palm of her hand. She turned back to me and put her hand back where it belonged, on my dick. She begin to use the lotion to rub up and down my cock making a squishing sound. I was jerking my legs back and fourth and placed my hand on hers attempting to make her rub faster. The head of my cock seem to double in size right before it exploded with hot teen cum all her hand and my underwear soaking them both. After I was drained she got up to grab me a towel so I could clean up. This all happened without us saying a word to eachother. We seem to have this bond or understanding of what we wanted to do.
She would end up telling me later that she had gained most of her experience from her father, my uncle. She confessed to me that my uncle would touch her the same way she would often touch me. This excited me as I thought about my uncle touching me and my cousing at the sametime. I didn't have to wait long to find out .................

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What are the yacht club asking me to the be all that is

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wow my ass could write better stories than u

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2010-06-24 06:59:27
Reader from 2009-10-09, If you cared to read the story you would see that it was his cousin not his sister.

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Stop trying to act like your packing your probably little two inch.


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