Chapter 15

Susan watched how the others responded as she introduced Pete and Linda to the rest of the party and then told everyone about what they wanted to do. When she announced that Linda wanted to get knocked up by someone other than her husband she saw her father and brother lose interest in Cindy’s nipples and red furred slit like the other girl no longer existed, and she saw Chris’s cock spring erect in Janet’s hand.
As Dave and Steve led Linda to the couch Janet turned to Chris and gave him a grin as she continued to stroke his penis. “I know what you want to do,” she told Chris, “and I understand. I don’t care who you fuck or how many girls you knock up, as long as you return to me after you’re done.”
“Not only will I return to you all the time, I’ll be thinking about you with every girl I fuck and every girl I knock up. And I’ll understand and accept you fucking other guys and getting knocked up by them as long as you come back to me.”
“As long as we understand return to each other, you go knock up that fuck happy bitch, and I’ll see if Pete can knock me up at the same time. That is if you haven’t knocked me up already you sexy stud,” Janet said, giving Chris a tongue filled kiss before she shoved him toward the couch where Dave and Steve were already arguing about who would get the first chance to knock up Pete’s wife.
“So,” Sue said as Janet joined Pete and the other girls on the larger couch, “feel up to a little game Pete?”
“What do you have in mind?” Pete asked hesitantly as his fingers hopped from one tit to another and one juicy slit after another.
“A little game that Cindy, Janet, and Dave were playing last night,” Sue said with a smile. “They called it ‘Who am I fucking now,’ but since there were only two girls it wasn’t hard for Dave to guess who he was fucking.”
“Sounds like a fun game,” Pete said with a self-conscious grin as his cock grew hard at the thought of what the game might be like. “How do we play?”
“It’s simple enough,” Sue said, grinning at the way Pete’s prick was growing as she continued to speak. “Basically we each get five minutes to suck, fuck, or give you a hand job. All you have to do is guess who it is.”
“And is there a prize for the game?” Pete asked.
“If you manage to guess everyone than you get to fuck the last girl in her cunt until you cum inside her and try to knock her up.”
“What if I can’t guess all of you?”
“Than you still get to fuck the last girl and try to knock her up.”
“So I can’t lose no matter what,” Pete said with a grin. “Let’s play.”
“Ok,” Susan said quickly. “Cindy, go get a chair from the kitchen, I’ll get a couple things from my dad’s room and we’ll be all set to play once the five of us decide what order we’re going in.”
It only took Susan a minute to find what she wanted in her father’s bedroom and by the time she returned Pete was sitting in the kitchen chair watching the other four girls with and appreciative grin on his face and his cock fully erect and ready to fuck. “What are those for?” Pete asked, eyeing the blindfold and the belt from Steve’s robe.
“The blindfold should be obvious,” Sue giggled, “how hard would it be for you to guess who you’re fucking if you can see them?”
“I understand the blindfold,” Pete said with a shake of his head, “but what is the belt for?”
“In case you haven’t noticed,” Sue said with a smile since she was sure Pete had noticed, “there’s a big difference in the size of our tits, the length of our hair, and a few other things you might be able to feel if you can use your hands. I’ll use the belt to tie your hands behind the chair so you won’t be tempted to feel us up while we’re fucking you.”
“I guess that makes sense,” Pete said as he put his arms behind him so Susan could tie his wrists together before she slipped the blindfold over his eyes.
“Can you see anything?” Sue asked as she took a step back.
“Not a thing,” Pete said with a shake of his head.
“Good, just give us a minute to figure out what order we’re going to do this in, and then sit back and enjoy.”
“Here’s what I had in mind,” Susan told the other girls as they huddled a few feet from Pete’s chair. “Since I just fucked Pete in the kitchen I don’t think I should go first because he’ll guess who I am right away, and I think Janet should be the last one since she’s the only one of us willing or able to get knocked up by Pete who hasn’t fucked him yet.”
“Since I just fucked Pete on Thursday,” Cindy said as she turned to Deb and Lizz, “he’ll probably guess who I am if I fuck him right away so I guess that leaves it between the two of you as to who fucks him first.”
“I fucked Pete a few weeks ago, before I was pregnant,” Deb admitted. “What about you Lizz? When did you fuck Pete last?”
“I never did,” Lizz giggled. “But only because I didn’t have a chance. Can you imagine how suspicious my parents would have been if I was even a few minutes late getting home from school? Besides, Chris was always waiting at home to fuck me silly so I didn’t see a need for Pete’s cock. If I’d known about the size of his cock I may have taken the chance to fuck him anyway, but at least I have a chance to try him out now. I guess that means I’m first.”
“I’ll go second than,” Sue said, “but I only plan to give him a hand job since my pussy is reserved for my dad and I already had Pete in my mouth and ass. Who comes after me?”
“I will,” Debbie said.
“And if Janet’s going to be the last one than I guess that makes me next to last,” Cindy said with a grin. “Do you think Pete will like the idea of fucking two sisters one after the other?”
“I’m sure he will,” Sue said, “look at how hard he is just thinking about fucking the five of us, I don’t think he can get any harder no matter we do.”
“You could be right,” Lizz said, “but right now I’m so horny I have to get this game started. Let’s see if he can guess who’s fucking him.”
Without speaking Lizz walked up to the chair Pete was tied in and straddled his legs. “Oh good, it must be time to start the game.”
The other girls gathered around the two of them as Lizz reached down to guide Pete’s large cock into her slit as she sat down, stifling a groan of pleasure as the shaft slid into her fuck tunnel. “Oh God,” Pete moaned as Lizz slid up and down his prick, “you have such a nice tight pussy. And it’s one I’ve never fucked before. Oh yes, don’t be surprised, I can recognize any cunt I’ve ever fucked- and this is a new one for me. That means you’re Sue, Lizz, or Janet. Since Susan’s cunt is reserved for her father it can’t be her. I can’t tell who you are from the way your tits are bouncing against my chest because both of you have the same size chest. But from the way you’re bouncing on my legs you’re just a bit too heavy to be Janet, so you must be Lizz.”
“You’re good,” Lizz said as she continued sliding up and down his shaft. “He managed to guess in less than two minutes, does that mean I stop fucking him now, or do I still get the full five minutes?”
“Go for it,” Sue said. “It’s not our fault if Pete can’t hold out for all of us.”
“You’re a sadist, Susan Binz,” Pete said with a chuckle. “But I can hold out longer than all of you put together.”
“Now that sounds like a challenge,” Susan said with an infectious laugh that had everyone including Pete joining in.
“Time Lizz,” Susan said checking her watch.
“Next up,” Lizz said as Pete’s cock pulled out of her cunt with an audible pop. “Get over her before he has a chance to recover.”
Deb moved in and straddled Pete’s thighs the same way Lizz had and aimed the shaft - still wet with Lizz’s juices - at her slit and then sat down and engulfed his giant cock with one thrust. “Oh,” Pete moaned as his cock bottomed out in the blonde’s belly. “This is one tight wet pussy. But this cunt I’ve fucked before which means you’re either Cindy or Debbie, and since Cindy’s tits aren’t big enough to bounce against my chest like yours you have to be Debbie, right?”
“He is good,” Debbie gasped as she continued to ride her teacher’s stiff shaft.
“Good?” Lizz chuckled, “he’s fucken great.”
“He sure is,” Debbie groaned as her whole body shuddered with her impending orgasm. “If I’m lucky he’ll have me cumming before my five minutes is up.”
“Well I’m going to try,” Pete said as he leaned forward blindly to kiss Deb’s tits. Once she knew what Pete was trying to do she held her left tit steady so he could suck on her nipple.
“Oh that’s good,” Deb groaned as picked up the pace of her fucking. The sexual energy from her filled cunt met the energy from where Pete was sucking on her nipple and her whole body exploded in a powerful orgasm.
“Times up,” Sue said as Deb slumped against Pete’s chest. “Move off and make room for the next one.”
Susan waited for Debbie to pull herself off Pete’s cock before she knelt down by his chair and reached out grab his cum coated shaft at the base. Sue licked her lips in anticipation, she could feel her own juices dripping out of her slit and down her thighs as she stroked Pete’s cock from tip to balls with one hand while she tickled his balls with the other.
“You’re making it too easy for me Sue,” Pete laughed. “Since you’re the only girl who doesn’t want me in her cunt right now. Besides, with Steve as your father and Dave as your brother you’re probably the second most experienced cock player in this room, and I can still hear Linda getting fucked like crazy so I know it’s not her.”
“You are good,” Sue said as she looked up at Pete’s blindfolded face. “Well, since you know who I am I guess I can give you a blow job instead of a hand job now.”
“Be my guest,” Pete said, “but I’m still going to hold out for the last cunt.”
“We’ll see,” Sue said with a grin before she sucked the head of Pete’s cock into her mouth. She could taste both Lizz’s and Deb’s pussy juice on Pete’s cunt along with the pre-cum that dripped from his slit, the taste made her so horny she was tempted to change her mind and slide the oversize cock into her fuck tunnel, but she managed to gain control on her pussy and stick with her plan to fuck her father until she was carrying his baby.
“You’re good too,” Pete groaned as Sue took his whole prick down her throat. “If anyone else was sucking me off I wouldn’t have any trouble holding off my cum, but you’re so good I may lose this game yet.”
“Time,” Janet called checking her watch. “You had your chance, Sue, let the next one through.”
“Ok, ok,” Sue said as she opened her jaws to release Pete’s cock. “Pete, as soon as the rabbit dies I want this giant fucker in my pussy.”
“Just try and keep me away from your slit once your dad knocks you up,” Pete said with a broad grin.
As Sue stepped away from Pete with her eyes still locked on his erect cock as it waved in the air Cindy took her place. While the other girls watched her Cindy turned around so her back was to Pete as she straddled her teacher’s thighs and guided the head of his cock to the base of her dripping slit and sat down in Pete’s lap so his shaft filled her fuck tunnel in one long slurp. “Oh God,” Pete groaned as his cock hit Cindy’s cervix. “This is the hottest, tightest cunt I’ve fucked in a long time, but I know I fucked it just three days ago so this has to be Cindy, which means Janet will be the last girl I fuck - and the one I cum in.”
“Only if I don’t make you cum in me,” Cindy reminded him as she bounced up and down the length of his fat shaft. “And I still have four minutes to do it.”
“Not if I can help it,” Pete said through gritted teeth. “Hey Sue, now that I’ve guessed everyone why don’t you untie my hands so I can play with Cindy and Janet’s tits while I fuck them?”
“I guess so,” Sue said as she stepped behind Pete’s chair to untie the cord around his wrists. As soon as his hands were free Pete put his hands on Cindy’s flat tits and started playing with her large erect nipples. “Should I take the blindfold off too?”
“No leave it on,” Pete said after a second’s hesitation, “I kind of like the idea of fucking you girls blind, it makes me so horny I may not get my cock back down for a week.”
“Are you bragging or complaining?” Cindy asked as she picked up her pace, she could feel an orgasm building in her pussy and she was determined to get herself off before her time was up. She could feel her fuck tunnel starting to contract around Pete’s cock when Sue called time and she slammed her cunt down on the meat buried in her slit as her orgasm slammed through her whole body.
“That’s not fair, Cindy,” Janet cried, “it’s my turn to fuck Pete, so get off him before you steal all my cum.”
“Sure thing, sis,” Cindy gasped, “just give me a second to catch my breath and you can fuck him all you want.”
“I want to fuck him now,” Janet whined, “I want that cock shooting in my cunt and knocking me up now.”
“Ok, ok,” Cindy groaned as she squeezed Pete’s still erect cock out of her slit and stumbled away from her teacher.
As soon as Cindy was clear of Pete’s lap Janet lifted her cunt into place and guided Pete’s oversize boner into her tight juicy slit. “Now that’s a fresh cunt,” Pete said as Janet’s pussy lips slid to the base of his cock and her ass bounced off his full balls. “And it feels like a pussy ready for a full load of baby juice.”
“It sure is,” Janet moaned. “Fill me with your cum, Pete, I want a big belly and I don’t care who the father is.”
“If that’s what you want,” Pete said as he slammed his cock as deep as it would go in Janet’s fuck tunnel and shot her full of cum as he leaned forward to suck her tits into his mouth with enough force to send the young girl over the edge with her own orgasm.
“You’re one great fuck,” Pete groaned. “In fact you’re all great fucks and I can’t wait to fuck all of you again.”
“Now this looks like fun,” Dave said as he stepped over to see what Pete and the girls were doing. “Can I play?”
“Hey, I wanted to play,” Chris said as he joined Dave.
“I think we’d all like to play,” Linda said as she stood next to her husband with cum dripping out of her cunt and down her thighs.

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