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Their relationship spanned over 10 years. Initially, they started as boyfriend and girlfriend dating for almost 2 years. And then she made an error... She didn't know she had made an error until several years later, when he finally told her. They were talking on the phone one evening and as they were saying good bye, she said "love you". It was something she always said to a multitude of people. Love to her, at that moment, was just a word. She had never felt love. It was the same as saying goodbye.

Their first breakup was a mystery. Everything was going so well and then, one day, he said he didn't want to see her anymore. She had cried for weeks that turned into months, unknowing as what caused his sudden decision. As the years passed, another relationship developed from the ashes of the last. A friendship that was so deep and awe inspiring. A friendship that held no boundaries and explored their mutual desires. A friendship that was both mutually erotic without becoming limiting. They both enjoyed an occasional rumble in the sheets. Their sex held no tenderness and was primarily animal desires equating to sexual fulfillment. Their sex was the same each time. She got him hard, gave him head and he would cum in her mouth and her face. They would take a shower and that's all. She wanted him, but never felt satisfied with their sex. Each time she vowed would be her last, and yet each time she was caught up in the moment, only to experience the same sexual frustration. He refused to kiss her or hold her or even, fulfill her needs. She found herself being a slave to his desires and her love for him.

Then something changed. When it changed, she didn't know. But he definitely changed. He became tender. It started out as holding her hand or giving her unexpected kisses. Then it happened during one of their sexual moments. She came over to unwind and to spend some time with him. She had always enjoyed his company, even when he was moody. He made her laugh and look at life at a different perspective. He reached over and held her hand tenderly in his. His thumb stroked her palm, tenderly writing circles. He reached over, rolling on his side, and cupped her chin. He pulled his mouth to hers, encasing her mouth with his. His tongue delicately explored her inner wetness, taking time to nipple on her full lips. His hands slipped from her face, finding their way to her breasts. She wiggled with pleasure as he cupped each soft mound within his palms. He squeezed and massaged the flesh until the nipples were taught. He moved his mouth to each nipples sucking and chewing. She spread her legs, encircling them around his waist. His large head found her wet whole and entered her hot domain. She sighed with pleasure and relief. Once again, she was his. His mouth found hers yet again. His kisses deepened as their passion grew. He pulled out of her and coaxed her to turn over. She got on to her knees, sticking her ass up in the air. He again penetrated deep inside her, this time his hard lance found the tightness of her ass. The initial plunge caused her a lot of pain. The pain coursed through her like a hot iron. And then, as quickly as it started it stopped, turning into pleasure. As he pumped, his mouth found her back. He cupped her breasts as he nibbled on her back. She pushed back meeting his thrusts, encouraging his lance to penetrate deeper. He leaned against her back and cupped her dangling breasts. His thrusts became more urgent as her juices flowed. One more thrust.... deeper, the sensation grew. They both held on anticipating... waiting... expecting. He pushed in once more, both bodies coursing with the pleasure of an orgasm. The electricity grew and both were shocked with mutual excitement!

He leaned on top of her, his heart pounding as a result of his effort. "I want to..." he whispered softly. His breath caught again, his body tightened and she thought he was having yet another orgasm. It was just like him to have two while she barely had one. She rolled over and gently pushed him off. She shook him several times... and then discovered she would never found out what he was about to say. Their moment of tenderness was gone... never to be repeated!
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