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I have been planning this for so long.. our first meeting. We have been
exchanging messages over ICQ and email for months.. and today is finally
the day. I see you sitting across the room from me in the restaurant, and
catch your eye. I know it is you; after all these months, I know you so
well. You are even more devastatingly handsome than I had imagined. I
like the sense of need and passion I see in your sensual dark eyes; you
seem drawn to the sense of playfullness and willingness you see in mine.
You motion for me to join you, and I do, shyly.

From the first words you speak, I am entranced. Your warm voice cascades
over me, stirring me deep down to my toes. I am suddenly hot and wet, and
feel that primitive urge to have you inside me. I can hardly wait to take
that sweet dark hair in my hands, pull your face to mine, and kiss those
sweet lips. I can't remember what we had for dinner, or what we chattered
about. Nothing seems to matter except that we are together at last.

I can feel the tension begin to rise from you... you know this will be your
first time, and you know that I am going to please you over and over again
until you beg me to stop. With a merry twinkle in my eye, I grab your hand
and lead you to the rental car I have waiting. We drive only a few minutes,
your excitement rising all the while, stirred on by the mystery of where we
are going. I have rented a secluded cabin by the beach just for this night.
I wanted it to be extra special.

We walked in to this quaint little hideaway, and I watch a blush move across
your face. We both know what is about to happen. I put my purse and light
sweater down on a chair, and bring us a bottle of chilled wine and a couple
of glasses. We sit and chat a bit, letting the wine take some of the edge
off your nervousness. Finally, you take the glass from my hand and place
it on a table within easy reach. You begin your explorations tentatively,
at my earlobes, tenderly, gently, then more urgently. I feel one soft,
gentle hand stroking down my side, caressing, desiring, wandering.

One by one, the buttons of my blouse are undone. You kiss and nibble at
the exposed flesh as you undo the buttons. I shrug my shoulders and let
the blouse fall away. You cup one of my large, bra-encased tits and nuzzle
it, kneading the other with your hand. The hook is right in the front, and
you undo this with your teeth. As you peel back the fabric, I hear your
sudden intake of breath, then feel your soft lips surround a hard nipple. I
moan, and arch my back for more. I allow you to spend all the time you want
playing with my tits.. pinching the large, dark nipples between your fingers,
gently twisting them, even playfully biting them. You suck and nibble like
a starved child, driving me insane the entire time.

After what seems like an eternity, you begin to move your hand down my side
and under the waistband of my pants. I shudder as your hand slithers under
my panties and into my hot, wet pussy. Your hand cups my hot mound, gently
stroking and kneading it. You slowly trace my slit with your fingers. From
my squirming, you know that you are doing a wonderful job.

You stop long enough to suggest we get rid of all these unnecessary clothes,
and I agree. I decide I will slowly strip the remainder of my clothes for
you... I let the blouse fall from my shoulders, and teasingly remove the
straps to my bra. I taunt you by cupping my hands under my breasts and
caressing them. Running my hands down my sides, I slide my thumbs under
the waistband of my pants, and inch them down, slowly, showing off my lacy
panties with promises of a dark triangle that begs to be explored. I step
out of my pants, and stand before you in just my panties. I guide your hands
to the waistband, and have you help me take them down.

I have you stand up before me... and start to take your clothes off, just
as slowly as I did for you. I know this is the first time you have ever
had a naked woman to explore, and I allow you to do so as I take off first
your shirt, then your pants and socks. You are now in just your shorts, with
a very excited head of your cock showing through.

I sit down on the bed, and lower your shorts. I settle down between your
legs and lick my lips tantalizingly. I gently caress the engorged head of
your cock with my tongue, taking my time, licking and sucking. I work my
way down one side of your shaft and up the other, stroking gently, nibbling
as I go. You moan, and urge me to take you into my mouth.... All in good
time, love. I move up to that tender ridge of flesh and flick my tongue
across it several times. You jump with delight, and I notice your cock is
getting larger and harder by the moment. Then, I take the whole head and
as much of the shaft in my mouth as possible, sucking and stroking. I set
up a slow, deep rhythm, increasing it as I go. While I suck and stroke with
my mouth, my hands are busy playing with your balls and rubbing your shaft.
I get that first drop of pre-cum, and thrill to the taste. I look back into
your eyes... do you want to cum now?

You shake your head... it is time for you to explore. You have already
played with my tits, now you want to explore my hot wet cunt. You have me
lay back on the bed with a pillow under my ass, fully exposing my pussy to
the cool night air. You gently begin to tease me.. tracing a finger up and
down my slit, stopping to rub my clit, running your fingertips just inside
my lips as if you are going to enter me, but you stop... I nod my head that
it is okay, and encourage you to insert first one finger deep within me, then
another. You are surprized at how the muscles in my cunt wrap around you.
You start stroking in and out.

I am stunned when you lower your head to my hot wet box and tentatively
taste me.. lapping at the juices that are flowing, flicking your tongue
across my clit. You remove your fingers, and replace them with your tongue,
thrusting as deep in me as you can go. I moan with delight, and grind my
hips into your face. I am going crazy as you work me over with a combination
of fingers and tongue in my pussy. You can tell I am getting so close to an
orgasm by how wildly I buck back at you. You know I am so ready for you. You
get between my legs, and reach down for that huge, hard cock... you take that
engorged cock and ram it in, deep and hard. You fill me so completely,
hitting the top of my uterus with your cock. You ride me, slamming yourself
hard and deep within me, harder and faster, until you come with a massive
moan. Your hot cum fills me. You can tell I am almost at my own orgasm, so
you reach down, and rub my clit until I shudder and cry out your name.

Exhausted, we fall into a light sleep next to each other, curled up, limbs
entwined. I awaken a few hours later, to find you sucking on my tit and
playing with my clit with one hand between my legs. Your cock is already
so hard and huge. You slap my ass, and have me get onto all fours at the
edge of the bed. You force my legs apart, and begin to stroke my pussy
lips with the head of your cock. I beg you to enter me... and you do..
slowly. First, just the head, then inch by inch until you are fully buried
in my hot wet cunt. You grab me by the hips and begin a deep rhythmic
thrust, your balls slapping me on the ass. I moan as you spank me lightly
while you thrust. You feel so good from this angle, my orgasm is rising. I
begin to buck back at you wildly and scream.. I am cumming... You moan deep,
and fill me again full of jism after a couple of violet shudders. Hmm...
what a way to start the day, I am thinking, as I collapse on the bed beside
you. I am so glad we finally met...


2004-04-14 17:44:35
damn nice stroy i wanna fuck the gurl in the story

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