She had had an unusually busy week, so the laundry had gotten backed up quite a bit, and she had an extra big stack of her son's underwear. As she was trying to make room in his drawer for the clean, folded boxers, she came across something she was not supposed to find buried in the bottom of the drawer.

It was a pair of women's panties that had been wadded up and stuffed in the drawer. Sana was so surprised to find them that it took her a few seconds to absorb some critical information about them.

For one, they weren't just any panties, but a pair of black satin bikinis. For another, they weren't just any woman's panties, they were hers, a pair that had gone missing several months ago. And finally, she noticed that the panties were stiff and crusty, completely covered with what she knew was dried semen.

Sana felt her knees go weak and she had to grab the dresser for support as the impact of her discovery hit home. It meant that her son, her shy, sweet, sensitive baby, was masturbating, and using her underwear as a prop.

Suddenly, from nowhere, she got a hot flash and she felt herself get wet between her legs at the mental image of Shahzad stroking himself and shooting his hot cream on her panties. The very thought shocked her, and she buried her face in a hand as she struggled to compose herself. For Shahzad was also sexy, as some of her friends had often noted. Indeed, it was a fact that she had noticed as well. But this was different. Now she had proof that her son had a deep carnal nature that was struggling to come into the open.

It all added up to one thing, Sana thought ruefully. It could only mean that Shahzad was just like her: shy and sweet on the outside, but hot and nasty on the inside.

Unsure of what to do, she quickly replaced the panties in the drawer, and with trembling hands shut it and walked swiftly out of her son's room. I must be going crazy, she thought. I can't be thinking about ... that. She sat at the kitchen table in their small house, poured herself a glass of juice and sat to think.

As she did, her mind wandered back to how she and Shahzad had arrived at this juncture.

Sana had grown up the youngest - and only daughter - of three children. Her father was a claims adjuster for a major insurance company and her mother was a housewife. Being responsible for a fairly large territory, her father had spent much of his time on the road, giving him ample opportunity to sample the wares of women in a number of towns. Her dad had a highly sexual nature and an easy, garrulous way with people. Her mom, on the other hand, was quiet and somewhat frigid. As long as he kept his affairs in other towns, she tolerated her father's running around, but when he took up with a barmaid in their small town, her mother left her father and took Sana with her to another town, where she got a low-income job as a secretary. Sana had been 13 when this happened, and it had been fairly traumatic.

It became quickly apparent that Sana inherited the most dominant features from each of her parents. Form her mother, she inherited her size, a high intellegence, strong survival instincts and a quiet, introspective personality. From her father, she inherited her looks and a bottomless sexual hunger. It was a difficult combination to have. She was just slightly over five feet tall and slim, with a perfectly-proportioned butt and small, tea-cup sized breasts. And she was drop-dead gorgeous, with a pretty, open face, raven black hair, fair skin and dazzling blue eyes the color of a clear sky on a mountain morning.

It didn't take the boys at her new high school long to notice the pretty brunette, but for a long time, she held them off, hiding behind her shy nature. Eventually, she loosened up, and gave up her virginity early in her junior year. For the next year or so, she dated pretty regularly, and most of her boyfriends got what they wanted from her. She had always had an active imagination, and once she got started, she was game for most anything when it came to sex.

Because her mother was a staunch Catholic, the idea of Sana using contraceptives was out of the question. For awhile, Sana was able to play Catholic Roulette, timing her cycle so that she avoided sex when she was fertile. Or rather, she avoided letting her boyfriends in her pussy at those times. She quickly learned how to give head and wasn't averse to letting a guy have her succulent butt if a blowjob wasn't enough.

But when she started going with Donnie Miller during her senior year of high school, that changed. Donnie was a sophomore at the local college, and he was considered quite a catch. His father was on the town council, and was rumored to have higher political aspirations, and his mother came from one of the town's wealthiest families.

Donnie hadn't wanted to play Catholic Roulette when Sana was fertile, and he paid the price, for a couple of weeks before her high school graduation, Sana came up pregnant. The Millers wanted Sana to quietly have an abortion, but neither she nor her mother would hear of it. Moreover, Sana's angry mother insisted that Donnie marry her daughter, or else she would create a tremendous scandal. Her mom may have been quiet, but there were depths to her that no one in that town had seen up to that point.

Nevertheless, it was a doomed marriage. Sana resented that her college dreams had been shattered, and Donnie's parents made no attempt to hide their disdain for her, considering her a low-life tramp from the other side of the tracks who had trapped their precious son into marriage. And that disdain extended to her son as well. Sana's mother - and her father - gave him all the love they could, but the Millers were indifferent to the boy.

After Shahzad came along, Sana went to work at Wal-Mart while Donnie finished his banking degree. Even then, she suspected he was cheating on her, but could never prove it. After he graduated from college and started with a local bank, Sana found a job as a secretary for a local lawyer.

For seven years, she stayed married to Donnie, and the whole time, she knew he was cheating, but he was too clever to be caught. Yet when she finally succumbed to the persistent advances of her boss, it took less than a month for Donnie to find out. Sana always suspected that it was a set-up, but she found it impossible to fight the money and influence that the Millers had aligned against her.

Defeated, Sana made a deal with her husband. She would waive any alimony claims in return for full custody of Shahzad and minimal child support. Donnie had never wanted the child to begin with, and had done his best to make the boy's life miserable. He had never physically abused his son, or her, but his verbal abuse had been a constant drain on their self-esteem.

As it happened, child support was grudging at best, and after six years of constantly fighting about it, Sana simply wearied of the battle. By that time, she had moved to the nearest large city, the better to fade into the crowd. She had found work as a secretary for a medium-sized corporation, a job she had been recommended for by her former employer, who was perhaps feeling guilty about his role in her downfall. She had bought a small house in a quiet neighborhood, and had settled down with her son.

Feeling betrayed by her body, which had finally yielded to her instincts, Sana initially swore off sex, but after a year or so, she found she missed it, badly. Sometimes, she would accept dates, but refused to get involved in anything serious. And when she went a fairly long period without sex, she sometimes went out looking for it. That ended abruptly, though, when Shahzad was about 11, when she brought home a guy she'd met at a bar. They were into it hot and heavy on the couch when Shahzad stumbled out of his bedroom to get a glass of water. Sana would never forget the hurt look on her son's face when he saw what was going on.

After that, Sana swore off alcohol and sex, and dedicated herself to her son. He was a quiet, studious boy whose only passion was long-distance running. That was a pursuit that Sana encouraged, to the point where they took their runs together. As Shahzad matured into a young man, they became a familiar sight in their neighborhood almost every morning, running quite briskly.

Shahzad had graduated from high school with honors and had decided to attend a college nearby, so he could live at home and save on the cost of a dorm. He was 19 now, heading into his sophomore year, and was working at a bookstore in a nearby mall. He had grown to be a slender young man of average height, with looks that favored Sana's mother, complete with her curly, sandy blond hair. However, he had inherited Sana's eyes, deep soulful blue eyes that hinted at unfathomable depths. He had had a few girlfriends, but none that were serious, and Sana had a suspicion that her son was still a virgin.

As she sat at the table contemplating what she had found, that thought gave her a strange thrill, and she had to shake her head vigorously to rid it of the haunting, delicious images that were swirling around in there. She had gone over eight years without sex, at least sex with another person, and maybe it was starting to get to her. Although she was now celibate, she still had the same deep sexual nature she'd always had, and she made liberal use of her imagination, and the few toys she'd managed to acquire to help her when she masturbated.

Shahzad sensed something different about his mom when he came home for dinner that night after work. She seemed distracted, and seemed to look away whenever he spoke. This puzzled him, because usually Sana liked to hang on his every word. When she had made the commitment to do everything she could for her son, that had included paying rapt attention to what he was saying. They often had deep philosophical conversations about wildly divergent topics, ranging from baseball to politics. So for Sana to lose focus on Shahzad was disconcerting to say the least.

However, he shrugged it off, and went out to see a movie with a friend. Sana watched a ball game on TV for while then went to bed early.

The next day was a Sunday, and they slept in, as they did most Sundays. It promised to be a hot day, and Sana wasn't enthusiastic about getting outside. Shahzad had to work that afternoon, and after he left, Sana decided to play poker on her computer.

Sana played for awhile, but something kept nagging at the back of her mind, so finally she cashed in and decided to rummage around on the computer to see what she could find.

As a mother of a teenage son, Sana had always kept a close watch on what Shahzad did on the computer, but since he'd started college, she'd slacked off, figuring that he was old enough to use the computer without her bird dogging him. But for some reason, today, she felt an urge to catch up with what her son was up to on-line. What she found astounded her.

Looking at the History file, she was startled to see that Shahzad had apparently been poking around in a website that featured erotic fiction. This by itself wasn't necessarily something bad. She had used that very site herself at times. But what took her breath away was the nature of the stories Shahzad had downloaded. In all, there were over a dozen stories in the file, and every single one featured incest between mothers and sons.

Sana trembled from top to bottom as she started looking at some of the stories, and she felt herself flush. Most of the stories were well-written, and all of them were extremely graphic. She could feel the moisture building between her legs as she read each story, and the more she read, the hotter and wetter she got. She tried several times to shake herself out of the near-trancelike state she'd fallen into, but she could not pull herself away from the stories. Several times she caught herself rubbing her crotch through her shorts, and one time even clutched her breasts and rolled her stiffening nipples, before she realized what she was doing.

God help me, she thought, as she read. This was SO wrong! But there was no denying it any more. She was getting turned on by the erotic fantasy of mothers making love with their sons, and in particular, the idea of making love with her son. She was almost in tears as the implications began to settle in her psyche. But there was more in store.

After finishing reading every story that had been downloaded, Sana fearfully began to search for some other evidence that Shahzad was fantasizing about her. I didn't take long for her to find it.

She uncovered a folder simply titled "Shahzad's stuff," and when she tried to open it, she found it password-protected. Her suspicions aroused, she started trying a number of different passwords in an effort to get in and see what her son was up to. Her hands shook as she typed each failed password. She tried obvious words like Shahzad, sex, incest, before thinking of word combinations. She tried momlove, lovemom, ilovemom, then typed in Shahzadlovesmom and suddenly the folder opened. Sana's eys bugged out as she realized that she had stumbled upon the deepest, darkest recesses of her son's fertile mind.

There were photos of every sort. Some were seemingly-innocent pictures of her that Shahzad had scanned in, but also some where he had superimposed her face onto a picture of a naked woman that was built somewhat like her. There were also pictures of women, all of whom resembled her, having all kinds of sex. Besides photos, there were more stories, lots more stories, from several websites, and poetry, all featuring sex between mothers and sons.

Sana read through a few of them, and she felt her arousal spike with each lurid fantasy that she read. After closing out of one story, she came across a poem Shahzad had written, and it basically described the thoughts he had when they ran together, how he liked to watch her hips move and her legs churn. That was bad enough, she thought, as it confirmed that Shahzad did indeed have a specific attraction to her.

But then she came to a story that Shahzad had obviously written, and her heart almost stopped. It was titled, "What I Want," and it described in exquisite detail exactly what Shahzad wanted to do to her. It was nasty, but also romantic. Simply put, Shahzad wanted to make love to her, slowly and sensually. He described the touch of her breasts, the smell of her hair, the curve of her butt. As she read it, Sana let out an audible groan and slid her fingers down the front of her shorts, into her panties, where she found her hot, wet pussy and throbbing clit.

And as she read, Sana formed a picture of Shahzad- her son, her baby - naked, and with her equally naked on her bed having sex. Her heart raced as the forbidden, incestuous fantasy built, while her middle finger rolled her swelling clit around and around.

Suddenly, she looked at the clock on the screen and realized that Shahzad would be home any time now. Frantically, she closed the folder and shut the computer down. She strode briskly to her bedroom, closed and locked the door. She pulled her t-shirt over her head, unhooked and discarded her bra, then slid her shorts down her legs, with her panties coming off with them. She stood naked in front of the mirror as a shaft of late-afternoon sunlight shone through the window. Yes, she told herself, she was still the same sexy creature she'd been all those years ago, still sexy enough to turn on a handsome, virile young man, never mind that the man was her own son.

She ran her hands down her sides, and up her chest, cupping her breasts and squeezing her nipples. As she continued to caress a breast, with her right hand, her left hand snaked down her stomach, down her abdomen and between her legs. She slid the flat of three fingers through the lush black curls of her pubic bush, over her throbbing-hot mound, wormed a finger around her opening then back up to her clit.

Sana could feel the moist heat building in her crotch as she rolled her clit. She moved her other hand down between her legs and thrust two fingers as far as they could go in her burning snatch. She stared at herself in the mirror, at her lust-lidded eyes and the hands that were caressing her sex, imagining that they were Shahzad's hands working on her.

She needed more, so she squatted down, not missing a beat as she finger-fucked herself. She opened her bottom dresser drawer and reached under the sweatshirts to where she kept her toys. She felt around until she found one that she felt was pretty close to what she imagined Shahzad's hard cock would look like.

She pulled it out and stared at it for several seconds, then ran her tongue over the rubber dong. She got it good and wet with her saliva then slid it into her mouth and sucked it like a cock. She slid it in as far as she could, inhaling nearly two-thirds of its length, feeling the head hit the back of her throat. God, she missed having a cock do that, as the erotic feelings welled up inside her. Unlike some women, she had always loved to suck a hard cock, especially when she could get one all the way in. She liked the taste and texture of a man's erection. Sucking a rubber dong approximated the texture of a real cock, but the taste, of course, was nowhere near the same.

When Sana felt like she'd given herself enough of a mental image of sucking Shahzad's cock, she pulled the dildo out of her mouth, moved it between her legs and pushed it right up her sizzling slit. She humped up and down on the fake cock slowly, sinuously, her eyes closed imagining it was Shahzad's cock that she was riding. A long, loud groan escaped her lips as she slowly fucked herself nearly to oblivion.

The noise caught the attention of Shahzad, who was in his bedroom changing into some comfortable clothes after coming home from work. Sana had been so into her sex play that she hadn't heard him come in, and at that point, she probably wouldn't have cared if she had. Shahzad perked up when he heard what was going on in the next bedroom. He had discovered sometime in his early teens that the way the air conditioner vents were placed between the two bedrooms made it easy for him to hear whatever was happening next door. If he sat in his closet, it was almost like he was in the same room with his mom, and he had spent many a night on his stool, stroking his cock while listening to Sana masturbate. He knew she had a high sex drive and that she had sworn off other men for him. It was one of the many things he loved about his mom.

Usually, though, Sana masturbated at night, before she went to sleep, so it was highly unusual - a real treat - for her to be fucking herself here when it was still light outside. Shahzad could feel his cock swell as he listened to the gasps and moans his mother made as she worked herself over. He slid his boxer shorts off and stood naked by his closet, softly stroking his stiff cock. Continuing to jack himself lightly, he went to his drawer, reached in and pulled out his trusty pair of panties. He got a tremendous thrill out of using his mom's panties for this purpose, not to mention the feeling of the satiny cloth on his cock. Reaching into the drawer of his night stand, he pulled out a little baby oil and poured some on the base of his cock and began working it up and down the shaft, simulating the feeling of Sana's juices around his cock. Then he moved his stool into the closet, laid a towel on the floor in front of him, sat down and began to stroke himself with purpose.

Sana's calves had started to ache from being in the squatting position for so long, so she stood up, keeping the dildo firmly embedded in her pussy, and lay back on the bed. Now she began to fuck herself in earnest as her climax began to quicken.

"Oh baby, baby, baby," she moaned. "Mmmmmmmmm. Fuck me with your beautiful cock. I want to feel you fill me. Ummm, ahhhh, yeeaaaahh
Shahzad's fist was moving briskly, but not too fast, over his purple boner as he listened to his mother's sexy patter. God, I wish that was my cock fucking that pussy, he thought. He looked down at his cock and he knew he could please her with it. It wasn't too long, but big enough, maybe 6 1/2-7 inches, and thick, but not fat, with a classicly-proportioned helmet and the shaft was criss-crossed with very prominent veins. He believed that it was the perfect size and shape for Sana's petite physique, and he ached to feel it enter her forbidden depths.

Sana's pussy lips were just prominent enough to stick out from her mound, offering something like a gate to her pleasure core. And when she had something between them, they gripped almost like a fist,which had left all of her boyfriends weak in the knees when they fucked her. And now she was brazenly imagining that it was her son who was getting that treatment, and the wickedness of the thought spurred her arousal higher and higher. As she approached her orgasm, the dildo was churning faster and faster in her cunt, making obscene squishing noises as she fucked herself with abandon. A series of high-pitched cries burst from her mouth, the pitch getting higher the closer she came to her climax.

Suddenly, she gave an ear-splitting shreak and caught her breath. For a split second she hung on the precipice, then, with a thudding groan, her body went into convulsions as a massive orgasm swept her body from head to toe. For long, agonizing seconds, she came hard on the rubber dong, and she felt the juices of her orgasm pour out over her hand.

As he heard the telltale sound of Sana's orgasm, Shahzad stroked himself harder and harder, feeling the tingle in his balls that signalled his own orgasm had reached the point of no return. With a soft gasp, he stroked hard a final time then watched in awe as his cock spewed out several long arcs of cum onto the towel in front of him. The first shot flew nearly three feet in the air and next several shots went almost as far, until the bursts subsided and the rest of his cum flowed out over his fist. His body shook as he squeezed out the final few drops of semen, then he shook his cock a couple of times and stood up on shaky legs to finish cleaning up.

Sana lay back stunned on her bed as the afterglow of her orgasm shone over her sweaty body. It had been a long time since she cum that intensely, and she knew it was from the idea of fucking her own son. Suddenly, she started as she heard movement in Shahzad's room and realized that he was home, and had probably been home for awhile. What had he heard? Then a slow, almost evil smile played across her face as she realized that she didn't care if he'd heard her or not. For sometime during her frantic self-fuck session, she'd made up her mind. She was going to do it. She was going to let her son fuck her, to hell with the taboo. She needed a man, and he needed a woman. He loved her and wanted her that way, and she knew now that she loved him and wanted him the same way.

Shahzad threw on a pair of gym shorts and a tank top and headed for the kitchen to scramble up something to eat, nearly bumping into Sana as she emerged from her bedroom. He couldn't help but notice that she was still a little flushed, that her hair was tousled and that she smelled of sex. And he certainly noticed that his mother hadn't bothered to put on a bra, from the way her nipples were poking through the material of her t-shirt.

Sana had long known that men liked to see women in t-shirts without a bra, and she figured Shahzad was no different. Truthfully, bras for Sana were mostly for ornamentation, modesty or to keep her nipples from becoming irritated, especially when she ran. She certainly didn't need them for support, since her breasts sat up high and proud in her chest with only a minimum of curve.

Not finding much in the refridgerator, they decided to have pizza delivered, and they sat at the table discussing various subjects. But Sana avoided any mention of what she had found earlier that day. She still had some emotional reservations about that, and didn't want to tip her hand just yet. For his part, Shahzad was pleased to see that whatever had been bothering his mom earlier had dissipated, and that she was back to her old self.

As they worked together in the small kitchen cleaning up after eating, Shahzad found himself, for at least the thousandth time, sorely tempted to simply take his mom in arms and make his feelings known, but as usual he resisted the urge.

After getting her lunch ready for the next day, Sana kissed Shahzad on the cheek, the way she always did, and was in bed by 9:30. But it took her awhile to fall asleep. She was strangely excited, as if she was about to embark on an adventure. She still had doubts in her mind about it, but the prospect of doing something so forbidden - not to mention the chance that she was going to get laid after so long - thrilled her to the core. Finally, she reached between her legs and briskly masturbated to a quick climax and fell asleep thinking positively wicked thoughts.

Shahzad waited until he was sure Sana was retired before slipping into the bedroom they used as the office, so to speak. He sat down at the computer, booted up and fished around some before calling up his special folder. It didn't take him long to figure out that someone else had been in his folder. With mounting horror, he called up the log that recorded when each file had been opened and closed, and when he did, he groaned.

"Oh shit," he said aloud. "I'm fucked."

There was only one person who could have been on their computer and looked at his folder, and that was his mom. Shahzad quickly ascertained that Sana had looked at just about all of the stories he'd had filed away, including what he called his manifesto, where he detailed exactly what he wanted to do to her. It was obvious that his mother had found his folder, figured out a way in and had seen everything he'd put in there, the pictures, the stories, the poems.

Then it dawned on him that if Sana had been shocked or upset by what she'd discovered, she'd have confronted him. She'd have been angry and would have caused a big scene.

No, he thought, as a smile slowly played across his face, she'd done what? She'd gone to bed in the middle of the afternoon and fucked herself silly, climaxing in the loudest, most explosive orgasm he could remember her having. She had come out without cleaning up and dressed in a tight t-shirt with no bra, her taut nipples straining the cloth of her shirt.. She'd been her old self, sweet, friendly, talkative, not like she'd been the day before and earlier that morning.

Was it possible that, far from being shocked and angry, that Sana had been turned on by what she'd found? Could it be that she might actually consider letting him fuck her? Shahzad's cock began to swell in his shorts as he realized for the first time that his most cherished fantasy, his fondest dream, might come true.

Then he forced himself to face stern reality. Fantasy it might be, but in the real world, mothers didn't let their sons fuck them. Still, he resolved to stay off the computer and keep his hands off his dick in case something did happen in the near future. He would bide his time, watch his mom carefully and see where things went.

Nothing was said by either Sana or Shahzad through the next week, but they both felt a charge in the air. Early on Monday morning, when they took their daily run, Sana watched Shahzad out of the corner of her eyes, and, sure enough, his gaze did seem to linger on her butt as she ran. And occasionally, she'd lag back a little and admire the way her son's butt moved as he ran.

Sana also took a practical step early in the week when she contacted her gynocologist about birth-control pills. She wanted to take no chances that she'd come up pregnant by her son. Then on Wednesday, as they ate dinner, Sana looked across the table at Shahzad and asked if he had any plans for Saturday night.

"No, I don't," he replied. "I get off at 5 and I'm off Sunday. Why?"

"I just thought you might like to go out to dinner," Sana said. "I mean really get dressed up and have kind of a romantic evening. Neither one of us has had a date in so long we've probably forgotten what it's like."

Shahzad kept a poker face, even when Sana suggessted they go to one of the city's finest restaurants, a four-star establishment reknowned for its cozy, intimate atmosphere. Inside, though, his stomach was doing cartwheels. He couldn't believe that after all this time that his dreams might be coming true.

Sana, too, was excited. She'd thought about it, and realized that deep down she'd always wanted this. It was why she'd given up dating, why she'd devoted as much time as she could to her son. Other men, especially her ex-husband, had disappointed her, used her for their own purposes, then discarded her. Well here was one man who wouldn't let her down, who was as devoted to her as she was devoted to him. Shahzad would treat her right, treat her like the lady she knew she was.

Sana took a half-day off on Friday to do some shopping. She wanted to dress to impress. She had always been frugal with her money, and had saved well, so she had the means to splurge for this event. When Saturday rolled around, she could hardly contain her excitement. She started geting ready in the mid-afternoon, starting with a long, leisurely bath. She used an entire small bottle of bath oil to make sure her skin was baby-smooth and lightly scented. She washed and conditioned her raven hair, carefully shaved her legs, under her arms, then trimmed back her thick, dark bush. On impulse, she decided to shave her lips and around her mound. She was hot as a piston by the time she finished, and had to finger herself to a quick orgasm to take the edge off her arousal. It helped, but she was still trembling with desire when she emerged from the tub.

She heard Shahzad come in about 4 and heard the shower in the other bathroom going as he started getting ready. For just a moment, she was tempted to just climb in there with him and get started right then, but she held herself back. She knew the waiting, the anticipation, would make it that much more special.

Once her hair was dry, Sana brushed it until it shone like polished obsidian, then carefully appplied her makeup. Most of the time, she went without wearing much makeup. At work, she tended to dress down, not wanting to attract as much attention to herself, and, frankly, with her complexion, she really didn't need much anyway. But tonight, she laid it on, finishing with bright red lipstick. She also painted her toenails and fingernails, which she kept fairly long anyway, both in the same shade as her lipstick.

Then Sana moved to the bedroom and began to dress. She had bought a brand-new garter belt, stockings and a skimpy pair of thong panties. When she had those on she pulled out the new party dress she'd bought. It was a black two-piece ensemble of a satiny material, a snug skirt that stopped 2-3 inches above her knees and a somewhat looser top, with thin straps. Her best pair of high-heels an matching jewelry, earrings, necklace and bracelet completed her preparations. As she gazed at the mirror, turning this way and that, she felt a chill run up and down her spine. It wasn't often she openly admired herself, being much too shy and modest for that . But she had to admit, that she looked pretty damn good, and she had a feeling that the man she wanted to impress tonight would be genuinely appreciative.

That proved to be an understatement. Shahzad's jaw dropped and his eyes were like springs as he got his first look at his mother in her finery.

"God, Mom, you look great!" he whispered.

Sana just smiled airily as she passed her goggle-eyed son. She turned around to face him then bent over to retrieve her purse, which sat in the chair. In that position, Shahzad could see down the front of his mother's top, and got a quick glimpse of her tits, unfettered as they were. Sana stood up and smiled sweetly at her son, the said, "let's go, handsome."

As they walked out to her sedan, Sana remarked on how nice Shahzad looked. He was wearing his best silk shirt, a pine color, with beige slacks, and loafers stylishly without socks. He was freshly shaved and had even put on after shave, something he rarely did.

Dinner was excellent, and they talked of many things, including Shahzad's ambitions. He was looking to attend law school and become an attorney. He had been brought up hearing chapter and verse on how Sana had been wronged by a legal system that was stacked against her. It was one of the few things she ever got bitter about, and Shahzad felt a desire to work as an advocate for those in less fortunate circumstances.

They were having dessert and coffee when Sana grew silent, as if pondering something. Then she looked up at Shahzadand gave her son an even stare.

"Shahzad, I want to know something, and please be honest," she said.

"Sure, Mom," Shahzad answered, anticipating what he sensed was coming.

"How long have you wanted to fuck me?" Sana said.

Shahzad just looked down at his lap, at a loss for words.

"Shahzad, look at me," Sana said, softly, but firmly, grabbing his hands in hers. "How long have you been fantasizing about me?"

Shahzad's eyes were moist with emotion as he looked intently at his mother.

"Mom, I can't remember ever not wanting you," he said in almost a whisper. "You're the sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world. You could have had any man you wanted, but you chose to give yourself to me. You sacrificed the best years of your life to be a mother and a father to me. Why would I not want you? You're everything in world to me."

There. It was out. He'd said what he'd always wanted to say to his mother, and he wasn't going to say any more. She knew how he felt. He wanted her, badly, but he wasn't going to beg.

Sana took his hands and brought them up to her lips and kissed them lightly. Her eyes were alive and her mouth was creased in a Mona Lisa smile.

"You beautiful boy," she whispered. "My beautiful man."

She gazed at him for a pregnant second then asked the question she'd been wanted to ask for a long time.

"Can I ask you a personal question?" she said. Then, without waiting for an answer she asked it. "Have you ever been with a woman before?"

Shahzad just shook his head. Now that eveything was on the table, he felt shy, almost inadequate. How could he have ever thought that he could please this seductive creature, this woman of the world? He'd seen the looks Sana had gotten from every man in the restaurant, indeed from every man they'd encountered that night. He'd seen, as well, the smirking looks some of the gave him, as if to say, "you can't handle her. Let a man do the job." Even the guy who parked their car at the valet parking looked at him with a sort of disdain.

But in the next instant, it all changed. Sana again brought his hands up and kissed them, more intently this time.

"Shahzad, please take me home and love me," she whispered. "I need you. I want you. Shahzad, please, will you be my man?"

Shahzad felt his cock begin to grow like a jack-in-the-box, and a smile creased his face.

"Mom, I'll be your man for as long as you want me to be," he said happily. "I'll always be yours."

Sana smiled seductively at her son, her soon-to-be lover. They quickly paid the check, giving their waiter a generous tip, and left the restaurant hand-in-hand. When they reached the street, after calling for their car, Sana pulled Shahzad to her and they kissed, deeply, lovingly, a kiss of passion full of lips and tongues. They were still engrossed in each other when the valet pulled up with her car. Reluctantly, they broke their embrace and climbed in, Shahzad behind the wheel. As they drove off, Shahzad winked at the valet, who stood there with an astonished look on his face.

Once they were settled in the car, Sana slid over next to her son. She ran a hand up the inside of his thigh to the telltale bulge in his pants that spoke of his dire need.

"Ummm, this feels nice," she cooed. "Mind if he comes out to play?"

Sana didn't wait for an answer. She had been sitting on simmer for so long, she couldn't stand it. If she could have, she'd have jumped Shahzad's bones right then. Instead, she settled for unzipping his slacks, reaching into his boxers and pulling out his already-throbbing cock. She softly stroked it and watched in rapture as a ball of pre-cum oozed out from the tip. With her thumb, she lightly spread the natural lube around the head, then went back for more. The next ball of fluid that came out of Shahzad's cock, she scooped up with the nail of her index finger and brought it to her crimson lips. Her tongue flicked out and licked the nail clean of the fluid.

"Mmmmm, tasty," she said. "I think I'll have some more."

With that, Sana bent her head down into Shahzad's lap and engulfed the head of his cock with her lips. Slowly she slid his purple boner into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat. Slowly, ever so slowly, so as not to make him cum too soon, she began to bob her head up and down, reveling in the feel and taste of his cock. It had been too long since she'd had a man in her mouth, and she knew she'd never go that long without one again. Sana sucked leisurely on Shahzad's cock until he felt like he would cum if she continued.

"Mom, don't make me cum yet," he said through gritted teeth. "I've waited too long, you have too, to waste it like that."

"Oh, it wouldn't be a waste," Sana said as she sat up, smacking her lips as she did. "Believe me, it wouldn't be a waste. And I am going to taste your cum before we're through here. But you're right. I want you in my pussy, and I want it bad."

"How long has it been for you, Mom?" Shahzad asked, after they'd driven in silence for awhile.

"Too fucking long," she replied. "Here, I'll show you how long it's been."

She took his right hand and guided it up her left leg, under her skirt, up to her crotch. Shahzad didn't need a map. His fingers found her soaking-wet thong and slid them inside, to her gushing cunt. He wasn't a total stranger to pussy; he'd made it that far with a couple of girlfriends he'd had in high school, and he'd read enough to know how to use his fingers on a woman. He quickly found Sana's clit and lightly rubbed it with his middle finger, then slid it down between her lips, which he parted en route to her fuckhole. Sana groaned as Shahzad slid his finger in as far as the second knuckle and began to work it around slightly.

Sana pressed herself to her son's side as her hips began to rock to the tune Shahzad was playing in her panties. She could feel a monstrous orgasm building as Shahzad picked up the pace. All too soon, they found themselves in their neighborhood, at their driveway. As Shahzad parked the car and shut off the engine, they turned to each other again, and melded together, kissing furiously, necking like two teenagers at the submarine races. Sana realized after a few minutes that they'd better go into the house or else they'd arouse suspicion, and that was the last thing they needed.

Quickly, they pulled themselves together and climbed out of the car, headed for the front door. Sana's hands trembled as she tried to put the key in the door. It took two tries before she got it open. They closed the door, and in the darkness, with just the late-rising moon for light, they embraced again, pressing their bodies together in furious, forbidden lust.

Sana's eyes were dancing with an inner fire as she maneuvered Shahzad into the chair in their living room. She pulled the curtains together while he turned on the lamp next to the chair. She turned and looked at her son with a smoky look of pure passion. Shahzad had slipped his shoes off and he sat back to watch as his mother slowly strutted over to stand in front of him. Staring into his eyes, she slowly, seductively, pulled the top over her head and tossed it aside, revealing her naked breasts to his gaze for the first time. She lightly rolled her nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, and felt the litle nubs stiffen in response. Reaching behind her, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stepped out of it and tossed it off to the side.

"Go ahead and touch them," Sana said softly as she bent over and began to unbutton Shahzad's shirt. Shahzad captured her tits in each hand, and they were a perfect fit. He lightly squeezed the slight mounds and rolled the nipples around, and Sana couldn't prevent a low moan from escaping her lips. She loved to have her nipples played with; it was like a straight line from her nipples to her crotch, and she could feel the juices flowing with each touch.

Sana finished unbuttoning Shahzad's shirt, pulled it off and added it to the growing pile of clothes on the floor. She lightly raked her nails across his chest, feeling his nipples jut out in much the same way hers were. Squatting down, she moved her hands to his belt, opened it, unhooked his slacks and pulled them off. Shahzad's rock-hard dick poked out through the hole in his boxers, an angry reddish-purple color. Shahzad's boxers quickly joined the rest of the clothes on the floor, then Sana stood up and spent long seconds admiring her beautiful son.

"You have a beautiful body," Sana whispered. "You should be proud."

And she meant it. He was not muscle-bound, but he was trim and fit, with a light dusting of hair on his chest, and a cock that looked to be just about perfect. Sana was shaking with need as she slid her fingers into the sides of her panties and slowly slid them down her legs, giving Shahzad his first look at the place from which he'd come 19 years earlier. He was mesmerized as Sana kicked her panties to the side.

"You just sit back and let Mama do the work," Sana said in a voice thick with lust.

She climbed onto the chair, straddling Shahzad's body at the waist. She bent down and kissed him with a consuming passion as she felt his urgent cock slide between the crack of her ass. Rhythmically, Sana rubbed his cock with her butt, thrilling as it jerked in response.

"It's time to fuck me, baby, " she breathed. "Come to Mama."

Sana sat up, lifted her hips up from Shahzad's waist and grabbed his cock at the base. She rubbed the head of his dick several times between her lips, then slowly fit it into her hole. Almost as one, Sana slid her pussy down Shahzad's shaft as he pushed upward with his hips. A long, loud mutual groan burst from their lips at this first incestuous union of mother and son. As long as lived, Shahzad knew he would never forget this moment, the moment when all of his dreams became reality, when his cock first entered his mother's steaming-hot pussy.

They started slowly at first, becoming accustomed to the almost shocking feeling of their mating. As Shahzad had known all along, his cock was a perfect fit in Sana's pussy. He bottomed out just at the point when their pubic bushes meshed. Sana noticed it too. Shahzad's cock was absolutely perfect. Any bigger and it would have been too much. It was just right, and she suddenly threw her head back and laughed as she began to work her pussy up and down on Shahzad's upthrusting dick. Shahzad may have been a virgin up to that moment, but he knew instintively what to do, and he grabbed Sana's hips in an effort to control her pace.

"Ummmmm, baby, you're great," Sana exclaimed. "Fuck me like you always wanted to, baby. Let yourself go."

"Unnnnnhhhh, Ggggggod, it's too much," Shahzad said as he fought to maintain control. "Oh, Mom, it's everything I'd hoped it would be."

Sana closed her eyes and let the climactic feelings build and build through her body. She was sitting on the verge of one of the queen cums of her entire life, and she was more than ready. She moaned heavily and shook her head from side to side as she worked herself up and down on her son's wonderful cock. Faster and faster, she slid her juicy cunt back and forth, up and down, feeling the rush as Shahzad's cock began to twitch in the telltale sign of imminent explosion. She'd known they'd been holding back too much passion for this to be anything but a fast and furious fuck. They'd make love later. This was just pure animal passion from two people who had deprived themselves of pleasure for too long.

Shahzad's eyes were squeezed shut as he held off as long as he could. He could tell from the wild sounds Sana was making that she was close, and he wanted to get there with her. His hips were like pistons as he drove his cock harder and faster up his mother's gushing cunt.

Sana could feel it coming, coming, coming, and her high-pitched yips got louder and shriller as she hit the top of the mountain. And just as she did, she felt Shahzad's cock balloon slightly, then explode in a geyser of molten-hot cum. He spewed some dozen hard, rapid-fire bursts of jizz straight into her womb, and as she felt him cum, she convulsed in a full-body orgasm that dwarfed anything she could remember having in all the years of sex she'd had. She squealed and gasped as she came and came, and Shahzad gasped and grunted as he continued to squeeze out little mini-bursts of cum. For long minutes, mother and son held each other in a love grip as their sweaty bodies shook from the climax that washed over them.

They were still twitching when Sana finally opened her eyes and gazed down at Shahzad, who had the most blissful expression on his face. She gave a throaty laugh, and he joined her as they toasted the consummation of their love.

"Oh baby, you were sensational," Sana said as she bent down to kiss her baby, her beautiful boy who was now her lover. And what a lover! Shahzad had been everything she could have hoped he would be and more. They held each other tenderly, giving each other little kisses and licks as they basked in the afterglow of their first sexual encounter.

But she wanted more, much more, and judging from the way Shahzad's cock was already beginning to stir again, she sensed that he wanted more, as well, and soon.

"C'mon, lover, let's go to bed," Sana whispered.

They stopped off in the kitchen for a much-needed glass of cool water, then headed back to Sana's bedroom to continue their night.

Shahzad just stood in the doorway of his mother's bedroom watching, with the light from the bedside table the only illumination, as Sana sat on the bed and pulled off her heels, which she'd kept on throughout their frantic fucking in the front room. She lifted her legs and gazed over at Shahzad as she unhooked her stockings and slowly rolled them off her legs.

Sana just laughed wantonly as she lay back on the bed, completely naked now. Shahzad walked over and lay down next to her and they molded their bodies together, kissing each other's lips and licking at each other's faces. Shahzad could feel another hard-on building, and this time he wanted to take his time. He wanted to consume this woman, mind, body and soul, the way he had always wanted. His hand slid between his mother's legs and he stroked her bubbling cunt, and felt her breath quicken in response.

Shahzad ran his tongue down Sana's neck, down to her tits, which sat up high and proud. He kissed, licked, sucked, even chewed a little on her stiff pink nipples, and Sana clutched the back of his head to hold him in place.

Gently, but firmly, Shahzad pulled his head away from Sana's breasts and licked his way down her stomach, to her abdomen. Abruptly, he got up on his knees between his mother's legs. Sana thought he was going to slip his cock into her again, but he surprised her by pulling her legs up by the backs of her knees and burying his face in her sodden pussy.

Sana squealed at the sudden assault, and from the jolts of pleasure that Shahzad's mouth was administering. He slashed at her sloppy cunt with his tongue, sucking up as much of the tangy fluid as he could, and finishing with a flourish around her blood-engorged clit. Then he opened his mouth wide and vacuumed her entire opening, lips and all, into his mouth almost like he was sucking a small cock, then pursed his lips and sucked what was left of their commingled juice into his mouth and down his throat.

"You nasty boy," Sana panted delightedly. "Ohhhhh yeeeaaaaahh! Eat Mama's pussy, baby."

This was something no other lover had ever done to her before, and it sent her arousal soaring into the stratosphere. The other men she'd had, especially her ex-husband, would have been grossed out by the idea of eating her pussy after they had cum in it. But it just seemed like the logical thing to do, Shahzad figured, and as far as he was concerned, it tasted like ambrosia.

Sana's whole body was on fire as Shahzad ate her pussy with a vigor bordering on glee. She couldn't believe how original, how wildly inventive, her virgin son was proving to be as a lover. But while Shahzad may have been a virgin as far as actual sexual experience was concerned, he was well-read, and he had studied the ways to please a woman, in the hopes that someday he might be allowed to do exactly what he was doing at that very moment. He ate his mother's pussy like a pro, spearing her hole with his tongue, lapping at her lips and sucking hard at her clit with his lips.

Sana could feel another tremendous orgasm coming to a head, and she didn't bother to stop it, because she knew more were right around the corner. Her body jerked like she'd been shocked, her back arched and she cried out wildly in her passion. Shahzad just kept right on feasting on the copious flow of juice that gushed from his mother's cunt as she came.

Shahzad's cock was still only semi-soft, so Sana pulled lightly on his hair, to give her sensitive cunt a few minutes to rest and to get him up where she could return the favor. Shahzad straddled his mom's chest and held his cock out for her to suck, and she didn't mess around. She lifted her head and slid the wet head of his cock between her lips and began to work about half his length back and forth in her hot mouth. Her tongue was playing brisk arpeggios around the shaft and under the crown as she sucked him up to a full hard-on.

Shahzad let her suck on his cock just long enough for him to get fully-engorged, then he ripped it out of her mouth and slid down her body until he was once again on his knees between his mother's wide-splayed legs. Sana had her left hand around his back and with her right hand she motioned silently for him to come on in. Shahzad gripped his cock at the base and slid the head past Sana's gates and pushed it home in one screaming thrust.

Cries and gasps of pleasure filled the bedroom as Shahzad quickly got up to ramming speed. He propped himself on his hands as he methodically drilled his cock in his mother's spastic slot. Sana locked her legs around Shahzad's waist and rolled her hips around, up and down in an equally methodical motion as another orgasm quickly build up speed. Her raven hair thashed on the pillow as she shook her head from side to side, speechless from the intensity of their union.

Without warning, her climax burst through her body like fireworks, and she emitted unintelligible sounds and beat her fists on her son's back as it washed over her. But Shahzad just kept right on fucking her in measured strokes, oblivious to her orgasmic convulsions. He was gaining confidence with every plunge of his iron rod in his mother's trembling pussy. He knew he was in the process of taming a woman that no other man, not even his detested father, had been able to master. He wrapped his arms around Sana's sweaty body, leaned down and locked his lips on hers. They kissed frantically, wantonly, then Shahzad pulled his lips away, but kept his face right up to his mother's.

"You're loving this, aren't you," he panted as he nibbled on her neck. "You love having your son's hot cock fucking the hell out of you."

"Oh God, yes, yes, yessssss!" Sana cried in response. "C'mon, baby, be a mother fucker, Be MY mother fucker. Don't ever stop fucking me! I want you every way, always. You can have all of me, any time you want, just keep... on... fuuuucking ... meeee."

Even as Sana spit out her words, yet another orgasm exploded in her spasming cunt, and another one was right on the heels of it. Her mind was blown as she found herself in the land of multiple orgasms, a place she'd never been before. They just kept on exploding like a string of firecrackers that's been lit all at once.

At long last, Shahzad could feel the tingle in his balls that told him he was almost there. He couldn't believe the sensation of his mother's pussy as it gripped his cock with each climactic burst.. He pulled himself up on his knees, picked up Sana's ankles and bent her legs back as far as they could go, until her knees were pressed against her breasts, and let himself go. He fucked his mom with utter abandon, jackhammering her pussy harder and faster as he felt the tingle grow in his scrotum until he saw dark spots behind his eyes.

Shahzad gave a choking sound as he felt his balls suddenly contract, and then with a long groan, he emptied himself in the deepest reaches of Sana's twitching twat. He scalded her womb with seemingly-endless jets of white-hot cum and he slumped onto the backs of Sana's thighs as he continued to spit out bolts of semen, long after the initial rush had passed.

Sana, too, saw stars as her climax reached a crescendo and her nails dug little arcs into her son's back as she thrashed on the bed underneath him. Finally, their mutual orgasm began to ebb, and Shahzad let go of his mother's legs and slid off to the side, utterly drained. Mother and son wrapped themselves in each other's arms as a peaceful sleep began to descend on them.

Shahzad awoke from a pleasant dream lying on his side with a king-sized erection wedged between his mother's legs. Glancing over Sana's shoulder, he saw the time was a little after 4 a.m., and a bright shaft of moonlight shone through a gap in the curtain over the bedroom window and reflectied off her jet-black hair. He gazed in wonder at his mom's sleeping figure, listened to her soft, rhythmic breathing. He still had trouble believing that he was there, lying next to his sexy mom after a night of passionate lovemaking.

The very thought sent a spark through his body, and like it had a mind of its own, the head of his cock slid past the folds of her pussy. With a subtle flexing of his hips, he pushed his dick all the way in, emitting a soft groan as he entered. Sana's pussy was still wet and hot from earlier, and it readily accepted his throbbing-hard member. Instinctively, her hips humped back in acknowledgment as Shahzad slowly began to fuck his mother in the spoon position.

At first, Sana thought she was dreaming, but as Shahzad's thrusts became a little more insistent, she emerged groggily from her slumber, and groaned softly at the delightful feeling of a man - her man - fucking her once again. Shahzad's left hand was wrapped around Sana's side and he squeezed her left tit as he slowly fucked his cock back and forth in her soupy cunt. He buried his nose in his mother's hair and inhaled her essence, then licked the back of her neck and around to her ear, getting a welcoming squeal in response.

"Mmmmmmmmm, nice," Sana said sleepily. "This is the best way to wake up, with my hard man giving me his cock. Ummmmmmm."

"Oh Mom, I love you so much," Shahzad said with feeling. "You're sooo hot."

Just then, his cock slipped out of Sana's pussy and the head brushed up against her anal opening. Shahzad rubbed his cock across her asshole, and Sana purred wantonly as her arousal began to mount. Shahzad took advantage of the respite to climb up off the bed, onto his knees, and pulled Sana onto her stomach, then picked up her hips. Sana kept her face and breasts on the bed, but lifted her butt into the air to give her son easier access from behind. Shahzad took the hint and pushed his cock back into her, quickly establishing a steady fucking motion.

As he slowly, but steadily fucked his mother from behind, he couldn't help but notice her pink asshole winking up at him as if in invitation. Licking a finger, he rimmed the already-wet hole then pushed it in past the second knuckle. Sana growled wantonly as Shahzad began to slowly finger-fuck her ass in time with his thrusts in her pussy.

"Oh my," she gasped. "You really are a dirty little boy. You wanna fuck Mama's ass? Do you? I'll bet you didn't know that your Mama loves getting her ass fucked."

Shahzad just grunted and kept a steady pace in Sana's cunt. Without breaking their union, Sana reached over to the bedside table, opened the drawer and pulled out a tube of KY Jelly. She handed it to Shahzad and told him to, "get me all slicked up and open, then fuck my ass with everything you've got."

Shahzad always obeyed his mother, so he pulled his finger out of her backside, squeezed out a generous strip of lube onto a pair of fingers and rubbed them around the anal ring then slid one finger back in. He kept one hand on Sana's hip as he leisurely fucked her pussy and kept the other busy in her ass. Soon, the one finger was joined by a second and he spent several minutes briskly finger-fucking Sana's butt, as her moans of pleasure swelled. When he had three fingers moving back and forth in her ass, Shahzad knew she was just about ready.

"OK, Mom, you asked for it, here it comes," he said through clenched teeth. He pulled his hand out of Sana's ass, then pulled his cock from her dripping cunt. With the lubed hand, he jacked his cock several times, getting it all slick and shiny, while Sana reached back with both hands and spread her butt cheeks, which had the effect of opening her hole a little wider as if to give him a better target. Shahzad watched the lewd display for a minute or two, then pressed the head to her puckered opening and pushed slowly forward.

Sana released her butt and filled her hands with the sheet, and clenched her eyes shut as she felt the pressure on her ass. Suddenly, the head of Shahzad's cock broke through her tight ring and he slid slowly into her rectum. When he had about half of it in, Sana lunged backward and impaled herself the rest of the way on his rock-hard rod.

"Aaaaaarragh!" Sana wailed as she felt Shahzad's dick invade her ass. It had been awhile since she'd put one of her toys up her butt, and it took a few seconds for her rectum to get used to the intrusion. But she knew it wouldn't be long before she was experiencing pleasure extreme from the feeling of being filled in the ass.

Shahzadgasped as his mother's velvety rectum molded itself around his burning cock. He never could have imagined just how hot and tight a woman's ass could be, and he had to fight off the urge to explode just from the first contact of his cock with the most private part of her body.

He gripped Sana's hips as well as he could with his slippery hands and worked her asshole over his throbbing cock. He quickly established a steady pace pumping his dick like an oil derrick, sending hot flashes of pleasure up and down his mother's body.

Sana moaned and gasped as she wallowed in the feeling of having a live cock in her ass for the first time in many, many years. She had been introduced to anal sex early on, and it was one of her guilty pleasures.

"Ahhhhh, God, it... feels... sooooo... gooooood," Sana wailed. "I looooovvvve it sooooo much."

Shahzad reached underneach his mom's sweaty body and ran his hands lightly over her little titties, which jiggled lightly. Sana lifted her head and swished her long dark locks back, and felt the strands sticking to her skin. She reached under her straining body with a hand, found her obscenely-bloated clit and worked a finger furiously over the pulsing bud.

Mother and son humped in unison, in utter erotic abandon, giving themselves over to pleasure in a way they couldn't have imagined just a few hours earlier. The intensity of their coupling took their breath away as they strained toward another mutual explosion.

Sana's mind and body were wide awake now as she felt every nerve ending straining toward orgasmic relief. Shahzad, too, could feel it in his bones, at the base of his spine, where another huge load of cum was locked and loaded. Coos, cries, moans and groans - not to mention the steady squishing of Shahzad's cock pistoning back and forth in Sana's ass - filled the bedroom as the silver moon bathed them in a ghostly light.

Sana let her head drop onto her pillow, her eyes closed in reverie. She rubbed her nipples up and down on the crisp bed sheet, allowing the friction to send electric sparks of lust ripping through her body. Shahzad's head was like a bobble-head doll as he fought for control.

"Uh, uh, uh," he grunted. "I can't hold it back any longer, Mom. I'm... gonna... cummmmmmm!"

"Oh baby, go on, fuck my ass and fill me up," Sana panted. "C'mon big boy! Shoot your cum! Do it! Do it! Do it!"

And he did. With a few final deep thrusts, Shahzad felt the cum boil from his balls, race through his shaft and explode out the end of his cock, bathing his mother's bowels in hot semen. He felt like his entire insides were coming out the end of his dick as he completely let himself go.

Sana was right there with him, as her body was wracked by a megaton orgasm that shook her from head to toe. Cum cream covered her hand as she clawed at her pussy, trying to keep the sensations flowing as long as possible.

Shahzad just kept humping, even as they both slumped onto the bed, their bodies still twitching as their orgasms played themselves out. No words were necessary; they just fell asleep where they lay, exhausted, and Shahzad was already asleep before his wilted cock finally oozed from Sana's widespread asshole.

This time, it was Sana who woke up first, a little after 11 that Sunday morning. The summer sun was shining through the window, washing over the bed in bright light. The brightness of the day matched her mood as she looked over at the sleeping love of her life, the man - and he was a man now - she'd always kept in her heart as her No. 1.

But now Shahzadwas not only her son, her baby, her only child, but her lover. She knew incest was one of society's most fundamental taboos, one of the most egregious sins, and in many contexts, that view was warranted. She could never have lived with herself if she'd done this even two years earlier, when Shahzadwas 17. Now, however, he was an adult in her eyes, and capable of making an intelligent decision about what he wanted to do and who he wanted to do it with.

She got up to use the bathroom, and when she was finished, she looked at herself in the full-length mirror behind the bathroom door. Her hair was a tangled mess, stringy with dried sweat. Her entire body was sticky, also with layers of dried sweat. Her entire crotch was sore and was still gooey with what was left of Shahzad's cum, and the insides of her thighs were caked with dried semen. Her breasts were pinkish from where they'd been groped, and her nipples were chafed from where she'd rubbed them vigorously on her sheet. She had a small hickey on her neck from where Shahzadhad nipped at her in his passion. Her muscles ached from her exertions and she was still tired as could be.

Sana thought she'd never looked or felt better in her life.

Still wearing her stickiness, the filth of lovemaking, like a badge, she padded naked to the kitchen and made coffee. She was standing by the oven when she felt Shahzad's presence behind her, and he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her close. Sana breathed a sigh of contentment as she leaned back into his arms.

"I love you, Mom," Shahzad said.

"I love you, too," Sana replied, using the pet name she had for him when he was a small child.

"Any regrets?" he asked.

"None whatsoever," she answered. Then she turned around and kissed her son deeply, and she felt his cock stir yet again, starting to stiffen into her abdomen.

"My God," she said when they broke their kiss. "I can't believe you've got anything left in that thing after what you did to me last night."

"Hey, Mom, I'm 19," Shahzad said in a laughing tone of voice. "Our powers of recuperation are legendary."

"No doubt," Sana said. "But let's wait a little. I need coffee, a shower and something to eat. And then I have something special I want to do with him."

She gave his cock a loving squeeze, then they sat at their square kitchen table and drank coffee. Shahzad threw on some shorts and retrieved the Sunday paper, and they sat naked drinking coffee and reading the paper. After they'd read the interesting sections of the paper, they decided to go back and take a bath, rather than a shower. They agreed that they wanted to kick back, relax and discuss some issues concerning the changed nature of their relationship.

The bath was indeed hot and relaxing, and they sat together soaking up the ambience and talking. In the harsh light of day, there were some decisions they needed to make about how to pursue what they hoped would be a long-term incestuous relationship. Sana had found what she'd always been searching for sexually and relationally, and she had no intention of giving him up. And Shahzad had achieved the fulfillment of all of his dreams. He had the sexiest, most beautiful, most perfect woman in the world and he knew there could be no other for him.

They would have to move, and soon. Shahzad had already been talking about accelerating his curriculum to graduate from community college in December, and he had gotten information on several colleges in the metro area, since at the time he had figured to be living there. Now, however, he would start looking further afield, maybe even out of state, to a quiet place where they could live openly as a couple without attracting much suspicion, someplace with a good law school. And they talked about the possibility of Sana attending college, since Shahzad's birth had ended those plans nearly 20 years ago. So many possibilities had become open to them now that they had broken the barrier and become one.

As the water cooled, they got serious about bathing. Sana grabbed a rag and the soap and set about washing her lover clean of the remains of their lust. When she was finished, she instructed him to sit on the side of the tub. She spread his legs and sucked his cock into her mouth. Immediately, she felt it swell, and she quickly began to bob her head up and down on the rapidly-stiffening flesh. When he was fully hard, sucked him all the way, until her nose was mashed in his damp pubic hair, and felt his cock burrow into her throat. Three times she sucked him all the way in, then she pulled away and told him it was time for him to wash her.

"Jesus, Mom, where did you learn to suck a cock like that?" Shahzad said.

"Oh, here and there," she replied.

Shahzad just nodded sardonically, and set about lovingly soaping up and rinsing his mother's hot body. He also spend a lot of time shampooing her lustrous black hair, running his fingers through it as he massaged the shampoo and conditioner. He also spend some time soaping the inside of Sana's pussy, and she lay back and let the orgiastic feelings begin to build.

But she stopped him before they went too far. She had definite plans for this afternoon, and she wanted to let her arousal simmer a little bit.

After finishing their bath, they decided to fix pancakes and bacon. Shahzad had a high time daubing pancake batter on his mom's nipples and licking it off. There were few words as they ate, just smoldering looks of lust.

When they had cleared the dishes from the table and straightened up the kitchen, Sana instructed Shahzad to sit back down in thechair. His cock was already half-hard from anticipation of another round of love with his mom, and he was ready. Sana's still-damp hair swayed in dark strands as walked over to stand in front of him. She stared at him for just a moment before kneeling down on the floor. She pulled open his legs and ran her hands between them, up the insides of his thighs to his cock, which twitched in respponse. She picked up his balls and cock in both hands and lightly massaged them, feeling the slick wetness of his pre-cum. She brought her face right up to his dick and whispered, as much to it as to Shahzad.

"I told you I wanted to taste your cum," she said. "I want you to fill my belly with your hot cream."

Sana started by licking the shaft of his cock like an ice cream cone, lapping it in up and down strokes as she held it up with her fist. Her tongue circled the head, under the crown, then back down the shaft. She laved his balls with her tongue, then sucked each one into her mouth lightly, as Shahzad threw his head back and groaned in ecstacy.

Back up the shaft she licked, up to the head, then she opened her mouth and let the head slip past her lips. She sucked just the head for a few seconds, then slowly drew him into her mouth. When he was about halfway in, the head of his cock encountered the entrance to his mother's throat, but she just opened up and sucked him all the way in. Her lips pursed at the base of his cock as drool began to run out the corners of her mouth.

When she thought she was about to choke, she pulled her head back up and began to slowly work two-thirds of his cock rhythmically back and forth in her hot mouth. Her tongue rolled around the head and shaft as she worked him.

Sana's eyes were half-shut as though she was lost in some ozone layer. And, in a sense, she was. As she lovingly sucked her son's throbbing dick, it drove home just how much she enjoyed sucking a hard cock. Sucking cock had been her introduction to sex way back in her sophomore year of high school, when her first boyfriend came to the startling conclusion that the shy, but gorgeous brunette who rarely said boo in class had a nasty streak a mile wide. She'd offered to blow him in a futile effort to preserve her virginity as long she could.

Shahzad's moans of pleasure brought her back to the present, and she looked up him with loving eyes as she filled her mouth with his meat. Every once in awhile, she'd plunge his whole length into her throat, but for now, she was content to work about half of him in her mouth.

Shahzad couldn't believe the feeling of his mom's talented mouth on his cock. There was no question that he was under the care of a woman who loved to suck cock. He grooved on how she looked up at him with her mouth full of his cock. It gave him an incredible feeling of power to know his mother worshipped his dick like that. Sloppy, rhythmic sounds wafted up from where Sana steadily worked his cock.

When she finally pulled her mouth off his cock and took several deep breaths, Shahzad just shook his head in wonder. After sliding Shahzad's cock back into her mouth, Sana reached down with her free hand and began to strum her engorged clit with her middle finger. She wasn't terribly concerned about getting herself off, but she did want to keep her fires banked. No, this was for Shahzad, strictly for his pleasure, his enjoyment. There would be times when she would expect similar treatment, but now was not the time.

Sana sucked on her son's cock for a few more minutes, but she felt her knees starting to get sore, and she had an idea of how she could really give Shahzad a treat.

She stood up and pulled Shahzad up from the chair. She gave him a deep kiss, and Shahzad got a good taste of himself.

"I told you I want you to take me every way you can," Sana said with an excited tone. "You ever hear of a skull fuck?"

Shahzad gave her a puzzled look and shook his head. Sana gave him a wicked smile.

"Watch this," she said.

Sana climbed onto the kitchen table and laid down on her back. Shahzad's eyes widened as he watched his sexy mom stretch herself on the table, which was covered by a tablecloth. Sana scooted back until her head was hanging off the edge then she reached back with her hands for Shahzad's cock.

"Cmon, baby, fuck Mama's mouth," Sana purred. "Just treat me like a whore. Fuck my face and fill me with your cum."

Shahzad stroked his wet cock, which looked like an iron bar. He walked over to where Sana's head hung off the table and dangled his cock over her face. He rubbed the leaking head all over her face, her nose, eyes and over her lips and outstretched tongue, as Sana squealed with delight. Reaching up with her hands, she took Shahzad's cock and guided it to her wide-open mouth. Her tongue lashed the head as Shahzad fed into into her mouth, and she kept licking as he slowly drove his cock past her mouth and into her throat.

Once he was in almost all the way, Shahzad pulled back then began to drive his cock back and forth in his mom's throat. He felt a shiver run through his body as he watched Sana's throat. He could actually see the outline of his cock as pumped in her throat. Faster and harder, he fucked his mom's mouth, as a stream of drool flowed past her lips and down her chipmunk cheeks.

Sana could feel another blazing orgasm building and she spread her legs and began to furious work her cunt with her hands. Three fingers of one hand plunged frantically in her pussy, while her other hand mauled her clit and squeezed her labia. The lack of air created almost an intoxicating feeling in her body as sweat broke out all over. Muffled squeals that were equal parts lust and concern came from her ravaged throat.

Just for a moment, Shahzad pulled his cock from her mouth and let Sana gulp air into her lungs while he slapped her face with his cock and rubbed it all over her face.

Then he shoved it brutally back into her mouth, grabbed his mother's head with both hands and resumed pounding her throat with his cock. And all the time he was giving her his best sexual patter.

"Aww yeah, suck it, Mom," he growled, the beast in him having been unleashed. "You wanted it hard, well here it is. Take every bit of it, bitch."

He could feel a hard stony load coming quickly to a boil, and he could tell that Sana was getting close as well from the way she was thrashing on the table and the way her hips were coming up to try to suck both her hands into her pussy. Gasping, Shahzad picked up his pace almost to a blur as he felt the tingle in his scrotum pass the point of control.

"Ah yeah, I'mmm cummmmmmmin'," he wailed. And he felt a machine-gun burst of cum jet out the end of his cock she spew deep into his mother's stomach. Sana swallowed frantically to get every drop as she tumbled off the cliff in a thrashing climax. She jerked and twitched as the ppowerful orgasm rocked her from head to toe.

Shahzad shot every bit of cum he had in his balls before he finally pulled his slowly wilting cock from his mom's mouth. He staggered backward and practically fell into a chair, while Sana sucked in deep gulps of air, her chest heaving as she rolled her head onto the table and fought for some semblence of conciousness.

They just lay back where they were, stunned by the intensity of what they'd just done. When the madness passed from Shahzad's mind, he felt a wave of remorse.

"Mom?" he asked in a small voice. "Are you OK? I'm sorry. I didn't... I didn't mean to hurt you. I don't know what came over me."

Sana looked over at her son and smiled wearily.

"Well, I'm not sure I want to see that side of you very often, but it's OK," she replied. "I did ask for it."

Then she sat up and looked at her son who had become a man.

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