I am a 16 year old sophomore in high school and everything seemed to be going fine. I was on the varisty hockey team, I had a million friends, guys were asking me out left and right and I am a pretty girl. I'm 5'8, 120 pounds, all muscle and no more baby fat with decent B cup breasts.
I was sitting in my chemistry class not really paying attention and texting on my phone when out of no where i hear, "Maia, what is the answer to question 24?"
"I dont know Mr. Thomas, I wasn't paying attention. Can I go to the bathroom?"
"You may go to the bathroom when you start paying more attention in my class. I'll see you after school today for detention." Great, this was just what I needed. The next day was a huge game against the number one team in the state and I had to miss practice to serve a chemistry detention. The rest of the day went by so slowly and then finally, the bell rang at 2:05 and I headed back to Mr. Thomas's room.
I sat down in the center of the room. No one else was in the class exept for Mr. Thomas. He handed me a worksheet and told me to finish it and I could leave. "Mr. Thomas, i just dont get this kind of stuff. Math and chemistry are my least favorite subjects and it's too hard for me."
"Maia, I've spoken with your other teachers and they have all said the same thing about you. You are a wonderful student with great potential and I have yet to see this in my class. Please just give it a try, this is some of the easiest work I've given all year." He smiled at me and went back to grading some papers on his desk. As i continued to work on the sheet he gave me, I found that he was always looking at me and when i would look up at him he would turn away quickly as if nothing happened. I thought it was cute that he was acting like a little kid and trying to steal a glance at me every five seconds. He wasn't like other teachers. He had just graduated college and this was his first year teaching. I'd say he was 23 or 24 at the most and he was built like a tank. Mr. Thomas told us that he played football all his life and he played even in college. He was about 6'3, 200 pounds and clearly in shape. He would wear tight shirts to show off to other teachers and even some students I imagined. He had a smile that would make you weak in the knees, perfect white and straight teeth with dimples on each side.
A lot of the girls who had him told me they had a crush on him, and to admit it, I had one too. He was just so good looking and desirable and he knew it. But i never thought he would ever act upon it. Boy was I wrong! "Maia, how's it coming? Do you need any help?" he asked with a smile.
"Yeah, number 14 is giving me some trouble," I said.
"Come up here and we'll work on it together." He winked at me. At this point I was getting a little uncomfortable, but hey, I needed to pass the class if I wanted to play hockey next year, so I complied and made my way to the front of the class. Mr. Thomas pulled a chair up to his desk and motioned for me to sit. As i walked up to the desk it seemed like he was taking me in, looking up and down at my body. I didn't see why, I was wearing jeans and a sweater, although I did have a bit of cleavage showing, I didn't think it was anything worth looking at.
"Ok then, lets see. For this problem, all you have to do is take this number, and multiply it by that and then take the sqaure root and you're done. We went over this in class, don't you remember?"
"No, i can't concentrate in your class, no offence," I said innocently. He smiled and winked at me once more. He got up and started writing some notes on the board and I copied them quickly. As i was finishing up, he put the chalk down and turned towards me, with my back to him. He put his hands on my shoudlers and began to rub small circles trying to get me to relax.
I jumped up out of my seat and faced him. He looked at me with a bit of shock in his face, but more disappointment and anger than anything else. "You looked so tense, i was just trying to get you to relax thats all!" he said.
"I don't need your help to get me relaxed, I'm leaving!" I ran for the door but he came after me, grabbed my arm and dragged me over to the corner of the room. He pinned me up against the wall and began to kiss me on the lips and neck. I sqirrmed underneath his grip in an attempt to get away but he was too strong for me. He slipped his tounge into my mouth and I bit as hard as a could to get him to let go. It worked, but only for a moment, just as my feet hit the ground, he grabbed me again by the hips and threw me onto the floor.
"You're going to regret that! No more funny business. Just shut up and it wont hurt as badly," he snapped. I shut my mouth in fear. He began to pull his pants and boxers off and kneeled on top of me with his huge erection right infront of my face. He sqeezed my cheeks in order to get my mouth open and slipped his semi-hard dick into my mouth. "Suck it you little bitch. You're such a little whore teasing all the boys in your class and teasing me too! Suck it bitch!" he yelled. I felt the tip of his penis touch the back of my throat and I gagged. He kept pumping his cock in and out of my mouth and plugged my nose when it was all the way in, cutting off my air supply and causing me to get light headed. He held my nose for what seemed like an eternity until finally he came and let go. Burst after burst of semen came pouring into my mouth and down my throat. The salty mixture coated the inside of my mouth and he finally withdrew.
"There you go. You're such a good little bitch when you do what you are told! Now, are you going to listen to me when i give you instructions from now on?" I nodded yes as a few tears began streaming down my face. "Why are you crying already? That was nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you now!" All I could think about was coming out of this alive. I didn't want to to upset him and make him to something even worse than what he was already planning so i wiped the tears off my face and forced down what was left of his load in my mouth. He began to unzip my jeans and slipped them off. Then he tugged my sweater off and I was left laying in a black lace thong and matchin bra.
He bent down and pulled my bra down and kissed my chest and boobs. He moved to my left nipple and began sucking and nibbling on it while tweaking my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Then he switched. "Please stop, why are you doing this to me?"
"I'm doing this for all the guys who will never get a chance because you're such a bitch to them. You flirt with them one minute, and then when they ask you out you say no and walk away laughing with your friends. Well now its payback. So shut up and take this like the little slut that you are!" He moved down the middle of my chest kissing and licking all over until he got to the top of my thong. His touch gave me goose bumps and he slid his hands over my thighs and panties. He slipped on finger under my thong and began massaging my clit before he ripped my thong in half and threw it under his desk. I laid there, completly naked and totally helpless begging him to stop between short gasps of air.
He inserted his index finger into my slit and began to suck on my swollen clit. "You're so tight, I guess not many lucky guys got a chance to fuck you like you deserve you little whore!" He slipped another finger and started moving them in and out faster and faster as he licked and sucked my shaved pussy and clit. "Alright, enough of the easy stuff, lets get rough!" He got up and positioned the tip of his dick at the entry of my vagina. My eyes bulged and I winced in pain as he entered my pussy without a condom. "Goddamn you're tight! It feels so good, doesn't it feel good you little slut?" I shook my head no as he went deeper into my pussy and withdrew. Then he slammed himself all the way in and I felt his balls hit my ass. I sqeamed underneath him and screamed in pain and he pumped in and out of my already sore pussy. I started to cry because it hurt so much and he slapped me. My head hit the floor and I saw stars around me.
He slowed down ad withdrew for a moment. He looked down at his dick and saw a few spots of blood on him and the floor. "You were a virign huh? No wonder you were so damn tight! Lucky me eh?" He said and he rammed me again and I began to cry once more. This time instead of a slap, he flat out punched me in the mouth and i tasted blood. "Stop crying you little bitch! Take it like the whore you are and shut up! The more you fight me the more I'll hurt you!" he said. I tried to stiffle my tears and my breathing slowly came back to a normal pace. He pumped in and out for a few more minutes before he started to pant heavily and sweat was dripping down his face.
"You ready for me to cum in you now? Come on little slut, tell me you are ready, because I sure as hell am!" he said. I felt tears building up inside again but I kept them at bay as he rammed me as far as he possibly could and stayed there. He began moaning and breathing heavily as I felt a burst of cum inside me pussy. Load after load came pouring into me and he finally withdrew. I couldn't control my tears any longer. I wailed out in pain and in fear. Mr. Thomas punched me on the other side of my face and bent down to my nipple and bit down hard. He covered my mouth in an attempt to keep me quieter but when that didn't work, he picked me up and threw me at the wall. I fell like a sack of potatoes to the floor and he grabbed my hips again and he held me against the wall.
"You were a good fuck when you were quiet. What? That didn't feel good to you?" I shook my head no as the tears kept coming. He dropped me to the ground and stood over me. He looked at me like i was an animal at the zoo. He smiled at me and bent down to my level. "Now, lets see what else i can do to you. Oh I-"
"Please! more...please...please..." I begged between gasps. He chuckled at my request and simply flippled me onto my stomach. He began carressing my ass and spread my cheeks. He inserted a finger into my asshole.Then he took his other hand and slipped a finger in my pussy again, then two in each hole. He withdrew his finger from my ass but almost instantly, slid his soft dick into my ass. The pain was even worse then before as he pumped in and out not paying attention to my sobbing.I felt him get hard once again and he began pumping harder and faster.
"Ohhhhh,'re so tight! I'm going to to cum again!" And he did. But this time, he came close to the opening of my hole and let a bit of semen ooze out of my ass. "Take your fingers and scoop it all up, then eat it! Do it bitch! DO IT!" I complied. It was the most vile thing i've ever put into my mouth and he laughed during every second of my humiliation. After i couldn't handle anymore, i just simply laid there. Mr. Thomas got up and walked over to the pile of clothes. He dressed himself and kicked over my jeans, bra and sweater. He picked up my thong and placed it into his bag and winked at me. Once I was fully dressed with the exception of my panties, he opened the door and motioned for me to exit. I looked at the time and was shocked that it was already 3:45. I left the room and Mr. Thomas followed behind me. It was uncomfortable to walk and he chuckled at my pain. "I think it would be best if you didn't tell anyone. I can always say that you hit on me. and I know a lot of other men will say that you are just a flirt. But if you do say something, my friends in other schools will do the same thing to a different girl everyday for two weeks. So keep your mouth closed and no one else will have to get hurt."
I nodded yes and averted my eyes to the floor. We walked in silence and I began to walk at a faster pace. Three more male teahcers entered the hallway and started to talk with Mr. Thomas. They noticed me walking in a funny way and then I heard the four of them chuckle and laugh at something Mr. Thomas said. I saw the doors leading outside and began to run as fast as I could, sobbing all the way.


2017-03-01 21:51:13
so this story was dumb because it was rushed and lazy. the guy goes from even tempered to crazy in like three seconds. It's boring, the build up isn't worth it.

anonymous readerReport

2010-12-07 20:18:27
fuck haters they can go look under gay if they dont this story


2008-06-13 07:30:30
To those of you hating on this story for stupid reason I have this to say, the story is FILED UNDER RAPE, if you do not wish to read about rape don't open a story with that label. To the writer I have some constructive criticism, while your story telling skills are not poor and your imagination is vivid enough, you could use some help with structure. About halfway through it becomes hard to maintain place thus causing the reader to mistakenly begin to re-read the same line twice. This is easily solve by simply spacing between paragraphs. It is not hard to do and makes the reading experience more enjoyable, I hope you will take this suggestion seriously and I look forward to reading more of your material soon. - Thanks-


2007-06-06 18:39:38
ok, i understand that some may find this story offensive, but its a rape story! its supposed to be sick and twisted.


2007-05-19 17:53:11
little girls tight fuckin teen aassholes.... rape em hard!........dirtydad

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