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Up in a small town in Nothern California sits a young, handsome,
hard working handyman -- let's call him Mr. Tool. He has made the
decision the automate his paperwork, mostly because he hates doing
it, and anything he can do to get out of having to write it out
would be welcome. What programs??? What hardware?? What

Well, this smart guy figures he will pick the brains of the AOL
people -- somebody out there knows something, and maybe will work
out a deal for him....... Sure enough, he runs into this
consultant one evening -- Ms. Mercenary, and he begins to plead his
case. No budget, no idea of what he wants, you know the story.
This guy just wants to be out there in the field working, and not
spending his life at a computer. A date is set, and our guy starts
to wonder when the consultant insists on a time when Mr. Tool will
not be disturbed by anyone for several hours. She stresses he is
paying for this service, and it is only fair to him to have
dedicated time -- no wife, kids, or animals to break the
concentration, let alone phones or pagers.

The appointed time rolls around, and Mr. Tool is very nervous --
the house is clean, kids are out for the entire day, wife is at
work until well into the evening hours. Everything is in place.
Suddenly, the doorbell rings. Mr. Tool's heart jumps --- this
could be it.......

It is..... Ms. Mercenary proves to be a stacked midget -- big,
suckable tits, soft dark hair, and a mischievious glint in her dark
brown eyes. She opens her mouth to speak, and this velvety deep
voice pours out, "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Tool. Now, which way is
the office?" She seems to be all business. Mr. Tool is now very
nervous, not knowing what to expect, he guides her back to his
office space -- a cramped spare bedroom. There are stacks of
papers, disks, and books everywhere on the small desk.

"I don't see how you can get anything done in here," she begins.
"There is simply no organization. I hope your computer files are
in better shape. Why don't you sit down here and show me what
you've got...." Mr. Tool sits down at the computer, and begins to
guide her through. The room is so small that the only place she
can see the screen is from right behind him. He notices with a
flush that as he works at the computer, her tits are right in his
back. A fact that his tool appreciates very very much. He is
having a very hard time concentrating, and is beginning to stutter,
when she reaches over with her right hand, actually leaning on his
back with those gorgeous tits of hers, and takes the mouse from his

"We need to talk about files and basic organization, I see.... Let
me see what we have in here..... Hmmmmm...." At this point, Mr.
Tool realizes there is some clothing missing on that right arm.
The business like jacket she was wearing has come off, and she is
in a sheer blouse with buttons down the front. Mr. Tool reaches
over and locks the door as an extra precaution. As he does, he
notices buttons have come undone. He tenderly reaches out and
asks, "And just what do we have in here???" as he lifts a tit from
its lacy bra cup. He gently kisses it, and murmurs, "Basic

"Mr. Tool, just what are you doing? Maybe we should both check out
this hardware first, before getting to the software. Now, if we
clear off the desktop, and open these files..." She begins moving
things from the desk, and starts to undo the last buttons, and
unzip her skirt. Mr. Tool stops her, saying "It has been so long,
let me, please."

"Oh, Mr. Tool -- what have we here?" she asks as she reaches inside
the waistband on his shorts and comes up with his hard cock. "Why
don't you explore this area first", she suggests as she feeds him
a tit. "I will get acquainted with this equipment while you

Mr. Tool finds the tit so delectable. The only problem he has
encountered on his exploration is an urgency in his cock. "Maybe
that area needs to be cleaned out first," he suggests in a husky
voice. Ms. Mercenary looks at him, and gently pushes his bare ass
onto the desk. She sits at the chair in front of him, takes his
cock in her hands, and lifts it to her mouth.....

Mr. Tool has closed his eyes for just a moment, and doesn't see her
lift the tool to her mouth. He does feel an incredible warm
feeling as her lips and tongue encircle him. He lets out a low
groan, and begins to rock into her face. Her lips and tongue are
all up and down the shaft, licking and sucking like there is no
tomorrow. He groans again as she cups his balls in her hands and
squeezes gently. He responds to her flickering caresses and deep
strokes on his shaft. The head is now so engorged. His need is
now more urgent, and he really begins to face fuck her. Suddenly,
without warning, and beyond his control, he comes all over her face
and tits. She loves it, and offers to let him lick it off......
which of course, he does.

"Now it is time for me to check out your equipment", he says, as he
leads her to the only other piece of furniture in the room -- an
old easy chair. He pushes her down into the chair and continues to
clean her up -- licking and sucking all the way down. This chair
is so comfortable -- leaving her ass just at the edge of the seat,
perfect access. When he gets to her bush, he notices she is
shaved, and lets out a low chuckle. This one obviously loves to be
eaten. It takes him no effort to get her to part her legs and hold
those red lips open for him. He goes to the clit immediately, and
nibbles on it.....

"Ooooh, so nice...", she murmurs, and squirms to get better contact
with him. He dips his fingers into the hot wetness, and slides
them into her slit. He is satisfied to hear the sharp intake of
breath from her as he begins stroking while teasing the clit with
his tongue. He now has taken his right hand out of her dripping
pussy, and replaced it with the left rubbing against the clit while
staying just inside the lips. He notices the warm glow coming from
Ms. Mercenary. He slides the wet index finger from his right hand
into her tight ass -- and loves the deep groan that she gives him.
He is now in both openings, stroking away with as many fingers as
possible, and nibbling and sucking on her clit, all in that age-old
rhythm. He picks up the pace, sliding in deeper, harder, faster,
until her back arches, and she floods his mouth with her
juices....... She lets out a low deep moan, and collapses into a
quivering heap.

After a few moments of rest, she announces, "Well, the hardware
does check out to be adequate for your needs, Mr. Tool. Now, about
that software........"
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