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our trip
It was a trip made by three of us .My bestfriend Clara n my friend Mark.All three of us decided to go out to some distant place for a vacation for 2nights n three was a well planned vacation by mark who invited us to join him n we went right ahead with the plan .the time we reached our destination we were so tired the hotel rooms were already booked so all we did was crash .BY the time we got up it was already evening so we all went for a drive had some talks about future ,abt our love affairs n abt messing around in our past .i had fallen in love once n had hurt my self badly so as i was pouring down my past on mark he listened to me with the kindest ears.after that we headed for diner after diner mark came up with the idea that we all get drunk n enjoy so mark came into our hotel room that eveningwith some bottels o vodka n rum we went ahead drinking n laughing clara was dead drunk after few drinks n started blabbling n then she went to sleep .all of us were on the bed drinking while clara was sleeping now it was mark n me left mark kept pouring more vodka in my glass n i kept on drinking after sometime i got real drunk n dizzy .i was talking to mark abt my ex boyfriend n how i loved him more then anyone n how much i would like to be with him forever .then mark asked me out of the blue did u ever sleep with him ?i was a virgin then never had tried anything below my waist although tim my ex boyfriend had persuaded me so much i didnt feel rite so all we ever did was kiss eachother wile tim's hand would go all over my brest n then he would suck my nipples i tld mark that i m a virgin and intend to stay until the rite person comes by .All of a sudden Mark stood up n headed for the loo i was getting ready for the bed by then although i was so high i could barely stand .i had put on a short half pants n a spegetti by then as mark came out of the loo i wanted to go so i approached the door i stumbbled n then mark tried to help me get up but as he tried to catch me his hands brushed against my brests .I walked into the loo ,thinking by the time i get out mark will be gone in his room,but when i got out the lights were off the door was open so thinking mark has left i went to close the door n then i sliped off my gown n the headed to sleep feeling dizzy n week with half closed eyes i went inside my bed n then i felt something a naked body beside me i was suprised to find mark bare beside me but i was to dazzle to utter anything Mark slowly moved closer to me and started to kiss me i tried to push him away but was too week in my approach .mark slowly moved up my spegetti my breast came out in open he slowly moved his lips towars my tits n started kissing it while he held both my hands tightly so that i would not be able to resist it after sometime he let lose my hands n the i started to push is lips away frm my breast i felt his salive on my breasts n then he put his hands inside my shorts i felt his finger inside me it was the first time anything had gone inside i was think of tim by then wondering if time would do the same with me tears came out when i thought after this night i will never be able to give my soul to him.suddenly i felt marks body over me i was terrified i started to beg him saying i m a virgin so plz let me stay that way but of no use .His body was too heavy for me to push off n i was too drunk to do that i felt him enter me n with pain i screamed n then i felt wet he started moving deeep into me while his hands crushed my breasts my tears were coming out he tore me apart n then put his dick into me thrusting it several times .After a while i felt weak n the when i opened my eyes it was 5in the morning mark was naked sleeping next to me .i knew that watever had happened wasnt a drem then as i was searching for imy underwear all nakedmark was staring at me he pulled me closer his dick was clearly visible to me now and somehow my tits got harder the as though he saw it get harder he touched it smiled n said my lil boy has done a magic on u .my breasts were sore n it was painful to touch it but he squeezed it harder puled my nipples n jerked it twice n pulled out his dick and said is it the first time u seeing it .in fact it was .but i didnt reply .He then picked up his clothes put it on and then kissed me on mu fore head n asid u were a gud girl i like u n the went away .i put on my clothes n the went to take a shower n then i too out the bedsheet stained with blood n replaced it.its so strange th ewhole day i felt like asif someone had hit me so hard my nipples were sore n was hurting me n i could feels as if his dick was still inside me which made me feel so uncomfortable . That evening mark came into our room again but didnt speak with me at all clara was the only one talking n she had no idea what had happend the previous night .i wasnt talking n then clara asked if i was alright she said u are not ur usual self today.i just looked away n the she whispered to mark something i didnt unederstand mark didnt say a word n left.after thatw e went for a ride mark was driving clara sat beside him n me in the back .constanted i felt mark looking at me thru the rear mirror .then he took us to a very beautiful spot to see the sunset.Clara n me were together while mark went off to take pictures of the sunset .Clara said if i was ok the then said has mark told u something ?I just noded n kept quite the clara went on to say Mark always had feelings for u he had bought us here so that he could tell youhow he felt for u ,n today he told me he loves u even more now n his love will grow old as we get old.Mark came after a while n then the clara went away .I stood still while Mark held my hands n said i m sorry for how thngs turned up last night but i love u .I looked at him and said after wat u did to me u leave me no option i can never love someone like u,when i said that he caught my hands pulled me closer n then kissed me strangely i was drawn to him i started to kiss him too .After that we drove back to our hotel clara took mark's room n mark moved into my room............ if u wanna know what happened that night post a comment.

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2009-01-22 19:20:14
It sounds like u was drunk when u wrote this, umm u should of wrote this in paragraph format,

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2008-08-20 09:42:36
I wanna know what happened that night!

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2008-08-10 00:43:02
love where your going with the story, but hate the format you wrote it in. No paragraphs, spelling is bad, and that whole abriviation thing you got going on is confusing. if your new at this i give you 7 for effort.

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2008-07-27 16:33:11
u mans need 2 shut up u get me all coz u lot r gay geeks who come on dis site 2 toss off coz u cnt get pussy l8rs twats


2008-03-31 20:11:28
What the hellwas that about tried to red it and gave up !!!

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