I didnt know I was to young
When I was a little boy about nine or so I would play in the back yard with my dog. My mom worked and it being summer I would be left alone to swim in one of those plastic pools you buy at the store. My backyard had a short fence that anyone could look over and a alleyway ran thru with a few other homes. Well as I played in my shallow pool one hot summer day a neighbor man about in his forties or so came up to the fence he said hi and ask my name I said max. He then commented on how hot it was and if I liked swimming I said yes he went on to say why dont you take off them shorts and splash around like that I was reluctant but after a minute I slid down my trunks exposing my little body. Wow your really cute there, he went on. I guess I liked all the attention this man was giving me ,not having a dad in my life.He then took notice of my little penis I became embarrised and started to cover up but he said its ok I like it.Well there, your not even circumcised he told me, I really like that.I didnt know what he meant really just knodding my head. Well max it sure to hot to be out come over and Ill give you somthing to drink I got air conditioning It will be OK he said your mom wont care I live right across the alley from you so I pulled up my trunks and went with him.In his home now he gave me a soda and it felt so much better with the AC I went to sit down on his sofa but he stopped me,your all wet you will get mt sofa wet take off your shorts and have a seat.He sat next to me and laid a hand on my leg rubbing upward he said something like your so cute I never seen a penis like that.I was to scared to move or talk I didnt know what to do as he started touching my little cock but it did feel so good I had never been touch like that before. He took off his shirt and undid his pants he pulled out his flacid cock I couldnt believe it I had never seen one before but my own, his was so hairy and way bigger than mine I took notice to the end he a huge red head at the end of his shaft and it was just getting bigger as he stroke himself.This is what my cock looks like he said as he stoked himself to a full hard on of about six inches.He pointed out his cocks head and I wonder where mine was he said its up inside your foresekin you want to see yeah I said so he started to try to pull back my foreskin but it wouldnt go back being to tight and it started to bother me so he stoped.I want to play a game with you. So he stood up facing me and droped his pants his cock inches from my face. I sat on the edge of the sofa as he stroked himself, here put your hand on it and do that like im doing.I took hold, it was so hard and thick I started back and forth on him as he moaned a little now suck it ,what ! how put your mouth on my cock boy,thats gross he became more demanding do it now. I slid my lips around his cock and gaged he laughed keep going boy. He put his hand on the back of my head and forced me forward as I choked,spit running down my chin,he moaned ,thats it boy suck my cock.I had become hard by doing this but didnt know what it meant.He pulled my head back and his cock slid out of my mouth, you have gone and got it all wet now your going to be glad for that he said I didnt know what he meant as he took my hand and stood me up,can I leave now I said. No, Im going to fuck that little ass of yours,he turned me around and bent me over the arm of the sofa pressing his body over mine he was too heavy to move or do anything.He held me down using his left hand and spead my ass cheaks apart with his right.He forced his head in,I let out a ouch, stop! it hurts I cried.He slid his hard cock up my little ass and began his rape of me,grabbing my hips he fuck me harder and harder as tears ran down my face, shut up boy and like it he said.His right hand slid around to my little hard cock,he took it in two of his fingers and began to jack me off,that feel good no I said. Well you cant feel it with all that foreskin covering your little head.he then slid his fingers up my little hard shaft and began to pull down my foreskin.It hurts stop it please I yelled but he continued forcing my foreskin all the way back exposing my little purple head for the first time.He continued fucking my ass faster It hurt as I could feel his cock up in me and now my little penis was also hurting and exposed.He moaned loadly and and pulled me by my hips into him as he shot his load of hot sticky cum up my little ass.He stoped and pulled his cock out of my ass, I layed there crying a little and in some pain, max,Im done its alright you can go home. I stood up and turned toward him, my little asshole hurting with his cum now running out and down my leg,my little penis still erect and hurting some with its foreskin still pulled all the way back I think it was tore a little, the little head sensetive being exposed to the air. I then turned and pulled up my swim trunks, he said something like wasn't that fun. I made for the door not saying a word,getting to my backyard I climbed into my pool and sat there not even sure what I had done or what that was. I never told my mom or anyone later but as the summer went on there were many other visits from this neighbor man.


2010-04-25 09:43:38
Learn about paragraphing. Impossible to read!!

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2009-06-03 08:07:10
how i fucked my first boy


2007-05-19 17:53:58
its ok, but like put the dialogue in quotes "Well max it sure to hot to be out come over and Ill give you somthing to drink I got air conditioning It will be OK he said your mom wont care I live right across the alley from you"


2007-05-18 14:14:52
I agree with reader # 1. Can't imagine anyone over the age of even 10 wirting a story in such a format. All he has to do is to read a few other stories to see what is expected. The content is OK whether it's true or fantasy.
Gave it a 3/10.


2007-05-18 12:01:23
grammer? Paragraphs? Spelling?

You cant class this as a story. Sorry but terrible.

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