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You're working at home one morning, the house all quiet. Your work phone
rings. It is a woman, asking if you can come and check out a sticky door,
and just a little plumbing problem with a dripping faucet. You know you have
nothing better to do, so you tell her you'll meet her in an hour...... you're
wondering, is this for real? Her voice was sounded very nice, warm, like you
might know her --- could it be? Nah - no way....

You already have your truck packed, so you go to the address she has given
you. It turns out to be a very secluded, private, and beautiful home -- the
type that never has problems -- it's too well cared for.

You ring the bell...... it takes several moments for it to be answered. You
can hardly believe your eyes -- the woman has nothing on!!!!! You know you
are in trouble -- your cock springs to life like it has a mind of its own.
You try to be business-like --- after all, there are people that do not wear
clothes in their homes....... Your voice sounds funny to you as you ask her
what needs to be fixed. She leads you by the hand upstairs to the master
bedroom -- and shows you the door to her closet. It does stick just a
little, but much less than the pair of tits now sticking in your back. You
reach back with both hands to find a nice tight little ass, grinding into
your hands. Her clean-shaven mound is rubbing so hard into your ass.....
You turn around, and inform her that you are here to fix her door and her
plumbing, and nothing else. She looks up at you with large, soft, dark
brown eyes, as if to say, "But I need to be fixed so much more than that old
stuff." You find your resistance melting away rapidly, especially as she
does have the most delicious tits you have seen in recent days....

She gently leads you to the bed, and starts stripping your clothing away,
piece by piece. Everytime you reach for her, she gently slaps you hand away.
Finally, she has you totally naked, stretched out on this king-sized bed.
She tells you to relax and enjoy yourself....... You look up, and notice for
the first time the mirrors on the ceiling, and then, too, on the walls.....
the whole chamber is mirrored --- you can see what she is doing from so many
different angles ----

You are startled when she urges your legs apart and settles down between.....
Gently, she takes your cock into her hands, and just caresses up and down
with her long, red fingernails. You shiver with the pleasure, and the
anticipation of things to come... You're laying back, eyes closed, just
enjoying this new sensation, when all of a sudden, you feel her hot, moist
mouth around the head and shaft. Your breath is taken away, the sensation
is so tremendous..... She begins sucking and licking, licking and sucking,
all the while caressing, stroking, fondling. You are totally at her mercy
-- in complete shock. She reaches down and cups your balls -- gives them a
good squeeze -- you jump in response. You can't help yourself -- you want
to last, but she has you, cold. Before you know it, you are filling her
mouth and throat with hot, sticky, sweet cum. You can't stop cuming, you're
sure you are choking her, and yet, she swallows every drop. You are still
quivering as she comes back up to you, and kisses you deeply, tongue probing.
You taste your cum as she continues to kiss and explore. Suddenly, you are
springing back to life...... You now want to return the favor to her, and
gently push her back to the bed.....

You grab an extra pillow, and lay it down beside her, right in the middle of
the bed. Indicating to her that she should get up onto the pillow, you
position it just at the low of the back, so her throbbing clit is fully
exposed, and her ass is readily accessible. Her gorgeous tits are closer to
you to, so you now have the full playground ready and waiting for your

You start with warm, deep tender kisses at her mouth, while your hand
explores her right tit. Probing, wonderful kisses, all the while circling
and caressing her tit. Occasionally, you pinch her tit, just to hear her
moan. Your mouth cannot stand it any longer, and now takes over for your
hand, which moves to the other tit. You take your time, paying full
attention to first one tit, and then the other. Sucking, licking, caressing,
nibbling, pinching, squeezing --- you are fully occupied until you feel her
hand on your head, urging you down to her most sensative spot. Without
missing a beat, you send one hand out, like a scout, to see what the terrain
is like.

Her mound is so soft, like a newborn child's that you almost come again from
the sensation. Your finger slips between her lips, and find that she is so
wet and hot. Breaking away from her tits, you now settle so that you have
complete access to her vital parts. You cannot believe what you are
feeling, so you take both hands, cup her mound and rub deeply -- thumbs on
the clit. She moans beneath the pressure. You part the lips, and inhale
deeply of the warm musky scent --- then you dip the tip of your tongue into
her wet pussy. At the touch of your tongue, she jumps -- bucking into your
face. You moisten two fingers and slide them in as you suck on her clit.
Exploring deeply, probing, sucking and nibbling, she moans louder with the
pleasure. You bring her almost to the point of coming, and then back off.
Time for something new.....

Since her ass is also exposed, you stop and ask her if she has a vibrator....
She does, and hands you one, along with a lubricant. She looks at you,
wondering what you are going to do....... you have this devilish gleam in
your eye...... but she is so exposed, and so trusting. You lubricate the
vibrator and one of your fingers up well, and looking deeply into her eyes,
you ease the finger into her small rosebud. She quivers with the excitement,
and relaxes to allow you in. Once you are sliding in freely, you exchange
your finger for the vibrator, ease it in, and turn it on. You can see the
instant waves of pleasure steal across her face -- this is a new sensation to
her, and she is really enjoying it. While steadying the vibrator, you now
go back to sucking on that engorged clit, and playing with the entrance to
her pussy with the fingers of your free hand. You slip your fingers in and
out, and notice how the vibrations travel through -- you can feel them on
your fingers, and even on your tongue as you tease and suck on her clit....
Suddenly, and without warning, she starts bucking wildly, moaning louder and
louder, then screaming. Your face is flooded with her juices -- her hands
in your hair -- her pussy is tight to your face. You keep sucking,
flickering that clit with your tongue until she begs you to stop. Reluctantly,
you do, and reach down for the vibrator... still in her ass, still going...
You have that look again, as you pull it out, and hold it to her clit while
you enter her dripping pussy with your hand. She arches her back again, moans
loudly, and starts quivering - coming all over again, flooding your hand,
totally engulfing it in fresh juices. Of course, she is so wet, you have
to suck all the juices up, and removing both the vibrator and your hand, you
do so, gently, tenderly, quietly.

You are both so drained, neither one of you can move. You fall back onto the
bed, and notice the clock --- you have been playing for four hours and you
still haven't fixed her door or plumbing. You sigh, and starting to put
your clothes on, you ask her about these items to be repaired. She tells
you that you already fixed the plumbing, and that the door never did stick.
She had heard this rumor about a certain handyman, and decided to treat
herself to a housecall, "and by the way, there is an envelope in the hall for
your trouble, sir", she informs you. You look at her startled, and she
says, "Well, you did make a house call, and you did fix my plumbing. Now off
with you..."

You pick up the envelope and look inside once you are back in your truck.
Not only has she given you pictures of herself in all kinds of compromising
positions, but she has also tucked in $200 cash. Not bad for a morning's
work, right?


2005-02-07 19:37:23
im a handy man and none of this shit ever happens to me :(


2004-07-03 15:29:26
Very nice, a cool story

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