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Finishing school is great.. time to hit the job market. I could hardly
wait to put my new degree to use. I had been sending out resumes, and
answering ads all week when I had a very interesting piece of email.

"We are looking for a highly qualified individual who is not afraid of
hard work. An open mind, sense of adventure, and flexible schedule are
mandatory. Top notch office skills, professional appearance, and a
desire to please also required. Extraordinary pay for the right

Hmmm... I called and set up an appointment for that afternoon. I showered
and dressed carefully, wearing my new lacy lingerie, my best knock-em-dead
suit, and an air of confidence. I wanted this job.. it sounded like
different. I also needed the work.

I drove up to a beautifully appointed large house just outside of town. It
was in a park-like setting, with no neighbors visible. As I got out of my
car, a valet appeared, hand outstretched for my keys. Such service - and I
was just a job applicant.

I was met at the door by a tuxedod butler, and shown into a plush waiting
room. Within moments, a rather prim, well dressed lady appeared. She asked
for my resume, and a little bit about my qualifications. I knew I had more
skills than they were asking for, so I was relaxed and poised when I
answered her. Still though, I felt my tensions rise a bit.

"Hmm.. I like your qualifications. This job will entail a fair amount
of travel. We do ask that you pass a physical exam before we even consider
the next round of interviews. Not to worry, we have a doctor right here
on the premises as we have special... requirements. Now, walk this way..."
She led me down a hall and into another waiting room. "He will be with
you in a few moments. While you are waiting, please remove all your outer
clothes. You may keep your bra and panties on. Here is a gown for you
to wear. Then, just have a seat and relax."

I did as I was told, and had just sat down to read a magazine. The door
opened a few moments later and a nurse in a starched white uniform
entered. "The doctor is almost ready for you. We need to record some
information first. Follow me, please..." I followed her into the exam
room. I stood quietly as she measured my height and weight. As I turned
to get off the scale, she picked up the hem of the gown and lifted it up
high. "Nice.... I think the boss will be pleased. The doctor will be
right in. Have a seat on the edge of the table."

The doctor breezed in, and sat down next to me, clipboard in hand. "Well,
Anni. You look perfectly healthy to me... we just need to make sure you
are in great shape all around." He reached behind me and untied my gown,
easing it down in front. His stethoscope was cold on my skin as he listened
to my heart and lungs. I was embarrassed as I felt my nipples harden, and
saw his smile. His hand grazed my nipples as he reached around to listen
to the sounds from my back. "Wonderful. Now, just lie back." As I turned
to lie down, he took the gown from me. "You will not be needing that
anymore... I will be testing your reactions to certain stimuli as well as
completely checking you out today."

The air was cool as I relaxed into the exam table. He poked and prodded
and listened. I closed my eyes, wishing this to be over. The room was
in soft peach tones, and the music was very soft and relaxing. He had
such soft skilled hands. I felt him reach up, and undo the front hook
of my bra, peeling back the cups. He caressed each one, moving his
hands in circles, pinching my nipples between his fingers, sometimes
hard, sometimes soft, always watching my reaction. Against my will, I
arched my back and moaned softly. I gasped as he reached down and took
one stiff nipple into his mouth, gently biting it.

He next took both hands and tucked his thumbs under the band of my
panties, sliding them down my hips. I offered no resistance to him,
especially when he cupped my mound in his hand, and slipped a finger
between my pussy lips. "Very nice... nice reactions. Now, slide all
the way down to the bottom of the table, and put your legs in the
stirrups..." He adjusted a light between my legs.. the warmth striking
my sensitive pussy. The speculum was cold as it slid in. The nurse bustled
by me, and discretly placed soft restraints on my wrists and ankles,
securing me to the exam table. "Sandy here is going to take some pictures
for our records..." he announced. She took several pictures of me, tied to
the table, with the speculum inserted. He then inserted a lubricated, gloved
finger slowly into my virgin rosebud, caressing the outer edges, and
stroking gently until I relaxed. A warm syringe followed the probing finger,
and I felt a fair amount of warm fluid slide into my ass. Finally, that cold,
hard speculum was removed, and I sighed deeply. "She is going to prep you now
for the next part..." he said as he got up to make some notes.

Sandy took out a pair of scissors and began clipping my long, lush pussy
hairs away. I felt powerless to resist her, even if I could have. When she
was satisfied, she covered my shorn cunt with a hot, wet towel. They let
me lay there for several minutes this way.. the heat soaking into my
already hot box. I had never been shaved before, but I had heard all about
it from other girls at school. Just the thought of it made me hotter. She
came back over to me, and untied my hands, retying them over my head. "Mr.
James does not like any body hair.." I had shaved that morning anyway, but
went along with the program. She worked hot lather into my waiting pussy,
all the way back to my ass. As she let the lather soften my remaining hairs,
Sandy worked quietly and efficiently, shaving all the hair off close to the
skin, then wiping the excess lather off. As a final step, she rubbed this
wonderful lotion in, all over my naked pussy, all the way back to my ass,
then up to my breasts. The lotion was warm and soothing. My pussy was open
and inviting Sandy to work more lotion in, and she obliged me by sliding her
fingers between the lips, and deep within, then coming back out and massaging
it deep all around. I ground my hips into her hands as best I could. I felt
wonderful.. relaxed... The doctor picked up Sandy's camera and took several
pictures of her at work on me.

Several fingers were inserted into my pussy, soon followed by a slender
vibrator, which was turned on while it was being inserted and pulled back
out. As I became aroused by this instrument, it was turned off and replaced
by a larger, stronger vibrator. This was worked in and out, slowly. As I
started to enjoy, it was replaced by still a larger one. "Okay.. now..
this may feel uncomfortable, but we need to measure your capacity.." I
felt a huge dong at the entrance to my pussy. As well lubricated as I was,
it slid right in, nice and deep. It was left there for a moment for a
picture and a measurement, then this was also stroked in and out slowly
until I relaxed and it slid in and out easily. This process was repeated
several times, each time with a larger dong. Finally, they found one that
barely fit me. I groaned as they tried to work it into me, wincing at its
forced entrance, feeling so completely full.

I was gently lifted by the hips, and had a cushion placed under my ass. Sandy
urged me down further on the table, until my ass was several inches over
the edge. She worked one slender lubricated finger in, caressing the delicate
tissues until they cooperated with her. This wonderful finger was soon
replaced by a thin vibrator. As soon as I relaxed to these new sensations,
the doctor began moving it in and out, stopping several times to work more
and more lubricant in. The size on this was increased several times as
well until they were satisfied.

"Wonderful.. we have our measurements, and you are in splendid shape. I
am sure Mr. James will be delighted with you," he pronounced as Sandy wiped
me clean. I was told to put my bra and panties back on, and given a very
short silk robe to wear. Sandy then took me to an alcove to wait for
the next phase. After my exam, I could hardly imagine what was next.

I did not have long to wonder. A slender, handsome young man pranced into
the room, and ushered me into a plush sitting room. He had me sit next to
a huge desk. A handsome gentlman with slightly greying hair and a crisp
suit cme in a few moments later. He hardly looked at me, but picked up a
folder that the prancer had left on his desk with all the doctor's notes
and my resume.

"What we require, Anni, is complete devotion, loyalty, and obedience. We
need a combination of a secretary/personal assistant, as we are only
borrowing Max. You will be responsible for carrying out all orders,
completely, and fulfilling all needs. You certainly have the skills for
it, both on your resume, and in the doctor's findings. Now, if $2,000
a week is satisfactory, I say we proceed with your orientation." I looked
at him with surprize in my eyes.. I had the job?? And the salary was
tremendous. Now, what did I have to do for this?? "How well can you
follow orders?" he asked, looking me straight in the eyes.

As if he read my mind, he stood up, walked over to my chair, and helped me
stand up. "Untie that robe," he commanded. "Drop it on the floor.... turn
around... now, bend over from the waist. Hmmmm.. yes... Very very nice...."
he said as he led me into an inner office. This one had a huge oak desk,
completely cleared off, looking out over the grounds. He led me to the
open French doors in full view of a group of employees on the patio,
and moved behind me. I could feel his breath on my neck as he reached
around, and cupped my breasts, pinching the nipples through the lace. Still
outdoors in front of anybody who cared to look our way, he unhooked my bra,
sliding it from my shoulders, dropping it on the balcony, taking his time
caressing my breasts, nuzzling my neck. I found myself melting into his
arms. Next, he led me over to the desk, and positioned me so that my ass
was barely on the edge, my legs were far apart, and I was leaning back
on my arms. Taking a huge pair of scissors out of the drawer, he cut the
sides of my panties, slowly peeling them off. He gently pushed me down flat
onto the desk, supporting my legs with his shoulders.

I have had oral sex performed on me before, but nothing like this... he
took his time, nibbling, sucking, and playing with my clit until I almost
screamed with delight. Next, he probed and explored my cunt with the same
care.. stroking slowly. He did all this quietly, not trying to arouse me.
He was exploring, teasing me just the same. I was so wet and hot, and he
could sense this. He would not permit me to cum, he was just testing me,
checking my reactions. He slid his hot mouth and tongue all the way down to
my ass, and rimmed me, licking me all the way back up. Now, gently inserting
a finger into this hole or that, he watched me intently the entire time.

"I am sorry to sound rushed, but we have a staff meeting in 5 minutes, and
there are introductions to be made," he pronouced as he handed me back my
thin, silk robe. I noticed with some horror that my dark nipples showed
right through the thin fabric. I may as well have not worn a thing! He had
Max escort me to the meeting room after handing me a notebook and several
pens. I was shown to a beautifully paneled meeting room with a huge, 24'
table down the center, and big, overstuffed couches on two walls. Max
indicated I was to sit in a chair just to the left of the head of the table,
right next to the window, and far from the doors.

The staff of secretaries, public relations officers, and business managers
began to filter in, scarcely paying any attention to me. Conversation was
quiet while we all waited for the boss to enter. I sat back and watched
the meeting as it formed up. The attitudes became very formal as soon as
my most recent interviewer entered. I was briefly introduced, and then the
meeting got underway. He had two secretaries taking profuse notes... I could
not understand why I was needed. I was startled to feel his hand under my
robe, parting the flimsy garment right there in the meeting, only inches
from his vice-president of marketing. As I leaned back in my chair, he
quietly untied my robe, and slipped a hand in to caress a tit, pinching its
nipple. Just as quietly, he pulled the robe back into place, and let the
meeting draw to its conclusion. Nobody even looked our way, or paid his
public display any attention. I was stunned to see how wet I was... and
wondered what was next?? Who was this man that I worked for??

"Max... Take Anni to meet her new boss," my interviewer ordered. "Let's see
how he likes our find." My jaw must have hit the floor at that point.. all
that and I did not even know who I worked for....

I was escorted down several quiet hallways and a flight of stairs into a
huge room, with several pool tables and strange pieces of furniture. Along
the walls were several plush couches. This room was a large recreation area,
with two gentlemen playing a game of eight ball on the table furthest from
the door, quietly watching us enter the room. Max pointed one of the men out,
and whispered in my ear "That is your new boss" as he left my side. Mr.
James was only slightly older than the dapper man who did my last interview,
with a bit more grey at the temples. He was about 6' tall, quite handsome,
with electric blue eyes that followed every move. Those eyes were trained on
me now, caressing every curve of my body as I stood there nervously and
waited for him to speak. I shivered as I saw the power in those eyes, and
read the message of lust.

"Well, well. It seems the staff has picked a delightful assistant for me.
They all tell me you have done very well with your auditions, even enjoying
them. I like that, very much," he said with a quiet smile. At his unspoken
command, I untied my robe, and walked over to him. He reached down, and
opened the thin garment, peeling it from my shoulders. As I stood before
everyone totally naked, I started blushing. He gazed at me admiringly. "You
have pleased them. Now, are you ready to please me?" I nodded my head
slowly, unable to speak. "Good. I think we will get along just fine. I have
a lot to teach you." He reached out and placed a cool hand under my right
tit, lifting it slightly. His little finger extended up to graze the nipple.

Guiding me by the tit, he eased me to the adjacent pool table and lifted me
onto it. Placing my ass at the edge of the raised bumper, he gently pushed
me back until I was laying flat with my ass elevated, and my legs were spread
far apart and supported by two staffers. Cool dry fingers caressed my
sensitive, newly shaved mons, and teased from my slit all the way back to my
exposed asshole. Gently parting my pussy lips, the exploring fingers dipped
just slightly inside, then went back to their caresses. My clit was stroked
lightly, then was grabbed by a cool, hard object that squeezed it firmly. At
about the same time, a staffer came around near my head, and with a cool
quiet manner, my nipples were teased erect, pulled up, and captured by firm
nipple clamps. I moaned with delight as these clamps were twisted slightly.

Fingers, then a warm hard tongue were now exploring my pussy and ass. A huge,
cool, ribbed vibrator was inserted and turned on, teasing me from the inside
as the mouth at my clipped clit sucked away. I bucked my hips as the warmth
of a first orgasm began to wash over me. The flood of juices was eagerly
lapped up as the vibrator was withdrawn and the clips removed. My boss'
hungry mouth replaced the left nipple clamp, gently biting the sensitive
tip. I felt the head of a huge cock at my pussy, teasing the engorged lips,
then begin to enter me. This man was huge, almost uncomfortably thick!! When
he was deeply insterted, his balls slapped my ass, and I felt the head of
that monster cock hit the top of my uterus. Now I understood all the tests
to see if I could handle this size! As he began deep stroking, my second
orgasm began to build. He noticed this, and stopped, pulling out of me.
Slapping my ass firmly, he commanded, "Not yet! I am not ready to come."

He lifted me from the pool table, and took me to one of the plush couches,
urging me onto my knees. Ass high in the air, my face buried in the cushions,
he spread my legs far apart, and caressed my clit with his fingers gently.

"This is the position I want you in when I tell you to take dictation. I want
your ass in the air, legs far apart, and you on your hands and knees. You
take this position on whatever furniture happens to be in the room." I
nodded my agreement. As I did so, his monster cock was again at my pussy,
begging for entrance. He stroked several times very deep, then grabbed my
hips and began stroking harder and faster. His hands slid down, pulling my
pussy lips apart, caressing my clit. As his huge wads of come started to
fill my pussy, my own orgasm began to take over. I moaned quietly as it
built while he stroked and pumped his seed into me. As he finished and
slowed his stokes, it erupted with screams, cries and whimpers as wave after
wave of pleasure swept over me. Staying still inside me, holding me until
it subsided, he commanded, "That is the last one you may have without my
permission. I can tell you will have a lot to learn, Anni. This was just
lesson one. I think you will do just fine, just fine indeed." I nodded my
head slowly in agreement.
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