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continuation of my sex life
My Sex Life, Chapter Two. From Rags To Richs
I first met Pam while I was still at school as I worked for her Part time by looking after her garden during school summer holidays and at weekends to earn extra pocket money. Pam who was in her fifties was 5ft 4ins tall, weighed about 130/135 lbs, brown hair with blue eyes and a nice figure for a woman of her age. Not only had Pam become my employer but also a good friend whom I could trust and confide in. It was thanks to Pam that I got my job at the engineering company, as she worked in the offices and was a personal friend of the boss and his wife.
It was just after my sixteenth birthday that I moved out of the foster home into a bed-sit to get my independence and the freedom to be able to come and go as I pleas Although I enjoyed my job as a trainee engineer I was thinking about changing jobs to earn more money because after paying rent and food there wasn‘t much money left over for a social life. I mentioned this to Pam and I was pleased when Pam asked me if I would like to carry on looking after her garden for her as it was too big and she couldn’t manage it on her own anymore. With Pam’s wages as well it meant that I could carry on with my traineeship to be an engineer.
This arrangement worked well because as I was still under seventeen so I was only allowed by law to work four days week. So we arranged for me to go round Wednesdays and Saturday mornings, As those were the days when Pam would be home.
Then one day Pam informed me that she was retiring in two weeks time as she had reached the grand age of Fifty-five. Pam never looked that old to me Pam assured me that even after her retirement she still wanted me to look after her garden.
The boss arranged for a retirement party for Pam, and that's when I first met The boss’s 19 year old daughter Mandy as she was on summer vacation from university. At the party we was all told that Mandy was to take over Pam’s job in the office until she returned to university.
I couldn’t take my eyes off her; she was sex on two legs and all through the party I was wondering if and how I could tempt her into my bed. She had an hourglass figure that most girls around envied; She was always dressed glamorously to show off her figure. She weighed about 98lbs, Mousy brown hair and pale blue eyes
She drove to work in her flashy dark red open top triumph TR7 sports car that her father had bought her.
From my workbench I could see Mandy arrive for work and park her car. After getting out of the car she would bend over reach across to the passenger seat to get her briefcase, because she always wore short mini-skirts I got a good view of her sexy knickers and bum which made me feel quite randy.
Every Friday morning I had to report to the boss’s office for my weekly assessment. On this particular Friday Mandy came into the factory instead of going straight to her office, she walked over to me and said “Come up to my office at ten this morning as I am doing your assessment because daddy and mummy are going to an engineering exhibition”
“Ok” I said watching her sexy bum as she walked away and trying to imagine her lying naked on my bed.
As Usual for assessment day, just before ten I went to the washroom, removed my overalls and washed me hands before going up to the office. At ten am I went up to the Mandy’s office knocked on the door and entered. Mandy was stood just by the door and closed it as soon as I walked through the doorway.
As she walked around the desk she told me not to bother about the assessment, as there was something else she had in mind.
“I’ve seen the way you undress me with your eyes, now here’s a chance to undress me for real, I fancied you from the evening we met at Pam‘s retirement party” she said in a sexy voice.
This was like a dream come true with out wasting any time I pulled her close to me and French kissed her while I was Undoing the buttons on her blouse. Pushing her bra upwards gave me access to her tits; I started teasing her nipples until they were hard and stood out. Moving my mouth from hers down to her nipples and sucking on them made her go weak at the knees, as I had to support her with my arms.
I edged her backwards towards the desk and lifted her up and sat her down, I pushed her gently backwards until she was laying length ways on the desk. I pulled her knickers to one side; I looked down at hairless wet pussy as it glistened in the sunlight that shone through the open window before I inserted two fingers into her. While I was pushing two fingers in and out of her pussy, I carried on sucking her erect nipples. Panting she said “go on then fuck me hurry up and fuck me please”
Not needing a second invitation I undid my belt, pulled my fly zipper down and dropped my trousers and pants to the floor to release my hard cock. Pushing her short skirt up to her waist I lifted her bum, reached under her and pulled her knickers off I had to have another good look at her pussy as it was dripping her juices onto the desk before moving forward and rubbing my cock up and down her slit a few times before plunging my cock deep into her pussy. I my pumped my cock into her so hard and fast it made her shout out loudly “I’m cumming, I’m Cumming“. Then her pussy muscles began squeezing my cock and that soon brought me to my climax and I shot my load deep into her. I had just finished spurting my cum into her when the office door burst open and to Mandy's to our surprise her mother stood there. Her mother Said “ what’s going on“? Mandy and I were speechless. I stood there, with my cock still locked inside Mandy‘s pussy.
I knew from the look on her mother’s face I was going to be in deep shit.
Just as her mother opened her mouth to speak my semi-hard cock slipped out of Mandy's pussy in full view of her. What ever she was about to say the sight of my cock changed her mind. Instead she turned to Mandy and told her to go to her dad’s office and wait while she dealt with me.
I stood there with my trouser round my ankles and my semi-hard cock standing out. I stood there waiting for what she was going to say but she never said a word. All she did was to look down at my cock then turned around and closed the door. Walking over to me she took hold of my cock in her hand and bending down sucked my cock back to life with her mouth. Then she said “ If you fuck me, No more will be said” All I could do was nod a yes as a reply.
She pulled her dress up and removed her knickers, Then bending over the desk and spreading her legs. As I looked at her ass and pussy I saw the fattest and biggest pussy slit I had seen. The mound and lips of her pussy was begging to be fucked as her pussy twitched in anticipation.
She said “what are you waiting for come on shag me” Nervously I moved forward I guided my cock into her pussy hole and rammed the whole length in one mighty push. Soon as my cock was buried into her pussy muscles came alive by caressing my cock as I pushed my cock in and out of her. My cock must have found her gee spot As she said “o yes don’t please don’t stop. Harder, harder” then her pussy went tight and it felt like she pissed her self as wave after wave of her cum oozed out past my cock. I was still pounding my cock into her fat hairy pussy, when just as I was about to cum the boss opens the office door. The first thing I thought of was “how could I have been so unlucky to get caught out twice in one day”
The boss started swearing at us and that made her stand up straight forcing my hard cock out of her. There I was standing with my trousers round my ankles and my stood up like a flagpole. Then she tries to explain to her husband what was going on. But before anymore was said he told me to go and wait in his office until he called for me. Pulling up my trousers I quickly exited the office and went into his office to find Mandy in there. Mandy asked what was going on, I explained to her that her mother wanted me to fuck her and if did she wouldn’t tell her father what we had been doing. I told Mandy that I had just made her mother climax and I was just about to cum myself when your father came into the office. For some reason Mandy found that very funny. As we stood there listening to them arguing and saying something about history repeating it’s self. Mandy then she notice’s my cock bulging in my trousers. She reached out undid my belt and fly zipper letting my trousers fall down and started playing with my cock until it was hard again. She turned round spread her legs and bent forward leaning on the desk with her hands
“Quick fuck me you telling me what you did to my mum has got me horny” she said. With out another word I lifted the back of her skirt and pushed my cock into her tight pussy. As I fucked her she reached between her legs and played with my balls that brought me to a climax just as she started to orgasm I filled her pussy another load of my seed. I had just pulled my pants and trousers up when Mandy's father called us into the other office.
He was sat at the desk and Mandy's mother stood by his side. It was obvious by the look on his face that he was angry.
He shouted at Mandy “get out, I’ll deal with Ted first”
The boss said that he did not want what happened spread around the factory. He said he was going to paying me off and let me go from the company. He offered me thousand pounds, plus he would pay me my wages for the next six months as long as I never told anyone. Seeing a desperate look in his face I pushed my luck by saying I wanted Fifteen hundred pounds. He looked first at his wife then back to me. He got up from behind the desk and went into his office; A few minutes later he came back with a large envelope with the cash in. Handing it over to me. He told me that my wages would be sent to me weekly all he said next was “On your way out tell Mandy to get in here” Mandy was just down the hall waiting when I went out, I told her she was to go in now!
As I passed her she said “See you at your place about seven” before I had time to answer she had gone into the office.

I never had so much money in my before so the first thing I did on the way home I was to go to a bank and open up an account. I kept out fifty pounds out to spend on some new clothes.
That Friday night I had a ten-pin bowling match and as team captain I needed to be there by eight. I was bathed changed and ready when Mandy arrived at seven. I asked her what happened after I left.
Mandy told me all her father Said to her was that she was to keep my mouth shut and keep away from me.
Then she carried on to say “ the reason He was so generous with you because six years ago her mother had an affair with one of the workers. They tried to keep it a secrete but the story leaked out and it made a laughing stock out of her father The reason why her mother had the affair was because he could not rise to the occasion.”
We went in Mandy’s car to the bowling ally. While I was bowling she joined in with other team member’s girlfriends who always had a friendly bowling match with the opposing team members girlfriends.
By the time the match was over I was feeling rather horny because of watching Mandy’s bum in her short skirt trying to bowl. As soon as we was round in the deserted car park I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately putting my hand up her skirt and inside her knickers. I would have fucked her there and then but she said “let’s go back to your bed-sit and I can stay the night”
Once inside the bed-sit we were both so horny that we undressed each other as quickly as possible, Our lips was locked together in a long passionate kiss as I lowered onto deep piled carpet. She pulled me on top of her and my hard cock immediately found her open pussy lips and her wet vagina. I slowly eased my cock deep into her then slowly withdraw until my cock head touched her clitoris. This was driving her crazy as she dug her fingernails into my back as her orgasm built up in her. With our lips locked together and our tongues exploring each other’s mouth and with every thrust my cock was bringing her closer to her orgasm. Then she was saying “o yes O yes Now come in me now” I felt her body tense as she orgasm ripped through at the same time I shot load my load of sperm deep into her pussy.
We lay on the floor getting our breath back. Then she rolls me over so she is on top with my cock still up her pussy. She rocks her body backwards and forwards pressing down onto my pelvis. I could feel her pussy getting tighter on my cock and it didn’t take long to get my cock hard again. She turned round into a 69 position taking the whole of my cock into her mouth and down her throat so I returned the favour by sucking out her juices and licking her clit, taking it between my teeth and gently biting on it. This soon brought her close to another orgasm only she got up and knelt over my cock with her back to me, reaching down between her legs took hold of my cock and guided it into her pussy. As she was riding her self up and down on my cock she was rubbing her clitoris with her fingers.
As I fucking her she kept saying harder, harder, the harder I fucked her the more she wanted. She started to climax again at the same time I did.
We fell asleep that night exhausted on the floor waking up at seven with my cock hard and pressing into Mandy’s pussy as we lay cuddled together face to face. With a little manoeuvring my cock found her wet, sticky pussy hole. With a little thrust forward s and upwards it was all the way in.
Rolling her over onto her back I took the weight of my upper body on my arms Then by lifting my ass up in the air my cock could make long slow strokes in and out of her pussy. Every so often when my cock was all the way in I would grind my pelvis against her clitoris. When I did this allsorts of strange gurgling noise came from her mouth.
When my arms began to ache I lowered myself down onto her still fucking her slowly, Each time my cock was on the way up her she would lift her hips up to meet my cock. I started thrusting into her faster and faster and I could feel her pussy getting tighter and my cock head was getting that familiar feeling when I near to climaxing.
Just as Mandy was about to orgasm she intertwined her legs round mine and I felt her fingernails digging into my back again.
She started thrusting her pussy harder against me as I thrust up into her.
Her nails was raking my back then with a final thrust from both of us that took us over top and climaxed together.
When we got our breath back we went and had a both and got dressed, as Mandy had to get home. As she was leaving we kissed goodbye. Then Mandy Said “Thanks for wonderful night, but my pussy is a bit sore” I walked her down to her car and as she drove off that was the last time I saw her.
When Mandy had left I set off on my bike for Pam’s Trying to decide what to say to her about my job as I knew she would find out one way or another.
By the time I had arrived at Pam’s I decided to tell her the truth except for what happened on the previous night.
As usual Pam invited me in for a cup tea, As she poured it out I started to tell her that I had lost my job. She turned round and said she already knew, but didn’t know why.
So I explained the whole story to her what took place yesterday at work, I was expecting her to be angry. But to my amazement she burst out laughing. I asked her why she was laughing so much.
Then she explained that the boss was just as bad as he on a number of occasions had made a pass at her and that she knew about the previous affair his wife had.
Pam told me that she had plenty of work for me to do in the garden to keep me busy for the next six months and as I was still being paid from my ex-job I didn’t need to find another job also I had the cash in the bank.


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