I look outside my window of my apartment at the same time every day and i see her.

Stephanie that is. She is always rollerskating around the neighborhood in a tight shirt

with no bra on to show off her busty tits. She also wears these skin tight cotton pants

that show off her round ass and her tight camel-toe. I've been going to school with her

since the 2nd grade and watched her grow up into this lucious young latina that

anyone would fuck. She has golden brown skin with dark brown eyes and plump, pink

lips. One day as i was washing my car she began to roll by, listening to a song on her

iPod. I caught her attention by spraying her with the hose that was spurting out ice cold

water. "Hey!" she yelled at me, not yet aware who she was talking to. "Jake!!!" she

screamed, "I havent seen you all summer, how have you been?" Good i said. "You look

terrific, you've certainly grown since school has been out" i said eyeing her large

breasts that were the home of her currently erect nipples. "You too" she replied, her

eyes wide in surprise as she saw my cock half erect in my gym shorts. I broke away

from my trance and turned red in humiliation. She started laughing and said that it was

no big deal. She said she was used to guys staring at her and she actually enjoyed it

when they did, it made her feel naughty. "You should come up to my place, i have

some tequila and a little weed. We can throw ourselves a little fiesta". My cock started

to enlarge again, oh man was i a lucky guy. She said to come over at 9 since her

parents would be leaving for the weekend to see their relatives. "Sounds good" i said,

and before we could part ways she turned around and bent over to show off her tight

pink thong that was riding up her ass which i slapped as she skated off.

Later that night.........

As i was about to ring the doorbell of her place as she opened the door and told me to

come in. She reaked of tequila so i figured she must have smoked the weed also,

fuck it i said. She was wearing nothing but the pink thong that was 2 sizes too small

and a white t-shirt and no bra. Her nipples were poking out like pencil erasers. "Hey

you" she said. She dropped to her knees before i could say anything and unzipped my

jeans and pulled them down, my fast growing cock was inserted into her mouth with

almost a cock hungry instinct. She moaned while she started sucking my dick and

fondled my balls. Drool was seeping out of her mouth and down her chin as she

soaked my dick in her saliva.She wiped it off with her hand and started to insert and

finger not only into her pussy, but into her ass! She sucked and finger-fucked her way

into near orgasm before i pulled her fcae off of my cock and picked her up. I inserted

my thumb into her ass as i carried her off into her room. I laid her down and she slid

down her thong and took off her shirt. Her firm tits bounced as i hopped onto the bed

and she rolled on top of me. We started making out and i slipped my cock into her

steaming wet cunt. "Ohh papi" she moaned as i started to fuck her tight snatch. "Oh

papi fuck me haarrdd! Please dont stop" she screamed. I stuck my finger in her mouth

and she drooled all over so i could finger her tight little butthole. I thrusted my finger

into her asshole and she squealed in delight. Her pussy instantly contracted. So i

started to finger her asshole and fuck her cunt at the same time. Before long i had her

screaming like a mad-woman impaled on my cock with her hot gooey fluids seeped

out of her snatch. She climbed off of my cock and started to suck her cum off of it. She

moaned in pleasure as she sucked all of her pussy juice off my rock hard prick. I

manuvered her into the doggy style position and had her stick her lucious ass out into

the air. I started to fuck her snatch slowly as she contracted her pussy as if trying to

milk the spunk out of my cock. I bent forward and whispered into her ear, "Do you want

me to come inside of your cunt?" she nodded her head with approval. But i wanted to

try something before i unloaded into her snatch.I took out my cunt juice covered cock

and pressed it onto her little tanned asshole. She pushed back gently on my cock, i

took this as a sign of approval and thrust into with all that i had. She screamed in pain,

i stayed there for a while, waiting for her ass to loosen up and get used to a rod being

jammed inside of her tight, hot butthole. She eventually got used to it and i started to

fuck her ass with great force, grabbing onto her shoulders and pushing my cock deep

into her ass. She moaned and started to squeeze my cock with her ass just as she did

with her snatch. I couldnt take it anymore and finally inserted my dick back into her

snatch. I began fucking her again until i started to cum. I grabbed her hips and pulled

her into me, the first wave of cum came shooting out of my cock deep inside of her cunt

and she shuddered in pleasure. Then the second and then the third. I stayed there for

a good 30 seconds pumping my jizz into her cunt. It began to overflow and run down

her golden brown thighs, she wiped it off with her hands and started to eat it. I was still

connected to her as she wiped the cum off of her thighs. I pulled out and a torrent of

cum splashed out of her pussy and onto the bed. She started to queef as she pushed

the rest of the jizz out. We both laughed stupidly and climbed out of the bed to search

for more tequila.....

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That roked 11/10


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Liked the story but go for more detail, background info, and ease into the sex a little bit, dont just ram it home (pun intended) and youll get 10/10's


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