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Ever since my recent train ride home, I have been seeing David, my
gorgeous companion of that small first class compartment. We have
done a lot of traveling since then, doing more flying than travel
by train. I frequently traveled with him on his many business
trips, acting a his secretary. One time, as we were flying from
Chicago to Los Angeles, David turned to me and asked, "Are you a
member of the Mile High Club yet?" I had to admit that I had never
even heard of the club, much less belonged to it. With a twinkle
in his eye, David promised that he would submit our application for

After David's business trip was concluded, we had a couple of days
to bask in the warm Southern California sun. We went to the beach
one day, did some shopping. Then, David announced that our
application for membership had been approved, and we just needed to
be initiated and sworn in. He told me to change into something
comfortable and meet him downstairs in the lobby of the hotel in 30

David was such a rat, not telling me where we were going, or why.
All he kept telling me was that I was going to love the initiation.
As we got close, he blindfolded me, covering my ears in the
process. Once the limo stopped, he gently helped me out, and up
some stairs. I could tell I was entering a smaller compartment,
and thought I was near the airport. I was getting wet with
anticipation. I knew David was up to something.

We settled into huge, compfortable seats, and somebody handed me a
glass of cool champagne. As I sipped on the sparkling wine, I
began to get more and more excited. Soon, I heard the doors close,
and felt the thrust of jet engines starting up. We were in a
plane! Once we left the ground, David reached over and removed the
blindfold. I had to blink my eyes a few times to get used to the

We were in a fairly large, comfortable cabin, with a curtained off
area just to the rear. There were three other couples with us,
also just getting used to the surroundings. We had been sitting
in airline-type seats with seatbelts, and were told by a
disembodied voice that we could now remove our seatbelts. There
was a lot of tension in the air. I wondered what was next.

A few moments later, a gorgeous flight attendent came out of the
front cabin. She was dressed in a typical form fitting uniform,
and had long, curly, dark brown hair and crystal clear light blue
eyes. I could hear David get excited.

"Welcome to Mile High Airlines Initiation Flight. We will be up
here for approximately four hours today, flying around the Southern
California area. During this flight, each one of you will be
initiated into the Mile High Club. We will be starting our
initiations right away, with the couple in the first row. If you
would follow me....." That was us. David pulled me to my feet and
urged me to follow our attendent. She led us behind the curtained
area. I was stunned to see the area was furnished with several
double beds pushed together to form one huge bed. She nodded to
David, and asked if we were both members. He told her we were not.

"Good, because the only way to become a member of this exclusive
club is by having sex with a certified member. Since neither one
of you is a member yet, I will have to do the honors for you.
David, I will turn the lights down low, and let you prepare
yourselves for initiation. Just ring for me when you are both
ready...." She turned and left the area.

"Come on, Lisa, this will be great....." David began removing all
his clothes and helping me remove mine. I noticed there were silk
robes hanging up on a hook, and put one on. He led me to one of
the beds, and began kissing me all over. His hands were caressing
my soft, big tits. He looked in my eyes, "Are you ready for this
adventure?" I nodded yes. He rang for the attendent, and we
waited, kissing and fondling until she returned.

She came in with the pilot. He stripped down all the way to just
his shorts, and came over to my side. Our attendent changed out of
her uniform and moved beside David. She pulled him away from me,
and began caressing him all over. I could tell he was really
excited by the way he was exploring her, nibbling on her tits, and
fingering her wet pussy. The pilot watched me watching them, and
said, "All in good time, love. This is your time with me." He was
stunning -- tanned, muscled, matinee-idol beautiful. I shivered as
he ran his hands down my shoulders, forcing the robe off.

"Such beautiful tits.... let me see them better..." as he opened my
robe all the way, and let it pool around my elbows. He gently
reached down and began to suck on my tits, using a free hand to
roll the other nipple between his fingers. The sensations were
trememdous. I arched my back, suddenly hot, and wanted him in me
sooo much at that moment. He kept teasing me, kissing his way down
my flat belly, caressing my tits all the while. I kept my legs
together, hoping to preserve my secret lust for just a few moments
longer, but he was insistent with that tongue and lips of his. He
parted my legs, and began sucking and nibbling on my exposed clit.
I closed my eyes in delight. As I opened them, I looked over at
David to see how he was doing.

David was in heaven. He had this knock-out attendent sucking his
long hard cock, while he was playing with her tits. He had that
glazed look in his eyes that he only gets when he is so satisfied.
As I watched, she turned around into a 69 position, offering her
wet cunt for his dining pleasure.

I was brought back to reality by the insertion of fingers into my
hot box. This guy knew exactly what he was doing. He kept his
thumb in contact with my engorged clit the entire time he stroked
in and out. He was just making me hotter and hotter. I was so
glad to feel him stop to remove his shorts. He then got on top of
me in the 69 position, putting his huge cock into my mouth. "Get
me nice and wet, love. There, that's it..... So nice...." he
encouraged softly. His mouth on my clit and in my slit was driving
me crazy and he knew it. I kept trying to buck my anxious cunt
into his mouth for more. When he knew I couldn't take much more,
he climbed off of me, and moved down between my legs. He put his
hands down into my dripping pussy and began to lubricate himself
with my juices. As he looked me right in the eyes, he rammed
himself right into me. Again, and again.... I could feel myself
cumming from just that feeling of being full and used as a
recipient for his huge battering ram. I came in a huge, shuddering
orgasm, flooding his cock in my juices. He was still hard, and
stayed in me while my spasms subsided.

"Now, if you are going to be a true member of the Mile High Club,
I must deflower you totally," he said as he turned me gently onto
my stomach. He put a cushion under my lower belly, exposing and
raising my ass into the cool cabin air. I was too excited and
exhausted to protest. I felt him dipping his fingers into my
juices and rubbing them up into my asshole. I tensed up as he slid
the first finger in. He gently rubbed it around and stroked in and
out until I relaxed. Then he inserted another finger, then
another. I begin to buck back at him with pleasure. When he was
satisfied that I was relaxed and well-lubricated, he replaced his
fingers with his engorged cock. "Oh, you are so tight..... So
sweet," he murmurs as he begins stroking away. I feel his hand at
my clit while the other strokes my ass. His stroking becomes
harder and faster. I feel his hot sticky cum fill my ass. It
takes him several moments to fill my sweet ass with his juices. He
pulls out, turning me over, and presents his soaking wet cock to me
to be cleaned up. I begin to lick and suck our juices off his now
erect again member. I get more and more excited as I realize he is
going to cum again in my mouth.....

YES!!! Another hot wet sticky stream of white cum fills my mouth.
There is so much that it drips down my chin and onto my tits. He
reaches down, and begins to work his cum into my tits.
"Congratulations, you are now a full member of the Mile High Club.
Your priviliges as a full member include initiation of other new
members as well as periodic required renewals of your own
initiation." He got up slowly, and moved off to the bathrooms at
the rear of the cabin. I looked over at David, and he, too was
done, totally exhausted by his initiation rites. We were told we
could go freshen up and to wait in the rear cabin area until we
were sent for.

When we next saw our attendent, she was now fully dressed in her
uniform. She came back to the rear area, and told us to follow
her. "Now, as initiation must be conducted by another certified
member, David and Lisa will be administering your rites. David and
Lisa, you know what to do, just like you went through....." and
then she left the area. I walked over to the bed where I had been.
There were now fresh sheets, and a trim, handsome, middle-aged man
waiting for me. I moved over to his side, and began to kiss him
tenderly, sweetly, caressing all the while. I could tell I had an
immediate effect on him by the tent pole under his robe. I made
him remove it, and lay back on the bed as I began to suck his now
hard cock. When I was satisfied that he was close to cumming, I
stood up, removed my robe, and sat on his face. I wanted to be
played with and eaten before I fucked him. He had a nice, trim
mustache that felt so prickly on my hot twat. I was wet before too
long from his tongue and my excitement. I got up off of him,
turned around, and with a twinkle in my eye, impaled myself on his
rigid cock. I rode him up and down, grinding my hips into him
until he came in a sudden spurt. I knew I had to save something
for him to cum in my mouth, so I pulled off of him, stroking him
gently, and again took his wet hard cock into my mouth.

"Oh, Jeez, I'm cumming again..... AHHHHHH!!" and he spurts all over
my face this time. I rub it into my tits, and let him lick me
clean. David has been having much the same success.....

Our attendent returns about this time. "Now, I want all four of
you to go get cleaned up, and wait in the back area again. We will
do the last initiation as a group." Now I know why there are so
many beds! We go clean up in the bathrooms at the rear, giggling
to ourselves because we know what the others are in for.....
Before long, we are all led back into the main cabin, and randomly
directed to the beds. I have drawn a light-skinned black man, one
who works out. This one is a delight, with sweet green eyes, and
a huge cock. I am going to love this one. "Members, you know what
do to. When you have finished the basic initiations, we will move
on to the special certifications you all applied for." I am at a
loss, because David did not tell me anything about special
certifications. Oh, well, we will find out later. Right now, I
have a cock to eat..... MMmmmmmmmm..... I bring this one to the
required orgasms in no time flat. He was very, very primed for
this action, and really seemed to enjoy eating me out. One by one,
the other couples finished their basic rites. Just as David was
finished off his lady in the rear, the attendent and pilot

"Okay, we will let everybody get cleaned up, and then meet back
here for the special certifications." We were all back and ready
for the next part in five minutes. "Now, this is the special group
certification. This means that you will be fucking all the members
of the opposite sex as a group. We have special movies and
playtoys for all of you....." She and the pilot move towards our
group, and begin the festivities with another round of champagne.
As I hold my glass, the pilot comes up to me, dips my tit into his
glass, and begins sucking on it. That signals the beginning of a
two-hour long orgy. I am in heaven, with a cock in my mouth, hands
on my ass, fingers, tongues, or cocks in my hot pussy.

I am startled to see one of the women at my tit, sucking on it,
rubbing the other one tenderly. She turns me over onto my back,
and as one of the guys begins to tit-fuck me, she leans down and
begins to suck on my fully engorged clit. As I try to protest, the
tit-fucker shoves his rigid cock into my mouth to be sucked. I
want to cry out, but have been stifled. I feel her insert
something hard into my waiting pussy. Warm waves suddenly radiate
through me as I realize she has inserted a vibrator into me and has
begun to fuck me with that. She turns around for me to finger her,
realizing that I am still being face-fucked. Her box is so hot,
dripping with juices. I can hardly wait to get a taste. When the
tit-fucker is done, and I have swallowed my load, I take a slow
drink of champagne, chilling my mouth down. I pull her on top of
me, and stick my cold tongue right up her pussy. I feel her
shudder with delight. We eat each other until we both cum, almost
at the same time. Then, she climbs off of me, and moves on to
somebody else. One by one, we all begin to show signs of
exhaustion. I have lost count of the times and ways I have cum, or
what has been where. I know I have been thoroughly fucked every
way possible. I do look forward to flying with this club again!!!
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