Chapter 17

Cindy yawned and stretched as she walked into the bathroom. The last two weeks had been so hectic that some mornings she felt as worn out as when she went to bed, and this was one of those mornings. Between the funeral and helping Steve, Susan, and Dave move into the larger house her parents had left her and Janet. Things were finally settling down with the girls taking turns, one night in Steve’s bed, the next night in Dave’s, and then the third night alone in their own bed. There were times when Cindy really needed that third night alone after spending two nights fucking the guys.
The red head yawned again as she entered the bathroom and slid out of her robe to look at her naked reflection. She grinned as she reached up to cup her growing tits, “Finally,” she muttered as she rubbed her tits and watched her oversized nipples pop alert. “It’s about time they started growing.”
As Cindy admired her profile and the way her tits were finally sticking out from her chest the bathroom door flew open behind her and Janet pushed past her as she rushed for the toilet. “Are you alright?” Cindy asked her sister as she leaned over the toilet bowl and wretched.
“I should be fine in a few days,” Janet panted through pale lips, “a few weeks at the most from what I hear about morning sickness.”
“You’re pregnant?” Cindy chuckled. “I know we’re always talking about letting the guys knock us up when we’re fucking, but I can’t believe you actually did it.”
“Not just me, Cindy,” Janet said with a weak grin.
“Don’t tell me Sue’s pregnant too,” Cindy said.
“Not Sue,” Janet said with a shake of her head, “at least not that I’ve noticed.”
“You can’t mean . . .” before she could finish what she was going to say Cindy felt her stomach gave a sudden lurch and she had just enough time to lean over the sink before she lost what little she had in her stomach.
“I told you,” Janet said with a weak smile as Cindy washed out her mouth.
“That wasn’t morning sickness,” Cindy snapped as she looked at her reflection and the way her freckles stood out against her pale skin. “That was just a gag reaction from watching you throw up.”
“If it was a gag reaction you would have thrown up at the same time I did,” Janet pointed out. “You had a good minute or more after I finished tossing my cookies before you lost yours. Besides, I’ve noticed other things too.”
“Like what,” Cindy challenged.
“I couldn’t help but notice the way you were checking out your tits when I came in here, don’t you know that tits grow when you’re pregnant - and they start growing early in the pregnancy too.”
“Come on, that’s just natural breast growth,” Cindy said with a wave of her hand. “I’m a year older than you and my tits are still flat, it’s about time they start growing.”
“Ok,” Janet said with a weak swallow, “but here’s something I bet you can’t excuse. I know the last two weeks were really hectic with the accident and the funeral and then moving back to our own house, but I missed my period two weeks ago, and I didn’t notice you using any tampons either.”
“You’re right,” Cindy said, trying to find a way to excuse her missed period.
“And I bet you’re tired all the time too,” Janet finished.
“Well what do you expect,” Cindy said, “two nights out of three I’m fucking someone’s cock off. Of course I’m going to be tired when I’m only fucking one night out of three.”
“Cindy,” Janet said with an exasperated sigh, “we still sleep when we spend the night with Steve and Dave. If you still have your doubts there is one way to prove or disprove our pregnancies.”
“And what’s that,” Cindy demanded.
“This,” Janet said, pulling open a drawer under the sink and removing two pregnancy tests. “I’ll go first and then you and we’ll compare the results when we’re done.”
As they waited for the results of their pregnancy tests Janet kept looking at her sister until Cindy finally had to say something. “What’s on your mind Janet?”
“I was just thinking that ever since we made the move back to our own house you’ve turned into a bit of a prude,” Janet said with a twist of her lips.
“What are you talking about?” Cindy asked in surprise. “I’ve been fucking more in the last two weeks than I did since Steve popped my cherry.”
“That’s true,” Janet admitted, “but I’ve noticed that you haven’t eaten my pussy in the last two weeks - Susan’s either for that matter. On top of that the idea of getting knocked up use to make you so horny you couldn’t wait to fuck again. But now when it looks like you may actually be pregnant you keep trying to deny the possibility.”
“You know, you’re right,” Cindy said after thinking about it for a few seconds. “I guess the shock of mom and dad’s death and moving back home made me slip back toward my old life style. Any idea how I can break myself out of my prudish habits?”
“I have one idea,” Janet said with a grin. “Start thinking about what you’re going to do with that baby in your belly when it’s old enough. Think of the way you’re going to teach it all about sex and if it’s a girl you’ll help her father pop her cherry when she’s old enough and you can watch your grandchild growing in her belly while you eat her cunt. And if it’s a boy just think of how much fun you’ll have fucking him until he knocks you up with your own grandchild growing in your belly.”
“Oh God,” Cindy groaned as she closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like fucking her own son and carrying her own grandchild. Just thinking about it was enough to make her cunt wet and she reached down to scratch the itch in her fuck tunnel.
“Now that’s the Cindy I’ve missed for the last two weeks,” Janet said as she reached down to stroke her sister’s red furred slit. “And it looks like I have a positive result on my pregnancy test, what about you?”
Cindy opened her eyes to check her pregnancy test and gave Janet a broad grin as she said, “It’s positive!”
“Good, let’s tell the others the good news,” Janet said as she tried to take her finger out of Cindy’s pussy.
“That can wait,” Cindy said, “now that I realize how much I’ve been ignoring that tight little cunt of yours I want to celebrate by eating you out while you do the same for me. And since we’re in the bathroom maybe we should take a shower while we’re in here.”
“Sounds like a plan,” Janet said as she set the stick from her pregnancy test down by the sink, “but lets make it quick so we can tell everyone the good news as soon as possible.”

* * * * * * * * * *
By the time Cindy and Janet finished their shower the rest of the family was in the kitchen where Susan was cooking at the stove and Dave and Steve were sitting at the table with their breakfasts. “Feeling better, Janet,” Steve asked, looking up from his math book. “The way you rushed out of the bedroom earlier you had me worried.”
“I’m a little better,” Janet admitted as she made her way over to Steve and pulled the morning newspaper out of his hands so she could show him the result of her pregnancy test. “But I may have to run to the bathroom a few more times before I really feel better. After all, it took Lizz and Debbie about a week before they felt better, and I’ve heard it can take a lot longer than that.”
“You’re pregnant?” Dave asked as Cindy walked up to him and showed him her own pregnancy test.
“We both are,” Cindy said as Dave pushed himself away from the table and she sat on his lap before he had a chance to get out of his chair. “And right now both of us need a good hard fuck, I hope the two of you are up to it.”
“I think I can manage a couple good hard fucks in celebration,” Dave said with a grin. “What about you dad?”
“If you can manage it I know I can,” Steve said as he pushed away from the table and helped guide his shaft into Janet’s tight dripping slit.
“You two are so lucky,” Susan said as she took the pan off the stove and turned the burner off before she tossed her apron to the floor so she was just as naked as everyone else in the room. “I was hoping dad would knock me up this month but I had my period right on schedule last week.”
“I’m sure you’ll do better this month,” Cindy said as Susan walked up and started playing with her new tits while the redhead fucked her brother.
“Actually I wanted to talk to the two of you about that,” Susan said. “Since you’re both pregnant would you mind if I had dad to myself for the next couple weeks?”
“I don’t mind,” Cindy said.
“Me either,” Janet said. “What about you Dave, think you can handle the two of us on your own?”
“Sure,” Dave said with a laugh as he slammed his cock deep into Cindy’s fuck tunnel. “In fact I wouldn’t mind taking on the two of you together once in a while.”
“Now you’re talking,” Cindy gasped as her first orgasm shot through her body and her cunt gripped Dave’s shaft in a death grip deep in her tunnel.
“Any idea who the fathers are?” Steve asked as Janet’s pussy released his shaft after her own orgasm.
“No,” Janet admitted, “it’s probably you or Dave, but it could be Chris or Pete since I fucked them toward the end of my fertile period. Personally I’m hoping Chris is the father, but I don’t really care that much.”
“What about you, Cindy?” Dave asked.
“Same for me I guess,” Cindy said with a sigh. “But I’m hoping you’re the father.”
“I didn’t know you felt that way about me,” Dave said as he felt his cock jump in Cindy’s red furred fuck tunnel.
“Neither did I until I realized the reason I hated your lifestyle so much was because I was so jealous that you were fucking other girls but not me. Now that you’re fucking me I don’t care who else you fuck as long as I’m one of the cunts you fuck.”
“You don’t have to worry about that,” Dave said, “as he slammed his cock as deep in Cindy’s fuck tunnel as he could as he shot her belly full of baby juice. “I intend to fuck and knock you up as often as I can.”


2009-03-26 19:34:56
"...if it’s a boy just think of how much fun you’ll have fucking him until he knocks you up with your own grandchild growing in your belly.”
“Oh God,” Cindy groaned as she closed her eyes and imagined what it would be like fucking her own son and carrying her own grandchild.

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don't give up I have read several of your stories and I think if you have not already done so you need to find a publisher..SOON you are great!! KEEP IT UP!!!


2007-12-30 19:56:28
fuck what they say. your stories are a perfect balance between sex and story. 10/10 from me as always


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More sex More fucking


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it was good, but not enough sex like the others

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