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I finally decided it was time to have a formal, studio portrait
done. You know, nice present for the parents type of thing. I
checked around and got the name of a studio that had a good
reputation for doing nice work. I made my appointment and then
fretted about what I was going to wear. I called the studio back
to see if they had any ideas, and was told not to worry, that they
had lots of props and costumes, and would help with the hair and
make-up. I could now relax, and get ready mentally to go to this

I arrived just a bit early, and very very nervous. Thomas, the
photographer met me in the waiting room, and offered me a glass of
wine to help me relax. The waiting room was strangely empty, and
there was no receptionist at the desk. Hmmmm, my suspicious mind
was just about to start firing off warning signals. Thomas led me
to a quiet sitting room, and started to talk about what I was
interested in.

As we talked, I noticed his big, soft brown eyes, the longish dark
brown hair, the slightly shaggy mustache, and the quiet, warm tones
in his voice. Between the wine and the good conversation, I was
beginning to relax and let my guard down. I had worn a white lacy
blouse that had millions of little buttons, and a soft flowing
flowered skirt that buttoned up the front. You know, the kind
where you can unbutton what you need to, or button them all up. I
had on dark stockings and spike heels. I hadn't worried about
doing my hair or make up special. My long dark brown hair was
freshly washed and hanging down below my shoulders in gentle waves.

My face was made up for normal street wear, nothing out of the
ordinary. After about ten more minutes of conversation, this
gorgeous guy leads me into the studio for lighting tests.

He sits me on the chair, and measures the light, making a few
adjustments to the lighting as he goes. He stops and looks me
right in the eye.

"You would look a lot more relaxed if you unbuttoned the top button
on your blouse..." he suggested. My blouse buttoned all the way up
to the neck, so I thought nothing about unbuttoning it. Thomas
took a couple of test shots, played with my hair, took a couple

"Maybe another button..." The second button is now open. He comes
over and gently spreads the collar open. "Hmmm, nice." I can
smell his cologne. My head is beginning to swim from the wine and
the cologne. I am beginning to get warm. All the while, Thomas is
moving around, taking test shots.

"Will you try one more button?" He looks at me long and hard. I
feel pretty good about him, so I undo one more. My blouse is now
undone to the top of my nude lace push-up bra. "Lovely, nice
cleavage," he murmurs as he takes more shots. "More wine?" I nod
in agreement as he brings my glass of White Zinfandel over. As he
comes up to me, he trips, spilling just a little wine down my
blouse. "Darn, you'll have to take that off. We must get it into
cold water right away or the stain will set in."

I remove the blouse, and sit shivering as he takes it into his
darkroom to soak. I am hoping he brings something back for me to

"That is such a lovely look. How about if we drop one strap..."
Thomas says as he comes back into the room. This bra is pretty
sheer, and my little pink nipples are standing at attention. He
comes over to arrange my hair and just grazes by the left nipple
with the back of his hand. A chill runs up my spine. This man is
drop-dead gorgeous, and he is playing with me. I allow him to
remove one strap and arrange it the way he wants. "Now, look right
at the camera, just as if you were looking right at me. Are you
comfortable with me? Do you want more? If these pictures go well,
I will pay you for this session, and maybe even more. Are you

"S-s-sure. What do you want me to do?"

"Just what you have been doing. You've been great at following my
directions. Now, drop the other strap, and cross your arms over
those breasts, cupping them..... yes, just like that." The lights
keep flashing, and my warning signals are being ignored. I start
warming up to this idea. Nobody has ever asked me to do anything
like this. Thomas is adorable, with a hard, lean body, and those
incredible brown eyes. Somehow I know this will be a session to
remember. "Wait, you still have some wine on your left breast...
here..." He leans over, and licks it off.

He steps back and takes a few more shots, then comes over. He
leans over me gently, and then reaches out and unbuttons my skirt
all the way. The wine and the relaxed atmosphere are working
because I am not resisting him at all any more. Seeing this, he
takes a couple of shots, comes back over, and undoes the last three
buttons, letting the skirt fall away. I can hear the sharp intake
of his breath. I have worn a nude lace thong to match my lace bra,
and a nude lace garter belt to hold up the black stockings.

"Now, stand up, and turn around slowly..... hmmmm, lovely..."
Flash. Flash. "Okay, love, put your arms behind your head, and
stretch." Flash. Flash. "Drop your arms, and look over this
way." Flash. Flash. "Now, come over to this chair, kneel down on
the seat, lean over the back, and arch your back. Push those sweet
breasts out at me." As I do this, my bra slips, and my right
breast is now totally exposed. "Great." Flash. Flash. Thomas
is moving around the room, taking pictures from all angles,
including the back, with the thong between my tight ass cheeks.

"Now, turn around and sit on the chair, and spread your legs
apart..." Flash. Flash. "Let's try a few with the bra off....
Offer your great big tits to me, that's it, cup them and show me
those hard pink nipples." My nipples hard, but apparently not hard
enough, because Thomas came over and began caressing them, taking
the nipples between his thumb and fingers and pinching. Then, he
bent down and kissed them before taking a step back for a close-up
of the wet excited tit. I noticed that I was beginning to get very,
very wet. "It's time to take that thong off...."

As I did, he kept taking picture after picture. I heard another
sharp intake of breath as he saw my shaved pussy. "You look so
virginal. Will you sit down on the chair again, lean back, and
open your legs wide.... Great.... Now, offer me those tits again...
Fantastic...." I'm leaning back, with my eyes closed and then I
suddenly feel his finger in my cunt. He pulls it out, and smears
all around my lips and tits with my juices before sticking his
finger in his own mouth. "Mmm, you taste wonderful."

As he says this, he gently leads me into another lit studio room,
this one with a huge heart-shaped bed, all draped in peach satin.
He positions me on the bed, opens my legs, and begins eating me.
I'm so hot and involved in what he is doing that I forget all about
the cameras - one still frame set up on a tripod and being released
by Thomas with a cable, and the other is a video camera, recording
everything. Thomas pauses long enough to remove his clothes. He
is delightfully lean and hard, with a smooth, well-muscled chest.
His cock now stands at attention, ready for a little release.

"Let's put a pillow under you....." as he raises my ass into the
air, exposing both my ass and cunt to the cool studio air. He's
playing with my tits with one hand, and reaches down and inserts
one finger into my hot cunt. "Oooh, you are so wet." Two fingers,
then three are exploring my hot cave. All the while, he is
nibbling and sucking on my clit. He soon has me begging for that
long hard cock of his when he leans back, and takes out another
camera. He pauses to adjust a light so that my dripping cunt is
now brightly lit. Then he begins taking extreme close-ups of my
hot wet cunt with my juices flowing. Putting the second camera
down, Thomas looks deep into my eyes as he leans over, and thrusts
into me with no warning. He is so huge I almost want to scream.
I start bucking back at him wildly, riding him, eagerly awaiting
every thrust. For me, it is all over in just a few moments. I
come in with a giant scream. Thomas waits for my spasms to
subside, pulls his cock out, and allows himself to cum all over my
tits. As he licks them clean, he murmurs, "Great session. Can you
come back again next Tuesday?"

"Sure, same time?"


2004-12-15 05:44:35
It was a great story. (you said it was fiction.)
I will be reading moreof your stoies
Iwill give it a 9/10


2004-06-01 16:00:30
Hot! Makes me wanna cumm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2004-05-02 21:41:41
As a photographer with 55 years in the business, this story does not ring of realism, Oh sure sex does happen, and a lot of other things... But not quite in this way... was a fun story though. Good for the wanna be....


2004-04-12 05:35:33
man that was soo hot..made me cum

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