Harry thought he had heard some Slytherins ploting something in the Quditch locker rooms. Now he wishes he had never looked.
Harry's eyes narrowed as he snuck into the locker rooms. It was the evening after the big match between Gryffindor and Slytherin, of which Gryffindor won do to a perfect dive from Harry. Malfoy had walked in not long before. The Gryffindor Golden boy knew something was up and followed his rivial.

As Harry got close he could hear soft whispers, russling of clothing, a slap, followed closely by a scream and... several moans. Harry blushed slightly and started to leave when he bumped into something, or raither someone, someone tall...

"Well, well, well, Harry Potter so we meet again..." Drawled out Luicus Malfoy.

Harry gapped in horror. No, no, no this can not be happening! These thought's ran through the third year's mind as Harry backed up from the older Malfoy only to find himself backing into another tall someone.

"Endeed, You never do know when to mind your own bloody business do you Potter..." Snape purred out over the sounds of sex. Wait a tick... Snape... purred....?! Harry almost whimpered. This was to much for the young seeker. Snape smirked seeing the young Potter's discomfort.

"Aww is wee ickle Harryikins still such the virgin..." Murmured another voice to Harry's left. The Gryffindor jumped and turned to see Blaise Zambi in all his glory. Harry gulped, of all the stupid moves Harry had made in his short life, following Draco Malfoy into the locker rooms had to top them all.

"L-look my mistake, l-let's just forget I was ever here, ok!" Harry stumbled out as he backed up against the wall. Lucius smirked as he slowly started to remove his clothing.

"Tsk, tsk, mister Potter, now where is that Gryffindor corrage you are just soo famous for hmm..." the older Malfoy drawled as he pinned Harry where he stood. Harry trembled a little seeing the lust in the older man's eyes.

"To be horribly honest, Mister Malfoy, I think I left it outside..." was Harry's weak reply. Lame Potter, really lame... Several of the surrounding Slytherins laughed.

"You know Potter... I think I know a way for us to... forget..." Snape leared. Luicus chuckled as he ripped away Harry's shirt causing the younger boy to gasp. Draco smirked, appearing suddenly next to his father, naked as a jay bird.

"This should be interesting... Potter lossing his virginity to Slytherin..." the blonde boy sniggered and then caught the now wide eyed Gryffindor in a domaneering kiss. Harry moaned and whimpered feeling as though his lips would bruise. The other Slytherins cheered as Snape pulled Draco back.

"Tell anyone, Potter and you'll lose one houndred house points from Gryffindor and... a detention with me... for the rest of the year..." Harry shivered then gasped as Snape grinded his lower half into his.

The Slytherins jeered again as the potions master's nimble fingers tore away Potter's trousers to reveil the boy's well indowed half hardened cock. Snape then pulled Harry into another burising kiss forcing a feral moan from the small boy. Malfoy Sr. grinned as his long pale fingers snaked their way behind Harry and teased the boy's small virgin hole.

Harry gasped. arching forward to get way from those fingers, only to have another Slytherin wrap his mouth around Harry's cock and Snape's tounge to dart into his mouth. Without thinking Harry moaned out.

Draco laughed. " Didn't know our little golden boy swung that way!" Harry didn't think so either. Though, in fact, the Gryffindor hadn't really thought of sex, or having a lover, just surviving another year. These confusing thoughts were interupted as he felt a long spidery finger push into his virgin hole.

Harry screamed into Snape's kiss. Snape smiled and pulled away. "My, my, you really are a virgin aren't you Potter..." Snape sneered. The potions master pulled out his wand and spelled the Gryffindor's arms above his head.Harry trembled looking up at the nearest Slytherin, which happened to be Draco Malfoy, in pure, unadultered terror.

"Please... please don't do this... I'll do what ever you want, Just please..." Harry winced at how broken he sounded now. Emotions flickered over Draco's face but toward back to lust as Harry cried out when another finger slid into him. Harry shivered as the other boy's mouth, Blaise's as it happened to be, left his now hard and wanton cock.

"To late Potter..." Malfoy Sr growled as he sciorred his fingers deep with in the boy. Luicus knew he was going to enjoy watching this as he draged another moan from the small Gryffindor. Luicus smirked and motioned for Crabbe and Goyle to come forward. With promiscuous grins on their faces the boys steped forward and lifted Harry's legs exposing his small entrance to the rest of the group.Snape sneared and pushed Draco forward.

For the first time since the Malfoy heir had known him Harry looked helpless.

"Don't do this, Merlin please...ARGHH!" Harry cried out as Snape's mouth attached on of his now highly sensitive nipples. Draco bit his lip, his condom covered cock pointed for Harry's unwilling hole.

" Wait ,Draco..." Lucius purred out before ripping the condom from his son's needy cock. Draco gasped in horror looking at his father. Lucius smirked lightly.

"Take him Draco..."

Harry struggled a little but Snape smacked him hard across the face making the younger Malfoy flinch. The potions master glared at his godson.

"Either you take him first or I will!" Lucius growled. Another spell was cast, though no one was really sure where form, forcing Harry to watch. Draco went up to the trembling Gryffindor. He leaned against Harry's ear. "Forgive me..." Draco whispered as he forced his cock into the golden boy ripping away his virginity.

Harry screamed but it was soon blocked by a passionate kiss from Zambi. Draco moaned at how tight the boy infront of him was and slowly started a rythem of thrusts into the boy wounder. Lucius licked his lips as he watched his son fuck the Boy-Who-Lived,reveiling in the fact that he got to watch the little thorn in his side get raped.

Soon, Harry felt hands all over his body, grooping his ass, jerking his cock, and foudling his nipples. The Gryffindor moaned at as he felt at least two... maybe three pairs of hands start to pleasure him.

Blaise pulled his mouth off of Harry's just to hear the boy cry out for more.

" MERLIN PLEASE... D-DEAR GOWD AH, AH, ARUGHHH!" Harry cried out as he cummed into one Slytherin's hand. Draco gasped feeling the golden boy's walls tighten around him and roared out his own release deep into Harry.

As Draco finished Snape pulled him back only to push his own cock in Potter's now used hole. Harry gasped and shuddered. Snape was a man, Thicker and longer then Draco's cock. Mercilessly the greasy haired potions master slammed into his pupil again and again. Harry's small body bounced limply no longer able nor willing to fight off his rapists. The boy in question moaned as Blaise started licking at his balls.

It wasn't long before Snape had moaned out his release into the boy and was replaced by Lucius, who could no longer sit oin the sidelines. His dick slid into Harry's now well used and slightly wanton hole.Lucius was no longer then Snape but deffenatly thicker. The older Malfoy smirked and cut Harry down pulling the boy to him. Lucius laid Harry out on the floor and slammed harder and harder into the small body without a second thought.

Harry grunted softly as the Lucius countined. Another Slytherin Harry didn't know leaned down and shoved his large dick into Harry's mouth.

"Bite it and you're dead Potter..." Someone growled as Lucius cried out and yet another cock was shoved into his brutalized ass. Harry whimpered softly as he started to suck on the cock in his mouth. He barely noticed more cum shoved into him as the boy over his head groaned.

It wasn't long before every Slytherin in the room hand been able to fuck or be sucked off by the Harry Potter. The spell on the Gryffindor's eyes and head lifted and Harry lay, his eyes closed, stuffed full of cum. As the door shut Harry relaxed thinking they were gone only to teanse up as he felt two sets of hands caress his battered body.

"Don't worry, Potter..." Draco murmured into the smaller boy's ear.

"We'll make it feel better..." Blaise finished around Harry's cock.

It was then that Harry knew, this night was far from over.

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