Written for zyzy in gratitude for her beautiful pictures.on the XNXX Forum
A bit of butt came passing by,
So smoothly round it caught my eye.
A wiggle here, a wiggle there,
So sexy was this lovely mare.

She filled those jeans out just so nice,
I thought this girl must have some spice.
She winked a clear: ‘Come over here’,
I went in thrall: in fear or cheer?

“Drop those jeans and turn around.”
Who said those words, who made that sound?
A kiss, lick and caress, for the right;
A kiss, lick and caress, for the left;
The same up the middle: a stifled groan.

“Drop yours now!” I knew the score,
Would it be less, would it be more?
A kiss, lick and caress for the right;
A kiss, lick and caress for the left;
The same up the middle: a sudden moan.

Gentle fingers inside her thighs,
My tongue kissing, licking.
Sucking her clit into my mouth,
Lips pulling it in: a sudden shiver.

A gentle cupping of my balls,
A kiss for my cock: a nuzzling nose.
An enquiring tongue, my foreskin parted,
Curious lips: accepting slowly.

A finger up and down her cunt,
Up and down, around: teasing.
A finger in, reaching up,
A spot found, a sudden jerk.

Not too long, not too wide,
Enough to swallow, not to choke.
Feelings incredible from her tongue,
Such marvellous skill in one so young!

An extra finger, wetter now,
Sucking, licking, her clit engorged.
In and out two fingers go,
Building, building to a peak.

Urgently pulling, in and out,
Grasping my balls, I groan deeply,
Her tongue around my cock,
Her teeth gently biting.

As her body begins to jerk,
I swipe a finger in her pussy.
She gasps; a finger in her ass,
And juices spurt freely into my mouth.

My balls draw back, a sudden throb.
My cock grows, her excitement too.
A moan from me, and several spurts,
Some swallowed, others savoured.

An exchange of tongues, our juices shared,
Beautiful flavours, a revelation.
A shared experience, a sudden gift,
Satisfied both; stunned elation.

Two people meeting, unknowing attraction,
Simple sex, but something deeper?
Zipping up, details shared,
A future or a just moment, who knows?

Hope you like.


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2008-11-21 10:13:51
it's o.k


2008-10-12 10:07:48

Anonymous readerReport

2008-05-16 03:33:38
I almost fell a sleep


2007-09-29 17:14:22
I wished people would stop submitting "poetry." It's anything but good poetry.


2007-09-26 18:30:30
Not bad ---- but not very good, either. Somewhere in between.

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