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this is a revised version i think will please much more than that crap i read about more poeple and food and dumb shit
the night had only grown to dusk when robbie and sarah and dani were all downstairs sitting in the kitchen . joe and ellen had just seen the three of them watching as joe pounded his cock into ellens pussy over the kitchen counter. startled by the shock of it all and the suprise of the events of the day ellen just told joe to order pizza that dinner was a hassle not needed tonight. joe in turn ordered the pizza and went to the table where robbie, dani,and sarah were all sitting. as he sat next to robbie he couldn't help but wonder how his son could coerse his sister and friend into being his slaves. so he asked," robbie how did all of this come about?" "well dad" said robbie, "i found dani's diary and had a plan for revenge and all i had to do was blackmail her into being my slutty slave." "dani" barked robbie from across the table, " yes master" replied dani. "come and show dad how good of a slut you can be " yes master " she replied. she went to her dad and started slowly rubbing his cock between her hands and soon her joe started to tity fuck her sarah started getting wet. " robbie" sarah called out. " thats master to you slut " yelled robbie sternly. "sorry master "sarah said pouting her full lips in his direction. "so master i want a hot mouthful of cum can you please give it to me?" Robbie being more than willing to oblige sat back with his now fully erect cock sitting just inches from her face. dani meanwhile had began taking joe's cock into her mouth all the way down to where his pubic hair was rubbing under her nose. the smell had her so excited she started going on his cock like a woman possessed. joe moaning and grunting was lound enough to drown out the sound of the doorbell ringing as the pizza was arriving. " get off my cock and answer the door slave " barked robbie as sarah unwillingly relased his girth from her vice like jaws to go answer the door. she was fully nude and had precum on her lips as she opened the door . instead of a normal pizza guy there stood a beatiful brunette girl that sarah recognized from school . it was her friend jennifer. "that'll be 24.50..........." jennifer trailed off finally realizing sarah was standing there nude. her mind raced as she wondered what the hell is going on in this house."jennifer why dont you go sit that pizza down on the table and i'll pay you." said sarah. jennifer looked on in shock as she soon saw dani attacking what could only be her fathers cock trying to suck it off his body it seemed.sarah and jennifer had been friend of dani's for years so she looked on in shock as she witnessed dani pulling her fathers cock out and letting it shoot all over her face load after load of hot cum dripping down from her eyebrows to her chin. " What the fuck are you doing?" exclaimed jennifer. "what my master ordered me to do " said dani as she licked the cum from her lips. "mast.....what?" asked jennifer looking even more puzzled than before. "well " said dani going into the events of what had happened with her brother the diary and the video. jennifer with a more curious look offered a smile to robbie that could only be described as seductive.sarah had resumed her place on robbies cock licking the shaft from the head to the hilt and begging him to grace her tongue with his sperm. robbie ordered dani to go get his camera from the bedroom and see how mom was doing then bring it to him. she ran up stairs and looked all over trying to find the object her master wanted.jennifer meanwhile had been grilling joe about the incest , why he was involved ,and how could he condone this.sarah took her lips off robbie's cock long enough to yell " you have always said you would fuck robbie anytime you had the chance so dont get all high and mighty on us." robbie asking if this was true told her that if she wanted to she must be his slave as well and that she could join dani and sarah on his cock whenever she wanted....

Jennifer was shocked but also turned on as she watched sarah drain robbie of all his sperm and swallow every last drop down. "so jennifer you have wanted to feel my cock for sometime then?" asked robbie as he saw dani returning from the bedroom with the camera in hand. jennifer uneasily smiled as her face turned a deep red.dani walked to her and said " my master will be good to you as well look how happy we are" robbie yelled at dani from across the room, " slave take jennifer to your room and convince her a little. sarah you go too" the girls agreed and went up the stair almost draggin jennifer behind them. ellen was in the bathroom trying to get her head on staright. thinking to herself how could i have done those things my children my own children. then she started to feel a burning in her crotch thinkin of robbie's cock ravaging her body so greatly. she was tired so she called for joe and took him to bed. as they fell asleep robbie was in the kitchen realizing now he was in control of his household he wondered just how far things can get and how his slaves were going to do in convincing jennifer to join them...........

Meanwhile upstairs jennifer is sitting on dani's bed while sarah is talking to her. "you know robbie taste so good when he cums inside your throat " " at first i was against the idea until i saw dani going to work on him then i had to join in." " but wha..." jennifer tried to exclaim as dani pushed her to her back. as jennifer tried to protest she could only feel her sandals being taken off followed by a sensation that made her clit swell and soak through her jeans in obviouse but instant orgasm as sarah had slidden her tongue in between jennifers toes and was sucking them......

Descrition....jennifer is 5'7 109lbs long wavy brown hair almost black in parts..full pouty lips and long eyelashes. full c cup breat and long tan legs with slender feet and toes....

jennifer had a foot fetish she had shared with her friend s before but the feeling of sarahs cum covered tongue around her toes sucking them made her climaxx instantly. dani moved herself over jennifers mouth now gaping open after the orgasm brought on by sarahs toe sucking and shoved her hot dripping wet snatch into her mouth...jennifer was sex crazed and now lapping at dani's clit flicking her tongue over the swoolen girls pussy. sarah removed her jeans and left her laying in a t shirt and cum soaked thong .as jennifer ate dani's pussy hard sarah slid her thong down to reveal a shaven throbbing snatch dripping wet almost begging to be fucked. sarah dipped two fingers in jennifer as she let out a muffled moan through dani's pussy still dripping on her face." OOOOHHHHH FUCK JENN OOOOHH SHIT IM CUMMING" yelled dani as she ground her snatch in to jennifers mouth exploding in a furiouse orgasm that shook her to the core.sarah began feverishly fingering jenn as she thrust her hips down fucking herself on sarah's fingers.dani recovering from her own orgasm moved down to jennifers feet and started to caress and kiss her toes. as she slid her tongue down inbetween them jennifer shot up and screamed out in a furious orgasm beggin for them to get her a cock to fuck....

robbie came into the door holding his camera and laughing all while this was happening.jenn looked horrified as she saw the camera recording everything. if it wasnt for dani sucking her perfectly pedicured toes and sarah now licking and fungering her pussy she might have cried instead she look almost through the camera as she begged robbie to fuck her.robbie made his slaves stop asking jenn if she had cosidered his offer. " if you want my cock you'll become my new slave be my slut at beckon call and then the tape i just made of you will only be seen by my eyes." jenn was now rubbing her pussy sweat flowed from her brow as she agrred and begged robbie " please give me you huge cock i need it i want it i want your cum all over me" ..."master" she ended. robbie asked her about her fetish.she explained to him as he rubbed her soles and massaged her toes." i want a man to cum all over my feet and toes and watch me lick it off as she demonstrated by sucking her own toes. " master may i please rub your cock with my feet and eat your cum?" robbie stared wide eyed as he now had three beautiful women one of which his own sister that would do anything he desired just for his cock .....a smile crossed his face as he thought to himself this night just got better........

to be continued

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didn't read the first story, but, after this one I don't think I want this totally sucked

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G man you totally destroyed what you have built i am not sure your the same guy who wrote the first story!!!its Abig piece of shit!!so don't write again in your life

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