I had thought about female members of my family in a sexual way since I was quite young. I think I was about 12 when I stayed over at my aunts house, I woke on the couch to my 9 year old cousin sucking on my hard yet small cock. She sucked like a pro and fingered her tight hole as she sucked at the head of my cock. The next morning again I awoke to my cousin rubbing her bald tight pussy on my erect cock, I watched as my cock entered her virgin hole for the first time, for some reason I expected my aunt and uncle knew what was going on and at the time felt like we were being watched. Since then my cousin has come onto me several times, the last being the time I picked her up from the train station when she was visiting my mum, in the car she stroked my cock and commented on how much it had grown. Soon after leaving my mums house she was sucking and riding my full length and I was spunking inside her, her tits were hard and big and her pussy was bald and wet.

The story I would like to tell is the first time I had an older female relative.

I had been in hospital having a minor operation. I lived on my own and needed some help around the house. My mother, aunt and gran came over to help. I was lay in bed naked and as I heard the women enter my house I felt my cock groan for pussy. My mother was the first to enter the room, naked, tits on show, nipples hard and her pussy glistened in the light, she approached my bed, leant down and kissed me on the lips “hi Scott” she purred into my ear, stroking it with the tip of her tongue, as she spoke her hand entered her sons bed and she found her way to my now very hard cock, she stroked my cock with all the love she had, she pulled back my foreskin and the pre cum dripped off the tips of her fingers, she was working my cock like a pro and kissing my inner ear “I love you so much son I want to feel you inside me, I want you to show me how much you really love me” and with that she started to jerk my cock with real vigour. I had forgotten about my aunt and gran who had now entered my room, both were naked and my aunt was stroking her mother’s clit and lips, my gran’s eyes popped out as she saw my mum wanking me off for all she was worth and sucking hard on my neck and chest. My gran seemed to turn into a crazed animal, she walked to the bed. Knelt on all fours and placed the tip of my cock into her wet gaping mouth. My mother looked down and the sight of her own mother sucking her sons cock whilst she wanked me off seemed to give her an extra lift. My gran sucked from the tip of my shaft to the base, her rhythm was steady and she moaned as she sucked. My aunt climbed onto the bed and straddled my face, my mother played with her pussy as she lowered herself onto my eagerly awaiting tongue, I could smell the anticipation, her musky cunt reached it’s target and my tongue lapped at the taboo cunt that now filled my face, as I lapped up her sweet and salty juices I saw my mother join my gran, they both took turns on sucking my 9 inch tool, my mother wanked me into her mothers mouth then my gran would take the shaft into her hands and slowly wank me into my mothers wanting mouth..i started to buckle my hips and face fuck my own mother… “oh mummy” I heard myself whimper…this seemed to get my aunt off, she wriggled on my face until I felt an explosion inside her and her sex juices flooded out and into my mouth, I drank her cum and sucked for all I was worth….she shook with delight and on finishing she stood up….she watched as the two other women continued to take turns on my cock… “who’s going on it first” said my aunt “I think we should go in age order” said my gran who by now had lust in her sexy ageing eyes “ok” said mum, knowing she would have me last as her sister is a good 10 years older. My gran stood up, licked at her lips and got up on to the bed, she lay on her back “come on Scott, I love you and I want you, I want your cock inside me, I want to feel you” with that I lay between my granny’s legs, took hold of my cock and placed it at her pussys entrance, she felt my tip and pushed down on it, my entire cock was lost inside my mothers mother and I was loving it, she moaned as my cock stretched her and reached the top of her pussy, I fucked my granny hard, slow, I kissed her hard nipples and we kissed, our mouths opened for the first time and I French kissed her, it was the dirtiest kiss I had ever had, I sucked her tongue and she sucked mine, suddenly her body froze and she screamed “oh Scott I’m going to cum over my grandsons hard cock” with that her pussy exploded and her juices flowed down my cock onto my thighs, she squelched each time I entered her, her eyes were closed but her smile gave away her feelings, I took my cock out of her and lapped at her pussy, as I licked I felt my aunt take my cock in her hand and wank me, she lay next to her mother and they kissed gently, I positioned myself inside my aunties legs and entered her, “fuck me Scott” she yelled, she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me into her, her pussy was bigger but tight enough, she pushed her face into mine and we kissed, I felt something in my arse, I turned to see my mother licking my arse, she started to work it with her finger and soon I was fucking my aunties lovely cunt whilst my mum finger fucked my arse. My aunty was sure to come soon, she was screaming the house down, “fuck me, please fuck me Scott, please make me cum over your cock, please……oooooohhhhh she went quiet as her pussy gave all it had to give, I was soaked, she shuddered as the last of her orgasm flowed out, I pulled out slowly as my mum took her finger out of my bum and placed it in her mouth “now for mummy” said my mum, she lay on the bed with her legs spread wide, I knelt and lapped at her pussy, she was surely the most beautiful pussy I had tasted, I licked and sucked “oh son your making me cum already” with that she squirted her love juice down her sons throat, I was in heaven, I slid upwards until my cock started to enter my mummy’s hole, she wrapped her arms around my neck and we kissed, not like mother and son but like two lovers, embraced in more than just a fuck. We kissed and sucked, we whispered affectionate words and told each other how much we loved the other, I had never been in love with anyone so much as I was with my mum at that moment. I was home, where it had began those 37 years earlier. She felt, smelt and tasted divine. I felt her pussy grind my cock, she slid up and down making the entire length of my cock disappear inside her womb, she fucked me, kissed me and screamed my name “oh Scott fuck your mummy, fuck me until I cum over my sons cock, please make mummy cum”…and with that she shot her load over my cock, she buckled as my cock hardened “I’m gonna cum mum” with that she pushed me upwards and out, my gran and aunt both scrambled for position, my mum came towards my cock and took it in her hand, she wanked it slowly at first, my aunty and gran licked my head, all 3 took turns in giving it a suck…. “I’m cumming” I shouted, with that all 3 women placed their heads together and with smiling faces “cum Scott” “cum for your granny” “cum for mummy, oh cum for mummy” my pre cum was over all their faces, “cum Scott, shoot your spunk, cum for mummy” with that I shot, the first jet spraying my mums lips and half my granny’s face, the second entered my aunties mouth and her tongue lapped at her lips, my mum licked her sons seed off her mothers face, her sister dribbling my spunk over her chin and fingers, placing them into my mothers eagerly waiting mouth, she sucked my cum off her sisters fingers then tongue swapped it with her own mother, I was in heaven, my spunk seemed to shoot forever, by the time I had finished the 3 of them were coated with hot sticky cum, they kissed each others faces and swapped cum, their tongues joined together, then one by one sucked the full length of my cock until it was clean of our juices…the 3 of us got into my bed and we snuggled together…during the night I felt my cock being tugged, stroked, kissed, licked and fucked…I must of cum at least 6 times that night and my 3 female relatives must have each doubled that of my own.

That was 3 weeks ago now and I have met each of them since but I’ll tell you about that another time.

This is my fist story. Let me know what you think. Lucy x

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