I would just like to say these are true events and i loved every minute of it
When i was young i was always into girls, but when ever i watched porno, i always got hard over the males cock being penertrated into the girls hot wet cunt or asshole.

i Started looking and downloading more and more gay porn and watch hot sweaty men fuck each other and suck each others cocks,Thats what i was more interested in....sucking cock.

i was at the movies one day watching that adam sandler movie click with my best buddy, mike, i was fantasising about mike taking off his boxers and letting me suck on his hugggeeee cock, i had seen it before in the school showers. i began to get a hard on and told him i'd be back, i ran to the bathrooms, where i sat in a cubicle and began to wank off my hard 8 inches of meat. after 15 minutes the door opened and at the same time i cummed.i heard a voice saying hey is that you.IT WAS MIKE. he opened the door to see me with my underwear down with a hard on and white sperm all over my hand. he walked in and sat on the floor, he started to toss off aswell. he was asking me what i was tossing off on, i jus said a girl from school, and he said my mom, we always used to joke around saying we would fuck each others moms. he then cummed but a bit hit my face, i wiped it off and he then dared me to lick it off, he said if i did, he would nt tell anyone.i licked it and accidently said tasty. at that moment he stood up and shoved his cock in my mouth, and he quickly said "if you dont suck ill tell everyone at school you did anyway". i had no choice but i began sucking his dick, and i did for 30 minutes when he cummed in my mouth i swallowed it wholee, it tasted like heavan. we went over to kfc afterwards and we couldnt stop smiling at each other, he then said he wanted another blowjob and i didnt hesitate that time, i followed him right into the restrooms. he told me to go in the cubicle and take off all my clothes and i did straight away, while i was undressing he was getting loads of soap for some odd reason. when he entered the cubicle he told me to bend over and then he lubricated my asshole, i was estatic he was gonna fuck me.

he then was acting like i was his bitch and he said"hold on baby" and i replyed dont worry babe, you can fuck me as hard as you like". and he did, he shoved his cock in me so hard i screamed, then he jus did it over and over again, i was loving it. then he shoved his cock so far i felt a major pop....[/b]he popped my cherry[b] he said im gonna cum and i dropped to my knees and took his cum down my throat.

as we were walking home, he asked me how long i like cock, and i told him not long, then while we were in a alley way, he shoved me up a wall and kissed me passionatly, i felt his tongue touch mine, and i grabbed his cock and massged it. he then grabbed my ass and told me bye, i replyed and ran home to toss my self off.

when i got back to school i got a text saying come to the bathroom frm mike, i rushed there to find his friend there saying suck me off. i jus re-acted like the other day and began sucking his cock, he cummed in my mouth and i tasted the salty goodness hit the back of my throat.

Soon over the years i had sucked nearly everyboy in my school off, and i didnt mind that everybody knew that i was gay. it was the last day of school and mike told me that nobody was gonna be around his house that day so he could give me a leaving present.

i came to his house prepared i had lube, when i walked in he was standing there with his 10 incher high in the air i dropped and began sucking, i was sucking faster than ever and then he came. all in the mouth but i made sure i swallowed it all. then as i walked in his lounge i saw another boy with his cock in the air, i couldnt resist and began sucking, as i was sucking mike grabbed my juicy ass and began fucking me. it was a 3some, and i was their bitch. they both cummed in the and then switched. over and over again. all in alll they both fucked me and i sucked them off 15 times. at that time my asshole was hurting but i didnt stop. i rose to my feet and began sucking their nipples and kissing them.

my phone started ringin....9 O CLOCK AREDY....i rushed home never to forget that moment or the years i had.

since then iv had several boyfriends and still havent stopped my daily cock dosage, i usually cheat on my men with other men frm work....cheaky mee

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2010-07-22 11:48:26
It's not a cherry.
The first time always hurts sometimes.
He compared it to a cherry

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2009-08-17 15:58:23


2008-02-15 00:45:54
not true, guys dont have cherries and there is no possible way to suck off a guy 15 times in a night, learn how to write


2007-12-16 08:42:43
lol i doubt this is true


2007-07-01 00:47:52
It was a good attempt you need practice in writing however. I recommend you read more gay porno so you get more ideas of what gay sex is like. Keep practicing is my advice. Your bound to improve. The others are right men don't have cherries to pop.

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