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first time sex with friend
My Friend Ted

My gay relationships started three years ago.Then i was in the 9th grade.I had always
participated regularly in the soccer matches.So i had thin but athletic muscular body.
i had blue eyes,short curly hair and cheeks with dimples which attraccted many gals.
Even i had had some girlfriends,but this wasn't enough.I always felt awkward with
them;i needed something more.I felt the need of a boy partner in my life.It seemed like
i had found someone i wanted.It was Ted.

Ted was boy of great physique.He had a wellbuilt torso, brown eyes,muscular body
and straight blonde hair:everything were arranged in the most perfect way.He played
in the soccer tesm too.Ted was my neighbour,so we often went to each others'
houses.He did never looked like having any serious relationship with any gals.He just
changed relationships capriciously.However, he didn't seem to have any interest on
men.Yet i was obsessed with him. I tried to spend more time with him to deepen our
friendship and tried to know if he were really strictly straight.

So, one day when my parents were supposed to be out for party for late night,i
finished the soccer game and invited him to my home.He agreed to come.We moved
to my room and he sat before the computer.Just to test him and as i had sweated a
lot i put off my clothes and wrapped myself in my towel in front of him and headed to
the bathroom.I could see him embarassingly looking at me.Within a moment, i came
out and put off the towel and made myself completely naked.

As i was looking for my clothes on the chest, i noticed that Ted was having some
discomfort in sitting on the chair.He couldn't sit in the chair properly .He narrowed
down his astrided legs and stared stealthily at me.The erection of his dick was very
evident.I was very happy that my body and 7" dick had some effect on him.

"What are you trying to hide? Its okay,man.I can understand."I said eagerly.

"I don't know.I never felt this way before.Even i never thought to be excited by a
man's sight.Plz don't speak about it to anyone,i don't want to get embarassed
anymore", he replied embarassingly.

"Its okay I won't.Honestly speaking, i should be saying something to you.I don't
know how will you take it,but this is serious.For several days,i have been feeling
very strongly and intensely about you.I feel like living with you, touching you and
even fucking you", i said with great courage and confidence.

"I don't know what to say, but i think i am also willing to fuck someone like you",
he said after thinking for sometime.

In the next moment, i stood just by him and i put my lips on his and kissed him
with an intense feeling.Neither he nor i took a pause in kissing each other.Gradually
i put my hand downwards on his dick.I could feel his rockhard thick dick in my hand.
Without any hesitation he tried to undress himself and i helped him.On removing the
clothes i saw his firm penis standing on his muscular body.His dick was at least 9'
tall after erection and had a mouthwatering shape and fragrance.The pink head of his
penis and the smell of it made me irresistible.I just grabbed his dick and took it in my
mouth that took them with warm welcome.

I tried to put all my effort to give him a perfect low job.At first I sucked the dick in and
out of my mouth quite slowly and then speeded up gradually.I found that he really
liked it as he showed his affirmation by the wild moaning.The pink head of his dick
hit each time the very end of my mouth which excited me even more.I licked his
dick like a hungry baby.Then the excitement became uncontrollable.I moved my
mouth and bend over.

"Fuck me.Hurry up,fuck me.",i said erotically.I bend over my knee on the bed and
with my thighs astride and projecting my asshole wide open.He didn't seem to feel
any hesitation amid such immense excitement.So he went ahead instantaneously
and moved his 9' dick inside my asshole.Firstly it hurted a lot, so he had to carry
the motion quite slowly. I could feel his thick firm dick striking the end of my ass
and his thighs striking my ass.The back and forth motion of Ted's dick gradually
diminished the pain and filled my body and soul with some wild erotic emotion that
persuaded me to speed up.

Maybe Ted felt in the same way. So he speeded himself up.I just moaned and
murmured,"Faster, faster man! Unh unh fuck me."Ted also kept the pace.After
fucking me for sometime, Ted began to move even faster and more vigourously.
"I am going to cum.", Ted said hysterically.I stopped him and moved my butt
away from him.I said furiously,"Take out your dick and cum on me." I was amazed
with what i was doing.I grabbed his dick in my hand and pushed his dick up and
down when hard erected penis ejected a stream of sperm on my chest and mouth.
I swallowed the sperm greedily.

In the course, my dick had also tormented the loneliness for long which Ted had
observed.To fullfil his avarice he grabbed my dick in his mouth and rigourously
blew my dick up and down.I could feel how amazing it is to have a blow job.His
blow job pumped my dick up and made it very hard as i also move to the point of
cumming.I couldn't resist myself and ejected the entire sperm in his mouth and
he swallowed it full confidence as if he were having bites of any yummy ham
burgur."I like it.Its yummy."Ted exclaimed.

Then we had a deep long never ending kiss that engraved the prelude of a new
chapter in my life. It was just the beginning of an eternal series of seduction and
love and friendship.That's all for today. I would talk about following incidents
some other day.

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2011-03-22 22:23:32
I have to either laugh or scream, the writing is so bad, and I've chosen to laugh. I think either you didn't pass elementary English classes and used a thesaurus to come up with big words that you didn't know how and when to use, or you're from a non-English-speaking country and you used some lame online translation tool like google translator that is known for not translating into conversational language...I know because I had a German-speaking friend tell me that when I would send him stuff thinking I was being helpful, the German came back so bad that he was laughing. Interesting story, however, if you can read past all of the mistakes.

Anonymous readerReport

2008-07-08 18:00:01
What the fuck I can hardly understand your ass, if your going to write it read it b4 you put it out there for other to read. Other from that it was ok bit lame but ok


2007-11-13 00:10:22
i can kind of tell that english isnt your first language. But anyways very good story


2007-10-17 09:07:41


2007-06-03 12:08:01
Dude.... sooooo many fucking mistakes....

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