"He" and "she" let you use your imagination. She was correcting papers when startled by an intruder...
You asked for it

She had been working late that night on papers, typing up notes for her students based on the errors she encountered correcting their papers. She sat up in bed, topless, naked below the covers. She planned to go to sleep after this. When she put things off, she would multitask, working until she couldn’t stay awake anymore and had satisfied having completed enough work for the day.

She wanted her students to learn, so she made them work. She really tried hard to make the subjects come alive for students, so that the material would relate to their personal lives, but she couldn’t please them all.

She jolted as she heard the sound of her front door open upstairs; she lived in an upside down house. She froze, and cursed her town, and herself for boasting her town’s safety, never having to lock anything. Her bedroom had French doors that opened up to the yard behind her house.

Her mind quickly ran through the people who could have come through her door without knocking, but there was no one who came to mind. Her two best friends had left yesterday on a road trip. Her uncle, who lived in the next town, was on vacation. Her friends knew to just come on in, and say hello if she wasn’t in sight, but she could feel this wasn’t a familiar person. She heard the door quietly shut behind whoever it was.

She wondered if it would be a better use of time to move slowly and silently, or fast and loud instead. She tried quietly to extricate herself from her computer and papers.
It was useless; the intruder heard her, and she heard him, she presumed the intruder was a him, dash. She scrambled as well. Her laptop fell to the floor with a crash. Damn, she thought, and then cursed herself for her stupid priorities in the given situation. Her heart raced, almost drowning out any other sounds. She could just make out the sounds of the steps coming down her circular stairway. She was stuck in a flight or fight moment.

She ran for the door and wondered where she would go from there.
She biked regularly, to get from place to place. The days were numbered before school vacation, and the weather was warm enough to allow almost daily outdoor activity. She was fit, but was she fit enough?

The moments flew by. She grabbed her door handle, threw the door open, and ran into the dark night, naked. The cool air gave her skin immediate goose bumps, but not for long. She’d heard her assailant not far behind her, and though she was quick, not quick enough. A hand grabbed her hair, and yanked her back toward her bedroom.

She let out a cry of frustration, “Shit.”

She was thrust back into her room. Though she was fit, she was no match for her attacker. He threw her back toward her four-poster bed. She was stunned to see his face in the mirror opposite the doorway.

It was a student from her most challenging class. He played several sports; she couldn’t remember which ones. He had the physical advantage. She was strong, but he was stronger. She remembered the day she’d been using the gym, and had admired the strength of her student across the weight room. She was struggling to remember his name; names were never her strong suit.

He was a senior. He was struggling to pass her class, but was generally quiet. She couldn’t remember much more than that.

He pinned her down, grabbing her skinny wrists, as she thrived and lashed, hoping to find some break in the action to escape. She knew it was true, but she didn’t want to concede to his overpowering strength. Just to reinforce his strength, he pushed his weight against her, and she felt her muscles work that much harder under his weight to breathe.

“Teacher, now it’s your turn for a lesson,” he whispered into her ear. He reached down to a pocket in his denim cargo pants and pulled out four nylon ropes.

The papers fell to the floor, as he brushed them aside, and calmly, but quickly tied her wrists together. Though she’d struggled to keep her legs shut, he’d managed to wedge himself between them, and she could feel his hard cock pushing though his jeans against her flesh.

Even if she screamed, her house was remote enough for it to go unnoticed. Nonetheless, in the heat of the attack, she cried out. She was scared. She was being forced against her will onto her own bed. “Stop!”

“Or what?” he whispered back.

He was handsome. She was trying to place where the rage was coming from, wondering if she could outsmart it.

With a swift movement, she was back where she’d started, except now her bed was clear of clutter. Her head was back on her pillow. This boy’s strength had swept her body to rest, straddling her at the waist, leaving only her legs free. She wouldn’t go down easy, but she was down.

She wriggled beneath him, and got nowhere. He grabbed two more ropes, and attached them so that he could fasten the rope around her wrists, now above her head, to either post on the left and right. He seemed to know how to tie knots with ease and skill. He was calm and methodological.

At this point, she had to concede defeat to her student, but she still didn’t want to give in. She got a slap across the face, and then a hard bite onto one of her nipples. It was on the cusp of being unbearable, and yet there was some relief in having lost control for her. She didn’t understand. Tears fell left and right down below her temples.

He let out a sigh of satisfaction and carnal pleasure.

“You just look so irresistible,” he said.

Even if she fought back now, it could only create greater repercussions.
He slowly slid his lips down from her nipple to her stomach, to her thigh, to her knee. He stopped there, and then moved to her inner thigh. She trembled in anticipation. Her lower body had ceased to resist. He was going to take his time. She could feel his breath between her legs, and it surprised her that she was getting wet.
He slowly, and softly slid his tongue between her thigh and her outer lips on one side, and then the other. He backed up, stood up before her, and started to undress, revealing his throbbing cock, which was rock hard.

He crawled back onto the bed. He returned to her pussy, and carefully and firmly grabbed her clit between his thumb and his index and middle finger. He started licking it quickly and rhythmically. She squealed in disbelief; he was good. She moaned, betraying her own will.

“I know you want me to pound you so hard, until you feel like you will explode,” he said. His comment made her even more aroused, but she remained defiantly silent.
He crawled up so that the head of his cock brushed against her lips. With one hand, he reached back, to rub her clit, and with the other, guided his dick across her lips, softly, back and forth.

“Oh yeah baby, that’s just how daddy likes it,” he said. She already felt degraded, but he was bringing it to another level. He did have the authoritarian, dominating role.

He slowly slid back down her, letting his dick caress her tits, which were erect, and dabbed them with his pre come. At that point, her legs were pressed together. She clenched them tighter as he got down lower. He repositioned himself, and though she resisted with all her might, he pried them open with a fair amount of ease, and slid his legs between hers to keep them open.

She feared this next part with great trepidation. She hadn’t been penetrated in a long time, but she was wet and ready, and he could feel it, as he probed her outsides with a finger.

His dick had remained hard this whole time, as he was obviously excited by the whole situation. Then the moment approached, which she had feared most. He brought the head of his penis to her opening, only fumbling slightly. She wondered where he’d gotten such experience, but only briefly.

She could feel him resting his head just outside her entrance. He pushed in just a small bit, and then pulled back. So it seemed, he was going to take his time.
“Hot damn, you feel so nice and tight, how long has it been?” he asked. She was caught at a loss for words. “Now teach, that don’t seem like you, nothing to say,” he said, but she still remained speechless, though not unvocal.

He pushed in a little further this time. She felt stretched. He continued to take his time, in just a little bit further than the time before, and then out for what seemed like just a little too long. She almost couldn’t stand it, and wished he would just do his thing and be done.

Then, after what had seemed to be many long moments of deep, and then deeper, slow thrusts, he started to move faster. His full length filled her, and it was deep, and sweet. First he pumped her slowly, in and out, making sure he went fully from his tip coming almost completely out, to thrusting her up against her headboard.
He could feel the walls of her vaginal canal pulsating. He started pounding her like a beast that couldn’t be controlled. She cried out in a desire to resist, and then in ecstasy as her plateau came to a full climax. She was entirely defeated, and he wasn’t finished. He kept pounding away, hard and fast.

He moaned, “God damn! You’re daddy’s little slut.” She blushed in shame, but she couldn’t hide her come. She oozed, and only helped along his thrusts.
She wanted to push her legs together as tight as she could, but a buff senior blocked her. She again plateaued. He moaned in pleasure.

“This is so good,” he told her. Her muscles were throbbing around his cock until they sputtered out into a second orgasm. He couldn’t take it anymore, and out came loads of come into her womb.

“Oh yes!” he cried out. She could feel his member throbbing with her. He thrust hard, and held himself pushed in as deep as he would go as he let go of his final release, until he lowered himself onto her body. They both breathed hard in exhaustion.

She couldn’t help but think to herself, “That was good.” She wondered, how will I grade him now?

They were silent, except for their subsiding, heavy breathing. He had given her what, deep down inside she had desperately been craving, sexual release. She felt she could only give him what he wanted, better grades she guessed.

He then pulled out of her. She watched, as he slowly went to get dressed, putting back his pants, shirt, socks, tying his laces. He reached up above her head and loosened the ropes.

“You’ll be able to get out of these with some work, but not immediately; you always did like to make us work,” he said. He looked at her with the look of a young boy knowing he’d done something he shouldn’t have, and knowing he had also gathered great pleasure from it, and left.

She’d have to pick up a Plan B tomorrow from the pharmacy, but his grades would get better.

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