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Camp Happy Landing

Part 1
When I was a lad, our family joined up with a number of other families and rented a boy's camp for two weeks in August, after the camp had closed for the summer. We called it "Camp Happy Landing" - a silly name, but fun. Our family started going when I was about 9 and by the time I was 16 I had known most of the other kids for years, although in some cases I only saw them for a couple of weeks a year. We knew all the other kids and adults, but we rarely if ever saw them outside of the camp. This once-a-year pattern made the whole camp seem a little dreamlike. It made everyone in the camp relax even more than they might normally do.
The camp consisted of about 15 cabins scattered about, 20-30 yards apart, in a ponderosa pine grove on a bluff overlooking a tributary of the Feather River. Each of the parents had a cabin of their own and the kids were parceled into the remaining cabins, teenage girls in one, teenage boys in another and so on. There was a communal lodge as well as a men and women's restroom with showers – though hot water was always a little short.
Naturally, over the years I had grown a lot - from a whiney little kid who delighted in playing hearts and Ping-Pong to a typical teenage boy fascinated with the opposite sex. And there were some very attractive girls at the camp. Those girls that had been gawky and icky when I was younger had developed into some very fine foxes that sent my adolescent thoughts into a tailspin sometimes at the beach.
There were three that were particularly attractive: Donna, Millie, and Suzy. Donna was very tall. Her father was almost 7 feet tall and even at 17 she was 6' 1", overtopping my 16-year-old height by three inches. Her legs were long and trim, her ass a curvy delight. She had large breasts, but on her they didn't seem over-large. Her hair was long and brown and her eyes were very dark brown as well. She had a great sense of humor and no fear of anything.
Millie was very curvy, maybe 5' 5", not overweight, but every part of her seemed curved. She had the best set of tits in the camp, complete with some fine looking nipples when she came out of the cold creek water. She was relatively quiet, but I knew she could be fiery and impetuous when she want to be. Like Donna, she was 17, a year older than I.
Suzy was in many ways my favorite. She and I were the same ages, 16, and had been buddies since we were 9. Now that we were 16 and interested in the opposite sex, our relationship had changed somewhat. We were still buddies, but we couldn't sometimes figure out if we should be just friends or more than friends. We had "shown each other our stuff" when were younger and still laughed about that. The previous summer we had flirted with each other and even kissed and fondled each other, though we both had been a little relieved at the end of camp. She was a little shorter than Millie was and less curved, but had a nice pair of breasts and a slim tanned body that called out for touching. Her blond hair set off her bright blue eyes and quick smile.
But this year seemed different. The girls were positively sexy and I even got the impression that they thought that I was sexy too. Sometimes their conversation altered when I came by and they giggled and gave me the long eye. To tell the truth, I fantasized about their naked bodies and when I heard them in the women's shower room I sometimes had to move quickly to cover my rapidly developing hard-on.
During the evening, the adults would sit around a play bridge and other card games while they drank and yakked. We kids would sometimes go into the nearby town for a movie or just hang out and yak. As we got older our entertainment got a little wilder. When we approached teenager-hood we developed the habit of telling each other dirty jokes, each struggling to come up with the funniest and/or raunchiest. The previous summer both Donna and I had brought up a few joints and we had all surreptitiously smoked them down near the creek at night, which led to some subsequent heavy ice cream consumption back at the camp as well as a some pretty wild joke sessions. This summer I had brought up a nice lid of some really fine Panama Red.
On the third night the three girls and I snuck down to the creek and smoked a very nice joint. The other teenage girl and guy were too straight to participate, so they stayed back at the lodge to play hearts, for crissake. Afterwards, it was getting pretty cool, the camp being at about 5000', so we giggled our way back to the lodge and had some ice cream. Then the girls headed back to their cabin. There were about 15 cabins, each holding four people although the girls only had three in theirs. I had to share mine with two younger boys and a straight-arrow dud my own age.
The next night we went in to the town to a movie and afterwards hung out at the lodge for a while, then Donna gave me a nudge and whispered that she and her cabin-mates were going back to their cabin to "smoke something". Did I want to come? Sure did, so a couple minutes after they said goodnight I left the lodge and circuitously made my way to the girl's cabin. I found them sitting on the porch of the cabin, which was actually just a very broad pair of steps in front of the door. Donna and Millie were sitting on either side of the door, leaning against the cabin, while Suzie was sitting on the lower step. I sat down between Donna and Millie. Donna quickly produced a joint and lit it. We quietly smoked it and it tasted so fine! After we finished we sat there staring at the sky, which was ablaze with stars.
Unfortunately, it was also getting chilly. I was wearing a down vest, but the girls were just wearing sweatshirts. Donna said, "Ooh, the stars look great, but it's chilly out here." And then she scooted over against me and stuck her arm under my vest. "Oh, but you're nice and toasty!" Millie laughed and scooted over too and did the same thing. I now had two attractive girls snuggling against me with their hands and arms under my vest.
"Well," I said, slightly nervously "Make yourselves at home, why don't you?"
"Oh, I knew you wouldn't mind!" laughed Donna.
"Hey, how come I'm left out of the fun?" asked Suzie, and she slid back on the step and leaned back with her back between my legs and ended up with her head leaning against my stomach.
"Well, this is certainly warmer," I laughed. Not only was it warmer, it was rather exciting. I could smell the faint soap and shampoo of the girls. I could also feel Donna's breast nudging my arm. If they didn't stop wriggling around, I might start getting a hard-on and that could get embarrassing!
"Don't complain", giggled Millie, "I bet you're loving it. How many boys get 3 gorgeous chicks snuggling with him?"
"I'll bet he's loving it," chuckled Donna, "I'll bet he's getting a hard-on, aren't you?" Fact was, by this time, Donna and Millie had snuggled inside my arms, so that my arms were effectively on their shoulders and I was getting a hard-on, but I didn't want them knowing that. But then I suddenly felt Donna's hand sliding across my stomach slowly, then sliding down.
"Hey!" I exclaimed. "What are you doing? Stop that!"
Donna laughed and replied impishly "Oh, just a little research." And then her hand slid down onto my stiffening cock and gave it a testing squeeze.
"Oh yeah!" exclaimed Donna. "He's hard!"
"Really?" queried Millie. And then before I could do anything I felt HER hand slide over and give my cock a squeeze. By this time I was hard as a rock - these girls were crazy!
"Is he really?", asked Suzie as she sat up and half-turned. "Why you randy stud!" And SHE put her hand on my crotch and squeezed. Jesus Christ! I struggled to get up and Donna laughed and put a restraining hand on my chest.
"Relax, big fella. We're not going to rape you! Though... ", she murmured. "From the feel it might be fun!" And she reached down gave it another squeeze and leaned over and kissed me on the lips, her tongue flicking between my lips, soft and warm. Well, it was exciting, but I was rather startled too, and I struggled to get up. They laughed and got up too. Over in the camp compound some adults appeared, walking home from the lodge and it was clearly time to go.
"Goodnight stud", chuckled Donna and Millie as they tuned towards the door.
"Good night", I husked out, still rather off-balance.
Then Suzie stepped close to me and said softly. "Good night stud", and turned her face up and kissed me. As she did so she pressed close and I felt her breasts pressing against me and again I felt her hand on my crotch, sliding up and down on the outside of my jeans. Our tongues were warm and soft. My turn, I thought, and brought my hand up and cupped her right breast, rolling my thumb across the tip where I could feel the nipple harden. She sighed, then leaned back, her eyes sparkling in the starlight and gave my hard-on one last squeeze.
"Night stud, see you tomorrow..." she whispered and turned into the cabin. As I walked away, my cock throbbing, I could hear them giggling in the cabin. Wow!
The next morning, I was still shaking my head, unable to believe that it hadn't been a dream. But when I got to the communal breakfast, Donna and Millie had slept in but Suzie was there and winked at me, her gaze dropping briefly to my crotch. Jesus! What was with these women? Most of the rest of the day I didn't see any of them. I went on a hike with some of the other people in the camp and it wasn't 'til mid-afternoon that I ran into Suzy, Donna and Millie again.
We had gotten back from the hike and we were all rather hot, so we trooped down to the creek for a swim. The creek was a tributary of the Feather River and was a fairly large stream where it went by the camp. At the camp "beach" it was about 50 feet wide and 6 or 8 feet deep, flowing slowly before it went into the rapids downstream.
The rapids were not dangerous, but were a lot of fun to shoot on inner tubes. Upstream from the "beach" was an even deeper swimming hole with a rope swing on a tree and a small, steep cliff about 20 feet high one could jump off into the deeper water (maybe 15 feet). This area was about 100 yards upstream from the beach where the adults hung out.
Due to its distance from the adults and the deeper water, which kept away the small fry, the teenagers preferred it. Also near the adult's beach was the "raft", which consisted of two 4x8 sheets of plywood nailed to 2x10 boards and floated on some 55 gallon drums. The result was an 8x8 foot raft that was reasonable stable and nice to swim to and hang out on. There were usually a couple of towels lying on it to keep the splinters at bay.
When I got to the teen's area, Donna, Millie and Suzie were floating around in inner tubes and chatting. I dove in and swam over. Donna was wearing a leopard-skin patterned bikini that showed off her awesome figure. One could easily see her nipples thrusting out against the top. Her long, tanned legs hung over the edge of the tube into the cool water of the creek. Millie was wearing a pink two-piece that was a little short of a bikini but still looked damn nice and her nipples, too, could be seen against her top. Only Suzie was wearing a one-piece but it had, for the time, a fairly daring scoop neck and high-cut hips.
"Well", said Donna. "If it isn't the stud himself!"
I thought that perhaps it was time for me to assert myself a little, so I said "Well, you better watch those comments, being in the position you are." and I reached underneath her inner tubs and gently pinched her ass through her bikini bottom.
"Hey, watch it, bud!" she warned.
"Watch what?" I asked innocently, then reached under again to give her ass a gentle, full-handed squeeze.
"You might be biting off more that you can handle!" she warned again.
"Oh, really?" I said, and quick as thought, I grabbed the edge of her tube and pushed it way down, effectively tumbling her out of it and into the stream.
"Oh, you bastard!" she spluttered, when she came to the surface, the water streaming off her hair and shoulders. "Now you're in for it!" And she struck out for me, but I was back-pedalling away as fast as I could go. I turned and swam for the far bank, which was about 25 feet away, diving down as I did so. As I swam through the cold, clear water I looked back over my shoulder to see Donna in hot pursuit, the water streaming her hair back, looking very tarzana-of-the-jungle in her leopard-skin bikini. I came to the surface laughing near the bank, where a huge boulder lay about 4 or 5 feet below the surface and allowed one to stand and still be up to one's neck in the water.
"You rat!" exclaimed Donna as she swam up and landed on the boulder beside me. We were both up to our shoulders in the water, so only our heads showed. Millie and Suzie were about 20 feet away, still in their tubes, laughing. "I was nice and warm and now look!"
I did look, which was very enjoyable, as the swim had gotten both of us puffing and her breasts were rising and falling with each breath, the cool water had made her nipples stand up even more and the overall effect was very sexy. Fortunately, the cool water of the stream kept nature at bay.
"What are you looking at, stud?" she asked, mock angrily.
"What do you think?" I asked. "Especially after last night?"
"Well, don't let it go to your head", she replied, laughing. "Or ...down there!" And with that she quickly reached down to the sides of my suit, grabbed the waistband, and pulled my suit down to my knees, exposing my genitals to the cool water.
"Aargh, damn you Donna!" I bent down in the water, falling down and off the boulder into the deeper water, doubled over, trying to pull my suit up. I saw Donna hanging underwater watching me and laughing. I got my suit up and took off after her. She raced away and I chased her across the stream. Whether I was just faster that day or she let me, I don't know, but I caught up with her about midway across the stream. She was still swimming away, that beautiful ass and thighs right ahead of me as I caught up. Tit for tat, I thought as I reached her and grabbed her waist. Her warm firm skin felt wonderful in my hands.
She slowed down and then tried to wriggle free, but I just hooked my fingers under the waist of her bottoms, expecting that she would then stop. Instead, to my amazement, she wriggled again and shot forward, leaving me hanging in the water, holding the bottom of her bikini! Well, I couldn't believe it, but I wasn't going to miss this chance either. I ducked under the water and swam after her as she continued across the stream. She must have known, had to know, that she was naked from the waist down, but she didn't let it stop her.
I swam after her, marveling at her gorgeous ass, the dark flash of her pussy visible as she stroked along. Then she got in the lee of the cliff, in the dark, cool water below the cliff and turned. I stopped too, about 6 feet from her. Her breasts were heaving even more now, and through the clear water I could see the sweet dark, inviting triangle of her pussy. She smiled wolfishly and stroked over to me, then swept the bottoms out of my hand.
"Enjoying yourself?" she asked.
"Absolutely!" I laughed. And she laughed too. Then without any apparent concern she floated onto her back in the water and pulled her bottoms back on, but as she did so I had a fantastic view through the water of her pussy, the lips clearly visible and inviting. Well, cool water or not, this was too much for my young libido and by this time I had another hard on. Donna sensed this if not saw it and once she had her bottoms on she swam over again and reached down under the water and squeezed my hard on.
"Well, we're quite excitable aren't we, young man".
"You bet", I said, lowering my voice, which I knew carried well across the water, "especially when foxy young women flash their pussy in front of me!" She gave me this enigmatic grin, released my cock and swam back over to where Millie and Suzie were still floating. I swam down to the parent's beach, got a tube and floated back to where the girls were hanging out and whispering among themselves.
Millie and Suzie were looking a little surprised at Donna, but little was said from then on and we just floated and chatted for a while. I had one of the big truck tubes, which weren't as good because they were wide across with narrow tubes and your butt hung down in the water, but I was tired and just lazed in the sun.
I slowly dozed off, lazing along and didn't pay any attention to the girls. This turned out to be a mistake. I was half-asleep about a half hour later, when I suddenly felt a pair of hands grab my suit from below, pull it down, and then my tube was tilted up and over. I ended up under the water, my suit partially pulled down. I looked around and saw the three girls swimming around and laughing.
Pulling my suit up with one hand, I swam for the nearest, who happened to by Millie. She saw me coming and turned to swim away, but I was faster than she expected and reached out to grab the back of her bottoms. Just as I was about to grab her, a hand came and caught the back of my suit, pulling it down again. I whirled and saw Suzie laughing and swimming away.
As I turned to chase her, Donna appeared and grabbed the back of my suit and pulled it down further. I was getting pissed by this time and whirled to chase Donna. I didn't even bother to pull up my suit, which was below my balls, my cock floating free (but not erect). Donna managed to swim away, but I caught up with Millie who was swimming away under water. I reached out to grab her bottoms, but instead my hand caught the strap of her top across her back and as she swam away, my pull apparently unsnapped it for it came free and floated off into the water. I wasn't holding onto it and it just floated there in the water, pink and rippling.
Millie whirled around to get it back and I was treated to the captivating sight of her gorgeous breasts, the nipples pink against the white of her skin, the tan-lines clear, the nipples thrusting upwards. Millie grabbed her top and then hung there in the water for a moment, her breasts swaying in the blue-green water, her eyes traveled down to my crotch where my cock was still exposed, and now, with another half-naked girl in front of me, was beginning to come to attention. I reached down and began to pull up my suit and as I looked up I saw Millie pulled her top over her breasts and reaching behind her to fasten the snaps. As our eyes met, she smiled slowly and so did I. Damn, I thought, these girls are crazy! What's next?
After she put her top back on, Millie swam with the other girls over to the edge of the stream and got out, still laughing. I floated in the middle of the stream, treading water as they gathered up their things, slung their towels over their shoulders and started up the trail. As they climbed up the steep trail, they waved to me, laughing and I watched them go. Though they were in their suits, in my mind's eye I was substituting what I had seen in the water and they were climbing the trail nude. Damn! This was exciting!
Eventually, I climbed out too and made my way back to the camp, had a shower and hung out around the lodge waiting for dinner. The girls didn't appear until dinnertime and sat by themselves while I sat with my parents and chatted. After dinner they disappeared again, to my disappointment. I hung out and played some Ping-Pong, read and basically goofed off for a couple of hours. Then the adults roped me into playing bridge with them, as they were short- handed since some of the adults had gone into town. I played with them for about an hour or so, then, while I was dummy, I went into the kitchen to get some ice cream.
In the kitchen I found the three of them, Donna, Millie and Suzie, already busy with the ice cream. They were giggling and laughing as they spooned out the ice cream in generous quantities.
I looked at them and laughed. Lowering my voice I asked "And have we been enjoying something out of doors?"
They laughed and Donna said conspiratorially "You betcha stud!"
"Without me?" I asked.
"Just a teeny bit" said Millie, "Since you were being boring with the old ones"
"But we'd have a little more if you drop by our cabin in a bit" said Suzie.
"My pleasure!" I replied. I bent over to get a bowl from the lower cabinet and felt someone squeeze my ass.
"Well, maybe ours too", replied Donna, who had been the squeezer, when I stood up. "Feels as goods as it looked today in the creek". They all laughed and trooped out of the kitchen, leaving me shaking my head in wonder. I then went back into the main room with my ice cream and finished the rubber with the adults and then begged off, saying I was going to go hit the sack. Instead, I went to my cabin where I snagged another small joint and made my way over to the girl's cabin, making sure that I hadn't been seen. By this time it was about 10:30 and although there were no hard and fast rules, it was generally known that boys and girls were not supposed to be in each other's cabins, especially late at night.
When I got to their cabin, I thought at first they weren't there as it looked quite dark, but then I noticed that there was a faint light shining through the curtain and I heard them talking quietly. I knocked on the door very softly and heard one of them say "Come in". I entered and saw them sitting on their beds, which were ranged around the three walls opposite the door. Since the cabin was small, this meant that the beds were only about 5 or 6 feet apart. Donna had the largest of the three beds, almost queen size.
In the middle of the cabin was someone's trunk, being used as a small table. On the trunk was an up-ended flashlight, pointing straight up so the beam was on the ceiling. This gave the room a warm shadowy glow as the beam bounced off the unfinished pine of the ceiling. Each of the beds had a mattress, but like most people in the camp, they just had sleeping bags to sleep in. They were the old duofill kind, with scotch plaid liners.
To my surprise, the girls had changed clothes and were ready for bed. Each was in a nightgown. Now, these were not sexy negligees, in fact they were all rather dowdy, long flannel nightgowns. Great for cool Sierra nights, but not exactly revealing. Still, I was surprised and said "Oh, beddy- bye time already? I thought you girls wanted another toke?"
"I can still smoke in my nightie!" replied Donna. And she hopped off her bed and came across to the door where I was standing. Although the nightie was not revealing, it did indicate by the gentle swaying of her bosom that Donna probably wasn't wearing anything underneath it. I turned and went out the door and sat on the porch. Donna sat down beside me and I lit the joint. Suzie and Millie came out to and sat down. This time Suzie was on one side and Donna the other while Millie stood behind me. We quickly smoked the joint - damn it was great weed!. When we finished we sat for a few minutes looking at the stars and listening to an owl hooting.
Then Donna, said, "Well, this it too chilly for me, I'm going back inside." The other two agreed and they all got up and went inside. I hesitated, not knowing if they wanted me in there, but Millie grabbed my hand and pulled me "Come on in, stud, it's joke time!"
Her hand felt warm and soft and I was sorry when she let go. She went over and sat on her bed. Donna was sitting cross-legged at the head of her bed - unfortunately, she had pulled her nightie demurely over her knees so even her feet didn't show. She pointed at the foot of her bed and I kicked off my thongs and sat down cross-legged like her. We sat there and told a few jokes. I've never been very good at remembering jokes for some reason, so it was mainly the girls who were telling them. Boy, they were really on a roll that night, though, with some of the raunchiest jokes about fucking and blowjobs. Wow! Then Donna told the story about the Texan with a small penis that goes to a doctor and is given some pills.
The doctor tells him to be careful and only take one every two days. The Texan forgets and takes two every day instead. When he goes back to the doctor, the doctor asks, "How did it go?" and the Texan replies "Yippee!" as he whirls his penis over his head lariat-style. Donna told it well and it helped (for me) that when she did the lariat action over her head the motion caused her breasts to oscillate delightfully beneath her nightgown. She was also looking at me as she said the punch line. We all cracked up laughing.
Then Suzie said, giggling, "That's a good one, Donna! How big do penises get anyway? I heard the average is about 6 inches, but do some men really have 10 inch cocks?"
Donna laughed and said, "I don't really know. The ones I've seen have been average I guess, though I did see one porn film where the guy apparently had this huge salami of a cock!"
Then she looked at me with this mischievous grin on her face and said, "Well, stud... How big is yours?"
A little non-plussed, I said, "Um, er, I don't know - I've never measured it!"
"Well", Millie replied, "How about we do it for you?" Then she leaned over her bed and reached underneath for her little backpack. This caused her nightgown to gape open, giving me an exhilarating view of her breasts, then she straightened up with a ruler in her hand!
"You've got to be kidding!" I exclaimed. "You want me to pull my shorts down so you can see how big my penis is?"
"Why not?" asked Donna. "You weren't all that shy today in the creek and, besides, what guy doesn't want to show his big manly hard-on to three adoring women?"
"This guy, maybe!" I retorted. "And who says you're so adoring?"
"Oh, please, Mr. Stud", chirped Millie, batting her eyes, which caused me to laugh, "We're dying to see your big manly erect penis and measure it's size."
"Come on", urged Donna, "Don't be a spoilsport".
"I don't know..." I said. The idea fascinated me, but, to be honest, I was kind of embarrassed about the idea, too. But the whole thing became moot at that instant as we all heard the scrunch of someone walking on the path that led up to the door of the cabin.
"Ohmigod!" whispered Millie, "What do we do?"
It was kind of funny actually, because one moment they were these hot chicks wanting me to whip it out and the next they wanted to hide from whomever was coming up the path – one of their parents probably. Of course, we were all stoned, which naturally made us paranoid.
"Quick!" Donna whispered to me. "Hide behind me!" She got up and opened her sleeping bag, gesturing for me to get under it. I hesitated a moment, then heard a footstep on the steps and was galvanized into action. I quickly climbed in against the wall and Donna climbed in and snuggled in against me.
She draped the sleeping bag over us as we heard Suzie's mother knock and say, "Are you girls still awake?"
"Yes, Mom", replied Suzie. "Come on in."
I couldn't see a thing as my head was buried under the sleeping bag, but I could hear the door open and footsteps come in. However, I wasn't really paying full attention to Mrs. Shields as I was snuggled in against Donna. My face was pressed against her nightgown, one hand on her shoulder, the tips of my fingers against the bare skin of her shoulder, and the other hand against flat of her back, just below her shoulder blade. I could smell some sweet soapy smell and some herbal shampoo and feel the warmth of her body. God, it was heavenly! Even more incredible was that to keep under the sleeping bag we were lying together spoon-fashion, which meant that Donna's fantastic ass that I had admired for so long was pressed against my crotch. And when I say pressed, I mean pressed!
I was in fact trying to not press against her too much as I rather instinctively was trying not to rub my body against hers (much though I might like to). But Donna, amazingly, seem to have other ideas. She slowly but firmly moved her ass backwards, wriggling it against my crotch. Since the open side of the sleeping bag was on Donna's side there was nowhere for me to go, so there wasn't much I could do (except enjoy it).
Meanwhile, Mrs. Shields was asking Suzie some stuff about what they were doing the next day and so on, but I could barely hear them. Donna very gently but firmly was moving her ass back and forth across my crotch. Well, this was way too much for me and nature began to take its course. My cock started to stiffen in response and was soon fully erect and pressing against Donna. There is no doubt in my mind that Donna was doing it deliberately and could feel my hard-on. The wench! But it did feel good.
Eventually, Mrs. Shields said goodnight and left. When her steps had faded into the night, Suzie said, "Wow! That was close!"
I sat up and looked at Donna who was grinning like a fiend. "Are you crazy?" I asked.
"Why would you ask that, sweetie?" cooed Donna. "Because you got a big hard on while lying against me?"
"Lying against you? I was just trying to keep down and you were rubbing your ass against me! What did you expect?"
"I expected that you would get a nice big hard-on", replied Donna. "And you did, I was glad to feel. And it did feel good. Now, don't you want to show us how big and hard it is? Come on, please?"
I still hesitated and she said "Tell you what. If you'll show us yours, we'll show you ours!"
"Donna!" exclaimed Millie.
"So what, Millie?" replied Donna. "It's no big deal, he saw it all this afternoon in the creek anyway, didn't he? And we've shown each other our stuff before"
"Yes, but that was when we had less to show!"
"But it's more fun now, don't you think? Look, I'll even go first!" And with that Donna pulled her nightie up over her head and dropped it on the pillow beside her. I gazed in rapturous awe. Her breasts were more beautiful than I had even imagined. They were full and high, with rosy brown nipples that were already sticking up as though begging for attention.
My gaze traveled down from her breasts to see that she was wearing some skimpy white panties. They were almost transparent and I could see the dark patch of her pussy between her legs. It even looked like there was damp spot on her panties. Perhaps I wasn't the only one who got excited when she rubbed her ass against me! I looked back up to meet her eyes.
"Well?" she challenged.
"OK" I said. "If you all will, I will, I guess." And I pulled my T-shirt over my head and dropped it on the bed beside me. "There!" I said, laughing and stuck out my chest, flaunting my naked upper body.
"Very funny!" retorted Donna. And she slid over next to me and pushed me back on the bed so I ended up reclining against the foot of the bed. This left me lying with my crotch fully exposed, my big hard-on quite obvious in my cut-off jeans.
"See?" said Donna. "He does have a nice big hard-on! Come on girls, don't be shy." As she said this she was leaning on me, her hand in the middle of my chest and she was looking at Millie and Suzie. Her breasts were swaying gently, right in front of my face. I was tempted to reach up and stroke them, but I was distracted from this when Millie said "OK, OK," and to my delight also pulled her nightie over her head. Her breasts looked even more gorgeous than they had in the water. They were full and round, the aureoles larger and darker than Donna's and the nipples themselves looked larger, though they were not as erect as Donna's. She was wearing a pair of shiny blue panties that were larger and more substantial than Donna's.
"Come on, Suzie", urged Millie, sounding more excited now and I noticed that her nipples were stiffening, either from the cool air of the cabin or sexual excitement, or both. Suzie looked slightly dazed, but then grinned and said, "OK by me!" and pulled her nightie off as well. Her breasts were not as large as Donna's or Millie's but they had beautiful shape. The nipples were alovely rosebud pink and they were already thrusting up. But even more exciting was that she had no panties on at all! She was completely naked, sitting there on her bed. I could see the small blond bush of her pussy as she sat with her legs slightly apart.
"So, now we've shown you ours, let's see yours!" demanded Donna.
"Yeah", said Millie.. "We kept our word."
I didn't say anything and Donna leaned closer to me and said. "Come on stud, this will be fun". And she leaned down and kissed me. Her mouth opened and I felt he warm tongue brush mine. Our tongues danced together for a moment. Then she pulled back, both of us breathing a little harder. And she traced her finger down my chest, circling one of my nipples and then down to my cut-offs. I wasn't wearing a belt and she simply unsnapped the button.
As she did this I saw out the corner of my eye that Suzie was leaning over the end of the bed just to my left. Millie got up from her bed across the room and walked over to sit beside me as Donna unfastened each of the buttons of my cut-offs. I looked at the three of them, all those gorgeous naked bodies and they were all concentrating on my cock, about to be revealed. Jesus! It was enough to make me come then and there!
Then Donna and Millie each grabbed one leg of my cutoffs and started pulling them down. As they did this the cutoffs sort of pulled on my Jockey shorts and dragged them down a little too, revealing the top of my cock, swollen and pink, with a little pre-cum glistening on the tip.
"Oh, God!" breathed Millie as Donna reached for the waistband of my shorts. It was at this incredible moment that we all heard another footstep out on the path. We all froze, one of those moments that sticks in your mind: three naked girls, me with my shorts halfway down and my erect cock sticking out of my shorts, all with our mouths open.
"Oh, God!" repeated Millie. "Quick! Get in bed!"
Millie and Suzie quickly slid into their sleeping bags and I scrambled to get behind Donna, who was lying down again. Unfortunately, the sleeping bag was no longer well arranged and we had to wiggle and jerk it to get it to cover Donna. However, we made it just as we heard Millie's mother knock and ask if Millie was still awake?
"Um, yes, Mom, what do you want?"
"Can I come in, dear? Just for a moment."
"Uh, sure, Mom"
I heard the door open and Mrs. Kominick came in. But once again, I didn't pay that much attention. Before I had been lying against Donna and she had smelled and felt wonderful, but this time, we were both practically naked. I had one hand on her shoulder and the other was on her waist. She had on only the skimpy little panties, while my cutoffs were down around my knees and my Jockey shorts at half-mast. So my naked cock, hard as a rock, was pressed against Donna's nearly naked ass.
The tip of my cock was in fact between the cheeks at the top of her ass, where it wasn't covered by her panties. The feel of her warm skin against my cock was indescribable. And then, damn if Donna didn't start gently rubbing her ass against me again! She'd slide it up and then down. Very slow, but sure. Oh fuck, it was great! I started to do it too, very slowly, grinding my cock against her ass. And as we did this, Mrs. Kominick was talking to Millie about something or other, I couldn't even tell you what she said.
The motion of us rubbing together was also making my shorts slide down, exposing more of my cock. At the same time, the friction was also pushing Donna's panties down, so that almost all of my cock and her ass were touching. Oh God, it felt so good! Without even thinking, I reached down and pushed on my shorts a little and they slid down even further. My cock was now completely exposed, sliding up and down between the cheeks of Donna's ass. I don't know if Donna helped them down, but Donna's panties were now down below her ass as well and when I slid my cock all the way up, my balls pressed against the bottom curve of her ass. God, it felt great!
Then Mrs. Kominick's voice did come through as I heard her say "Millie, dear, don't you have nightgown on?"
"I was feeling kind of warm Mom", replied Millie, trying to sound sleepy.
"Well, I'm not sure that this solution is a good one. These cabins aren't as private as they might be. You don't want any of the boys seeing you running around half-naked."
I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing at this and I could feel Donna shaking with laughter too. If only Mrs. Kominick had seen Millie 3 minutes ago, naked except for her panties, pulling my shorts down so she could measure the size of my hard-on!
"Well, be careful, dear and keep the curtains closed when you change."
"OK, Mom. Good night", replied Millie, sleepy-sounding. Donna had resumed slowly rubbing against me and the feel of my cock against her ass was all I could think of. Then I slid my hand up from her waist and cupped her left breast. God, it felt so good, firm and warm, filling my hand. I found her nipple and gently rubbed it, rolling it between my fingers. Donna audibly groaned, softly and thrust back against my cock even harder.
"Well, goodnight girls, sleep well" said Mrs. Kominick and I heard the door bang shut. I continued to caress Donna's breast and kissed along her spine as she rubbed even more against me now that Mrs. Kominick was gone. I heard Millie sit up and Suzie's bed creaking. Donna and I reluctantly sat up.
"God, that was close" exclaimed Millie. "I can't believe that! I thought it was all over when she started talking about my nightgown. Then I noticed his shirt lying on Donna's sleeping bag and his thongs on the floor. Well, now where were we? About to reveal his glory, if I recall..."
Donna had by this point sat up and was moving towards the head of the bed. Her panties were halfway to her knees and my shorts and cutoffs were all the way down at my knees, my raging hard-on sticking out and up.
"My God, Donna! What have you two been doing? Were you fucking him right there?"
"No" said Donna, a little breathlessly, "Though the idea occurred to me.
But his cock was against me and felt good and, well, perhaps we fell victim to the moment."
Millie and Suzie were staring open-mouthed at Donna and I, but I noticed that their gaze turned from Donna and down to my cock and both Suzie's and Millie's nipples were fully erect. Donna and I were not the only ones that were turned on! Millie moved over and sat by me. Then she reached down and grabbed by cutoffs and shorts and pulled them down and completely off and tossed them on the floor.
"Well, you don't need these now." Then she reached over and ran her hand up my cock, brushing her fingers across the tip, which was shiny with pre-cum. "God, what a nice-looking member you have there!" Then she got up and went back over to her bed and to my great amusement, returned with the ruler. Then with a concentrated look on her face she leaned down and took my cock in her hand and placed the ruler against it.
"Where does one measure from? I guess the base," she said while concentrating on the ruler. The feel of her hand on my cock was fantastic and almost without volition I reached my left hand out and cupped her right breast. Her voice caught as I touched her and she looked at me in surprise, but then my fingers found her erect nipple and stroked it. Her tongue appeared at her lips for a second and then she turned back to the ruler. Suzie was kneeling at my feet watching the whole thing from about 3 feet away.
Her mouth was slightly open and she was starting at my cock, looking envious, if anything. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Donna was pulling her panties completely off. I looked at her lying at the head of the bed, watching Millie measuring my cock. Donna's legs were slightly spread and the pink lips of her pussy were inviting, damply glistening, even in the weak light of the upturned flashlight.
"Just under seven inches!" stated Millie, in a mock-official tone. "Bigger than average but not enormous. Nice thickness, though," she said thoughtfully, encircling my cock with her fingers. She slowly ran her fingers up and down the length. I groaned and she smiled devilishly.
"Feels good huh stud?"
"Not quite seven, eh?" asked Donna, sitting up. "I wonder if when he grows up it will reach seven?"
"Hey!" I said. "That's not nice."
"But it looks very nice", she said soothingly. "And it felt great! I wonder if we can get it to seven?" As she said this she reached down and cupped my balls, gently rolling them. As she did this Millie let go of my cock and leaned back against the foot of the bed, lolling her head back as I continued to stroke her breast. I reached over and caressed her other breast and she sighed with pleasure.
"So how are you going to make it get larger?" asked Suzie.
"Like this" said Donna and she bent over and ran her tongue along the shaft of my cock and up onto the head, lapping gently at the pre-cum which covered the tip. I groaned again.
"Oh, God, Donna, that feels so good!"
"She smiled and sucked the tip into the mouth and I groaned again. Then she began gently bobbing her head and sucking on the tip.
"Oh, fuck, oh fuck" was all I could say. I let my hands fall to my side and just lay across the bed as Donna sucked on my cock. Then she slowly lifted her head and let my cock slap down against my abdomen. It was now even redder than before and shiny with saliva. We all stared at it and then Millie, as though in slow motion, reached over and picked up the ruler again and bent over my cock.
"Oooh, it is larger, but still not quite seven inches. I guess I'll have to see what I can do..."
And under my delighted gaze, she dropped the ruler, bent down and sucked on the tip of my cock. Donna was half lying on the bed beside me, watching Millie as she sucked. Millie slowly sucked on my cock, taking a bit more of it each time. She was kneeling beside me, facing my cock, her panty-covered ass beside me. I ran my hand down her back, stroking along her spine. Then I ran my hand under her panties and gently caressed her ass. She murmured and raised her ass up, invitingly, and I reached over and pulled her panties down as far as I could, which was her knees.
I then pulled each side at a time past her knees and got her panties off completely. I gazed for a moment at her ass, the pussy lips wet and pouty, her ass swaying as she sucked. I reached over and traced my fingers along her pussy. It was wet and slippery, warm and delightful. I ran my fingers along the lips, from top to bottom and Millie moaned and sucked faster on my cock. I began stroking faster and deeper along her pussy, sliding first one and then two fingers into her pussy. She began thrusting back with her whole rear onto my fingers each time they slipped in. She then got onto her hands and knees, letting my cock slide out of her mouth and reared up on her knees, her legs spread wide as I continued to finger-fuck her.
"Oh fuck, oh fuck yeah, yeah" she mumbled continuously as I slid my fingers in and out, which made warm squishing sounds. As I did this I felt another hand on my cock and looked down to see Suzie take my cock in her hands. She swirled her tongue around the head, looking up at me as she did so, a big smile on her face. Then she licked the tip like an ice cream cone, then nibbled her way down to my scrotum and licked her way back up. She then started sucking on the shaft and nibbling a little with her teeth.
I was looking up at Millie who was grinding on my fingers, her breasts swaying and jiggling with her
movement. I now had three fingers in her pussy and I could feel the juices trickling down my arm. Then Millie suddenly froze and I felt her pussy clamp around my fingers and then I felt a great warmth and there was more juice trickling down my arm as she came and came.
I felt Suzie let go of my cock as Millie slumped forward onto her arms in a crouch. Suzie then was climbing up astride me and she grabbed my cock and guided it into her and began to fuck me. She was slow at first, then began to move faster. I reached up and cupped her breasts thumbing her nipples. Her left breast became slick and shiny from the juices on my hand from Millie. I felt a great pressure rising and knew I was about to come. I looked over at Donna, who had her hands between her legs, fingering herself, her eyes closed, arching her pussy into her own fingers.
Then I felt a great pressure in my cock and felt my balls squeezing and rocking, felt the stream of hot semen squirting the length of my cock and into Suzie. This seemed to set her off as she bent down and grabbed my chest and ground her pussy against me, her thighs closing rhythmically on me. I seem to come for minutes until my cock felt like it would burst. Eventually, I stopped, sweating and panting. None of us said anything, there was just a great sound of heavy breathing.
Suzie finally slid down off me and lay beside me, between Donna and I, and curled there with her arm through mine. Millie raised up from her crouch to her knees and the turned and gently kissed me, then she too curled up beside me. I had two naked, moist women curled against me as we all tried to catch our breath. Donna sat up long enough to turn off the flashlight and then settled back down again.
Eventually, the cool of the room seemed to rouse us and Millie said sleepily, "I'd love to lay here all night and fuck you again and again, but I think for safety's sake you'd better go back to your own cabin. Otherwise, we might get caught and won't be able to do this again tomorrow."
Smiling, I gently extricated myself from between them and then bent down and picked up my shorts and shirt and put them on. My fingers were still trembling but I managed it. I gently kissed each of the girls, first on the lips and then on one nipple and said "Good night, lovers, see you tomorrow." I carefully opened the door of the cabin and looked around. When I saw the coast was clear I moved off into the woods and made a roundabout route back to my own cabin where I fell into bed and was soon sound asleep, visions of naked women in my head.

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2011-10-01 04:13:21
fuck all of you people that said the build-up was to long and had this same exact scenario at camp I got fucked and then pregnant but shit happens so keep writing.

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Agree long, boring build up.


2008-09-05 12:41:11
One of my favourites on here. well done


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You fucked Sussie first. Let's hope you got her pregnant. Now start fucking the other two and get them pregnant too.

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great story. tthe buildup mightve been a tad bit too long, but i definitely wont complaing! nice job. bring more!

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