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My Family #7

Well my two weeks were up with my Aunt Jennifer and it was time to go home. I tried to look like I hated to go but in fact I was excited about seeing Mom and Ester. I got up early and had breakfast with my Aunt. We were scheduled to leave around noon. My Aunt gave me a big kiss and told me she was really going to miss me. I told her that I would come back soon. I was thinking it might be a while before I came back and that I really love to see my Aunt fuck that Pony one more time before I left. I said, I think we have time before we leave and I would love to see you fuck that Pony and your two dogs one more time.

My Aunt always seemed to be ready to fuck. She seemed to have an unlimited capacity to cum. We went out to the barn and I put the hammock around the Pony and then went and got the dogs. I tied Blackie to a post and my Aunt got on her hands and knees and let Shep lick her pussy before he mounted her. Shep made her cum and she told him to mount. Oh shit cried my Aunt, he’s up my ass. I squatted down and sure enough old Shep was fully up her ass. I watched fascinated again as he fucked her like a steam piston with that knot slipping in and out of her ass until it got so big it stayed in. She was saying shit, shit, shit. It hurts but is making me cum at the same time. I could see he was squirting his doggy jizz in and I could see my Aunt shudder as she came. It took Shep about ten minutes before he slipped out of her ass and went over to the corner of the barn and began to lick himself.

I then took Blackie over to My Aunt and he began to lick Shep’s cum from her ass. She told him to mount and he did. She was careful to guide him into her pussy and he began to pump her just like Shep had. I watched his knot swell up and enter her pussy. My Aunt was moaning and saying that’s my baby Blackie, fuck your mommy, fuck her good. I could see her have several orgasms as Blackie shot his cum deep into her. When he was done he slipped his cock out of her knot and all because he could know longer tie her.

When she got up she was a little weak legged so I helped her over to the hammock. She cupped her hand over her pussy to hold most of the dog’s cum inside her. She said that made it easier to fuck the pony. I helped her into the hammock and guided the pony’s cock into her gapping hole. He slid in an easy eight inches. I began to rock the hammock back and fourth and watched his massive cock slide in and out of her. It didn’t take long before the pony started humping her himself so I held the hammock steady and let the pony fuck her. She was now taking almost all of him. A good eleven inches and she was screaming as she wrapped her legs around the pony and began fucking him back.

What a sight watching that huge dick plunge in and out of my Aunt. She was alternating screaming, moaning and whimpering. After about ten minutes of steady humping I saw him shove real hard and drove his massive cock deep within her love hole and got maybe two more inches into her and started pumping her full of his cum. Cum squirted out the sides of her pussy and steam was cumming from her pussy because the pony’s cum was so hot in the morning air. She kept pumping that cock in and out of her pussy. She was in

such a frenzy and couldn’t stop fucking him. It was a good forty minutes from the time he entered her until she finally stopped. Then she just laid there on that hammock with that pony’s cock still in her for another ten minutes before she came to her senses. I kept hearing her mumble, “Oh my god, Oh shit, Oh what a ride.

That was by far the best fuck I ever had. I came so many times I wouldn’t even guess how many. Let me lie here awhile longer and enjoy this wonderful cock. After another ten minutes she began to slip that cock in and out of her self. I thought she was going to fuck him again but she then asked me to help her out of the hammock. She was so weak she couldn’t walk. She sat down on the hay bail and let Shep lick her pussy clean of all the pony’s cum. Finally I helped her into the house and she went in and douched herself and took a long shower. When she came out she looked at me and said. WOW that was something. I guess we better get moving.

My Aunt told me to drive and as soon as we were on the highway she took my cock out of my pants and began to suck it. Over the next two hours she made me cum twice before we got home.

We stopped for lunch and got home about 3:30. Ester was waiting on the porch and next to her was this big German Shepard puppy about a year and a half old. I took my suit case out of the car and I said grinning, what do we have here? She gave me a big smile and said Dad gave it to her. She gave me a big hug and whispered, he’s so dumb, I can’t get him to fuck me. I chuckled and went into the house while Ester gave Aunt Jennifer a big hug.

Mom was in the kitchen and when she saw me her face lit up and she grinned from ear to ear. She gave me a huge hug and kissed me hard on the lips. I almost shoved my tongue into her mouth but caught myself in time. She held me for a long time. I had shorts on and my cock became ridged and I pushed it into her stomach. She smiled and said “I guess you missed me too.” I said you don’t know how much. You look like you haven’t been sleeping to good, I said. “Your right I miss the hypnosis, and we need to talk later after Ester goes to bed.” I said OK and I began trying to figure out how to do that without Ester finding out. I was sure she would want to fuck me first chance she got.

Aunt Jennifer came in and we all sat in the kitchen. Mom fixed lemon aid for all of us. Jennifer said she wanted to leave soon. Mom asked her to stay over night but she said no, because she had animals she needed to take care of. She looked at me and winked. As soon as Aunt Jennifer left Mom said she needed to go to the store and pick up some things she had forgotten to get for dinner.

Her car was hardly out of the driveway when Ester grabbed me and said come on I want you to fuck me. I’m so horny from trying to get that dam dog to fuck me I can’t stand it. We went into her bedroom and she stripped and grabbed my belt and slid my pants down and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck. As soon as I got hard she jumped on

the bed and opened her legs wide and said, OK Bro. come her and give your little sister a good fucking. I slid my cock into her tight pussy; still amazed after all the fucking she had been doing it was still tight. I really pounded her. Because my Aunt had already made me cum twice I didn’t feel like I was going to cum anytime soon. We had been fucking for about forty minutes when I heard the front door open. I yanked my cock out of her pussy jumping up quickly I pulled my pants up.

Ester said, shit, I was just getting ready to cum for the fourth time. I hurried into the kitchen and asked Mom if I could help. She told me there were two more packages in the car. I hoped Mom couldn’t smell Esters pussy juices on me. I brought the packages in and helped Mom put them away. She gave me another long hug and told me how much she had missed me. I kissed her on the neck and then gave her a kiss on the lips. She parted her lips a little but I was still not sure about Moms revelation so I didn’t put my tongue in her mouth. I reached down and grabbed both her ass cheeks and lifted her up when I kissed her. I let my still hard cock slide down her front as I let her down. She just smiled and began to prepare dinner.

We had a great dinner, Prime Rib and baked potato. The three of us watched Seinfeld while having desert. Mom said it’s been a long day so I think we should all go to bed. I said your right and I need to take a shower. We each went to our respective bedrooms. I got undressed and headed for the shower. I hardly had time to get the water on when Ester slipped in and said we have some unfinished business. We washed each other and then Ester went down on me and soon had me hard. We got out of the shower dripping wet and she had me sit on the toilet seat. She straddled me facing away and sat down on my cock. She began to slide up and down my cock grinding her clit into me. I let her fuck me like that for about fifteen minutes until I was sure she had climaxed a couple of times, then I faked cumming. I then gave her the secret word that sent her into a hypnotic sleep. I told her that she was to go to my bedroom and sleep a deep, deep sleep. She was to believe I had fucked her twice more that night. I re-showered and put on my pajama bottoms and went to Moms Room.

Mom was sitting up in bed. She had on her night gown. She motioned for me to sit on the side of her bed. She began to speak. “It took me quite awhile to figure out why when I knew your Dad was working that I dreamed he was here making love to me. And I would wake up thinking I had a wet dream. That wasn’t it was it. Under hypnosis you convinced me it was your Dad fucking me. But it was you wasn’t it. You have been using your hypnotic skills to seduce me.” I started to protest but she waived me off. “Don’t lie to me.
Just admit it.”

I said, Mom you are so beautiful and sexy and I love you so much I couldn’t help myself. I won’t say I’m sorry because you are the sexiest women I have ever met. You have the loveliest breasts and the sweetest tasting pussy. I want to make love to you as often as I am capable of doing. So where do we go from here?

Mom said, “Well you have already made love to me on a number of occasions and as much as my memory will let me I enjoyed it very much. I have decided to bring it out in the open between us. I know it is wrong and a sin. I must be crazy but I do love you so very much. I catch myself wanting you to fuck me all the time. I’m tired of fighting it. But we can never let your Dad or Ester find out. I said they will never find out from me.

In that case, come hear and make love to your mother. I slid into bed and began to french kiss her. Our tongues exploded inside each others mouth. Our tongues inter twined and I reached down the front of her gown and found her breast. We were both breathing heavily. I pulled her gown over her head and threw it to the floor. I kneaded her breasts and my finger and thumb pinched and twisted her nipples until they were rock hard. I sucked first one then the other tit as if I was trying to get milk out of her. I kissed her belly running my tongue down to the top of her vagina. Then I slid my tongue down the inside of her left leg to the ankle. I sucked her toes and then ran my tongue up the inside of her right leg to her mound.

She was breathing hard and I could see her abdomen heaving up and down as I slid my tongue over her outer pussy lips. I let my tongue go into her pussy and slide up and down the length of her opening. When I found her wonderful clit, I licked and sucked it. I inserted two fingers into her love hole and began to search for her “G” spot. She was lifting her ass up pushing her pussy into my mouth. She was screaming into her pillow as I felt her cum. I continued to finger fucker her using my tongue and thumb to stimulate her clitoris. I found her “G” spot and rubbed it vigorously She jammed her pussy into my face and her flood gates let loose. She squirted all over my hand and face. I raised her legs above her head and took the fingers in her cunt and shoved them into her ass. She grunted as I continued to eat and stimulate her clit. I shoved my fingers in and out of her ass up to the third knuckle.

I took my fingers out of her ass and inserted my bulging cock into her pussy ever so slowly. It felt like pure soft velvet as my cock slid deep into her love hole. Her pussy was hot and she clamped down on my cock with her lips as I began a slow rhythm. I knew I would not cum any time soon, so I kept that slow steady rhythm. Deep into her and then out until only the head of my cock was in her. She came several times in the fifteen minutes I fucked her like that. Then I began to increase the tempo, faster and faster I went. She was shoving her pussy up to meet every down stroke. I felt her cum again as I pounded that wonderful love hole. She was whimpering and mumbling unintelligible words until I finally felt that urge bubble up in my balls and I pushed deep into her until I felt her cervix and let loose my sperm directly into it. Mom wrapped her legs around me and held me tight inside her pussy as my sperm pumped spurt after spurt into her wonderful hot cunt. We finally collapsed in each others arms.

My god, Bobby, I thought your Dad was a good lover but you are something else. I fucked her two more times, once in her ass. She seemed to enjoy my ass fucking almost

as much as fucking her pussy. I knew it because she came several times while I was fucking it. I faked cumming the last time. At three thirty in the morning I put her to sleep and told her she would wake up completely refreshed as if she had slept eight hours and went back to my room. I slid into bed next to Ester and finger fucked her till she came. I slipped my worn out cock between her legs and woke her up. I told her it was four AM and to go back to her own room. I was tired and she had worn me out. She felt between her legs and smiled and left.

EPILOGUE I: It has been ten years now since I first knowingly let Bobby fuck me. I have to say I must be the luckiest person in the world. Between my wonderful husband and Bobby I have been made love too almost every day. Bobby always fucks me in my ass when I have my periods. My husband never thought I wanted it during those times. The only time I went without was when my husband was at work and Bobby would be visiting my sister. I often wondered if Bobby was fucking my sister too.

I’m a little scared right now because Bobby met a girl at work and they are getting married next week. I know I will no longer get my daily fucking. I guess that makes me selfish, but Bobby has re-assured me that he would make sure he fucked me at least three times a week. We helped him buy the house next door, so I believe him. I’m so lucky to have the family I have.

EPILOGUE II: When my dog reached two years old I finally taught him how to fuck me. It has been a wonderful ten years. I met a guy in college two years ago and he got me pregnant. We got married and between my husband, my dog and Bobby occasionally dropping by I get my fucking pretty regularly.

EPILOGUE III: For the last ten years I have let my Pony fuck me at least twice a week. I had to give him a rest between fucks. I don’t have to do anything to him any more as he knows how to hump me every time he mounts me just like the dogs do. Old Shep died last year and I bought a new one that is half White Sheppard and half Great Dane. He is huge. His cock from behind the knot to his tip is eleven inches. I now use Blackie first and the Dane second before my pony. It works out great.

Oh yes. I tried my stallion soon after I got the Dane. He hurt me pretty bad. I made the mistake of using some pussy juice from one of my boarded females when she was in heat. That stallion shoved his cock so far up my pussy that he crushed my cervix and split my pussy open about an inch. I had to go to the hospital. I told the authorities some guy raped me with a Champaign bottle. I can now take the stallion when it is me doing the fucking not him, but I like the pony best of all.

Bobby comes and sees me a couple times a year but that may stop now that he is getting married. He is the best ass fucker, always able to make me cum. I will miss him if he doesn’t.
The end.
All rights reserved to the author.

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2013-05-09 22:04:14
Hay comes in 'bales' not 'bails'. Learn to use quotation marks to indicate what someone is saying. You sometimes use them but more often than not, you neglect to use them It would make your writing a whole lot better if you did this. Your sentence structure is terrible - you double and triple space right in the middle of a sentence which puts great big blank lines in your sentences. Use 'you're right' (which is a contraction of 'you are right') instead of 'your right'. Try proof-reading BEFORE you submit and maybe you can correct many of your numerous errors. VERY AMATEURISH.

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2011-06-04 19:31:41
great id love to shag my brother,but hes 5,im 9nearly 10!!!!!!!but im real sexy,my tits ar over developed and sos my pussy,ike a 15 yr olds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2009-08-29 00:24:53
A great story. In future episodes get mom and sis pregnant. Aunt is too far into fucking her dogs,pony,and stallion so only fuck her on very distant occasions, Now that you nare married, make sure you get you wife pregnant too. Mabe you can write some tails regarding your wife.

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2009-05-12 21:10:12
i love this whole saga, have to say the best thing ive ever read in my entire life, it has everything, ive read this and came about 9 times through the whole thing, bravo, please i beg you write more, more, MORE!


2008-07-26 22:35:29
a great saga

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