Its Allies birthday, and Im going to give her a hell of a present.
I sat on my couch and held a black kitten with a red collar in one hand and a ring in the other. An engagement ring.

Now you may be wondering what kittens with collars have to do with an engagement ring. You see tomorrow is Allies' birthday. She's turning 19. June 1st. And she loves cats, as do I. She never had time to get a cat or had the money. But since I was going to go to school in a few weeks I would have a side job. I could pay for the cat. Now that engagement ring, you'll find out about later.

I heard the garage door open. "Shit" I muttered. I ran to my room to hide the kitten. It mewed a little as I hid him in his box. It had holes, don't worry. It also had food and water. If it shit in the box then I would move it to a different one. I still held the ring when she came downstairs. "Fuck" I said, and put it in my back pocket.

"Hey baby," she said to me. God she looked cute. All glistening with sweat and red-faced. She just got back from dance.

"Hey," I said to her. "How'd you do today?"

"Pretty good! I kept up and made Ms. Reynolds sweat a little" She said. Ms. Reynolds is the dance teacher.

We walked to my bed and I kissed her. She took off her shirt and had on no bra. She took off her shorts as well. Commando.

"I'm pretty dirty.. Help me wash up" she said. God my cock was rock hard by now.

I dropped my shorts and threw off my shirt. As she walked out she turned and watched me deperately trying to get my clothes off. I pulled my boxers down fast and tried to step out of them while walking. No dice. I fell over and she laughed at me.

"Come on. I'm getting bored" she yawned.

I grunted and was on all fours as I climbed back up to my feet. I ran after my girl, and she led me to the bathroom. She walked into the shower and turned it on.

"Come here" she told me, using one finger to lure me into the shower. I got in and reached my hand up to her face and kissed her for a long time, my hands around her waist. When I pulled away I stared into her crystal blue eyes. The eyes that made me fall in love with her.

She stared at me. She reached one foot out and shut the shower door. I looked at her in all her beauty. Her blonde hair, now grown to her elbows, her eyes, her round firm tits with those pink nipples, her flat stomach, her pussy- freshly shaven, and those legs, God how long they were. They seemed to last a mile.

I realized I had been staring at her for quite awhile now. She stared at me like how I did to her. My hair cut short and was dark black when wet, my green eyes, my no fat chest and six pack abs, My 9 inch cock sticking out from my body. I think she liked looking at me as much as I liked looking at her.

I started to kiss her neck. I went down and got to her breasts and sucked on one nipple softly. She moaned, and I used one hand to run through her pussy. I used my other hand on her pussy to get it wet. My other hand wet from her pussy and the water, I used that hand and took a finger and slowly put it in her ass. I tried making her cum 3 times faster by using three different spots. My mouth on one of her tits, a hand fucking her pussy, my left hand I used a finger to fuck her ass.

"Oh fuck, Adam. Keep going" she said breaking the silence we had between us. She used her hands to rub my head into her tits gently.

I quickened my pace when I heard her moan louder and pant harder. Soon she was nearly screaming with pleasure and exploded into my hand. I heard her cum hit the floor.

I came up from her tits and brought my hand to my mouth and cleaned my hand. I used the water to wash out my mouth and cleaned my hands and kissed her. I didn't like tasting my own cum, and I guess she didn't like the taste of hers.

She pulled away "Adam.. That was the most incredible orgasm of my life" She said, still panting from the orgasm.

"Good. Happy birthday" I said and chuckled.

"Mmm.. I think I can give away a few presents for my birthday. Im not a greedy girl" She said and went down to her knees.

She took my cock in her mouth and sucked hard. She stroked my cock as she took only half in. Then she went down as far as she could, gagged a little, and sucked on half again. She kept doing this, all the while fingering her clit.

She sucked harder as I backed up onto the wall. I felt my knees get weak as I felt my cum about to shoot from me. "Oh fuuuuck" I moaned. I breathed in deep.

She took my cock out of her mouth as I came and let it hit her face and get in her hair. I came hard and shot about 8 or 9 spurts. On the last 2 she sucked my cock hard again and swallowed what was in her mouth.

She rose and washed her face and mouth. Then she kissed me like how I did to her.

"Oh shit" I moaned as I pulled away, "that was incredible!"

"Thank you!" She said and did a little curtsey. I laughed and held her close.

"Your an amazing woman" I told her. I moved some of her hair from her face. "Everything about you is incredible. The way you move, talk, act, laugh, smile." I pulled her closer. "I love you with all my heart. You keep me alive."

She smiled and kissed my lips. "You, my man, are a courageous, incredible, sexy, funny, talented man. Everytime you talk, move, act, smile, play music.. Do anything.. I melt. I love you with all my heart and you keep me alive."

I felt invincible. I pulled her close and kissed her deeply. My tounge softly touching hers as they danced together in our mouths. During the kiss I felt renewed. As if time had stopped. As I pulled away, I looked down and saw my cock, back to full mast.

She winked at me and grabbed it. She took it in her pussy slowly but got most of it in, only about 2 inches out. I began to slowly go in and out of her. "Ohh" I heard her moan with an exhaling of breath.

I moved my left hand down and rubbed her pussy as I made love to her, my right hand around her waist. She took one hand and rubbed her breast, her eyes closed.

I went faster as I felt my balls tingle. She panted faster, I rubbed harder and so did she. I fucked her fast and soon came. I felt her pussy clench around me, and she came too. I went back to the wall and pulled my hand away from her pussy and put it against the wall to keep my balance.

I looked at her and laughed and she did too. "That was amazing" She said slowly, obviously tired and worn out.

I was tired too and washed up in the shower with her. I used the soap on her tits and ass and washed her pussy a little. She rubbed my chest, my ass, and my now flaccid cock. We were both clean, and spent.

I turned off the water and dried her off. I dried myself and walked back to my room naked and she did too. Except she was nervous my parents would see and was behind me.

I put on some boxers, some jeans, and a wife beater. She put on a red thong, jeans, and a black polo showing off some clevage. I told her to go ahead of me and waited for her to be in the living room downstairs. I took the ring out of my back pocket of my shorts on the floor and put it in the box where the kitten was. I pet him and closed the box.

I walked out to the living room and sat with her. Tomorrow was her offical birthday. Saturday.

"I'm hungry" I said and wrapped her close.

"Me too" She told me. "I don't want to get up."

"Me either" I replied. I looked at the table in front of me and saw the phone and my wallet. I reached over and grabbed the phone and my wallet.

"I'd like pizza!" She said like a little kid.

"Haha alright" I laughed. I'm one of those guys who is cool enough to put pizza hut on the speed dial. I called then and told them the address. "Pan or hand tossed?"

"Hand tossed!" She exclaimed. She loved that crust.

"Alright. One han-"

"Two!!" She interrupted

"Haha two hand tossed pepperoni pizzas please" I told the man on the phone. I looked at Allie and she nodded. She rubbed her tummy and licked her lips. I laughed again.

"Okay, 26.54?" I asked. "Okay. Oh and could you come in through the back door? It should be open. Yes? Okay thanks! Bye" I said. "Victory! Hunger shall be destroyed by Pizza Hut" I shouted, sounding like a fag.

About 45 minutes later, and one TV show and a half passed the pizza arrived. The pizza guy entered the back door when I shouted "It's open" and he came in. I gave him 31 dollars and let him keep the generous tip.

"Mmm" She said. "Tasty!"

I laughed at her when I saw some sauce on the corner of her mouth. She licked it up and smiled.

We were finished with the pizza and started to get tired. It was about 10:30 and she cuddled close to me. A few minutes later I looked down to see her asleep in my arms.

I used my foot to hit the button on the remote to turn off the TV. I picked her up and took her to my bed. She cuddled up and silently slept. I crept to the closet and took the cat out of the box. I grabbed the ring as well and took him to the living room.

I took off the collar and slipped the ring on it. I clamped it and heard the kitten silently mew. I picked it up and let it got to the bathroom outside. "Ick" I groaned and picked him up.

I went back to my room and put him in his box and closed the lid. I failed to mention this box was a box that had birthday decorations on it. This was her present.

I got into bed with her, and put my arm around her. I fell asleep at about 11 with her in my arms.

That morning I woke up and saw Allie turned and looking at me. "Happy Birthday" I said to her.

She smiled and kissed me. I smelled food. My parents were home and were cooking a nice breakfast for Allie.

"I smell fooood" She said and kissed me. She got out of bed and ran upstairs. I went to the closet and took out the box. I heard the kitten mew. I pet his black head and he was quiet. I put the top back on and carried it upstairs.

Allie was on the couch and saw two presents. One from my mom and one from my dad. They had really liked her now and thought she was a really sweet girl.

I put my present next to theirs and and smiled at her. "You want to open them after breakfast?"

She nodded with exceitement. I laughed again.

He had a big breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, toast, potatos, sausage.. It was big. After about an hour of talking and eating Allie was ready. I sat next to her. My dad looked at me and raised an eyebrow. He helped me pick out a ring. I came up with everything else. I nodded quickly so she wouldn't notice.

She opened up the present from my dad and saw about 3 CDs that she could never find at any store. She hugged him and said thanks. My dad pass her the present from my mom.

"Oh thank you!" She said. She pulled up some new jeans and two shirts she had been wanting. I was just too lazy to go with her and pick them out. She hugged my mom too.

"And now mine!" I said. I was begining to get nervous. I slowly picked up the box so he wouldn't cry out again.

She had it in her lap and took off the lid. She squealed "Aww!!" She cried out. "A kitten!"

She held him and rubbed his head and kissed him. She failed to notice the ring. My dad gave me a glance. I nodded again.

"Hey Allie stand up with him for a second" I told her. She looked puzzled but she did it anyway. I stood with her. "Look at his collar" I told her my voice now shaking.

She turned the collar in her hands being careful not to hurt the kitten. Her fingers found the ring and she gasped as she saw it.

She took his collar off and put him down on the floor so he could roam. She held the ring in her hand. I took it from her and got down on one knee.

"I love you. And you love me. I don't ever want to loose you." My dad and mom staring at me. All fear left me. "I need you. Forever. Will you marry me?" I asked her.

She looked down at me a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eyes. "Yes!" She said happily. I jumped up and hugged and kissed her. My parents both smiling and Allie had tears in her eyes as I kissed her. I finally had that courage in me and I got her hand in marriage.

I kissed her for a long time and hugged her. I pulled away and took her left hand and slipped on the ring. A perfect fit. She held it out so she could see it. She smiled and kissed me some more.

A few minutes later after the tears of joy and laughter he heard a mew and saw the kitten all tangled up in a piece of yarn from my moms' sewing spot. Allie went over to him and picked him up. "Whats his name?"

"I don't know. Cat?" I replied.

"I have a name!" She said. "Noir" she said. The french word for black. He was black too. All over.

"Noir it is!" I said aloud. Allie walked to me with Noir and hugged me.

After the hours of us calling our friends of our engagement and picking up pet supplies we finally got home. I picked up Allie after our long day and put her on my bed. I kissed her and rubbed her tits. I had been wanting her all day. I was finally getting her after the long day.

She pulled her new shirt off of her and her jeans. She put them on the floor and was only in her bra and thong. I was naked already and moved my hand to her bra and unhooked it. I pulled it off of her. I pulled her thong down and she kicked it off of her. She wanted me too.

"Oh my God. I've wanted you so badly today" I moaned as I went down to her mound.

"Oh fuck.. I wanted.... you too..." She moaned as I licked her.

I licked up and down her slit, paying special attention to her clit. I licked fast and hard. Her legs clamped around my head and her hands ran through my hair. I felt the ring on her finger on my head.

I licked at the same fast pace. In the middle of my going down on her I put in two fingers and she moaned louder. Minutes later she exploded on my face. I got the cum off of me and licked up what was on her pussy. I came up and winked at her. She smiled and went to my now throbbing cock.

She opened her mouth and sucked hard. She went down all the way on me and rubbed my balls. She sucked hard and stroked me as she sucked the head of my dick. She went down again and moaned. This was sending me off the edge. I came in 10 minutes.

She came up after she swallowed. "I want it.. in my ass" She cooed. "Please?"

My eyes lit up and my mouth was wide open. I just nodded. She straddled me and went down as far as she could on my cock filling her ass, her spit as lube.

"Ready?" I asked.

She nodded and began going up and down on my cock.

I met her rhythm. I went up when she went down. I kept going in her. I saw her mouth open and she moaned. I grabbed one of her tits. I rubbed a nipple and rubbed her clit up and down. She moaned loudly. Soon I felt my balls tingle once again. I rubbed her faster. I put my finger in her pussy and slammed her ass faster. She moaned loudly and I grunted as we both came. After her orgasm she fell on top of me.

"That was amazing as well.." She said in between breaths. "Everytime.. I'm spent" she said with a laugh.

I laughed too and kissed her. It was about midnight. I felt my cock in her and pulled out. she cooed a little and turned to me. She kissed me. I guess it was a relief. I kissed her back and she wrapped her arms around me. I felt Noir jump on the bed and watched him lay by Allie.

"He likes yooou" I said with a laugh.

"Yeah.. But I like him too. And I love you" She said with a kiss.

I kissed her back and held her. We were engaged. Maybe we're too young. But we don't care. I thought that as I fell asleep with Allie, Noir next to her.

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2013-02-11 23:44:52
Thoroughly enjoying the series, 10/10. Just discovered it two days ago and am annoyed that I've taken this long to find it. Glad to read that Allie healed up Ok, was wondering if Jen was Ok after the accident.
Congratulations to both of you on the engagement -Good Luck!!!!

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2013-02-11 19:17:00
Thoroughly enjoying the series, 10/10. Just discovered it two days ago and am annoyed that I've taken this long to find it. Glad to read that Allie healed up Ok, was wondering if Jen was Ok after the accident.
Congratulations to both of you on the engagement -Good Luck!!!!

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2008-08-15 01:18:15
Awesome story, I wish the best of luck to you and allie.

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This was so damn awesome to hell with those who say its crap. Wish u the best o luck dude


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sigh agrey with reader before me

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