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This is 100% True!!!
"tevee, wake up" fetus baby pushed at me. i woke up and took one look at her and immediatly cummed all over her. iit was love at 1st site.

everaybody was already in the living room having the party around me and fetus babi. i called it fetus baby becuase it was a fetus babi. as fteus baby licked my cum fromit, i walked over to the grup of catties frends and told them to all get nakes so i could rape them.

while they were geting naked i walked over to their moms and plled out my 20 inch man dick of manhood. all the mommyis started screaming and fighting over who would get have real man sex with me.

all the naked little girs behind me made there ways over to catties and jessies bodies and were playing with them. ii walked over to one girl and slammed my dick up her 7 year old pussy. its ok becuse she wasn't a virgin. "it's ok. i'm not o virgin." she said. she had sex with her dog all the time becuse she was a slut hor bitch. aka - girl.

as her duoble dd breast bounced up and down, i cummed and cumed over andover again and again into her body. i cumed like 50 hundred times because im a real man. her organs were pushing their ways out of her mouth she was so full of my cum. i ripped out my moomyies umbiliical cord all the way and tied the cum girl to the cieling fan. all the little girls started waving stickes and hitting her. then she exploded and cum and blood squrited all over the room but i didn't care because i was bussi fivewaying their moms.

i had 3 strap on dildos tied around my wiest each 90 whole degres from each other. ferinhiet, not celsious. i was doing th hulla hoop, jamming my dick and the dildos into the mommies as they laid in a wring around me. they all cummed and passed out becuase i was so good.

as all the girls bathed in blody cum from the dog raper, i stuck fetus babies haed in my mouth and started sucking on it. as i gave her head, she cummed all over me so i fingered her tight little cunt. she asked me to anal her so i slameed my entiere 20 inch dick into her ass whole in one pound and she began shaking and then cummed. i turned on techno music and we all danced . all the moms stoarted likcing my massive man meat. they said that anybody with something les than me wasnot a real man. that got me so hot that i did a super cum and drounded them all. the entire living room was filled with three feet of myu cum and all the girls were pushing it into them becuase thats what girls want mostest. they all got pregnatn and i went to the store and bought saeven pares of socks for the little fetuses inside them that were grwoing because i didn't want their feet to get cold and them get sick.

fetus baby was my weakspot though and she wanted to see another fetus so i had to cut a square whole in one girl and skin graft saran wrap to her so i could see the baby in her womp. sometimes i cummed on the wendow because it was hot.

it was the greatest birghday party in the ever world. mi cum harded and all my new incubators plaid in it like snow becasue it was flaky and they builded dried cum forts and igloos and lived there and sometimes i cum insid ehtem and the others jump on each other and its like squeizing elmers glue from a glue tupe.

me and fetus baby had a thing going. we were in luv. she said i wuv you to me and that was when i new we were going to get maried. but i didnt want to marie her until i made a babi with her because iwanted to make sure she could produce becuse childrin are the future and so i needed to make a wholre bunch of them.

on acident i accednetly cumed to hard once and broke the window in the saran wrap window gilr and the fetus babi fell onto the floor but it was to early and couldt live without proper nutrients yte. we had a beuatiful funnural and barried it mother in the great cum mountian bu my refrigerator. then i had to put the fetus thingy on my dick. i pushed my dick into its tight virgin pussy cunt slit. it had a little hair on it so its ok becuase i dont swing for the hairless nubiles. iim not a pedophile. my cock became its new umbiliacl cord and it lived that way.

when ever i had sex, the fetus would open its mouth and my growing normal sized 20 inch cock wold growout of its mouth and then i pounded and slamed my manhood into the tight cunts of the girls i wanted. all the girls i wanted. a lot of times, even the fetus went all the way into the itty bitty kitties and it liked it too. with all the cum that soaked and filled the fetus, it was growing very stronng and smooth.

fetus baby loveed it too becuse when i scuered her above the othe fetus like a shishka bob, the other fetus below would suck her off. then they would both cum all over my dick and i would cum inside onother fetus that was still inside one of my newly acquired little girls while i reamed her.

i put a new paire of mittons on fetus baby and we had long pashonate sex for for almost a billion trillion gazilion infinity-minus-one pico-seconds whick was almost a second maybe and it ws so awsome becasue we were in love. "i wuv woo" she mewed at me. she was only like two days old then and our love was so incredable, i couldnt help but cum againand make a cum blanket to keep her warm for the night. and we lived hapily ever after.


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100 percent true my ass no man has a 20 inch cock and no 7 year old girl had dd tits rubish

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u were rushing of ya guts ay ha ha ha

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2014-04-17 01:08:59
"billion trillion gazilion infinity-minus-one pico-seconds"...

Yup, no way this is a troll. All the outrage was justified...

Fucking idiots.

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2014-04-17 01:07:55
"billion trillion gazilion infinity-minus-one pico-seconds"...

Yup, no way this is a troll. All the outrage was justified...

Fucking idiots.

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2013-03-14 18:15:03
This crap had to be written by a 2nd grader. He can't spell and he makes no sense at all. How he ever even got into this site is a surprise to me. This guy has absolutely NO talent what so ever. He wouldn't know a story even if his mommy read it to him.

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