It was a very warm August night following a very hot August day in Portland
Oregon. I was laying half dressed on my bed on the second floor of my house
with all the doors and windows open. The fan was blowing sweltering air around.

I had a date that night with Justine, a woman I had been dating for a
short time and who I felt very comfortable around. I should have been getting
ready but it was too hot to be very motivated. I lay there sweating in pajama
pants right up until the moment she walked into my bedroom.

She was dressed up in a tight white crocheted minidress that came down to
just below her behind. I was surprised and it must have registered on my face
because she grinned. "You like it, don't you." She said and twirled around
taking off the thin shawl that covered her shoulders. Thin straps and a lot of
cleavage. It was unlike her to be so openly revealing. "Come on! You're not
even dressed yet!" She chided, making 'get up, get up' motions with her hands.

"I think I wanna get undressed now!" I said laughing but with genuine
appreciation. "I think you're the reason it's so hot tonight!" This was just as
out of character for me as skimpy dresses were for what I knew of Justine. She
tilted her head down slightly and grinned at me in a way that was severely
cute. Suddenly my midsection was all wobbly.

"UP!" she commanded, standing straight and squaring her shoulders back.
My heart jumped a beat because this caused her dress to ride up and expose her
just a peek of her panties. This made me feel guilty. I dry swallowed, noticed
my penis was reacting and so sat up to hide it in the folds of my jammies.
This also meant I couldn't see under her dress. I reached my arms out, inviting
her to come roll with me. "All the way!" She said waving both her hands as if
she were trying to levitate me.

I breathed deeply of the hot air and managed to get to my knees feigning
the difficulty of it all. "It's too hot to move!" I said as she "upped" me
some more. The whole game was turning me on and I bent over slightly to hide my
half erection. I stepped off my futon toward her. "I'm up." I said as we
embraced, our foreheads touching. I felt her hand on my penis and it jolted me. "I
know," she said. My heart flip-flopped and my erection sprang up as she gently
stroked it through my jams.

She did this for a moment and both of our breathing got heavy and moist
then suddenly, she slapped both her palms on my naked chest. "Okay! Come on,
get dressed!" She beamed at me brightly and her eyes twinkled sharply. She
looked wicked. "Hurry up!" Then she stepped back several paces and just looked at

I had what I was going to wear picked out and laid across the back of a
chair. I walked over and grabbed them with her eyes still on me. I faltered
with my thumbs in the waistband of my jammies. "come on" She prompted still
looking directly at me with her chin tucked down. I turned slightly away from her
and pulled my pants to my ankles and stepped out of them. She whistled. My cock
pulsed. I liked her new lecherousness.

I pulled on my shorts feeling very aware of how obvious my erection was
and turned back towards her. While pulling on my undershirt, she "Mmmmed" at
me. I swallowed with eyes wide. "Show it to me again." She said. It was already
trying to poke out of the fly of my shorts. Her smile was crooked and she
showed teeth when I let my cock pop out again. She licked her lips coyly. "Okay,
now get dressed." She said and turned away.

Fully dressed and fully hard, I went to the door where she was standing
and put my hands around her waist, our foreheads coming together again and
looked into her eyes. She moved her hips forward until her belly was touching my
erection and then stood on her tiptoes until she hooked to hem of her tight
dress over the part of my pants that was standing out. She moved her hips from
side to side grinding against me and she kissed me quickly on the lips. Even
through my pants and her panties, I could feel heat and wetness. She wrapped her
arms around the back of my neck and pulled herself up a little higher. Now the
head of my engorged penis was pressing against her opening and it seemed
almost as though I could break through all the layers of fabric and slide right
into her. She put more of her weight on me and it was painful but good. It felt
like I had an inch or more inside her then she was back to grinding against
the shaft.

I wanted to kiss her really but she was teasing me. She kept pecking my
lips and drawing back when I tried to kiss deeper. She bumped me hard with her
groin and pushed me away. "Okay, let's go. Movie's starting!" I looked down at
the large wetspot on the front of my pants and she laughed. She looked down
at her self and hoisted up her dress fully exposing her panties. She rubbed
both her hands on her wet crotch. "Looks like my panties are all wet!" She cried.
They were clinging tightly to her and I could see the shape of her sex very
well. She then sniffed her fingers to my great surprise and rolled her eyes as
though she were delirious with the scent. "Well, I can't go around wearing
these all night!" In one quick gesture he pulled them down to her ankles, flipped
them aside with a toss of her foot and adjusted her dress. I caught one
delicious flash of her naked cunt. She had shaved it all. I swallowed again.

In the car, she sat low in her seat with her knees high and her legs
slightly spread. All through the ride I would sneak glances at her. From my angle
at the wheel I could see only part of her cunt lips but knew that if anyone
looked through the windshield into my low car, they would get the full view. I
also noticed she was braless. I was incredibly turned on to know that on this
very warm night, all she was wearing was this loosely knit dress. Near one of
her straps, I could see the dark tan of an aureola clearly through the

As we drove, her dress rode up higher on her hips and she let her legs
lay totally open. By the time we arrived at the theater, it looked like she was
wearing a knit top and nothing else. Her mound was swollen and her lips glisten
ed with liquid. She was caressing her thighs. I parked and noticed my hands
were shaking on the wheel. As soon as the engine was off I leaned over and
kissed her deeply, my hand landing on her inner thigh and moving up quickly. She
brushed it aside and grinned at me. "Not yet." She breathed and stepped out of
the car without adjusting her dress. Only after she had slammed the door did
she take care to cover herself again. I looked around to see if anyone had
seen. My erection pulsed in my pants.

The inside of the Theater lobby was brightly lit and crowded. The AC was
cranked up and it cooled my fire somewhat. We got into a long line for our
show. Justine was in front of me. I was again shocked when she backed into me and
clenched her butt cheeks on the bulge in my pants. There was no cover here
save the people in front and behind us. I placed my hands on the front of her
pelvis and she put her hands on mine and guided them down to edges of her vulva.
My heart was racing and I could feel the sweat beading on my upper lip.

Before anything too lewd could happen, we reached the front of the line.
Justine pulled her credit card out of her little white evening purse and
leaned down on the counter exposing her cleavage to the pimple faced teenager who
was behind the box-office glass. His mouth twitched insecurely and she again
clenched my hard on with her asscheeks. I don't think the woman behind us could
have possible missed the show.

She flirted with the boy who took are tickets and gave a little show to
the kid at the concessions counter as well. I was in limbo between ravenous
horniness and complete mortification. I could not decide whether I wanted to jump
her bones or run away and hide. The theater was filling up but she didn't
want us to go in until the picture actually started. I waited, holding the box of
popcorn in front of my pants.

We entered once the theater was completely dark and looked for seats by
the light of the screen. She led me by the hand to a row of seats that was
empty in a back corner of the room. Not only was our row empty but so were the
four rows in front of us. The only other people near us was a couple who was
sitting near the aisle. We sat down and she put aside our popcorn and candies and
pulled my face to hers. We kissed deeply this time. She was no longer teasing
me and her hands fell immediately to my hard on and began stroking me through
my pants. I started caressing her thigh with one hand and rubbing her back
with the other. I snuck a peek over at the other couple to see if they were
noticing us. They didn't seem to so I became more bold and moved a hand under her
dress. My other hand moved under her ass and she hiked up her dress. She rocked
back and forth on my hands as we kissed and gripped my cock. She was very wet
and my fingers slid freely over clit and between her lips. As I slipped a
finger into her she sucked on my lower lip and moaned softly. With one hand she
played with her nipples through her dress.

"I want you to suck me." She whispered into my ear. "Go down on me." I
glanced again over at the apparently unaware couple and slid down between her
knees. I was amazed to look at her sex up close. Not a scrap of hair and shiny
with wet in the dark room. I breathed in her scent and felt light headed. There
was something incredibly sexy about how naked it looked. Brazen and exposed
to the world with no foliage to protect her modesty. And then to taste her. She
was smooth and fleshy and extremely tantalizing. I burrowed my face between
her thighs and guzzled her moisture. Her hands gripped at my hair and she
bucked her hips against my face covering me from nose to neck in her liquid. She
was being surprisingly quiet except for her breathing which was harsh and quick.
The opening music of the movie was loud and impressive and covered her
panting. I let the music guide me and as it crescendoed, I felt her climax. I saw
her shake and let out a silent scream. She bucked hard against my face bruising
my nose and clawing at my ears, shuddering. Then she put both her hands against
my forehead and pushed me away. She lay collapsed and twitching in her seat
as I slowly rose back into my chair. When her breathing slowed, we kissed long
and with great relish.

We continued to fondle one another as we attempted to pay at least some
attention to the movie. She unzipped me about a third of the way through and
started playing with my naked cock. She seemed determined not to let me become
anything less that rigid. She teased my earlobe with her tongue and nipped at
my neck and whispered dirty things in my ear. As the movie neared the end I was
totally wound up and my hands were shaking. Just when I thought I might not
be able to stand it any longer she suddenly put her head into my lap and began
licking the head of my penis.

I gripped the arms of my chair and tried desperately not to moan or yell.
Staring fixedly ahead and keeping my eyes on the couple in front of us,
terrified that they might turn around. Several times, I felt sure I would just
burst and cum in her mouth. If that happened, I didn't know how I would stop
myself from bellowing out. Each time she changed the pace or her technique and the
impending orgasm would fall off. Quite often she would take me deep into the
back of her throat and just when I felt sure I couldn't hold, she would back
off and start blowing cool air on it. The effect of this was staggering. I would
shudder and it would feel almost like I was having an orgasm but I wouldn't
spurt. This left me trembling and jittery for the moments until she took me
into her mouth again. This was a kind of torture I had never in my life imagined
and a pleasure so strong it was frightening.

The movie ended without me exploding and, apparently, without attracting
attention from the other moviegoers. Justine put my, still extremely hard,
penis back in my pants and zipped up my fly. She patted it and then sat back up
straight as the house lights came up. I looked at her in astonishment. I
couldn't believe she was just going to leave me in a state like that. I was about to
say something when the couple who had been sitting several rows in front of
us walked by. They both grinned at us knowingly and then hurried on.

"You're killing me." I whispered "I'm going to explode!" "No, you're
not." She whispered back, "You just wait a little longer, okay?" She patted my
erection again and stood up and squeezed past me. As she did, I got a strong
whiff of her sex and then she was hurrying up the aisle and I was left to follow
after. We never did eat any of our popcorn or candy.

I hoped that she would relieve me once we made it to the parking lot but
once we were in the car, she just said, "Take me home." There was a twinkle in
her eye that was unmistakable. As we rolled out of the lot and onto the main
street she started to lift her dress again. She took my hand and gently
pressed it to her vulva. She wanted me to masturbate her while I was driving and so
I did. She kept her hand on mine and moved it slowly up and down along her
slippery slit. I was glad my car was an automatic and I was glad it was late and
that the streets were fairly empty. I let my hand relax so she could do with
it what she wanted. Soon it was very slick and she forced two of my fingers
slowly into her hole and exhaled slowly. When I had a slow rhythm going moving in
and out of her I felt two of her fingers slip in on top of mine. Our hands
were moving as one and we caressed each other's fingers inside her. She moved
her hand so that when I stroked out she stroked in and vice versa. Sharing her
masturbation seemed to create a startling intimacy between us.

Her breathing grew heavier and longer and her pelvis rolled around in her
seat. She was sitting low and her legs were tensed against the footwell. Her
back was braced against her seatback and she lifted her hips and fucked
herself with our fingers fast. I was having trouble paying enough attention to my
driving and so I turned onto a side street and slowed way down.

She came thrusting her hips up high, far above the relative privacy of
the dashboard and the car jounced on it's springs. She clutched my hand in hers,
our fingers caught inside her frozen with her hips arched high, and slowly
she melted back into her seat. She exhaled loud as my fingers and hers slipped
out and she snuggled against my shoulder. She took my hand, covered with her
juice and gently brought it to my mouth to watch me suck my fingers with

We drove for many minutes with my heart pounding hard and my groin
aching. It occurred to me that my penis had been continually hard since she had
first teased me out of bed two or three hours before. I thought that had to be a
new record and made a mental note to call Guinness in the morning to ask.

Her hand fell to my crotch and she murmured something. There was a smile
in her voice as she started to rub me. Another moment later, she unzipped me
and started stroking me softly. Her other hand played with my ear. "Just drive
around for a while." She whispered to me. "Let's make this last." I took a
random turn onto a dark street.

As she fondled me I rubbed her back and played with her hair feeling very
close to her at that moment. She moved down so she was laying across my lap
and she kissed my penis. I couldn't believe it. My hands tensed on the wheel
and I moved the seat back as far as I could and still reach the pedals. I was
very afraid we would get into an accident like this and her head would hit the
steering wheel. I had almost no concentration for driving and was slowing down
to walking speed. If anyone noticed my car, I hoped they would think I was
looking for address numbers or something.

Justine dragged her lower lip slowly up the top of my shaft and then
brought it into her mouth. Gently she pulled on the head with her teeth and put
her tongue in the slit. I bucked as if I had been shocked. She giggled and
played some more. I bucked again. She had found a spot and she intended to exploit
it. By then, I was making little yelping out-of-breath noises and she was
grinning. Then she took me deep in her throat and my eyes rolled back in my head.
"Oh wow," I moaned and gripped the wheel with all my might.

As she started to move her mouth faster I made more noise. The more noise
I made, the more she seemed to get into it. Soon her hair was thrashing
around in my lap and she had her hand buried between her legs. Her dress had ridden
up to the middle of her back and she was kneeling on her seat with her naked
ass pointed out the passenger side window and her fingers digging in her slit.
I was rocking my hips back and forth on my seat and the car was lurching
slightly as my foot touched the gas irregularly. She was playing with my balls and
pressing on my perineum and I could feel the kettle beginning to boil.

"Better slow down," I stammered through intelligible grunts, my throat
constricted and my heart thudding hard. "I'm gonna cum if you don't!" I put my
hand on her shoulder to let her know she could back off if she wanted. She
didn't slow and her hand was blazing between her legs. "AH!" I cried sounding to
my own ears like someone who has just been pushed over a cliff. Sweat popped
out between my shoulder blades, my forearms and head. My feet came off the
pedals and the car coasted down an empty street as I humped against her mouth and
stroking hand. I had one hand on the wheel and my other was gripping her
shoulder. I felt almost faint and red and blue whirlwinds swarmed into my vision My
breath stuck in my chest and I would swear my heart stopped.

I pressed the brake and we came to a wasted halt in the middle of a
light-less intersection. On all four corners were the hulking forms of seventies
apartment complexes with glowing numbers on iron gates and the dismal yellow
light from nylon draped windows. These provided the only light besides my
headlights. I reached to the dash with a shaking hand and switched them off. I was
afraid someone would notice the car there in the middle of the street. I lay my
head against the headrest and looked over to Justine's seat. She was smiling.
Her legs folded under her and her hairless vagina still exposed. There were
beads of sweat running down her nose and cheeks and her hair was wet and tangled.
I just sat there looking into her eyes. What I read there was satisfaction
and quite possibly love. I smiled back at her, very tired. I wondered if she had
come when I did and I wondered where my cum went or if she had swallowed it.
This latter thought made me giddy. I had always fantasized about a woman
swallowing my cum but didn't think it would ever happen. Then she leaned toward me
and kissed me. Her mouth tasted salty.

She drove the rest of the way to her house and I spent the drive looking
at her. I felt very affectionate towards her. We held hands and caressed each
other, spending a lot of time petting hair and faces. Her legs gleamed a
mellow gold in the passing street lamps and I stroked her thigh. My energy level
was rising again as thoughts about her bedroom entered my mind. By the time we
got to her house I was getting to be quite hard again.

To be continued...

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