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Lisa was 4 years old, almost 5. She and her mother lived in a small motel room apartment near the edge of town. It was an old 60’s style motel of days gone by. Homey looking. The neon sign said: The Oaks Motel. Clean rooms, pool, TV, kitchenettes. For a day, a week or a lifetime. The ‘o?in Motel flickered as is traditional in old neon signs. There was always a ‘Vacancy?

Like the sign said, little Lisa had been there for a lifetime. In fact she was born there. Her mother Lucy went into premature labor one night and by the time the paramedics got to her she was fully dilated and crowning. They delivered Lisa right then and there taking them both to the local country hospital. She was little but other wise seemed fine and so was mom. But Lisa was slow developing like many preemies. She was cute, a little small for her age, slightly hearing impaired and so she was slow learning to speak. In fact, she did not talk very much at all but she was always smiling and happy.

No one, not even her mom knew who Lisa’s father was.

Bob owned, ran and lived at The Oaks Motel. He took over the place from his mother and father when they died within weeks of each other almost 10 years ago. The place had been in his family as long as he could remember?.it was an icon of the town. When you drove passed The Oaks you felt safe somehow, you knew you were home. It was part of the roots of everyone in Kennedy, Texas. This little burg appeared to be an Andy of Mayberry kind of place. By most accounts a wonderful place in which to grow up? and then leave.

Bob had just turned 50. He had a large aquarium full of fish and a big orange cat named Bailey. Except for his time in the military Bob had lived at The Oaks Motel all of his life. Living alone now since his wife Beth had died suddenly 6 years ago. She had been 10 years younger than Bob. He missed her. A lot. He missed her company, her face, the scent of her sex, the sweet voice and her submissive body. They had been unable to have children of their own but Beth took care of many of the towns little ones whose mothers could not afford to send them to a real day care center. Bob used to help. With old time motel life being pretty slow in Kennedy and to help Lucy he took care of Lisa everyday while Lucy was at work or when she occasionally went out. She worked at the county office in nearby Runge, a forty five minutes from Kennedy.

All her little life Lisa had a difficult time going to sleep at night and taking her naps. The little girl was slightly hyperactive, sometimes unable to get still, to be quiet. Bob had finally figured out a way to calm her so she could fall asleep.

He ate her tiny pussy. Everyday.

Lisa liked it. Bob loved it. He would strip the little girl naked, lay her on his bed then lick her baby cunt as she sucked her thumb. Soon she would relax and drifted off to sleep with her legs wide open, the bottoms of her tiny feet together. In the beginning Bob was really nervous, scared Lisa might tell her mother. She didn’t. Lisa didn’t know there might be anything wrong with her ‘Uncle?Bob’s sleepy time methods. She didn’t talk much anyway. Bob? He got hard doing it to her. Always. Lisa slept hard while he did. Always.

As time went on Bob could hardly wait for her nap times and bedtime. As she got a little older..... Well as she went from 2 to 4 and now to almost 5, Bob had watch the baby girl’s pussy developing. She had a very pronounced pussy mound above a tiny little 4 year old clit and perfect, miniature pussy lips. How he loved to lick her clit and suck on those little lips. Lisa made wonderful little girl noises?mews and purrs as Bob enjoyed her young cunt with his mouth, his tongue, his nose and his fingers. The little girl tasted and smelled wonderful. The slippery fluid from her tiny vagina was clear, light, and warm. She was so little and it tasted like no pussy he had ever eaten before producing an amazing amount of this lubrication for such a little girl. As Bob licked her cunt it would become puddled inside her tiny sex hole. He liked to open her with his fingers. Lisa slept like a baby while Bob would lie between her legs smelling her cunt, licking and kissing her pussy, pulling her open, stretching her gently but firmly. He stretched her pussy everyday. Bob had big plans for that little hole. Well, not all that big really. Just about 5?was all he had but up a woman’s asshole or in a 4 year olds?pussy that was plenty. He’d circle one of his fingers around the opening of her vagina then carefully insert another finger gently pulling Lisa open, inserting his tongue. Controlling his tiny feast by her ass cheeks he would cover her entire pussy with his mouth putting suction on that cunt. His very long tongue, a sexual attribute he used well was so deep in the child he believed it was touching her cervix at the back of her vagina. His hungry salivations mixed with the little girl’s lubrication sometimes dripped down into the crack of her butt coating her baby brown asshole. One little ankle in each hand Bob would raise her up by the feet, spread her then lick and suck all their sex juice up from her baby butt. With special attention paid to Lisa’s brand new little asshole. Amazingly there would always be more for him to eat waiting inside her. Yet another delicious puddle of baby sex juice in her wet cunt.

Like many children, when she did finally go to sleep Lisa was out cold! Unconscious. Rarely stirring though all of Bob’s sniffing, spreading, kissing, stretching, asshole licking and pussy eating. He knew he usually had two hours of erotic pleasure every afternoon with this sex doll. Bob got to enjoy his tiny toy twice on Fridays if Lucy went out with her friends.

One of Bob’s favorite things was jacking off on Lisa. Sometimes he’d cum all over her pussy. Sometimes he turned her over, spread her little ass open with the fingers of one hand while jacking off with the other hand. He would shoot his wad on Lisa’s tiny ass then with his finger push it up inside her butthole then licking it up as it dribble back out of her ass. Or he would lay her spread eagle on her back turning her head towards him then slide himself up high on the bed beside her so his cock and balls were right in her face…touching her. Bob stroked his cock over Lisa as his balls bounced against her mouth and nose. He loved to do this while lusting over porno magazines. Jacking off, rubbing his cock on her nose, her mouth, her eyes. And then jacking it off some more. As the pre-cum began to drip from his penis he made sure it dripped onto the little girl’s face pushing most of it between Lisa’s lips with the head of his cock. When her front teeth and her mouth were thick and full of his pre-cum Lisa would start making little nursing and sucking noises with her lips. The child would swallow down every drop he had deposited into her mouth. If Bob gave her some more she ate that too. And she slept.

Trembling in sexual excitement, panting, heart racing, his sweat would be dripping all over the child. His real live sex toy. He loved to walk around in the room completely naked while Lisa slept exposed on his bed. He would sometimes climb on top of her like he was going to mount her for sex, like a man does to a grown woman. He would spread her legs wide then rub his hard cock along her pussy opening. He would lick her face, suck her tiny brown nipples. He licked and kissed her on the lips sliding his tongue into her tiny mouth. He quickly discovered that while sleeping Lisa responded to his tongue by sucking on it like it was one of her mother’s nipples or a pacifier. God Bob loved that. Oh yes! Lisa loved this sex with him. She was encouraging him after all wasn’t she? She was sucking whatever he put in her mouth. Lisa likes the feeling his cock touching her he thought. She’s hot! She swallowed mouthfuls of his pre cum, right? He would whisper to Lisa in her sleep telling what he would to do to her next. Where he was going to kiss her and lick her, how he would some day fuck her baby brains out.

She slept.

Bob like to put her face down, with her knees to her chest, an upright sleeping fetal position offering her tiny butt in the air for him. He would use his tongue in long, slow delicious licks from her little pussy sticking out her backside like any woman in this position. He licked over her asshole and then all the way up her spine to the nape of her neck He kissed her there smelling her hair there back then down her spine stopping to kiss her asshole and that amazingly tiny cunt then beginning his worship all over again.

Standing by the bedside behind her he could rub is cock all over her tiny ass crack, her butt cheeks. He would jack off shooting all over her ass and her back. Lisa was beautiful sleeping in that position, nursing on her thumb, dappled in sperm. Bob massaged the thick white globs into the skin of her back, her butt, and into the folds of her tiny cunt.

Bob decided he was obsessed with Lisa. (Ya think?) In this sexual heat his dipstick didn’t touch his oil. But it might soon touch 4 year old Lisa’s. He desperately wanted to fuck her but she was so little. He literally did not know how he could fuck such a tiny girl. Just keep stretching her and maybe? For now he could not wait any longer to cum. He was past the point of no return. Today he would jack off on her again. When he did cum for Lisa it was always extremely hard and he shot much more sperm much farther for her than he had ever given any woman. More even than when his wife Beth was tied, spread, mounted and quietly whimpering, helpless as she submitted her beautiful, tight anus to her husband’s erect penis. Bob loved fucking her. He missed her. Not as much now as he used to but he still missed fucking that beautiful woman’s asshole.

He always made sure Lucy didn’t find any cum on his little?.no, no…on her little girl when she got home from work. First licked up all his sperm from Lisa’s little girl body and her face, even from her long hair. Bob loved eating his own cum but especially when it was mixed with the scent and the taste of this child. To be very safe, when Lisa woke-up he would bath her completely and dress his little sex toy. Good as new. Better than new. Used.

Then one afternoon Bob decided to see if he could actually fuck baby Lisa. He had been working and stretching the opening to her vagina for weeks now. Sliding his thumb into her pussy and his pointing finger into her tiny asshole at the same time. Then he rubbed them together through her anal and vaginal tissue?to loosen her sex holes so one day soon she could accept his erect offering to her. She did seem bigger down there. Not BIG but big-ger.

After licking and sucking her cunt as usual she lay sleeping, totally naked with her legs wide open, feet together. Bob mounted her to fuck her. The man was between her legs, Lisa’s face against his hairy belly, his cock pointed at the opening of her tiny wet cunt. He had used his favorite super slippery, tingly lubricant on the large strawberry sized head of his circumcised cock. As Bob gently pushed against her little wet pussy she opened for him and his cock head eased inside her. Just the head was in Lisa, but all of it was in her! While there was clearly no way to get anymore of his penis into this little girl right now at least…this was sexual heaven for Bob. His dream. Fucking a 4 year old girl. And fuck her he did.

Pulling his cock head all the way out of her pussy he then forced it back inside the little girl. Over and over, over and over. Lisa sucked her thumb as Bob fucked her harder. Lisa sucked harder. Looking down his belly at his little treasure, watching his cock fucking in and out of this baby girl he trembled in sexual excitement. Bob was about to in Lisa for the very first time. He was beyond the point of no return. He worked his cock in and out of her faster and faster sending her little body bouncing under him. He grabbed her by the by the back of the neck and head with his hand over her face to her forehead, his thumb pushed deep into her mouth. He held her in position. Sucking his big thumb now, Lisa was helpless. Bob felt her little hands reaching around his sides?part way around his rib cage really was as far as she could reach. He looked down his belly at the little girl working under him! Lisa was holding on to Bob as he fucked her. Her eyes were half opened; her legs were completely open and wrapped up around him as far as she could. Her little heals were digging into his ass cheeks. Baby Lisa was now in that place grown women go to…automatic sex. Helpless. Lisa had no idea what this feeling was but Bob knew. He just did not realize such a little girl would respond this way to sex. Like any female in heat Lisa needed to be fucked, to cum and to eat cum. Yes, even very little girls like Lisa can cum, can have an orgasm. How beautiful they are! The sex grip Bob had on her head and her legs wrapped around him helped Lisa stay in her open, submissive position under him, to stay on the cock. To fuck for him; to be fucked; to have her first cum.

Watching Lisa perform under him Bob whispered down to her “That’s my good little girl. Fuck for me baby. Fuck that cock little one. Fuck it good baby. That’s it; make me fill your little pussy with sperm. She did. Bob filled her to over flowing. He tremble, shook and grunted over his little child cunt. He came and came. Jet after jet of thick, hot, white salty cum ejaculating from his erect penis. Lisa could feel something wonderful happening in her cunt. Something happening to her for the first time. Something warm and thick was filling her little pussy to over flowing running out of her down over her puckering asshole. Bob worked Lisa with his hard cock like he would a grown woman. He wanted to finish inside her and on her...all over her. OMG! Fucking a 4 year old!!

About to collapse Bob rolled off of Lisa taking her over with him to keep his dick in her. She lay there with his cock still pulsing in her. She lay on his hairy chest panting, sweating, and red faced, drooling and moaning. Cum running out of her tiny cunt.

4 fucking years old! Really?

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2015-04-27 23:34:45
I believe you can fuck up some kids that's why I make a point of not messing with any little girl that's related to me and only fuck trailer park trash hell there lives are already fucked and there is always a few single digit preteens with neglectful parents that can be seduced easy enough but I would like to know how that girl's uncle was able to buy a little preteen hotie I've heard rumors about gypsies selling kids but never really believed it but maybe there's something to it

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2014-12-22 13:47:10
The girls story underneath is why no child should be touched sexually until they are mature enough to handle all the complications that go with it, and that these stories should be and should remain fantasies . I like reading but thats all that it should be, kids can't handle sex too young it literally fucks them up, I know from experience, even though mine weren't awful it messed with my head later and messed up my sex life for a while. Of course kids will like sex it can be phenomenal and it feels good who doesn't want that but they can't cope and they become over sexualised and it can lead them in to dangerous situations. I do like lots of the young stories though and am not a hater I just hate the sick fuckers who DO really molest or encourage kid sexually then brag on here , I hope you get caught , sent to jail and get fucked every which way see how you like being taken advantage of. Your writing is good though you bring words to life just the age is too young. Luvsalik

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2014-09-20 14:52:28
I told him I would. When his new sex toy came back part of me wanted to strangle her I wasso jealous but I just told her how lucky she was. That's been nearly a year ago now I quit all drugs cut way back on my drinking and partying. I still work as a stripper but now I'm using the money to go to college. So I've kind of got my life together. Still hoping to find a younger version of my uncle who isn't a pedophil. Still can't help but look.back and maserbate. So when I came across this site and saw this story couldn't help but read it and think that's probably the way my uncle did me. So just to get it of my chest I had to tell my story. I'm 21 now and work in one of the nicest and high class strip club's in Dallas. Which is a lot better then this time last yr. When I worked at a low class all nude place. Hopefully in a few yrs I can put this life totally behind me

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One last thing

I finally went to for when I nearly oded on a mixture of cocaine & heroin. This caused a big intervention by my family including my uncle who I hadn't seen in year's now on his early 50s. He still looked good all I could think of when I saw him,was how much I wanted to fuck him but now he had a cute little 4yr old girl clinging to him. When we were finally alone he explained how he bought her from some gypsies then married a crack whore just so she could pretend to be her mom he divorced her after a year and kept the little girl. He didn't go into details about how he was able to get a birth certificate but other then he knew some people and it's taken care of. He asked if he was the reason for me getting out of control. I said no even though he kind of was. I asked if he had fucked her yet. He said yes adding he was sick. I told him I'll always love him no matter what. He told me he felt the same. He kissed me on the cheak and urged me to stop the drugs.

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Me again

I also experimented with other girls. I'll admit I kind of liked it so I guess I'm bi but just way more into men thing is I never found anyone to measure up to my uncle there was only 5 out of all the men I fucked that had bigger dicks and they were all lousy lover's. The one person I found that good or close to being as good as him at oral. She was my 3rd lesbian lover and by far the best. Still I needed the feel of a real dick plastic just isn't enough for me I would have loved to have combined her oral skills with this one guys cock at 8" long 1"&3quarters thick and desent staying power and recovery. He was the closest touuncle. Allen then anyone else in that way but unfortunately he fell woefully short every other way A bit overweight and on the ugly side. Like I said I was fucking anyone who bothered to try. He was also terrible at oral it wasn't for lack.of effort. God knows he tried he just was terrible. I also started drinking and smoking weed.

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