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A girl finds herself in an unexpected situation
It had been one of those days, you know the ones. That no matter where you look you’re reminded that you are alone: the cute new couple holding hands in the subway, the new parents obsessing over their child as they take turns pushing the stroller, the old couple snuggling on the park bench as they feed the pigeons. And you feel warmed at the initial sight, but almost immediately after that you’re reminded that you don’t have a special someone and an overwhelming sense of loneliness washes over you, permeating the deepest part of you and your heart aches, wishing you could go to your happy place where you feel good no matter what.
Beth had her happy place on her mind all day, nearly oblivious to her surroundings as she went through her normal workday and even on her short ride on the subway her mind was consumed with the thought of feeling happy and complete.
As soon as Beth got to her apartment she kicked off her horribly uncomfortable heels and swiftly walked to the bathroom and began to draw a hot bath. As the scalding water began to fill the tub Beth added a generous amount of her favorite bath oils. She then walked to her bedroom and began to undress. She unbuttoned her blouse revealing her large, yet perky, breasts. She never bothered to wear a bra, she had yet to find one that was comfortable and she hoped that flaunting herself would eventually get her a date. She tossed her blouse onto the bed, loosened her skirt and slid her thumbs under the waist-band of her panties and slid both her skirt and lace panties to the floor. She pulled the band keeping her hair in a bun, letting her curly red hair cascade down her shoulders. She stood in front of the mirror for a few minutes looking at herself wondering how a body like hers couldn’t get her a man. She had gorgeous green eyes, full luscious lips, nearly perfect teeth, and just enough freckles to give her face a slightly childish appearance. Her breasts were not only large, but perky, with average areolas and firm nipples. She had nice wide hips and a firm tight ass. She got herself a job right out of high school, working as a receptionist for one of the biggest fitness centers in the area and she took advantage of her free membership often. She was fit, flexible, a borderline nymphomaniac, and had only just turned 18, but still had yet to be with a man. Deciding that regardless of what an enticing voluptuous body she had, the fact that it rested on a 6’ 2” frame probably made most men feel emasculated. Sighing, accepting her fate she walked towards the bathroom.
The steam rising from the tub was not nearly as enticing as the scent of tropical bath oils wafting through the steam filled bathroom. Beth slowly stepped into the tub; once both feet were in she slowly squatted down, gripping the sides of the tub for balance as she submerged herself in the steaming water. She sighed contentedly as goose bumps began to rise all over her creamy skin. She breathed in deeply, letting the tropical scent seep into her lungs. After a few minutes of comforting relaxation she sat up against the wall of the tub and lathered up her loufa with her favorite body wash. As she began to slowly rub the soft sponge over her skin she couldn’t help but think about how wonderful it would be to have someone to share this moment with. As she continued to cleanse her skin her thoughts of company began to turn from mere aspirations to feelings of arousal, as images swam through her mind of what kind of things she would do if, in fact, she did have someone in the tub with her. Very quickly she forgot entirely about relaxation and instead began to focus the movements of her loufa on her love mound. She could feel a soft grating sensation as the soft sponge stroked over her small, square patch of pubic hair. Beth liked to feel clean and neat, but being a natural redhead, she thought that a small, trimmed patch of hair was much more sexy than being completely shaved. She quickly abandoned the loufa letting it float across the surface of the water and she let her fingers do what they had done countless times before.
Her left hand began to caress her breasts, rubbing small, slow circles around her nipples, as she pressed her right palm against her groin, enticing her clitoris to reveal itself.
It was not long before her nipples got hard and she began to pinch them as she slowly teased her pink lips apart. Besides being submerged in water Beth could feel herself getting wet and she slid a finger into her cunt, curling it upward, immediately focusing her internal strokes on her ‘G’ spot. Her body jerked as her fingertip brushed against her spot, and she felt her clit slowly become erect and begin to press itself against her palm. She removed her hand from her breasts and began to focus both hands on the sensations between her legs. It was not long until Beth’s body tensed and began to spasm, splashing water and suds everywhere, as she brought herself to climax. She tried to moan, to scream, to let the world know how amazing this felt, but the intense muscle contractions in her body allowed little more than a grunt to escape her lips. Her fingers felt the inner walls of her pussy tighten and loosen with the fierce beating of her heart. As her orgasm subsided Beth breathed heavily, pulling the plug from the drain and slowly raising herself up out of the tub. She slowly dried herself off, put her robe on, walked out to the main room, and collapsed on the couch falling asleep almost immediately.

Beth awoke to a strange, yet pleasant sensation. She moaned as she felt a strong tingle travel from her crotch all the way up her spine, it was a feeling so intense that she woke from her nap. As her vision cleared she found Bruno licking her crotch. She jumped up immediately, covering herself with her robe. Bruno was a mastiff and he belonged to the landlord. Beth had been asked to watch him for a few days while the landlord was away on business. Not wanting to be viewed as a bad tenant she had agreed and told the landlord to just let Bruno in and she’d be sure to take good care of him. Even so, Beth was quite taken aback and slightly disturbed that this dog had been licking her while she was asleep, and yet she couldn’t deny that it was quite pleasurable. She shrugged it off, told Bruno to go lay down, and turned on the television. Some romantic sitcom was on and even thought she tried to watch it she couldn’t get the thought of Bruno’s potential usefulness out of her mind. After wrestling it over in her mind for what seemed like an eternity she decided that she would try it and if it was too gross or weird she would just stop.
She took off her robe and called Bruno over to her. He sauntered over and when he got to the couch Beth took his head in her hands and looked into his face. She felt crazy and dirty, but at the same time a sense of adventure filled her with a lust that she had not felt before and she let go of the dogs face, spread her legs for him, and beckoned him to once again lick her nether regions.
His nose was cold and Beth twitched as he pressed it against her mound. She could feel the air from his nostrils blow across her small patch of pubic hair, it tingled and she giggled as he continued to curiously sniff her. The giggling stopped and almost immediately turned to a moan as Bruno regained his boldness and began to lick her snatch. His long tongue ran in long strokes, starting at her asshole and going all the way up over her slit. It was amazing, Beth had never felt anything like this before and she very quickly found herself thrusting her hips up into Bruno’s face, encouraging him to stick his tongue into her pussy, rather than merely run it across the surface. Bruno could sense Beth’s delight and began to lick her faster and more forcefully, caused her juices to seep from her slit. No sooner had the juices dripped onto Bruno’s tongue than he began to probe her cunt with his tongue in search of more. He stretched her lips and began to extend the full length of his tongue in and out of her, desperate for the taste of her juice. Beth moaned loudly as Bruno tongue-fucked her and nearly came as he began to gently bite her lips trying to get to the back of her pussy with his long, thick tongue. Beth reached down and began to vigorously scratch behind Bruno’s ears, encouraging him to continue.
Her hips bucked, her cunt spasmed, and her breath caught in her throat as Bruno’s long, forceful, probing tongue brought her to climax. This was more intense than anything she had ever done to herself, when she brought herself to climax her muscle spasms essentially ceased all continued stimulation. Bruno, however, felt no need to stop consuming the flow of Beth’s juices with his long, eager tongue. Beth could barely breath as yet another orgasm wracked her body, she pushed Bruno away, afraid of passing out from lack of oxygen. She got on her knees in front of him, cutting off his access to her nether regions and hugged him. She told him to go lay down and he obeyed. She turned back towards the couch and laid her head on it. She didn’t have the energy to get back up on the couch, so she stayed there, on her knees, leaning over the couch her mind a blur as she tried to catch her breath..
What little breath she had was knocked from her lungs as an immense weight was suddenly put on her back. She tried desperately to focus her mind to figure out what was going on. Then, as if in slow motion, it dawned on her and before she could protest Bruno thrust his hips forward, burying his long, red throbbing shaft deep into her dripping cunt. All thoughts of resistance and protest left Beth’s mind as Bruno’s cock forcefully entered her pussy. She’d never felt a dick before, not a real one at least, she had used a dildo countless times, but nothing could have prepared her cunt for the massive muscle that Bruno mercilessly rammed into it. Her screams were muffled by the couch cushions as she felt her tight pussy being stretched wider than she thought possible without damaging her. Very quickly the throbs of pain turned to pulses of pleasure and Beth’s breathing continued in short gasps as Bruno quickly, and forcefully, thrust his throbbing dog meat in and out of her. Beth’s moans and the heavy panting of this well-hung dog were nearly drowned out by the indescribable sound of balls slapping against flesh. Bruno’s low hanging sack swung with each of his thrusts, constantly slapping his heavy balls against Beth’s erect clit.
Beth moaned loudly with each forceful thrust of Bruno’s hips, and as she came her mind tried to recollect something she knew about dogs, but for some reason she couldn’t exactly remember, but she knew that, somehow, it was important to this situation. She was quickly reminded as Bruno’s thrusts became shorter and faster. Beth could feel his hot cum spurting deep into her, filling her hole, and spurting out between her tight pussy lips and the massive shaft that filled them. She screamed, half in pain, half in ecstasy as Bruno’s orgasm caused the end of his monstrous muscle to become engorged, nearly tripling its diameter, stretching her so far she thought her pussy was going to tear apart. The intense stretch caused her cunt to spasm and convulse around Bruno’s throbbing cock and Beth tightly gripped the couch cushions as she waited for Bruno to withdraw himself from her.
After what seem like an eternity the swelling of Bruno’s colossal cock diminished and it retracted back into its protective sheath, masking its true size. Beth collapsed onto the floor, still breathing heavily, not having the strength to get up, and still feeling an intense ache and a slight pain from her overstretched pussy. She decided to just sleep on the floor tonight. Bruno lay next to her, resting his large head on Beth’s chest, she scratched behind his ears and told him he was a good boy. As she drifted off to sleep a single thought filled her mind, “Maybe I don’t need a boyfriend after all.”

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2015-03-11 03:41:10
Way cool! I was twelve the first time I did it "doggie" ad I've never stopped. I love the rough feel of the fur on my back as Bubba slams against my ass and fills me with doggy cum. I suck him off regularly and we go on long walks in the woods near my house. I get on my knees, pull my skirt onto my back, and help him slide into me past my panties. He can go for a long time and then I feel the warm cum shooting into me. I love being his sex bitch.

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2013-05-19 02:45:27
Ive been fucking dogs and horses since i was ten i even went on the black market and bought 6 dog eggs and implanted them in myself and "got pregnant" by my dogs


2009-09-30 14:46:42
We are fans of beastiality, but have never had the opportunity to enjoy the activity. But if we did, i'd sure hope it turned out like this storys did.


2009-05-01 11:47:11
i liked it

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2009-02-12 21:53:34
i am 53 yrs old and married early in life divorced at 36 my fatfer pased away when i was 44 and left me his farm he had a huge german shepard i was sleeping onthe couch and rolled off before i cld get up he nailed me what a fucking i got and now getting it every day i want it its awesome loveittttttttttttt

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