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Chapter 1: Arriving in the Valley

I woke up, horny as usual, to feel a beautiful young
woman gently rubbing my sperm-filled balls. Today,
like every day, I knew I was going to get to fuck at
least two or three beautiful young girls and woman,
and shoot huge amounts of sperm inside of their
bellies. Some of the younger girls would even suck the
semen right out of my dick and swallow it.
I really am living in a paradise.

How does one get to paradise? I was in a plane that
crashed into a mountain, killing all the passengers.
But I didn't die and go to heaven, oh no. I was the
only survivor.

I thought I was going to die, though. I was alone in
the middle of a huge, seemingly endless mountain
The plane had crashed quite high in the mountains and
there was a thick layer of snow as far as I could see.
It was freezing cold and I felt a snowstorm coming, so
I left the crash and walked for a many hours (at least
it seemed like the better part of a day), but I was
wounded and moved very slowly.

I did manage to get myself out of the danger zone
where it was so cold I would have frozen in minutes. I
found a small cave, which was strangely warm and
seemed to smell nice. I crawled into it, hoping I
could rest there for a while, but the floor gave way
underneath me and I fell into a deep icy hole,
bouncing off of the cold walls and knocking myself

When I woke up I found myself in a warm bed. Around me
was a nice, cozy room. I though for a moment I was in
a hospital, that I had been found by a rescue party,
but the walls were made out of clay or something, and
the room seemed more like a luxurious jungle cabin
then a civilized building.

There were small windows on both sides of the room,
which weren't covered with glass or curtains or
anything. Through them, I saw green, tropical looking
leaves. The sound of singing birds could be heard
coming from outside.
I had no idea where I was, but at least someone had
found me and saved my life..

I got up and stretched out, noticing my wounds had
been taken care of nicely, and then the door opened.
In came this beautiful exotic looking naked young
She started speaking to me, smiling, but I couldn't
understand a word she said. I just smiled back at her,
trying my best not to stare at her. This was quite a
task, because she was absolutely beautiful.

Her face was small and round, with a beautiful small
round nose on it. She had gorgeous large dark blue
eyes, which really seemed to be deep as an ocean. Her
hair was tied on her head, hidden almost completely
with a big blue bandana, but it seemed to be very dark
blond in color. And it looked soft.

I felt very strongly like I wanted to touch it, and
this emotion surprised me. Her full, red lips smiled
at me knowingly. My heart started beating faster, and
I couldn't help but look over the rest of her body.

She was as tall as I was, but seemed very small,
almost frail. Her skin was perfectly smooth.
I moved my eyes from her shoulders to her breasts.
They were perfectly smooth and firm, and looked like
they would fit perfectly into my hands at about the
size of half a small melon. Her nipples were perfect
pencil eraser sized, dark pink, and stood firm on top
of large but lightly colored areolas.

As my gaze went lower and I looked over her flat
stomach down towards her hips, my blood began to boil.
Her hips hade a perfect gentle curve to them and
between them was the most wonderful pussy I had ever
seen. She had the most beautiful soft looking hair on
her vulva, matching the hair on her head in softness
and in color. Her smooth, full pussy lips were clearly
visible, filling up the whole two inches between her
legs. They did not seem to have any hair on them.

I realized I had a strong sexual longing for her and
started to turn red in shame. The girl seemed to enjoy
this and giggled, smiling at me with the most
wonderful loving smile.
She lowered her eyes, and I realized I had an enormous
erection under the..
Robe.. like clothing I found they had put on me..

I hadn't noticed until now but the robe felt
wonderfully soft and the front of my erection was
bobbing slightly against it with my heartbeat. The
stimulation caused a drop of warm precum to ooze out
of my dick.

Without losing eye contact with the bulge in the front
of my robe, the girl stepped towards me. She gently
touched my erection with her hand and smiled when my
reaction was a gasp.
She started stroking me through the robe and said
something I didn't understand again.

Suddenly she dropped to her knees and opened up the
robe. I couldn't believe what was happening to me. I
looked down to see this beautiful girl's face inches
away from my throbbing erection. I had never been so
hot in my life!

The girl stared at my dick for a second with a strange
longing in her eyes, and then moved forward and slid
her warm lips around it. Her mouth felt like nothing I
felt before. It was warm and soft inside, and her full
lips provided wonderful pressure around my dick.

She slid her hands under the robe and around my legs
to gently grab my ass, and then started slowly moving
her head, sliding those wet lips up and down gently on
the upper half of my dick.

I heard a moan, and realized in surprise at wasn't me
but her. I gasped at the unbelievable pleasure of her
wet mouth and lips sucking me and she looked up at me
and giggled, without taking her mouth of my dick.
I moaned, and she moaned gently back at me, her eyes
sparkling. She seemed happy with my pleasure.

Then she lowered her eyes and took me a little deeper
into her mouth. I felt her tongue touch the underside
of my dick and gasped again. Her tongue felt amazing,
firm and soft at the same time, as she gently caressed
the head of my dick with it.

She moved one hand around to the front and gently
cupped my balls in it. Her other hand was still on my
ass, holding me in place, sometimes gently rubbing my
ass and the outside of my leg.

All this sensation was too much for me and I knew I
would come soon. I moaned loudly, and the girl smiled
at me again. I guess she knew what was going to
happen, as she moved her lips back until only the head
of my dick was in her mouth, and started sliding them
up and down right over the edge of the head. Her
tongue was now going crazy around the tip of my dick,
stroking it all over, licking at the small hole in the

She started massaging my balls in the same pace of the
bobbing of her head on my dick, and began speeding up
this movement. She was still looking up at me with her
lovely, big eyes, and gently moaned around my dick.
As she was sliding her full wet lips around my dick
faster and faster, her moans increased in pitch.

My balls tightened up and she massaged them firmer and
firmer, looking up at me longingly. With a last sane
thought I realized she was hungry for my cum. This
beautiful, exotic girl wanted me to shoot my sperm in
her mouth!

I grunted, and orgasmed like I never had before,
shooting thick, heavy spurts of cum into this
wonderful girl's warm mouth.
As I started spurting, she slowed down the pace of her
wet lips, sliding them more gently up and down my
dickhead, but her tongue didn't slow down. It was
still softly caressing all over the tip of my dick
while my cum was shooting out. She even pushed it
softly into the little cum-hole in between spurts, as
if trying to draw out all of my seed.

And there was a lot of it! I guess I hadn't come in a
few days but even so, I had never shot so much. I shot
about six or seven heavy spurts, and each time the
girl moaned gently, enjoying the load I was giving
her. I could feel her swallowing two or three times,
and then her soft hand started gently squeezing my
balls, drawing more cum from them. This lovely young
woman was hungry for it!

She softly moaned again, looking up at me as she
licked the last drops of cum from the tip of my dick,
and then released it from her mouth. As she removed
her hand from my ass, I noticed my knees felt like
rubber, so I sort of fell back on the bed, still
breathing heavily.

The girl smiled at me, her full lips, swollen and red
from sucking my dick, glistening with saliva and
possibly some cum. She then said something which I
again didn't understand, stood up and turned around to
walk away. As she did, I noticed her pussylips looked
swollen and moist, and some wetness was dripping down
her thighs. I closed my eyes and fell asleep..

Chapter 2: Two girls

I woke up to the sound of young girls giggling. As I
opened my eyes, I saw two cute young girls standing by
the door. They were naked, and staring at me,
laughing. My robe was still open, and my semi-hard
erection was in clear sight of these young girls.
I blushed a little, and quickly covered myself up,
sitting up on the bed.

The door was only a few feet away from the foot of the
bed so the girls were standing quite close to me.
I couldn't help but look them over, and they were

They were about the same size, but the girl on the
left looked a little older, around fourteen or so,
judging by her slightly more matured breasts and more
pronounced pussy lips. She reminded me very much of
the girl I had met earlier. The one that sucked me off
and had swallowed my cum. She had the same soft, dark
blond hair, and her face was similar: Round, with a
cute upturned nose. Her lips were a little thinner,
but she smiled at me with the same soft smile and
shining eyes. I noticed her eyes were brown instead of
blue, though.

Her breasts were nicely developed, the size of firm
oranges, with cute dark nipples and light areolas. She
had a cute figure, with slight curves and firm thighs
and a smooth, flat stomach.

Her pussy seemed to have just a hint of blond peach
fuzz above it, and her smooth lips looked warm and
tight. I was already feeling incredibly hot for this
girl. Her smile turned from a giggle to a loving,
almost longing, gently smile, and I had to literally
tear my eyes away from her to look at her friend.

This girl cute as a button. I guessed her about twelve
years old. She was a brunette with long hair, way past
her shoulders, which was tied in a pony tail with a
blue ribbon. It seemed the same material of the
bandana the earlier girl had worn. This girl had a
cute, upturned nose, almond shaped brown eyes, and a
small mouth with full shapely lips that smiled at me
as if I were Santa clause bringing her presents.

As I looked her over she turned sideways, showing off
her cute body while smiling at me. Her breasts were
small orange size and pointy, and she raised her arms
when she saw me looking at them, thrusting them from
her chest a little more. She had amazing nipples. Over
half an inch long, dark and surrounded by dark, small

It was her ass, however, that really got to me. It was
absolutely perfect. Small, firm and nicely rounded.
She wiggled it at me and I couldn't help myself
I got up off the bed and stepped towards the girl. She
looked at me with a mixture of surprise and eagerness.

Just as I got up a woman appeared in the door opening.
I came to my senses a bit, feeling bad that I was just
about to molest a little girl. Hell, this woman might
be her mother..

The woman said something to the girls while stepping
passed them towards me. She was a beautiful brunette
with a fair complexion and a curveous body. She looked
to be over thirty years old, but still had a natural
beauty over her that normally only girls in their
teens have: Fair skin, a lovely face.
Her full breast wobbled gently with her steps, but
didn't sag.

She put her hand on my chest, gently pushing me
"Sit", she said.

"You speak English?" I asked her, while sitting down
on the edge of the bed.
She didn't reply, but instead spoke to the girls,
motioning them to come sit on the bed with me.
Then she turned to me again: "Lay back."
I started to protest, but she pressed her finger
gently against my lips.
"Please", she pleaded.

Something about this woman made me want to do whatever
wanted me to, so I lay back on the bed. The woman
moved over to sit by my head, and the girls each sat
on one side of me. I looked at the woman.

"You very special." She slowly spoke in broken
English, but her voice was gentle and warm.
"gift..", she gave me a little smile, "..from gods."
She was so close to me I could smell her. Her smell
was somehow fresh, but deep and almost musky at the
same time. I realized she turned me on very much, just
sitting by my head looking me in the eyes.

She started to gently stroke my hair and caress my
face and then, while still looking me in the eyes,
spoke to the girls in the strange language.
The girls opened up my robe and exposed my erection.
They giggled again, and I felt them touching it.
The feeling of those soft little fingers stroking and
rubbing my erection was incredible. My dick was hard
as a rock in seconds and throbbed strongly under the
light caressing of the little teens.

"You give them seed..", the woman spoke to me gently.
It was not a question or an order. She just stated it.
"My seed..?" I stumbled. I had to give these young
girls my sperm?

She spoke again to the girls and I felt some movement
on the bed. They were lying down on either side of me,
still stroking my erection with their soft small
hands. Their small breasts brushed against my hips,
nipples pressing into my skin, and I realized their
faces had to be right over my crotch.

The woman spoke again and I felt two hands gently
cupping my balls. I lifted my head and saw that each
girl had one hand between my legs. They were still
slowly stroking my cock with their little hands, but
each also had one of my balls in a hand.

Again the woman spoke and now the girls started
massaging my balls with the tips of their fingers.
Clear drops of precum were leaking out of my dick.

"They prepare your seed", she said to me.
I moaned and this made the girls giggle again. The
woman again spoke and I felt the two girls breathing
on my dick, slowly moving their heads and little
mouths closer to it.

I again raised my head to watch this, feeling
incredibly aroused.
Noticing this, the woman grabbed some sort of pillow
from behind me on the bed and pushed it under my head
and shoulders.

I looked at her for second, breathing deeply, and she
smiled. Suddenly I felt something warm and wet touch
the head of my dick. I turned to watch as the
fourteen-year old girl was licking the side of my
dick. I moaned, and the twelve-year old girl giggled
at me. Then her tongue joined her friends on my dick,
gently licking the other side.

The precum now began gently but steadily flowing out
of my dick, and the girls licked it up and spread it
around the head with their little tongues, mixing it
with their saliva.

The woman started to rub my stomach while looking at
what the girls where doing. She spoke occasionally,
seemingly giving the girls instructions on how to lick
me. While they occasionally licked the shaft, the
girls concentrated on the head of my dick. They both
had one hand around the base of my dick, keeping it
pointed straight up for easy access with their

The feeling of these little girls' hot, wet tongues
gently licking around my dickhead was incredible. The
younger girl started flicking her tongue along the rim
of the head a little faster and I moaned again. The
sight of these pretty little faces so close to my
erection was incredibly erotic. Their wet little lips
glistened with precum and saliva, as they held my
throbbing erection in place with two small hands, each
massaging one of my balls gently with the other.

My head was already spinning from this incredible
treatment, when the oldest girl, looking me in the
eye, moved her soft little lips over my dick and
closed them gently, just below the head. Her warm
little tongue started gently massaging the side of my
dickhead, while the younger girl watched her friend's
actions from up close.

"She want seed", the woman spoke to me again, "Your
She stroked my face again. "You want to give to her?"
"Oh God, yes", I almost groaned. I was too hot to even

The woman spoke, and the girl started to bob her head
ever so gently, sliding her soft, wet lips back and
forth over the top of my dick. I felt a huge glob of
precum flow out of my cum hole, and the young beauty
licked it all around the head of my dick with her
small tongue, moaning gently as she did. Her high-
pitched little girl moan send shivers down my spine.
She really wanted my sperm in her hot little mouth!

The younger girl was giggling, massaging my ball
gently, and alternated between smiling at me and
looking intently at what her older friend was doing to
me with her mouth.

The older girl now had both her hands around the base
of my cock, holding it in place for her sucking. I
noticed that her cute little ass was clenching and
unclenching, almost in time with the gentle up and
down motion of the little lips around my dick. She
noticed me staring too, and softly moaned again,
tightening the grip of her wet lips around my dick a
little. She started to increase the speed of her
bobbing motion, and the sensation became too much for

I groaned, feeling my balls tighten up. The twelve
your old girl noticed and said something, gently
squeezing my balls.

"Do it", the woman almost whispered to me, still
gently rubbing my chest and stomach. "Give her seed."
Again the young girl sucking my dick moaned her cute
moan, looking at me with those gorgeous brown eyes, as
if she was saying "Please?", and the twelve-year old
girl giggled, smiling at me and licking her wet pouty
lips expectantly.

I came with an incredibly powerful shot of cum, and
the little girl looked sort of surprised. She kept
stroking her tongue around the head of my dick,
swirling my hot, sticky cum around, and I spurted into
her warm little mouth again. The woman was speaking to
the girls, and after I shot a third load of my hot cum
in the fourteen-year old's mouth, she quickly slid her
lips tightly off of my dick with a wet, slurping
sound, not spilling a drop.

Her mouth was immediately replaced by the twelve-year
old girl's, and I kept shooting more of my hot cum,
this time in the younger girls sucking mouth.
Her small hand was giving my balls soft little
squeezes, gently milking out as much of my sperm as
she could.

My squirting slowed to a dripple, and I saw the older
girl swallow my load, smiling at me sweetly. The young
girl kept sucking me gently, eager to get as much cum
in her mouth as her older friend.

"Good", the woman spoke to me gently again, smiling.
"You give them much seed."

I watched as the youngest girl swallowed the sperm she
had sucked out of me. She, too, smiled and seemed to
enjoy it very much. Both girls licked their wet lips,
tasting if there was any cum or precum left on them.

I lay back completely spent. I must have had a big
smile on my face because the woman asked me: "You like
to give seed?"

"Yes", I simply replied. I raised my hand and gently
rubbed her shoulder and the side of her wonderful
breast. She didn't seem to mind.

"Good." She smiled at me softly again. "We have many
girls that want seed. You are very special."

She continued rubbing my chest and stomach and face
with her smooth, warm hands and I fell asleep to a
most wonderful dream..

Chapter 3: Tara

I woke up to the pleasant feeling of a warm hand
gently massaging my balls. As I opened my eyes I saw
it was the woman from before. Had she stayed with me
while I was sleeping?

"Feel good?", she asked me.

"Hmm", I just moaned gently as a reply. I came to from
my sleep a bit and many questions came into my mind.

"Where am I?" I asked her.

"This is our home. We live here."
She seemed not to want to talk too much, but I didn't
give up.

"What's your name?", I looked up at her beautiful

"I'm Tara."

"You're beautiful, Tara." I smiled at her. I thought I
saw her blush just a little, but that might have been
wishful thinking.

I started asking her many questions and slowly she
warmed up to talking to me. Apparently I was in a
tropical valley, hidden between the mountains. Tara
said I was brought here by the Gods, to help the
people here.
I told her about the plane crash and how I fell down
the icy shaft in that cave I found, but the fact that
I 'flew' here only seemed to confirm for Tara I was a
divine gift.

She told me I was the only man that could produce seed
in the valley and that I was therefore very special. I
ended up with more questions than before the
conversation, but I found that Tara's English got
better as we were speaking. All the while she never
stopped her gentle massaging of my balls, and I had a
floppy erection the whole time.

"Where did you learn to speak English?" I asked her.
She told me another man who lived in the Valley that
had come from the outside world had thought her. I
immediately asked if I could meet this man, but Tara
didn't respond to this.

At that moment, another girl entered the cabin. She
and Tara spoke for a moment. Then Tara turned to me.

"You're ready to give more seed." Again, it wasn't a
question or an order. She was simply telling me, as if
she could feel my sperm by touching my balls.

I looked at the girl that had just entered the room as
she was slowly walking towards me. She was another
young beauty, around thirteen years old. She had light
brown hair, which she wore in a ponytail like the girl
from before. Just like all the girls I had seen so
far, she had a lovely small, round face, with a cute
nose and lively eyes.

She was slim, with only a gently curve at her hips.
Her breasts were small and firm orange sized globes
and she had very cute and small nipples.
Below her tight-looking belly was the most wonderful
little pussy I had seen so far. Only a light covering
of soft, brown hairs above it, and absolutely smooth,
pouting little lips that seemed perfect for a finger
to slip between.

She climbed on the bed between my legs, staring at my
penis as if she was mesmerized by it. Tara removed her
hand from my balls and told the girl to take over
massaging them.

My balls felt very hot from Tara's massage and as soon
as the cute girl's cool, little fingers touched them,
I gasped. This made the girl smile at me and I was
immediately completely lost in arousal. All I could
think of was to shoot a big load of hot sperm into
this little girl's mouth, watching her suck it out,
milking my balls, and then swallowing it.
I couldn't believe I was this hot after I had already
cum twice a few hours earlier.

"She wants to swallow your seed, like girls before
did." Tara smiled at me, and moved the pillow back
under my upper body so I could watch as this young
girl sucked my dick. She was still massaging my balls,
and my dick was now completely erect, bobbing up and
down on my stomach.

Again Tara gave some instructions and the girl took
hold of my dick with one hand, while the other
remained on my balls. She moved her cute face over my
dick and licked her lips in anticipation, making them
wet with her saliva. Then her little red tongue slid
outward from between her lips, and she touched the
head of my dick with it.

I gasped, and she smiled at me, seemingly suppressing
a giggle. She really started working her tongue around
my dick, again concentrating mostly on the head,
probably according to Tara's instructions. Her small,
hot tongue was making my dick shine with saliva and
precum and she looked at it longingly. She turned to
ask Tara something, and Tara nodded back at her. "Give
your seed in her mouth", she said to me in her gentle,
almost whispering tone.

With that the girl put her small mouth over my dick
and closed her lovely, wet lips around the head with a
soft moan. She sucked me gently, denting her cheeks
inwards, and her tongue started gently rubbed back and
forth just along the underside of the head.

Her little fingers were still massaging my sack, and
my balls felt like they were on fire. I felt my orgasm
coming, gasped loudly, and looked at Tara.

"Go ahead", she encouraged me, "shoot in her mouth."
I looked back at the little girl, gasping again as I
saw her cute little face looking back at me with
sparkling eyes and my dick disappearing between her
wet, pouty lips.
She moaned shyly at the eye-contact, and started
moving her head up and down. My dick was so wet that
her sucking made soft, slurping sounds.

My balls seemed to grow larger as they tightened up
into my body and I came harder than ever before,
lifting my hips of the bed and feeling my hot cum
shooting thought my dick, into the cute young girl's
sucking mouth. She was moaning softly and kept sliding
her warm little lips gently over the tip of my dick,
keeping them tightly sealed, so she wouldn't miss a

Spurt after spurt of my hot sperm shot into the girl's
mouth. Despite having come twice already that day,
this was the largest load I had ever shot, and the
cute little girl sucked all of it deep into her hot
little mouth, swallowing constantly to make room for
more of my sticky cream.

Her tongue kept rubbing the sensitive underside of my
dickhead, as my spurts lost their strength. She gently
squeezed my balls, milking them for more of my seed,
and sucked the last drops into her hungry little
mouth, moaning gently while looking at me.
Tara reached out and stroked the little girl's hair
for a second. She spoke to her a second and then
turned to me. "She did good, no?"

"She did great." I moved my hand down and removed the
girl's hand from the base of my dick. I stroked her
fingers and smiled at her, and she smiled back at me,
her red lips sticky and wet, still gently cupping my
balls in her other hand, looking very thankful for
what I had just given her.

"You sleep now", Tara said. "After that, we eat."
With that she smiled, got up, and took the girl that
just swallowed my seed by the hand and walked out of
the cabin.
I fell sound asleep again.

Chapter 4: The Old Man

When I woke up, I was expecting to see Tara, telling
me the food was ready, but she wasn't there. I got up
off the bed, pulled the robe around my body and headed
towards the door. When I stepped outside, I was
treated to a wonderful sight.

I found myself in a large open space in what appeared
to be tropical jungle. Spread out around me were
several small clay houses and cabins, similar to the
one I just came from. Some where partly hidden behind
all kinds of exotic trees and plants. The ground was
covered in a dark, fur-like grass or moss, and was
very soft to the touch.

As I looked around I saw a few naked girls and women
walking around, seemingly doing some chores. The ones
that saw me looked surprised. Some stopped to smile at
me, while other proceeded to whisper to each other,
looking in my direction.
I noticed that they were all beautiful, and I also
didn't see a single male anywhere.

The air smelled of spring, and I heard birds singing
all kinds of songs all around me in the trees. It
seemed like a true paradise.

Just then I heard Tara's voice, and I turned to see
her walking towards me quickly, her face wearing an
expression of anger mixed with fear.

"You have to stay inside!" She said to me loudly. "It
is dangerous outside. You can be killed." I really
didn't see what was so dangerous out here if young
girls and women could walk around naked without
problems, and I told her that.

"We have many girls. They can go outside. But only one
man. You are special. You cannot go outside."

I was not going to let her make me a prisoner, so I
argued with her for a bit, and she told me there were
snakes and spiders and such that could harm me. I told
her I just wanted to walk around for a bit and that I
would be very careful but she wouldn't have it.

In the end, she agreed that I could take a walk as
long as she accompanied me (or "protected" me, as she
called it).

She showed me around the little clay village for a bit
and told me food was almost ready. I asked her about
the other man, the one she said had taught her
English, and said I wanted to meet him. This too took
some persuasion but I found she really didn't want to
refuse me anything, and that I could probably get her
to agree with whatever I wanted.

She agreed that I could have dinner with the man, who
she told me was named Tom, and proceeded to take me to
his little house.

She led me inside, and pointed at a door on the other
side of the room we found ourselves in. She then
turned to leave, saying she would be back to bring the

I hesitated a little, but proceeded to walk towards
the room she had pointed to. A man's voice came from
inside the room, saying something in the local
language. I stepped through the door, and entered a
smaller room, quite dark compared to the last one, as
it had only one small window.

In the middle of the room, on a large bed, was an old
man. His hair was grey, and his face appeared thin,
almost dried out. But his eyes still looked bright,
and I could see they were blue.
He seemed to be wearing a robe similar to mine. As he
looked me over a strange smile started to slowly
appear on his face. He laughed, and started to talk to
me in English.
"Welcome", he said. "Tara told me about you.."

Tom and I talked for most of dinner, which consisted
of a rich, sweet-tasting soup, and a couple of
different vegetables which I had never seen before.
The old man told me everything he knew, and asked me a
lot of questions too.

The valley we were in was a strange place, he told me.
His theory was that is was created by an asteroid that
crashed into the mountains, and he thought this
asteroid had an unnatural influence on the valley. The
temperature was unnaturally high, and the plants and
animal life was rich and flourished all year round.

Though it never rained, there were several small
streams of fresh water that came through the stone
walls that surrounded the valley. Tom said they
probably originated from the snow on top of the
mountains, being melted by the warmth that rose up
from the valley.

Though nature flourished in the valley, for some
reason with humans it was a little different. Tom told
me there was somehow always only one fertile human
male at any one time. When Tom had gotten here almost
forty years ago, through a plane crash story
strikingly similar to my own, there were only women.
It seemed the one male they had at that time had died
years earlier from poisoning by some insect or
animal's bite.

Tom was immediately 'forced' to impregnate woman when
they got a period, which happened only very rarely.
Often a woman went for years without releasing an egg,
and even then they only gave birth to more girls.

Afraid of him dying before another male was born, the
women in the valley had forcefully kept Tom in this
house for over thirty years. He slowly picked up some
of the strange language the women spoke, and even
became close to some of them, but only rarely was he
ever allowed to go outside.

Until nine years ago, when one of the older woman had
given birth to a boy. Shortly after that, Tom became
infertile, and most of the woman lost interest in him.
He told me he had then enjoyed a few years of
happiness and freedom in the valley, along with some
of the women he had gotten close to and some of his
daughters, which he taught some English.
But now he was quickly getting old and told me he felt
he didn't have long to live anymore.

He asked me a lot of questions about the outside
world, and he seemed very happy to be able to talk to
someone about it.

I asked him about the young boy and, as I had sort of
expected, he told me the women kept him inside a
house, from which he was never allowed to leave.

"I'm surprised they didn't try to stop you from going
outside", he said.
I told him about Tara and he smiled.

"She was my first daughter. I tried to teach my girls
to be more open-minded, for little Tommy's (his nine-
year old son) sake, but I guess you get to benefit
from that as well. They probably won't be locking you
up inside a small house as they did me."

I brought up the subject of sex, and hesitantly told
Tom about the young girls giving me blowjobs and
eating my sperm. He explained that the women in the
valley ate the male's sperm because they believed it
caused them to have their periods. On top of that it
would increase the chances of me getting them pregnant
when I fucked them.

"Oh, yes", he responded to my surprised look with a
knowing smile. "In time you will be trying to
impregnate all the girls that swallowed your sperm
earlier. And more."

Just then Tara came into the room, accompanied by two
young girls. Tom smiled.
"It's your time again. You better get used to it."
There was a lot more I wanted to ask the old man, but
Tara took my hand.

"Come now", she said to me gently. "Talk more later."
She said this last part more to her father then to me,
and gave him a loving smile. She seemed to understand
how much he enjoyed talking to someone from the
outside world after so long.

As we walked back to my hut I looked over the two
girls Tara had brought with her. They smiled at me
sweetly and I immediately felt a stirring in my loins.
One of the girls was a blonde and the other a
brunette. The brunette was slightly taller but they
seemed about the same age; thirteen or fourteen, with
thin waists, tight, smooth bellies and small but firm
developing breasts.

The brunette had thin, long nipples that looked erect,
while the blonde's nipples looked soft and pink, with
hardly visible areolas. I especially got a good look
at their tight asses as they seemed very eager to get
to my cabin and walked in front of me and Tara most of
the way.

The thought of having these two cuties sucking the cum
out of my dick and possible me getting to fuck their
tight, young bodies later on drove me crazy, and was
walking in a sexual high back to my hut and up to my
bed. I felt lust that I had never felt before, as if
my sexual organs were having more control over me than
my intellect.

Not that I would have stopped these beautiful young
girls from having sex with me if I could. I was simply
amazed at the strong need to have an orgasm, and at
the easy with which I gave in to this feeling.

Tara took my robe off my shoulders.
"Lay down", she said, and I did.
I propped myself up on the pillow to be able to see
the two girls as they crawled on the bed, giggling
softly, looking at my erection.

The brunette had small, almost Asian-looking brown
eyes and a beautiful, sensual face that made her look
a little older than she probably was. The blonde had
the most perfect, cute smile with pouting little lips
and eyes that sparkled with young, sexual energy. She
rubbed my balls, smiling at me, driving me crazy with
lust. I couldn't wait to shoot my sperm in this little
girl's mouth.

Tara talked to the girls for a moment, and the blonde
started to gently massage my balls with the tips of
her little fingers, while the brunette rubbed the palm
of one hand slowly over my erection, which started
throbbing strongly.

"First, they will get your seed ready", Tara said to

I felt like my seed was already very ready to go into
these sexy little girls' mouths. Their gentle rubbing
of my genitals felt amazing, and my balls seemed to
get hotter and hotter. I could almost feel my seed
burning inside them.

After a few minutes of rubbing Tara had the brunette
lay down next to me. The pretty little blonde was
already lying down between my legs, and starting
licking the head of my dick, smiling her perfect
little smile at me while her wet little tongue licked
at my dickhead. The look in her eyes was so hot and
naughty, I actually raised my hips of the bed a
little, trying to get more of my dick in contact with
her tongue.

"Lay down", Tara insisted gently, as she started to
rub my chest and stomach again, applying gentle
pressure to hold me down when I tried to raise my

Suddenly the blonde girl stopped licking my dick, and
just smiled at me, gently rolling my balls around in
her little fingers. She now had both hands in my
crotch, the fingers of each hand massaging one of my
balls. I felt complete sexual agony, but that was
about to be fixed.

With a word from Tara, the beautiful brunette licked
her lips, coating them in a glistening layer of
saliva. She then lowered her mouth over the head of my
dick and closed those wet lips around it. I moaned,
and she began to slide her soft, warm lips gently up
and down over my dick. She took me deeper then any of
the girls before, sometimes having over half my dick
in her little mouth, where I could feel it rubbing
against the back of her throat.

The warm feeling of my helmet being constricted in her
wet, sucking mouth, combined with the stimulation of
her soft lips, tightly gliding up and down over the
slippery shaft made shudders go up and down my spine.

Tara saw me trembling and said "You will feel better
once you give them your seed".

I would have told her I was feeling great, but I
couldn't speak as my breathing got heavier.

Between my legs, I could feel the fingers of the
blonde girl gently lifting up my balls a bit. I gasped
as her hot little tongue touched my sack. She started
using her pointy, wet tongue to massage the front of
my balls while her little fingers where still
massaging the back. I couldn't see her face because
the brunette was in the way, sliding her moist, warm
lips up and down over my painfully hard penis, but I
heard her respond to my moans and gasps with cute

My balls were burning under her wonderfully sexual
massage and I felt my cum heating up under her hot
tongue and gentle massaging fingers. I felt I was
going to shoot my sperm, and looking at the cute
brunette sucking my dick, I knew my hot cum was going
to be shooting straight into her warm, waiting mouth.

Tara sensed I was almost there and encouraged me
gently again: "Yes, do it. Give your seed to them." My
balls tightened up and the blonde girl moaned
joyfully, understanding what was going to happen.

That was all I needed, and I started shooting strong
spurts of my thick, sticky warm seed into the
brunette's warm, sucking mouth. She moaned as she
tasted my hot cum and licked her wet little tongue
franticly around the head, raising the sexual pleasure
to unbearable heights and making my second shot even
more powerful.

I felt her lips release me and looked down just in
time to see the blonde girl sliding her cute little
pouty red lips around my dick, not wasting a drop of
my seed.
It felt as if I started cumming in her hot little
mouth all over again. She massaged two strong spurts
out of my dick with her hot little tongue, moaning as
she felt the gooey semen fill her little mouth, and
then withdrew, giving the brunette another turn.

I was in ecstasy as these cute little girls took turns
sucking spurt after spurt of thick, warm semen, out of
my balls, trough my dick, and into their hot little
mouths, using their wet little tongues to stimulate me
to shoot as much as possible, while the blonde girl
was gently squeezing my balls with her little fingers
for maximum effect.
They kept sucking until no more seed was coming out of
my cum hole, the blonde cutie getting the last drops.

As I came down from my orgasm I started to feel
surprised about the huge quantity of sperm I had just
shot. It seemed with every orgasm I had had this day,
my loads were getting bigger.

Then the blonde girl surprised me by saying "Thank
you" in a lovely little voice. I realized Tom must
have taught her some English as well and asked her
name. The girls both looked at Tara as if they didn't
understand, but Tara simply repeated my question to
them in English.

The brunette was the first to get it, replying "Loua,"
more to Tara than to me.

The blonde cutie turned to me, however, saying

With that the two girls left, but not before they both
smiled at me thankfully again, their beautiful faces
blushed and their pretty little lips still moist from
the heavenly blowjob they had just given me.

As with my previous orgasms, I felt very tired
Tara stayed with me in bed, taking off my robe and
gently massaging my whole body, and I spoke to her for
a while before falling asleep.

Chapter 5: The Second Morning

In the morning I was woken up gently by Tara.
Immediately she started massaging my balls, rolling
them around in one of her soft, warm hands.
"You'll give lot of seed today", she said, as if she
could feel it in my balls.

I only needed a couple of seconds to wake up
completely, and felt my dick growing hard.
Looking at Tara's face, into her lovely dark eyes, I
felt a strong urge to fuck her, or have her suck me. I
needed to come, I felt extremely horny. There was
something about this valley... Or perhaps it was Tara?

She stopped massaging my balls, apparently not wanting
me too exited.
"First we have breakfast", she said, getting up.
I took my robe, which was on the bed next to me, and
put it on.

We had breakfast outside on the soft, green field in
front of the clay houses. There were over 30 woman and
girls there, all naked, and very handsome. There
didn't seem to be any women older that Tara.

I was the only one wearing any clothes (I still had on
the robe), but it seemed not to bother anyone. I did
notice many of the women looking at me with some sort
of awe, and got a lot of giggly smiles from the
younger girls.

I felt an overwhelming sexual lust, as if my hormones
had gone mad and wanted me to shoot my sperm deep
inside all of these females at the same time. I also
felt very hungry, though, so I tried hard and
concentrated on eating the tropical fruits and
strange, tough vegetables that were my breakfast.

I noticed the old man wasn't having breakfast with us
and asked Tara, who was sitting next to me, about it.
She told me he was too sick to leave his bed, and that
he was being fed by one of the older women right now.
I didn't ask about the young boy, but I assumed he was
being fed inside his hut as well.

I hadn't even finished my food yet when a couple of
the girls and woman started to move closer to me. They
were all looking at me and my heart started beating
faster and I felt my throat get try. I though for a
moment I was getting nervous, but realized what I was
feeling was lust. Tara gently opened my robe to expose
my hard cock to the group, and proceeded to take my
balls in one hand, lifting them a little for everyone
to see.

She then started to massage them gently, while all the
women and girls stared at the scene lustfully. My
balls seemed to grow bigger and hotter with all this
attention and I felt like I was going dizzy with need.
I heard some of the women speaking, and a couple of
the younger girls started to approach me. My dick
throbbed heavily in anticipation.

One of the girls, a dirty blonde, looking about
fourteen years old, got on her hands and knees on the
soft green and crawled between my legs. She had a very
sexy, slender body, with smooth, muscular thighs and
stomach. The way she was on all fours gave me a great
view of her perfectly shaped, firm and round little
ass. I could see myself behind her, holding her by her
small waist and sliding my hard dick between her
swollen little pussy lips, shooting thick loads of my
hot, sticky seed deep inside her warm, tight canal.

Tara spoke to me, her lips close to my ear: "This is
my daughter. Do you like her?"

I was a little surprised, although Tara didn't seem
the least bit embarrassed.

"She's beautiful", I said. "What's her name?"

"She is Liana." Upon hearing her name, the girl tore
her gaze from my genitals and lifted her face to look
up at me. She had lovely big, brown eyes, like her
mothers, and full, red lips. Beneath her face I saw
her breasts: Perfectly round, firm globes, which
looked like they would easily fill a c-cup. Her
nipples were short and hard little nubbins, surrounded
by small and perfectly round areola's.

With her mother still gently massaging my balls,
fourteen-year old Liana took hold of my cock, slowly
putting her mouth over it. Keeping her beautiful brown
eyes on my face, she closed her lips around it, just
below the head.

The contact between her warm mouth and my hard shaft
send sparks of electricity through my body, causing me
to gasp loudly. My body leaned back on its own account
and I put my hands behind me to stop myself from lying
down completely: I wanted to watch this pretty young
girl having my hard dick in her mouth.

The girls that gathered around me seemed to feel the
same way, as they moved around so they could watch how
little Liana pleased me, intent on making me ejaculate
my seed directly into her little mouth so she could
swallow it.

Being so closely surrounded by these beautiful young
girls, each of their sexy bodies sporting pert little
breasts and tight round asses, made me hornier than
ever. I could smell their fresh, young developing
sexuality as they curiously looked at their pretty
friend pleasuring me with her mouth and giggled at my
moans of pleasure.

Liana was now sliding her little mouth up and down
over the top half of my dick, still looking at my
face, her wet lips tightly locked on my manhood. The
sensation was unbearable and I had to slide back onto
my elbows to keep from falling backwards completely.

Some of the girls around us seemed jealous, as if they
wanted to be the one to suck my hard dick into their
wet little mouths.

"All the girls want to taste you." Tara confirmed,
giving me one of those gentle smiles. She then said
something to her daughter.

Liana responded with a soft moan, and started
squeezing the lower half of my dick with her soft
fingers in time with the gentle bobbing of her head,
quickly taking me closer to my sexual release.

Tara aided her daughter by massaging my balls with a
skill none of the young girls had shown me so far. My
balls heated up fast as she squeezed them tighter and
tighter, but very tenderly, without hurting me. It
felt as though her hand and my balls melted together
as she made the seed inside them boil.

I groaned so loud it was almost a scream.
"OOOOAAAAAAAAHH!", throwing my head back between my

My body jerked and my hips lifted of the ground as I
began to come heavily.

Liana managed to keep her lips tightly sealed around
the head of my dick, moving her head up and down in
tune with my jerking body, sucking spurt after spurt
of my hot, thick semen into her hungry little mouth.
She kept swirling her little tongue around the tip,
stopping only to quickly swallow a mouthful of my
sticky cum, moaning softly as she tasted it going down
her throat.

Yet again I came more then ever before, shooting
stream after stream of my juice into the warm, willing
mouth around my dick. I thought I was going to keep on
coming forever, but then Tara let go of my balls, and
Liana stopped stimulating me with her tongue,
continuing only to gently suck out the cum that kept
trickling out of my cum-hole.

I lifted my head to look at her and she smiled at me,
causing some of my cum to leak out of the corners of
her mouth, slowly dribbling down the sides of my dick.
She released my cock from her mouth and turned it to
the side a little, swallowing the cum in her mouth.
She got ready to lick up the juices she had spilled on
my shaft, but Tara stopped her.

Reluctantly, the little blonde let go of my dick and
went to sit by my side, next to her mother.
Immediately another young girl, a cute little
brunette, crawled between my legs, smiling at me
eagerly. She looked younger than any girl that I had
been with so far, with barely budding little breasts,
topped by soft, rosy pink nipples.

She surprised me by introducing herself in English,
saying "I'm Sally" in a cute voice, before extending
her pink little tongue from between her lips and
licking the side of my dick, gathering the cum that
Liana had left there. She took hold of my dick in her
small hands, and after licking both sides clean of the
spilled semen, slid her tongue upward towards the
head, where she started a lively massage, rubbing the
still slippery wet helmet with her tongue and nibbling
at it with her little lips.

Though I was still hard, I had just shot a massive
load in another girl's mouth, so I looked at Tara

"You have more seed", she comforted me, once again
moving her wonderful hand to my balls. They tightened
up as soon as she cupped them between her gentle
fingers, and I felt she was right.

As Tara again began her heavenly squeezing massage,
little Sally put her lips over the head of my cock,
looking up at me expectantly, as if hoping for a
positive response.

"Ooh, Sally", I gasped as she closed her small mouth
over the top of my dick.

This seemed to make her happy and she began bobbing
her cute little face on my dick in a wonderful steady
rhythm, rubbing her tight wet lips just along the edge
of the head.

My balls started to get that burning feeling again and
I blurted out: "I'm gonna cum."

I'm not sure Sally understood my words but she looked
up at me and started moaning the cutest little moans,
as if to encourage me on.

"Give it to her", Tara almost whispered, as she gave
my balls the final squeeze I needed, forcing the hot
semen inside them to shoot out with powerful spurts,
causing me to gasp with the waves of intense pleasure
coursing through my body.

I heard Sally's moans become more intense as she
sucked and swallowed each spurt out of my dick with
her sweet little mouth. The warmth of her mouth around
the head of my dick was amazing.
I looked down at her face to see her looking up at me
with glazed eyes. Her small body seemed to be
trembling slightly with pleasure of her own.

I wanted to keep shooting my semen into this longing
little girl forever, but I couldn't. As my spurts
quickly lost their strength and turned into a slow,
pulsing dribble, she softly moaned in disappointment,
causing Tara to laugh gently.

Tara stroked her hand through Sally's hair and
comforted the girl in English: "You'll get more

Sally lifted her mouth of my dick and smiled at me,
simply saying "Good", causing some of the girls around
us to giggle.

"Do you speak English, Sally?" I asked the young girl
as my breathing started to return to normal.

"Tom teaches me", she confirmed.

Then Tara said something to Sally, and all the girls
started to break up the close circle they had formed
around us. As they did, I saw a familiar face smile at
me. It was the Tessa; the angelic blonde girl I had
'met' yesterday.

I couldn't help but stare at her wonderful smile and
hot little body until Tara's voice broke my daydream:

"You like her?"

"She looks like an angel", I sighed.

Then Tara's face turned more serious. "let's go to
Tom", she suggested.

We got to Tom's little house just in time to see one
of the other women leave. Tara spoke to her for a
moment in a soft tone, as if she was afraid I might
understand what they were saying. Then she motioned me
to go ahead and go inside.

I found Tom on the bed, just like the other day. He
was very happy to see me. We started talking again,
him asking me questions about the outside world, me
asking him about his life here.

"Why aren't there any older women around?" I asked

He explained that the woman didn't get much older than
forty. Apparently, they all became infertile before
that age, and as with the men, infertile women quickly
got sick and died.

"At least that's what I learned from the women here.
They are all surprised that I lasted so many years
after becoming infertile", he went on. "But I feel my
time has finally come."

"This place is a blessing and a curse", he started to
cry, "I know I could have grown much older if I
wouldn't have ended up here."

Then he quickly seemed to shake it off, smiling to
himself. "But whether my life would have been any

"I've done some thinking", I started asking him. "If
you've been here for forty years, shouldn't all the
women here be your daughters?"

He smiled, "They sure are. You should be thankful,
too. The women now are a lot prettier than when I
first got here. I've given them blue eyes and blond
He laughed, then started coughing.

"But how can these women have children then?", I went

Tom looked at me, smiling. "I was made to have sex
with my own daughters, and so will you."

I wasn't even really shocked anymore, after all that
had happened so far.

"This place changes you, you know." He spoke in a more
serious tone.
"You must have already noticed. The longer you stay
here, the more... like an animal you'll become. You
won't be able to refuse any of the women, not even if
they're your own daughter. A young daughter even."

He turned his head to stare out of his window. "Little
Esia was thirteen when I gave her my first grandchild...
I was worried at first, but even the young ones handle
being with child very well.
Only after I became infertile did I slowly return to
my old self. I never felt bad about my deeds, though."

We were silent for a bit, as I thought about what he
had told me.

Finally, I continued "So where do these people come
from? Isn't there a way out of here?"

"There is no way out!", came his direct reply. "After
I changed back to my old self, I spend almost two
years looking for a way out, before I got too weak to
travel far. If the women know of a way, they will
never give up their secret."
He sighed deeply.

"I was a God to them, but at the same time I didn't
have any power over them at all."

He went on: "As for your other question; the women
believe they were brought to this place by a God that
fell from the sky. Their 'God', I suppose, is the
meteorite that created this place. But they don't seem
to place any importance in their beliefs. They just
live, taking care of the male, creating offspring."

I stayed with Tom for a while longer, silently
pondering my fate (and his). At some point Tara joined
us. She talked to Tom lovingly, asking him how he
felt, whether he wanted food, and generally being
nice. Her company soothed the old man and he soon fell

Tara moved a little closer to me, whispering "He will
die soon." The sadness in her voice touched me and I
wrapped my arm around her.

Touching her soft, warm body felt wonderful, and I
felt confused and ashamed when a strong lust for her
came over me.
As if she sensed my aching, Tara slid her hand in my
robe and started softly rubbing my stomach, down to my
hardening cock and ended up gently massaging my balls.

I couldn't help myself and moved my free hand up to
her left breast. I squeezed it gently a few times,
then pinched the hardening nipple. I wanted to shoot
my semen deep inside Tara and give her a child so

"Come", she got up of the large bed, smiling at me. "A
girl is waiting."

Chapter 6: A Visit to the Pool

The next couple of days I was hungrier than ever and
ate a lot of the fruits and vegetables for breakfast.
There seemed to be a direct connection between my
sleeping and eating and the huge amount of semen I
produced, and I got sucked off several times a day by
some of the most beautiful women and the cutest girls
I had ever seen.

I also visited little Tommy in his house, where he was
sort of guarded and looked after by two beautiful
women. He didn't speak a word of English, as his
father had never been allowed to spend much time with
him, so we didn't speak to each other.
He was a cute looking kid, taking after his father
with his dark blonde hair and blue eyes. I felt sort
of jealous of the attention he was getting from his
two personal care-takers..

One morning, instead of having a girl suck me off
after breakfast, Tara told me to join a group of about
10 girls and women that went to have a bath. Not too
far from the village there was a large pool of water
with a pleasant temperature that the women used to
bathe in. Some of the younger girls, those didn't have
to take care of food or had any other responsibilities
within the group, even went there every day.

In the beginning Tara seemed hesitant to let me go
there, saying it was too dangerous a place for me, but
soon she even let me go with other women, without
accompanying me herself.

One side of the pool was surrounded by mostly flat
large rocks, and I remembered sitting on them, my legs
dangling in the warm water, while pretty little Sally
sat between them, her cute body wet from bathing, her
small mouth eagerly sucking a big load of semen right
out of my dick.

I couldn't wait to get there!

The pool refreshed me wonderfully, and the sight of
all these beautiful young females, their naked bodies
dripping with water, gave me a wonderful erection.

A gorgeous seventeen your old girl named Lalana
approached me though the water and started rubbing her
wet body against my side. She was quite tall but had a
slender body, framed by pert little tits and a tight
Her hand found my stiff cock under water, and she
started rubbing it and my balls, gently pushing me
toward the edge of the pool.

I sat down on the rocks and she proceeded to suck me
off gently, rubbing my balls and shaft as she did, her
hands warm and wet from the pool water.

She had wonderful dark green eyes which looked up at
me thankfully when I started shooting a big, sticky
load of semen in her eager but gently sucking mouth.
She swallowed everything down, moaning gently as she
did, and then waded back into the deeper end of the

I relaxed in the water for a bit, and then one of the
older women, thirty-year old Layla, approached me from
behind, pressing her soft breasts and erect nipples
into my back while sliding her warm, wet hands over my
chest and stomach.

She called over her daughter Selina, a thirteen-year
old cutie with chestnut brown hair and eyes, and young
Selina came to stand in front of me, little dimples
forming in her cheeks as she smiled at me, while her
mother asked me: "Can you give her seed?"

The sight of her cute face and pert little breasts,
drops of water sliding over them, passing around her
pink little nipples, quickly made me grow hard. I put
my hands on her thin waist and pulled her gently to
me. "Yes I can", I said, and kissed her full, little
lips, my quickly hardening dick gently poking at her
soft belly.

The woman behind me, her arms still wrapped around my
body, gently urged me to move a few steps, until we
were standing in a more shallow part of the pool. The
water only rose just above my knees here, and my erect
dick waved around for all the girls to see, dripping
with wetness.

Selina followed her mother and me closely, and dropped
to her knees in front of me when we got to the shallow
waters. Looking up at me wantonly, she put her open
mouth around my dick just so that the head was resting
on her slightly extended tongue.

Her mother, pushing her soft breasts and firm nipples
into my back, Put one hand around my shaft to steady
it, as Selina proceeded to wetly suck the head of my
dick between her upper lip and her tongue.
Two of the other girls, slightly older that Selina,
waded closer to us through the water to witness the

I needed more stimulation and instinctively thrust my
hips forward, sliding the head of my dick deeper into
Selina's little mouth. She got the idea, and began
sliding her full lips wetly down my shaft, her little
tongue swirling around my sensitive head. Her mouth
was very wet, and when she sucked on my shaft the
moisture created slippery sounds.
The two other girls were now standing closely to
Selina's sides, staring down at the source of the wet
sucking sounds with great interest.

Both of Selina's arms were tucked between her legs,
making we wonder if she was touching herself, but the
water was just deep enough to hide her hands from
sight. With a word from her mother, the thirteen-year
old girl reached up and put one of her wet hands
tightly around my balls. I moaned as her gentle
squeeze made me arch my back in pleasure.

Suddenly Layla started to whisper in my ear hoarsely,
moving her body from left to right so that her hard
nipples rubbed against my back.

"My daughter is good?" Her hot voice contrasted
sharply with the soft, gentle encouragements I was
used to getting from Tara. This woman seemed to get
into it much more, rubbing her hands firmly over my
stomach and chest, even paying special attention to my

"Give her lot's of seed, so she can be ready for a
child quickly. She will give you a beautiful child."
I could immediately imagine beautiful little Selina
with a swollen belly, carrying a child that I had put
inside her, and the thought made my blood rush through
my vains.

As I quickly approached my climax, the two girls that
were standing next to Selina started to talk to Layla,
still staring at how my dick was disappearing into
Selina's hot little mouth.
Layla responded, and the girls happily got down on
their knees closely next to Selina.

"They will all take seed", Layla explained to me. "But
my daughter first."

The sight and feel of little Selina sliding her soft
lips over my slippery shaft was amazing. Her mother
held my dick steady, while the daughter was sucking on
it wetly. Her small body was being framed by two
gorgeous, slightly older teens, which I knew were
eager to take some of my semen in their mouths as

I put my hands on both of the older teens heads to
draw them closer and started coming, my body jerking
with orgasmic pleasure.

Selina sucked the first two spurts into her mouth and
then her mother quickly moved my throbbing dick to
point it into the waiting mouth of the brunette
sitting to my right.
She gave her just one heavy spurt, squeezing my dick
as it shot out of me, then quickly moved my dick back
into Selina's mouth, giving her daughter another two
loads of semen.

Pulling it from Selina's eager little mouth with an
audible wet 'plop', Layla now aimed my dick at the
luscious blonde girl's face, carefully placing a thick
strand of semen onto her extended tongue.
She aimed my dick back at her daughter's face a little
too slow this time, and my cum splattered across her
pouting lips, causing thick, white drops of my semen
to land on all three of the girls' faces.

As my orgasm slowed down, the girls took turns gently
sucking a few drops of cum from the head of my dick,
their lips sticky and wet with the spilled cum they
were scooping up from their faces and sucking into
their mouths.
Layla brought her hand down to her daughters face,
scooping up some of the semen that Selina had missed
and feeding it to her.

The girls were a sexy sight, smiling up at me while
scooping up thick gobs of white cum from their
beautiful young faces.
The two older teens seemed unsatisfied with the
smaller amount of semen they had received, looking up
at me hungrily. But I wasn't going to be able to help
them with that for at least another half hour...

Chapter 7: The First Impregnation

Over the next couple of days I got the sperm sucked
out of my dick at least 5 times a day, usually more,
as my need for orgasms kept growing.

From little girls bobbing their pretty faces up and
down on my dick, moaning sweetly as I filled their
hungry little mouths with huge loads of thick, white
semen, to beautiful, lusty young women, sliding their
full, wet lips up and down over my shaft while
massaging the spurts of hot cum out of my dick with
their tongues.

My sexual pleasure reached heights I never thought
possible, my lust so strong that I never wanted to
deny any of the girls the pleasure of swallowing my
My balls were always expertly massaged to make sure I
shot everything I had with each mind-blowing orgasm.
Sometimes it was the same girls that was sucking me,
sometimes another.

Tara was almost always with me when I gave a girl my
seed, and she squeezed the cum out of my balls like
none of the other women could.

One evening, after several days, it seemed suddenly
Tara's turn had come (although I had no idea how they
worked out whose turn it was). I was happy to finally
have her blow me, having built up a strong desire for
her, and she did not disappoint me, making me tremble
and gasp for air as she pleasured me with her mouth
and her soft, warm hands.

Usually my strong, pent up sexual desire made me come
in a few minutes, but Tara took her time, making me
last much longer. The slow buildup made my balls swell
up with my hot juices.

"More seed will come out if I go slowly" she stated
lovingly, as I groaned in frustration, badly needing
my release.

"You will feel good", she comforted me.

And good I felt, as I started the longest orgasm of my
I closed my eyes as wave after wave of tantalizing
sexual warmth made me ejaculate big streams of my
thick semen into Tara's mouth, her tongue slowly
massaging the underside of my helmet as she silently
swallowed each shot.

My body seemed to be completely enveloped in pleasure
as Tara's gentle hands squeezed my balls and the shaft
of my cock in perfect synchronization with my spasms,
making sure I kept shooting more and more of my semen,
her soft, warm lips and tongue gently milking the
warm, sticky juices into her wet, sucking mouth.

The orgasm seemed to last for more than a minute, and
I was almost unconscious with pleasure by the time
Tara had completely drained my balls. I was dimly
aware of her sliding up to lay next to me, and I think
I could still feel the warmth of her hand caressing my
balls as I fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning I woke up to find Tara was not with
me. I already heard people outside so I got up,
stretched my body, yawning, and went outside to have

A pile of fruits and vegetables was laying on the
green as usual, surrounded by a number of women and
girls that were having breakfast also. I didn't see
Tara anywhere, however, and I sensed some commotion or
excitement in the group. Some of the girls were
sneaking strange looks at me and mumbling to each

I ignored them and was enjoying my breakfast,
surrounded as always by countless beautiful naked
young girls and women, when suddenly little Sally
appeared from between two girls and headed towards me.
Sally's cute face around my dick always made me very
exited, causing me to orgasm hard and give her a lot
of my seed, so I gladly sat back and opened my legs,
expecting her to crawl between them.

She disappointed me by walking up to my side, glancing
only for a second at my crotch as she did. Standing
close next to me, she smiled at me warmly, her eyes
sparkling, as if there was something she knew and I

"What is it?" I asked her, before letting my gaze
wander down over her puffy little breast, which were
exactly level with my face.

"Tessa is ready for a child", she said, somewhat

Sally told me Tessa would come get me today, and have
me put my seed inside her.
I was in heaven. Out of all the girls, Tessa was the
one I had longed the most for.

Her angelic face, framed by her beautiful blonde hair.
Her cute giggles as she massaged my cock and balls,
and the hungry little moans that accompanied her
sucking me. That sexy look she gave me after
swallowing a load of my semen.
She was a vision of innocence, but had this perfect
cute little girl naughtiness to her. My dick started
throbbing at just the thought of ejaculating my semen
inside her sexy, young body.

Sally told me to eat more first and I did, knowing a
good breakfast would help me produce more semen over
the day.

Shortly after my breakfast, Tara came for me.
"A girl is ready to have a child", she said, her face
beaming with her gentle enthusiasm. "You will have
your first child since coming here. Very special."

"It's Tessa?" I asked, still not completely grasping
the idea that I was going to get to impregnate the
little angel.
Tara only smiled, knowing Tessa was one of my favorite

"Come", she said, taking me by the hand. And she led
me to the hut that belonged to Tessa and her mother.

Tara led me to the door, and the scene I saw as I
stepped inside made my head swim.

Inside the room, on the large, low bed, lay little
Tessa, her arms by her sides and her perfect, slim
legs spread towards the door.

On the bed by her side sat her mother, a twenty-eight-
year old beautiful petit blonde that looked more like
Tessa's slightly older sister than a mother. She was
gentle sliding two fingers of one hand into Tessa's
dripping wet pussy, while rubbing her smooth belly
gently with the other hand. Tessa's pretty face was
aimed at the ceiling, her eyes closed and her mouth
open, her little red lips forming a perfect "O" as she
gasped for air.

"She is ready", I heard Tara say from just outside the
door. "Rebecca will help you."

Hearing her name, Tessa's beautiful mother looked up
and motioned for me to join her with a nod from her
I followed my aching erection towards the bed, my eyes
glued to the obscene act of Rebecca slipping her
fingers out off her daughters soaking wet little slit.
The young girl was moaning in frustration.

The sweet smell of Tessa's fertile, dripping young sex
was like a thick cloud of aphrodisiac, causing me to
inhale deeply as it hit my nostrils, my whole body
tingling with the added sexual drive.

I sat down on my knees between Tessa's milky white,
widely spread thighs. The young girl stared at me with
glassy eyes, panting through her open mouth. Her
mother's fingers had already raised youngster's sexual
excitement almost to the point of an orgasm.

I touched the silky smooth skin on the inside of her
legs, and felt the hotness of her body as I slid my
hands towards her creaming little cunt. The slightly
spread, plump lips revealed the glistening wet, pink
little entrance that led to her fertile young womb,
hidden inside her smooth, sexy tummy. I could feel the
heat radiating from her little pussy.

Little Tessa threw her head back, her breathing coming
in small gasps, and raised her hips, tilting her
squirming baby-hole closer to my dripping erection.

"Please put your seed in her", Rebecca asked, rubbing
her young daughter's flat belly as if to indicate
where it was supposed to be going. Little Tessa raised
her angelic blonde face to look at me, hoarsely


She was burning with a sexual desire that I never even
thought possible for such a young girl.

I eased my body forward over the nubile little
fourteen-year old in heat, putting my hands by her
shoulders, until my throbbing member was hovering
right over the wet, swollen lips of her little pussy.
Her mother took hold of my erection, pointing it
downwards until I felt the head slide between those
slick lips, the very tip lodging into her tight

"Aaaaaaaah", Tessa's cute little moan caused a big
drop of cum to ease out of my dick, her little hole
nibbling wetly at its head.

I sank into her, the slick, warm walls of her hot
little cunt cramping around my cum-oozing dick, while
Tessa pushed her hips up at me at the same time,
sucking me deeper into her tight, teen-aged, pulsing
little hole.

We groaned in unison as our bodies melted together,
and she came for the first time, her young body
jerking and shuddering while her pretty face contorted
in the troughs of her powerful orgasm, eyes clenched
shut, pert little lips gasping for air.

She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me into her
body as the slick walls of her little cunt squeezed
tightly along my dick.
I thrust into her completely and was suddenly lost in
my intense lust as I started to shoot thick streams of
sperm-filled semen deep inside her trembling young
body. The tip of my dick was nudging her cervix and
spurt after spurt of my sperm shot straight into her
newly fertile womb, completing coating its inside with
the sticky goo.

The powerful release of finally fucking one of the
tight young pussies that had surrounded me all this
time was over all too soon, and my spurts slowly lost
their power.
Tessa opened her eyes to look at me, still gasping, as
the slowly subsiding contractions of her wet little
pussy gently milked the last of my shots inside her
wanting body.

We stayed like that in post-coital bliss for some
time, me lying on top of the pretty little blonde
completely spent, and I kissed her lips, still opened
slightly to take deep breaths.
I eased my tongue inside her mouth and she responded
by slowly licking back at me with hers. Her mother,
still sitting next to us on the bed, was speaking
gently to Tessa, slowly rubbing her daughter's hair
with one hand and my shoulders with the other.

After kissing her for a bit, which she really got
into, quickly growing more passionate, I rolled off of
the beautiful young angel, my now half-hard cock
slowly slipping out of her tight but slippery wet
I stared at Tessa's beautiful face and at her young
mother, sitting at her other side. How I wished I
could give them both a child, giving Tessa both a
daughter and a little sister.

Before long Rebecca crawled between my legs and took
me into her mouth, gently nursing me back to full
hardness while her daughter watched. Little Tessa
seemed impatient to have me inside her again as she
rubbed her young body against mine, her pert breasts
and erect nipples pressing into my side as I had put
my arm around her.

In less than a minute I was rock hard again and
beautiful young Tessa pulled me on top of her.

"Please put it inside me?" she encouraged me gently.

So I did, pushing my hard dick for the second time
today slowly into the fourteen your old, willing
little girl underneath me.

This time our intercourse was much more loving, our
bodies rocking together slowly as I started kissing
the young girl's wonderful mouth deeply.
Tessa's sexual longing was so incredibly strong that
it didn't take long for her to start orgasming again.
I lasted longer this time, and I kept slowly pumping
in and out of her soaking wet and spasming pussy,
keeping her little body in sexual ecstasy as orgasm
after orgasm racked through the young girl.

Tessa's mother began massaging my balls, and she had
no trouble keeping them in her warm hand because of
the slow, gentle motions I was fucking her daughter

Young Tessa was completely lost in her pleasure,
rocking her head back and forth, her eyes closed and
her mouth gasping for breath.
Before long the feel of her hot body and our tender
lovemaking drove me crazy and with a loud gasp I
started cumming intensely.

This time the orgasm build up really slow and at first
my powerful spurts of cum only seemed to increase in
intensity until I think I was screaming out in
pleasure, thrusting my dick deeply into Tessa's
creaming baby-hole. The beautiful blonde looked up at
me with open mouth as she felt my hot seed fill the
inside of her young belly.
Her young womb must have been overflowing with my warm
and sticky load, but her tight pussy kept sucking on
my throbbing shaft, not letting a single drop escape.

She could only gasp: "A baby.. a baby..", as her hips
were thrusting up into mine, trembling, willingly
accepting my semen deep inside her young love-hole.
I dumped a big load of my fertile semen inside her,
and I knew for sure she was getting pregnant with my
baby right then.

The powerful orgasm left me breathless, and I rolled
off of the beautiful youngster. I had shot the girl so
full of my semen that her little tight pussy couldn't
hold it all, and drops of thick white fluid started to
slowly flow out of her pink little hole. Rebecca
noticed this and spoke to her daughter, smiling.

Tessa immediately started scooping up the overflowing
semen from between her swollen little pussy lips with
her finger, sucking our combined sticky juices between
her pouty red lips while smiling at me, her face still
flushed with excitement.
She wanted all of my sperm to go inside her young
body, whether down her throat or inside her little

"Relax now", Rebecca spoke as she got up, "I will go
get some food".

I spend the rest of that day, and the two days that
followed, almost completely on the bed, having sex
with fourteen-year old Tessa. Each time I came inside
her tight, wanting little cunt it took longer for me
to get hard again.

Rebecca was always there, gently rubbing my balls,
taking her time to get me hard again. Sometimes she
even stopped me when I wanted to have sex with her
daughter again.

"It's too soon", she would say, apparently sensing
that my semen would not be potent enough if I had
another orgasm too soon. She deliberately slowed me
down to make sure every load I shot inside her young
daughter was at least a spoon full of thick, potent

Most of the time I had sex with Tessa laying on her
back, her slim legs wrapped around my body.
Other times, if I hadn't just shot a big load of sperm
inside her, she would climb on top of me and her
beautiful slim, young body would ride me to an orgasm.
The young girl was definitely in heat, and usually
started orgasming before I did, her small, slender
body trembling while she moaned for me to come inside

Her mother sometimes gave her instructions, and at one
point she told Tessa to lie on her stomach and lift
her hips off the bed. The sight of the blonde angel
wiggling her pert little ass at me drove me crazy. Her
shoulders were still on the bed, her face turned to
me, practically begging me to fuck her.
I shot two big loads inside her like that, crawling
over her and fucking her little pussy from behind.

Every time my cum started to drip out of her little
slit, her mother or Tessa herself would reach for it
with their fingers and Tessa would suck it into her
mouth and swallow it. Being around a fertile girl made
my balls produce even more sperm then usual, and Tessa
must have swallowed many spoonfuls of cum those three
days. And that was on top of the many big, sticky
loads of semen that I shot directly into her little

Towards the end of the third day, Tessa suddenly fell
into a deep sleep. I somehow realized the period of
impregnation was over, and Rebecca confirmed my

"She is carrying your child now, no more seed you put
inside her."

I didn't feel any disappointment, as together with
Tessa's need, my need seemed to have suddenly faded as
well. Instead I felt a deep love and affection for the
beautiful girl that had let me enjoy her young body
and had let me put so much of my seed inside her.

I stayed with the young blonde angel for a while,
watching her sleep, admiring her beauty, knowing that
she was now carrying a baby inside her young body. A
baby that I had put there. My first child!

After a while Tara came to get me. She walked me to my
cabin and then simply told me to go to sleep. I
suddenly felt completely powerless and fell down on
the bed and slept like a baby, dreaming of Tessa
giving birth to a beautiful daughter..

Chapter 8: Two Sisters

After having impregnated young Tessa, the sexual
activities with the girls had returned to getting my
dick sucked and having them swallow big loads of my
warm semen. I never had an erection for long, as there
were always one or more nubile little girls or sexy
young women around that lovingly took care of it for
me with their eager mouths.

But being surrounded constantly by these pretty young
girls with their pert little asses and budding breasts
quickly drove me crazy again with the need to fuck.

It wasn't any different with the adult women, with
their smooth but muscular bodies and one pair of
gorgeous, soft, round breasts even more inviting then
the next.
None of the women had a lot of pubic hair, so
everywhere I looked beautiful pussy mounds, ending in
smooth, inviting lips, tempted me.

I felt such strong urges to slide my hard cock between
their naked lips and deep into their tight, warm
receptive caves, but every time my lust grew me a rock
hard erection (which was very often!), one or more of
the females would suck me off, draining an enormous
load of semen from my balls after which I would
usually be satisfied for a few hours.

For some reason I never approached any of the girls or
women for regular sex. They didn't seem to be
interested, really, always wanting to swallow my seed
rather than having it shot inside their sex. Didn't
the girls have sexual lust outside of their fertile

I brought up the subject with Tara, but she told me I
was not to have sex with any girls unless they were
ready for a child. She didn't seem at all worried
about the girls' sexual needs. But the strong urge to
again fuck and impregnate one of the females grew
slowly, leaving me more and more frustrated.
But that was about to change..

It was about a month after I impregnated Tessa that
Tara came to get me late one night. Old man Tom's
health had been steadily deteriorating and I expected
her to come to tell me he had passed away any day now,
but her eyes were shining and her face beamed as she
approached my bed.

"You will be happy", she sounded enthusiastic.
"Another girl is ready for a child."

I immediately got up off the bed where I had been
resting. "Who is it?"

"There are two girls", she responded. "They are

"Is it Loua and her sister?" I had been getting a lot
of attention from fourteen-your old Loua and her older
sister Amelie, lately. Loua especially seemed very
eager to suck me off as often as she could, always
eagerly swallowing the big, gooey load I shot in her
sucking little mouth.

"No, they are Esia's daughters. Saia and Sisi are both
ready for a child."

I felt myself getting warm. Saia was the beautiful
girl that swallowed my seed the first time, on the day
I first woke up here. I hadn't forgotten that event,
or the times she sucked me off after that.
She and her fourteen-year old sister Sisi were
absolutely gorgeous creatures, with small round faces,
beautiful soft blonde hair and deep, sensual eyes.

"You will give them both seed, and they will have
children together", Tara cared about these girls very
much, being close to their mother, and I could feel
she was exited about this.

She wasn't as exited as I was, though. Just thinking
about these sexy sisters had made my temperature rise
and my blood rush towards my dick. I was very hard
already, as I got up and followed Tara outside.

I was naked, and the women and girls we passed outside
looked at my erection with awe, some of the younger
girls giggling and smiling at me sweetly. I knew they
all wanted to have my baby, but I was going to have my
hands full with Esia's beautiful young daughters for

As I stepped inside the hut were Esia and her
daughters lived, I felt that long-awaited rush of the
sexual excitement of young girls ready for me to fuck
Saia and Sisi were both naked, lying on separate beds,
while their mother stood in between them. She welcomed
me with a warm smile, motioning me closer to her.

"Go and enjoy", Tara whispered to me, her hand
touching my shoulder as if to urge me on, before
turning and disappearing through the door.

I stepped forward, not knowing whether to look at the
gorgeous twenty-your old Saia, or her equally
beautiful younger sister Sisi.

Both girls had the most perfect soft skin, with
wonderful little blonde hairs on their lower arms and
legs. I longed so strongly to touch their young bodies
and caress their smooth skin, my arms reached out to
the left and right of me of their own will.
Esia noticed my struggle and laughed, telling the
girls to move closer to the edge of the bed so I could
touch them.

The girls were radiating warmth and responded to my
touch by pushing their breasts out towards my
wandering hands. Saia's breasts were smooth and firm,
fitting wonderfully in my hand, while Sisi's breasts
were pert and sensitive, fitting almost completely in
just the palm of my hand and causing her to moan
softly as I touched them.

"Take Sisi first", their mother urged me on, following
the tradition that the youngest girl always went

"No", I responded gently, "I want Saia first." I
wanted her first as she had been my first girl when I
arrived in the Valley.

Saia looked at me with real passion and started
breathing deeper, moving on the bed so I could easily
slide between her legs. I looked at young Sisi
apologetically, and she returned my look with one of
strong, teenaged sexual lust. I was going to enjoy
fucking her very much, but her sister had the right to
my first load of semen.

As I crawled between Saia's legs she reached for my
erection and gently urged me towards her dripping
cunt. I kissed her full lips while gently sliding my
hardness between her smooth, swollen lips and into her
warm, wet hole. Her pussy was as soft as the rest of
her body. It felt like I was being held gently but
tightly by a warm, wet silky glove.

I started fucking her with slow motions and the heat
from her pussy seemed to explode. The head of my dick
was sliding along the soft inside walls, swimming in
her warm wetness as her pussy gripped me tightly.

"Ohhh, hmmmm", Saia started moaning softly, pushing
her hips up to meet my strokes. I increased the
intensity of my strokes and felt my orgasm approaching
quickly. Saia held me by my lower back, urging me on,
her moaning slowly intensifying. I heard a loud moan
coming from the other bed and looked to my left.

On the other bed was little Sisi, one hand on her
small breast while the other was rubbing in slow, long
motions along her smooth and glistening wet little
pussy mound. She was staring intently at me and Saia
making love, obviously wishing I was doing it to her
instead of her older sister.

"Please give me a baby?" Saia's soft voice made me
turn my attention back to her. "Put a child inside me,
please?" Her young pussy impatiently squeezed my dick.

I groaned, longing to give this girl exactly what she
wanted: a belly full of my sperm-laden semen. I
increased the speed of my strokes, and an incredible
warmth started spreading throughout my whole body.

"He's going to put his seed inside you", Esia coached
her daughter, then turned to me: "Make it go deep."

"Oh God", I groaned, as my orgasm started deep in the
centre of my body, quickly turning into overwhelming
waves of sexual pleasure as I jerked and spurted thick
strings of semen deep inside beautiful Saia's young
She smiled up at me while her warm, receptive pussy
milked my dick, drawing my hot sperm deep into her
soft belly, desperate for me to inseminate the egg
inside her young womb.

I felt my orgasm subside slowly and regained enough
control over my face to smile back at the gorgeous
female underneath me.

"Thank you", she said, and I kissed her forehead.
After relaxing for a minute with my swollen dick still
buried in Saia's tight, warm wetness I moved off of
her to lie on my back.

With a word from her mother, young Sisi was
immediately on her knees next to the bed, sucking my
slippery wet member into her eager mouth. She moaned
as she cleaned the sticky juices of my love-making
with her sister from my shaft.

Saia, still lying next to me, held my hand while her
little sister sucked my dick to full hardness again.
Watching the beautiful fourteen-your old with her
sweet face around my dick, it only took about a minute
before I was hard as a rock again.

Esia, sitting on the other bed, told her daughter to
come to her. Without taking her gorgeous brown eyes
off me, the pubescent little girl moved over to the
other bed and lay on her back, opening her legs wide.
Her mother was sitting behind her on the bed and held
her head in her hands, softly stroking her daughter's

Both hot little Sisi and her mother looked at me
impatiently, and I quickly moved in between the girl's
thin, muscular thighs, aiming my swollen prick at the
dripping wet opening of her young cunt.

All three of us were staring down at where the head of
my dick was rubbing against little Sisi's swollen
pussy lips. Because of the way she was spreading her
legs, her plump little labia were spread slightly,
showing the little pink hole that was the source of
her wetness.

Sisi whispered something to her mother, who then
turned to me, smiling:

"She asked if you are really going to put a baby
inside her?"

I looked at Sisi's beautiful face, "Yes honey, I'm
going to put a baby inside your sexy little belly"

As her mother translated my response to Sisi, I moved
one hand to her chest and gently rubbed one of her
small, developing boobies. This caused little Sisi to
exhale sharply, while I felt her nipple harden
instantly, pushing into the palm of my hand.

I rubbed my hand over her sensitive breasts, and her
sexy little moans caused me to lose control.
Without thinking, I pushed my trobbing erection into
the tight little pussy underneath me. For a moment the
young teenager winced in pain as she felt her little
hole being stretched by a man's penis for the first
time, but the slick wetness inside her tight slit made
it easy for my to slowly slide my swollen dickhead
deeper into her without making her any more

I started rubbing her breast and pointy little nipple
again and within seconds her face turned from anxiety
to total lust and she started quietly moaning again.
Suddenly Esia moved her hand over mine, pushing my
hand off of her daughter's chest. She immediately took
over, rubbing her daughter's small, sensitive breasts
and hard nipples expertly while whispering soft
encouragements to her, causing the young girl to moan
harder now.

With both my hands free, I leaned back and lifted
Sisi's hips up off the bed. This way I could sit up on
my knees while holding her small, sexy waist in the
air at just the right height for me to fuck her tight
little baby-hole.
This position also caused her breasts to be jutted
upwards into her mother's massaging hands, and just
the sight of this moaning and gasping little teen
getting her sensitive chest rubbed by her beautiful
mother caused my to almost lose it.

Of course, that's exactly what both the girl and her
mother wanted me to do: orgasm hard and shoot a big
load of thick, white semen inside her tight, newly-
fertile little womb.

Sisi beat me to it, gasping suddenly, her eyes and
mouth wide open and her sexy body jerking as she
started coming. I could see powerful ripples course
through the muscles in her stomach and belly and felt
her tight little cunt squeezing and sucking on my
dick, milking it for sperm.

"Come inside her now, she is ready", Esia encouraged
me, just as she had encouraged her daughter to orgasm,
knowing the spasms of her tight pussy would cause me
to shoot off inside the girl.

I gave in to their wishes, and started my own powerful
release. I was still thrusting into Sisi's young body
as my orgasm started, the stimulation of her wet,
tight and spasming little pussy around my dickhead
raising my sexual pleasure to the point where I
couldn't feel anything but the thick spurts of semen
rushing through my dick and into the young girls
waiting, unprotected womb.

Sisi's teenaged pussy milked me for more and more of
my seed, as her continuing orgasm caused her to push
her hips upwards with force. At the same time I was
pushing my dick forward, sliding it into her young
pussy as deep as I could. I was squeezing her firm
little ass now as I continued squirting deep inside
the moaning and writhing youngster.

Suddenly her body went limb and she fell down, pushing
my hips away from hers with her hands. Apparently she
was too sensitive from her orgasm to keep me inside
My squirts had already slowed to a dribble and before
even a single drop could fall down, Saia kneeled by
her sister's side on the bed and sucked the head of my
still throbbing dick into her mouth.

"Hmmmm" she moaned happily as she swallowed the last
few drops of my cum.

At the same time I saw that Esia put her hand over her
daughter's little cum-filled pussy, making sure none
of my potent semen could leave Sisi's body.

I relaxed and looked at the young girl before me,
still in the troughs of her powerful orgasm, my semen
deep inside her sexy body.
Her sister Saia continued to gently suck my dick as I
stroked her hair. She rubbed her tongue all around my
slowly wilting member, collecting any juices that were
still sticking to it.

I watched as Esia remove her hand from Sisi's still
swollen vagina, strings of sticky cum stretching
between the youngsters pouting pussy lips and her
mother's fingers. Sisi's tight little pussy clearly
couldn't hold much of my semen, as most of my load
seemed to be pushed outside.

Esia brought her sticky fingers to her daughter's
mouth, and Sisi sucked them between her lips like a
good girl, completely cleaning them of my juices with
her tongue.

Saia also noticed the seed dripping out of her little
sister, and she quickly abandoned my dick and moved
her head between her sister's thighs. She started
lapping at her fourteen-year old sister's pussy,
eagerly licking up the semen that was leaking out.
In between Saia's licks, the girls' mother continued
scooping up the sperm leaking out and feeding it to
little Sisi herself. This was becoming increasingly
difficult as Sisi started moaning under her older
sister's oral stimulation.

I was amazed at the sight before me. So far I had
never seen any of the girls engage in sexual
activities together (although some of the younger
girls enjoyed 'washing' each other's bodies when they
went to the pool), and here was gorgeous fourteen-year
old little Sisi, rapidly approaching climax as her
older sister literally 'ate her out'.

The sight and smell of the two beautiful siblings'
sweaty, aroused bodies was quickly giving me another
hard-on. I scooted back on the bed a little and
grabbed Saia's hips, pulling her around so I could
take her from behind.

With some directions from her mother, the twenty-year
old beauty complied and moved so she was sitting on
her elbows and knees, pointing her gorgeous ass and
pussy towards me.

She was still licking and sucking at her sister's
little cunt when I slid my hard dick inside her.
Her tight pussy was still wet from our earlier
coupling, and I slid back and forth inside her with
relative ease, her warmth and slickness providing
heavenly stimulation to my dickhead.

Meanwhile little Sisi started coming hard under her
sister's tongue. I noticed her mother was rubbing her
young, developing breasts, which seemed to really
drive the sensitive young girl crazy. Her slim body
started jerking as she thrust her pussy up into her
sister's face just as she had done when she orgasmd
around my dick.

Watching little Sisi's nubile young body shake and
tremble and she experienced another powerful orgasm
turned me on beyond return. I wondered whether these
girls and their mother had engaged in lesbian sex
before, and the thought made me unconsciously fuck
Saia's wonderful pussy harder and deeper.

Eating out her little sister must have really turned
Saia on, as she suddenly started pushing her ass back
at me and coming hard, moaning out load as her pussy
started squeezing and milking my dick. Her orgasm
caused her tight cunt to get hotter and wetter with
each squeeze and I felt a powerful surge in my balls
as my cum started making its way up towards my
throbbing dick.

I came with powerful spasms, surge after surge of hot
sperm shooting out of my dick as I kept sliding it
back and forth inside the warm, wet and sucking walls
of Saia's hot pussy.
I looked down at her perfectly shaped ass to see my
throbbing erection disappearing between her smooth and
swollen pussy lips. Her little asshole was clenching
and unclenching in time with the little squeezes her
pussy was giving me.

The girls' mother seemed to be gently praising us as
we both started coming down from our orgasms.
I fell forward on the bed, exhausted, and crawled
between the girls before falling asleep..

Chapter 9: The Girls' Mother

Just like with Tessa, I spend the next two days
fucking Saia and Sisi numerous times, always cumming
inside their tight and warm pussies, sperming their
fertile wombs with load after load of thick, stringy
semen as we made sure I impregnated both sisters.

Saia had a wonderful smooth and warm pussy, which
gently milked my dick as if it was a soft and slippery
hand when we fucked. I taught her to kiss while we
gently fucked, and her soft, full lips and wet little
tongue added tons to my sexual excitement.

Sisi's young cunt was just too small to hold a lot of
semen, and after each load I shot into her, big drops
of thick, gooey sperm would be pushed back out.
Sometimes her mother would scoop it up and feed it to
her daughters, but Saia really took to licking the
sperm directly out of her sister's little slit,
lovingly continuing even after she had sucked up all
my semen until her younger sister had an orgasm.

It wasn't long before Sisi started returning the
favor; lapping sweetly at her older sister's pussy
whenever some of the sperm I had just shot inside her
started dripping out.

The sight of these beautiful young girls, their small
round faces flushed with excitement, smiling as they
licked my sperm out of each other's pussies with their
pink little tongues..
It was enough to get me hard every time, no matter how
much cum I had just shot inside one of their wonderful
tight bellies.

But unless I had just slept a couple of hours, I was
usually not allowed to have two orgasms in quick
succession. Instead, the girls and their mother took
turns gently sucking my dick and rubbing my balls,
keeping me aroused but not exiting me so much I would
cum. Until after an hour or so (sometimes shorter)
they would feel that I had created enough seed to
again fill one of the girls' fertile young wombs.

Fourteen-year old little Sisi had very sensitive
breasts and nipples, and when I fucked her, her mother
or sister would always play with them to make sure she
orgasmd hard, her tight little cunny squeezing and
sucking my dick until I filled it with sperm.
When her sister ate her out I also liked to suck and
lick her sensitive, developing boobs, causing her to
orgasm with delightful squeals and moans.

I'm pretty sure during those three days young Sisi had
even more orgasms than I did!

During the second day, I decided to do something I
never did once since I got to the valley. I felt the
girls' mother deserved some sexual attention as well,
and wanted to please her.
I had discussed this with the girls while Esia herself
was away to get us some food, and although they didn't
really understand why I wanted to, they agreed we
should make their mother feel as good as we were
feeling (that's the simple wording I used).

Soon after that, Esia came in with some food. Even
while I was eating, she lovingly sucked my dick to
prepare me for sperming one of her daughters' wombs
with another fresh load of semen.

I did just that, fucking Saia's gorgeous warm pussy
for only a few minutes, her swollen lips stretched
tightly around my throbbing manhood, before filling
her up with a large, sticky load of cum.
Esia rubbed my back while I fucked her oldest
daughter, slipping her hand down over my ass and
massaging my balls as I orgasmd and spurted my thick
load deep inside the twenty-year old dark-haired

Immediately after coming down from my orgasm I moved
over to face Esia.

"I want to make you feel good" I said, and I kissed
her lips.

She looked at me surprised; she obviously wasn't
expecting this (even though she had been an active
participant in the sex between me and her two
daughters for more than a day!). Saia and Sisi moved
on either side of their mother, gently touching her

"You are so sweet to us", I coaxed the beautiful
thirty-three year old woman to lie back on the bed
gently, my hands sliding over her firm breasts.

She started to protest a little, but her oldest
daughter, Saia, said something to her that apparently
re-assured her, as she lay down completely and relaxed
her body.

I proceeded to give her my best oral treatment, intent
on making her have a wonderful orgasm, which she might
not have had in years (I really didn't know whether
these women even masturbated or did anything sexual
when they were not in heat).

Her pussy was mature, but wonderfully soft and smooth.
She got pretty wet too (although nothing like her
daughters), as I licked all over her sex.
Her daughters were sitting by her sides, and started
rubbing their mother's firm breasts. Tentatively at
first, within minutes their mother's soft moaning had
them enthusiastically stroking her body and tweaking
her nipples.

After about 20 minutes of teasing Esia's lovely pussy
I decided to bring her over. I sucked her swollen clit
between my lips, flicking my tongue across it
relentlessly. I took two fingers, slippery wet from
rubbing them over her dripping pussy, and slid them
inside her hot entrance and started working them in
and out in a steady rhythm.

It only took a few minutes of this stimulation before
she reached a staggering climax. Although she wasn't
as sensitive as her youngest daughter Sisi by far, she
came just as hard, squeeling and panting as her
slender body jerked and shook on the bed.

Her daughters giggled happily, seeing their loving
mother experience pleasure they too had enjoyed so
many times over the past day.

I gently rubbed Esia's body lying down next to her as
she came down from her orgasm, my dripping erection
poking at her thigh.
Saia reached over her mother's hips and took my cock
into her mouth, sucking on the head and rolling her
tongue around it, as that was the only part she could
reach into her mouth in this position.

She was very eager, though, and stimulated my dickhead
so intensely that before long I was ready to cum.
The girls all sensed it, and Esia rolled me onto my
back, instructing little Sisi to come sit on me.

The slim and sexy fourteen-year old complied, her
smooth young hips straddling mine while her mother
pointed my glistening dick up towards her tight little

It only took a few seconds of the gorgeous young teen
sliding her wet little cunt up and down tightly over
my aching, pre-cum dripping erection before I erupted,
sending thick streams of fertile semen up into the
young womb deep inside her sexy belly, filling her
horny, young body with the baby-making cream she
wanted inside her so badly..

Chapter 10: One Happy Family

After spending three nights and two days with Esia and
her daughters, never leaving their house as I shot
countless loads of semen inside the young girls to
make sure they got pregnant, I got up the third
morning to find Tara by my side, looking very sad.
I immediately realized that old man Tom had passed

Although he was a strange old man, he had been my only
link to the outside world, and I felt a deep sadness
now that he was gone. Tom had been right about how
this place changed a person, though, as the one thing
always on my mind was having my dick stimulated by the
females until I squirted a load of semen. I only
rarely really though back to my old life and never
attempted to find a way out of the valley.
My place was here, with these women that needed me.

Some of the women that had known Tom well were
noticeably sad, but none more so than Tara. I found
that, while the other women seemed to support each
other when needed, Tara turned to me for comfort.
She started spending more time with me, and we grew
even closer.

We talked more and more about the life in the Valley
and about the sex. I shared intimate (at least to me)
details about which girls sucked me off best and which
cute faces and sweet lips around my dick turned me on
most. It seemed nothing I said could shock Tara, and
she took my information and used it to instruct the
young girls and women on how to make me cum the

I explained to Tara how I longed to have intercourse
with girls more often, but she said I was not allowed
to 'waste' my semen.
I even tried persuading her by saying I didn't have to
come inside the girl or that if I did, another girl
could suck the semen out of her, as Saia and her
sister Sisi had done.

Tara really wanted to please me, I could tell, but
fucking a girl that wasn't fertile was somehow
unacceptable to her, so I let the subject rest. I
really cared for Tara also and didn't want to make her
feel she didn't make me happy.

As close as me and Tara got, she never showed any sign
of jealousy about having other females suck on my dick
and pleasure me.

One morning, as I woke up with my usual erection, Tara
sitting on the bed by my side, She surprised me by
saying I was not going to have a girl swallow my semen
right away.

"Today we will have breakfast first" Tara told me,
slowly stroking my hard shaft and sperm-filled balls.

I was completely accustomed to having one or two girls
sucking me off after waking up, so I was extremely
horny all through breakfast. Many of the girls and
women stared at my erection hungrily, which turned me
on even more. My balls were aching with a need to have
the huge load I produced during the night's sleep
drained from them.

After breakfast, Tara and her now 15 year old daughter
Liana took me to their little house and had me lie
down on the wide bed they shared. Both these women
really cared for me, and I knew I was in for a slow,
loving blowjob. I was so aroused my cock started
throbbing strongly before they even touched me.

Their beautiful brown eyes, Tara's look knowing and
gentle, her daughter's playful and exited, caused me
to gasp, as if I could feel their gaze touching my
skin. I felt myself losing control over my body as my
hips thrust upwards slightly, trying to fuck the air.

Smiling at each other, the beautiful dark-haired
females sat down on the bed on either side of me. Four
warm, gentle hands started to caress my entire body
and soon I felt like I was swimming in love.
It seemed there was always at least one hand on my
cock or balls, while I was literally being touched
from head to toe by the others.

"Today you stay in here", Tara gently spoke to me. "Me
and Liana will share you all day, and some of the
other girls will come here also."

I could hardly process the words, as Liana now had
both her little hands on my sex, stroking the shaft
softly with the fingers of one, while gently squeezing
my balls with the other.
I gasped loudly under the sensations, and opened my
eyes to look at the young angel that was giving me
this agonizing pleasure.

Liana stared back at me, her cute face beaming with a
loving smile. She extended her tongue and circled it
over her full red lips slowly, causing them to glisten
with saliva.

She bent down, slowly moving her pretty face and her
pert little mouth closer to the head of my dick.
I was franticly dripping precum and my dickhead was
shining with a wetness that perfectly matched the
moisture on Liana's lips.

The cute, young teenager moved her mouth so close over
my dick that I felt her warm breath engulf the head.
The last thing I saw was her pink tongue, wetly
lapping at my little cum-hole as she mixed her juices
with mine.

I threw my head back and exhaled deeply, hearing
little Liana's soft moan of hunger as she tasted the
first drops of my precum.

I think it must have really taken an effort to hold my
dick steady, so powerful was the throbbing and jerking
as I felt the young girls' lips and tongue brushing
around the very tip of my dick.
Tara whispered softly to her daughter, and Liana put
both her small hands around my shaft now, squeezing it
ever so slightly in tune with the motions of her

Tara bent down by my other side as I felt the familiar
feeling of her warm hand gently caressing my balls.
She and her daughter exchanged some whispers, and soon
I felt Tara's warm tongue join her daughter's on my
slippery wet dick, each working one side of the head
with agonizing expertise.

The combined forces of beautiful Tara and her pretty
young daughter lovingly stimulating my balls and cock
drove me to a new level of sexual pleasure. I felt
like I was floating above the bed, all my senses
focused on my sexual organs. They made sure I didn't
cum for what seemed like hours, gently licking all
over my cock, building up an enormous load of cum in
my swollen balls.

At some point Tara had her daughter crawl between my
legs, where she lifted my balls in her little hands
and started licking them slowly all over, gently
massaging them with her fingertips as she did.

Tara was now gently rubbing her fingers along my shaft
and suddenly bent toward me to kiss me. I was too lost
in sexual pleasure to really kiss her back, but she
simply used her soft, wet tongue to lick my lips and
the tip of my tongue

I could feel my heartbeat pulse through my balls as
Liana's wet little tongue completely coated them with
saliva. She then started sucking them softly into her
hot little mouth one at a time, switching back and
forth every few seconds. The tip of her tongue
massaged the balls as if she knew where to rub them to
have them create more cum.
I felt as if not just my balls, but my whole body was
going to explode.

"Please.." I managed to groan, eager for that
explosion to occur.

Tara smiled, asking me "Are you going to give us a lot
of seed?" as she gently squeezed my shaft.

I could only moan, but she didn't need an answer.
Taking hold of my dick and pointing it towards her
daughter with one hand, Tara placed one of the large
cushions under my head with the other. She wanted me
to watch.

"Take it into your mouth", Tara said to her daughter
in a gentle voice.

Looking up at me hopefully, her big brown eyes shining
with excitement, Liana put her eager mouth over the
head of my dick. Her pretty face, slightly flushed,
was framed by her sexy dirty blonde hair.
She slowly closed her wet lips, locking the top of my
dick between them, and started sliding her little
mouth up and down just below the head.

"My daughter is beautiful, no?" Tara asked teasingly,
already knowing how pretty I thought Liana was.

"I hope you can put your seed inside her soon, so she
can have a beautiful baby."

Liana moaned up at me, confirming that she was eager
to have my baby. The idea made her unconsciously bob
her head up and down a little faster and I almost came
right then but Tara told her to slow down, causing me
to groan in frustration.

Reluctantly slowing down the movement of her lips, the
beautiful young teen started to work her wet little
tongue all around the glans, moaning again while she
looked up at my face.
Her small, soft hands were still rubbing my balls, and
she started to squeeze them gently, trying to massage
the cum out of them.

I looked at Liana's beautiful face, pert little lips
slowly sliding up and down over my slippery wet dick,
her young mouth eagerly waiting for a big load of warm
semen, and I felt my release approaching very slowly.

"It's coming.." I managed to groan.

Tara's hand was still wrapped warmly around my shaft,
sqeezing and stroking me gently as my body melted into
an all-consuming orgasm.

"Go ahead", she encouraged me in her warm and gentle
manner, "shoot in her mouth, as much as you can."

My whole body spasmed with the first waves of release
and little Liana started to eagerly milk the head of
my dick between her soft, wet lips, hungrily sucking
the powerful spurts of thick, white semen into her wet
little mouth.
All the while she kept massaging my swollen balls with
her warm hands and gentle fingers, squeezing the cum
out of them.

Tara was slowly jerking my shaft with perfect pressure
as the cum shot through it, pacing my shots to make
sure her daughter could keep up as she hungrily tried
to swallow string after string of gooey, warm seed
down her throat and into her eager young body.
The girls were in complete control of my body as they
kept milking more and more cum out of my balls.

Little Liana never stopped sliding her wet lips slowly
up and down over my dick and licking around the head,
moaning happily as I kept ejaculating into her hot
little mouth.
After what felt like several mouthfuls she couldn't
swallow anymore and had to pull off, only to be
replaced by her mother's warm mouth.

Liana smiled at me, her sweet lips tainted with saliva
and semen as she swallowed the last mouthful of cum.
Her little hands were still gently fondling my balls
while her mother now milked the last of my warm semen
into her mouth.

I felt completely spent. My dick quickly softened
while Tara kept gently sucking it and I soon fell

Chapter 11: A Way to Have Sex

I woke up to the soothing sound of two young female
voices whispering to each other. I opened my eyes and
saw that Liana and one of her friends, a very cute
twelve-year old beauty named Sarin, were standing in
the corner of the room by the window. I didn't see
Tara anywhere.

As soon as the girls noticed I was awake they
approached the bed. They were very giggly and
whispered to each other, behaving like girl who shared
a secret.
The mere presence of these beautiful young teenaged
girls aroused me enormously.

Liana crawled onto the bed and leaned over me, her
naked body hovering just inches above mine. The
firmness of her fifteen-year old body was amazing.
Her breasts, while developing into rich globes of soft
female flesh, didn't sag at all. Her stomach was soft
and flat, and her firm thighs and ass had a perfect
muscle tone to them without losing any of their
She was very much a young adult, while still having a
young girl's youthful sexiness. Her sweet face
especially, with playful big brown eyes and a pert
little mouth, made her appear younger then she was.

Liana pressed her sexy body against mine, straddling
one of my legs, and started kissing my chest and
downwards. Down past her lovely face, I could see
twelve-year old Sarin climbing on the bed to straddle
my other leg.

Sarin was a slim, budding beauty, with gentle
swellings on her chest topped by erect little nipples,
and the cutest little round ass I had ever seen.
Though her body was barely pubescent, growing just a
little bit of hardly noticeable pubic hair, her young
pussy looked fully capable of intercourse. Her smooth
and pouting little pussy lips almost appeared swollen
and reddish.

I could feel Liana's hot breath on my stomach as she
moved her face down towards my already painfully erect
member. At the same time, Sarin slid her body down
over my leg until her little cunt was rubbing against
the top of my foot. She was moving her lovely face
closer to my crotch, and my dick throbbed in
anticipation of what these two girls were about to do.

Both girls reached their targets at the same time, and
I felt their hot breath tickling the head of my dick
and my balls. They started teasing me by giving them
wet little licks, giggling as they slowly covered my
cock and balls with their saliva. The feeling of their
hot little tongues licking me all over was amazing.

Both girls' were sliding their crotches over my leg
and foot, their sexy asses moving up and down as they
rubbed their hot little pussies across my naked skin.
It was not uncommon for the females to do this while
they were with me, but this time Liana and little
Sarin seemed much more eager, the warm lips of their
virgin holes wetly sliding across my skin.

Twelve-year old Sarin started gently sucking my balls
into her little mouth one at a time, playfully
massaging the nut with the tip of her warm tongue. The
sensation was incredible, and I moaned loudly.
I heard a sweet sigh coming from one of the girls, and
suddenly felt the warmth and wetness of Liana's
wonderful mouth on my dick as she wrapped her soft
lips around the head.

The girls started blowing me for real now, though they
kept an agonizingly slow pace. I felt my balls
swelling up slowly as a large load of semen was being
readied to be shot out of my dick and into the gentle
milking mouths of these young girls.

Suddenly the girls stopped their oral administrations
and started whispering to each other. Liana climbed on
top of me, straddling my hips, and leaned down. Her
long, dark blonde hair gently slid across my chest as
she brought pretty face close to mine.

"Mother said we should start practicing putting the
seed inside us", she whispered, obviously very aroused
by the idea of practicing mating with me.

"She did!?", I was surprised.

"Uh-huh", Liana confirmed.

She leaned back slightly, causing the warm wetness of
her young pussy to come into contact with the tip of
my swollen dick.
Slick with wetness, her pussy lips easily parted,
allowing the head of my dick to slide between them.
With her body arched over mine, my erection was
pointing straight into her virginal entrance.

Staring at me with open mouth, holding her breath, the
pretty teenager slowly eased her little pussy
backwards, attempting to slide my rock-hard dick up
inside of her. Both her pussy and my dick were so wet
it seemed to go in easily, but with the head barely
inside her she gasped and shuddered, almost causing my
dick to slip back out.

Immediately I felt one of Sarin's little hands take
hold of my dick, keeping it steadily aimed into
Liana's pussy.
Liana was tight, but so incredibly slippery with
wetness that I slid all the way into her easily. I
noticed a very slight resistance a little ways into
her, but she didn't stop sliding backwards and I
popped right through.

The warmth inside her was incredible, and I suddenly
felt overflown with love for this beautiful daughter
of Tara. I very badly wanted to fill her sexy young
body with my semen.

Liana started slowly rocking her body on top of me,
sliding her wet pussy up and down on my dick. I
couldn't help but thrust upwards, trying to slide my
dick as deep inside her as I could. I wanted to
deposit my warm semen right into her womb so she could
experience what it was like to make a baby inside her

I brought my hands up and started rubbing them all
over her body, squeezing her wonderful soft breasts
and groping her firm round ass as I marveled in the
sensation of this beautiful teenaged body riding on my

Little Sarin, who had still been straddling my leg,
closely following the action from behind her older
friend, now crawled up on the bed to sit next to me
and Liana. Her cute face was flushed as she alternated
between smiling at me excitedly and staring down
between our bodies at where they were joined in our
sexual act.

Liana sped up her rhythm and quickly became so aroused
that she started moaning with each downward plunge on
my hard and slippery manhood.

"Will you do it inside me?" she managed to whisper in
between moans.

"Oh baby I will. Just keep moving. You're doing
great", I encouraged the horny girl.

Liana got even more exited now and started riding me
faster and faster. Her wet young pussy was sliding all
the way up and down over my dick, gripping me so
tightly I never wanted her to stop. But I was about to

"I'm going to do it", I warned her, squeezing her
breast with both hands as if it would make her fuck me

She moaned, "Do it.. do it..", and then pushed her
body down hard and started coming together with me,
her sopping little pussy milking and cramping around
my swollen dick as I ejaculated my semen right up
inside the sexy teen. Her eyes were closed and she was
gasping, her body shuddering as her young womb tried
to suckle all of my sperm inside of it.

Little Sarin started talking to Liana, but I couldn't
make out what she said and Liana couldn't answer as
she was in the middle of what was probably her first
orgasm. Her cute gasps for air turned me on even more
and I looked down to see the ripples of orgasm on her
flat belly as I shot the last of my load deep inside
her hungry body.

Coming down from her powerful orgasm, Liana collapsed
on top of me and I relaxed to the wonderful sensation
of her soft breasts and hard nipples pressing into my
The moment didn't last long as Sarin again said
something to Liana and Liana suddenly rolled off of
me, my softened dick slipping out of her wet pussy.

Liana lay on her back and Sarin sat between her legs
and stared at her friend's crotch. I realized the
girls were waiting for my semen to spill back out of
Liana's pussy. I had shot deep inside her, and she was
quite tight, but the intercourse had made her so
slippery it only took a few seconds for the first of
my semen to appear at her no-longer virgin entrance.

Both Liana and Sarin now started scooping the semen up
with their fingers and sucking it into their mouths.
It was quite a sight to see these beautiful young
girls licking my semen off of their fingers, and my
dick stirred, hoping for another go in one of their
tight young pussies.

Sarin seemed to have read my mind as she suddenly
stared at my dick and moved to lie down between my
legs. She sucked my still recovering dick into her
warm little mouth and started cleaning all of the
juices off of it.
Just then Tara walked into the hut.

She looked at the scene and smiled, "Did you do it
inside Liana already?"

"Uh-huh", her daughter responded for me.

She was still rubbing her pussy with one hand,
occasionally slipping a finger into her little hole
and then bringing it to her mouth to cleane it. Tara
came and sat on the bed next to us. She smiled at me.

"Thanks you, Tara", I stroked her arm.

"Do you want to do it inside Sarin as well?", she
asked me.

Little Sarin was still gently sucking my cock and upon
hearing her name looked up at me, her eyes twinkling
with enthusiasm.

"Do you want to, Sarin?" I asked the young girl.

"Hm-Mmm!", she responded, sucking my dick more eagerly

Tara and her daughter started rubbing their soft, warm
hands over my chest and stomach while Sarin sucked me
back to full hardness in her hot little mouth,
massaging my balls with her nimble fingers.
The sexy twelve-year old kept blowing me gently for a
few minutes, and then crawled her sexy little body on
top of me.

Tara and Liana took over the blowjob action while
Sarin started rubbing her horny little pussy over my
stomach. I could feel the warmth and wetness as her
swollen pussy lips were parted by the friction,
allowing her inner sex to directly touch my skin.

I reached up and caressed her face, then started
rubbing the small mounds of her developing breasts.
She was starting to get really exited and her young
body looked so sexy as she masturbated herself slowly
across my stomach.

Meanwhile the mother-daughter combination sucking on
my dick and balls drove me crazy. Tara and Liana knew
better than anyone how to get me off, and I was
rapidly approaching my orgasm.

"I'll come soon", I warned them.

"Inside me?" Sarin asked hopefully. Her English was
very basic, but she knew this much!

Tara instructed her to move back and put her pussy
over my dick. She held my dick up straight, squeezing
it teasingly, while her daughter was still massaging
my balls.

"Oh God..", I groaned, feeling the pressure build up
in my balls. "I'm going to come soon."

Without wasting any time, Sarin started pushing her
pussy down on my dick. Her wet and swollen lips parted
easily, but getting the head inside her tight entrance
required some effort. The feeling of the hot and tight
ring of soft flesh slowly working its way down over
the head of my dick was incredible.

I looked up at little Sarin as she moaned, feeling her
young sex being stretched for the first time by a
man's dick.
The sight of her twelve-year old body straddling my
hips, the head of my dick disappearing inside her
young pussy, was too much for me.

Liana was the first to notice my impeding orgasm and
started to squeeze my balls tightly in her soft, warm
hand, forcing out as much of my semen as she could.
Tara was still holding the bottom half of my shaft in
her hand and started jerking it slightly as the first
jets of semen began spurting out of my dick and into
Sarin's twelve-year old body.

The young girl was still pushing her wet little pussy
down over my throbbing dick, and each of my squirts
landed a little deeper inside her until her body had
completely swallowed my shaft and I was squirting my
seed directly into her sexy little belly.
Tara encouraged young Sarin in their native language,
and her hot young cunt started milking me tightly
while Liana massaged still more cum out of my swollen

It took several minutes after I had shot my load
inside little Sarin before my dick was finally soft
enough to slip out of her tight hole. She starting
rubbing her pussy over my stomach again, letting my
semen drip out slowly. Liana bent down and started
licking the sticky juices off of my belly, tickling me
with her hot little tongue, while her mother sucked my
soft dick into her mouth and gently licked it clean.

After a while Sarin left the hut, but not before she
had given me a sweet hug and a kiss.
Liana was lying next to me, apparently falling asleep,
and Tara crawled up next to me on the other side,
rubbing my body with her gentle hands.

"Now you can have sex with the girls", she said
lovingly, knowing how much I longed for that.

"And with you, Tara", I responded, looking at her
beautiful face for a moment and then hugging her close
as I kissing her forehead..

Chapter 12: Sally's virginity

I now started spending more and more nights in the
house where Tara and her daughter lived. I started
getting young pussy on a daily basis, and especially
made love to Tara and Liana a lot.
Tara was quite hesitant about this, making sure she
and her daughter Liana didn't take too much of my seed
for themselves. She often brought in other girls,
reminding me I was to be shared among all the girls
and women.

Within weeks I had fucked most of the females, both
teens and adults, except for some of the older ones
that didn't seem very interested in intercourse and
the two youngest girls, twelve-year old Sally and
eleven-year old Lysa.

Lysa was apparently a late-bloomer (at least here in
the valley), barely starting puberty. She seemed just
too young to have sex with me yet.
She was cute as a button, though, with two small bumps
with well-formed nipples sprouting from her chest and
a radiant face that never stopped smiling.

Lysa did start sucking me off around this time, and I
remember how eager and enthusiastic she was the first
time, when her sexy twenty-four year old mother showed
her exactly how to make me cum. They took turns
sucking my cock for a long time and when I started
coming hard, little Lysa, having already witnessed the
other girls do this many times before, hungrily
swallowed all of my semen while her mother praised her

In those first few weeks I must have fucked at least
twenty virgins. Breaking in all those young teens was
extremely erotic, and watching them lick each others
little pussies as my semen started dripping out of
them was enough to get me hard again within minutes.

Usually, the girls would then keep me aroused, gently
sucking and licking my dick or playing with it with
their small warm hands, but not allowing me to cum for
at least an hour so I could build up a good new load
of sperm.
But a few of the young girls were so horny that they
wouldn't wait so long, eager to feel my hard dick
inside their hot little pussies again. They would just
climb on top of me again, or spread their legs and ask
me to "do it inside them" again.

One of those extra horny girls was little Sally. At
only twelve years old, she could never get enough of
feeling my hard manhood squirt its seed deep inside
her little body.

I took her virginity one day when we were visiting the
hot spring, where the younger girls liked to spend a
lot of their time.
She and Lysa had already sucked me off together that
morning, kneeling in front of me while I sat on the
edge of the bed, sharing my load by directing each
spurt onto one their hot little tongues.

In the pool Sally, Lysa and Selina, a thirteen-year
old hotty, started playfully exiting me, their nubile
young bodies splashing around in the water while they
rubbed their pert asses against my erection and
teasingly grabbed at it with their small hands. I
returned the favor by letting my hands squeeze their
lovely asses and slide over their smooth, wet bellies
and developing breasts.

I was getting very aroused when suddenly Sally sat
down on a rock by the waterside, her feet still
dangling in the water. She looked at me with her
cutest face and slowly spread her lovely legs, opening
up her little pink pussy to me. It was perfectly
aligned with my hard dick.

"Will you do it inside me?", she asked.

I pretended to hesitate for a moment and she added

I had dreamed of taking Sally many times so I really
didn't need any encouragement. I waded closer to her
through the water until I was standing right in front
of her and started rubbing the head of my swollen cock
across her little pussy.
Sally gasped at the contact and looked up at me, her
beautiful brown eyes wide with anticipation and her
mouth opening slightly as she started panting.

I positioned the head of my dick directly at her tiny
pink entrance and pushed forward, trying my best to
control myself and go slowly.
The head popped in quite easily and was welcomed by an
incredibly tight and hot sensation. Sally had the
tightest and most responsive pussy of all the girls I
had fucked, massaging and sucking on my dick as if it
had a mind of its own, trying to draw me in deeper.

She was so tight I had to start fucking her slowly,
pushing a little more of my dick inside of her with
each stroke.
With a cute but unmistakably sexual moan, little Sally
put her slender arms around my body and tried to pull
me in deeper, spreading her legs as wide as she could.
Despite the tightness of her little pussy, she was
eager to feel more of me inside her!

I increased the force of my strokes to go deeper
inside her and put my arms around her, holding on to
her light body to keep her from being pushed away from
me. Sally was breathing heavily and moaning now, and
when I finally slid all of my dick inside of her she
started coming intensely. Her hot little pussy started
sucking on my dick so hard I couldn't have moved if I
wanted to.

I just kept my dick deep inside of her, hugging her
close to me as her first orgasm racked through her
young body. Her whole pussy cramped around my dick as
she shuddered in ecstasy, and I was so deep inside her
that the entrance to her womb was spasming around the
tip of my dick.

I could actually feel the warmth of her orgasm
radiating from her body, and the sensation made me
dizzy. My balls started swelling up with the need to
shoot my seed inside this young girl. I had only ever
experienced such strong sexual lust around the fertile

The fertile girls expelled incredible amounts of
pheromones or something, and just their smell was
enough to put me in a sexual frenzy. And now twelve-
year old Sally was having that same effect on me, and
she wasn't even fertile!

As her orgasm slowly passed I started sliding my dick
gently in and out of her again, eager for my own
release. Her little cunt was still tightly squeezing
my erection but I was so exited that even the tiniest
amount of movement inside of her was enough for me to
work toward an orgasm of my own.

I knew I was going to come soon, but the renewed
movement was also too much for little Sally. She
started panting short breaths and her body went rigid
and then started shuddering again as she experienced
her second orgasm.
Her horny little pussy was sucking me deeply into her
again and she had her arms and legs tightly wrapped
around my body. I couldn't believe how sexy this
little girl was!

"Does it feel good?", I whispered in her ear.

Sally only moaned, unable to speak as she was still
coming down from her second orgasm.
Putting my hands under her ass, I lifted her off the
rocks and stood up straight. Her small body was
clinging to me like a newborn, except I had my swollen
member deep up inside her eager young pussy.

With my hands still supporting Sally by her tight
little ass, I started lifting her small body up and
sliding it back down over my dick, fucking myself with
her twelve-year pussy. The incredible suction of her
tight and wet little cunt had me on the edge of an
orgasm in seconds.

"I'm going to shoot it inside you", I managed to gasp.

Hearing my words, Sally pressed her face into my
shoulder and started yet another orgasm. Her cute
moans in my ear drove me over the edge and I felt my
dick swell up inside her as the first sperm shot
through it and was sucked straight into her pulsing

Her little pussy kept cramping around my dick as I
filled her sexy young tummy with one spurt after the
other, depositing all of my thick white semen deep
inside of her body.
My knees went weak and I had to sit little Sally back
down on the rocks so I could support myself with my

I stayed like that for a minute; leaning over Sally's
body with my still cum-dribbling prick buried
completely in the twelve-year old girl's tight snatch.
Sally was still hanging on to me, but her grip
loosened as the multiple orgasms had made her body
grow weak.

After my cock had softened enough I slowly withdrew it
from Sally's body, her pussy sucking on it
reluctantly. She leaned back on the rock, catching her
breath from her first fuck, and I sat down next to

Lysa and Selina, who had been closely watching me and
Sally practice mating, kneeled down in the water just
in front of us. Without a word, Lysa started sucking
and licking my dick, obediently cleaning it, while
Selina bent her face down over Sally's crotch and
started sucking on her little pussy, trying to draw
out my semen.

Sally's tight sex seemed not to want to let go of its
price, and Selina slid a finger inside the small hole,
trying to lure out the sticky juices that she knew I
had just shot inside.
Sally started coming back to live under the eager
administrations of her cute friend and turned to me,
moaning softly.

"Can we do it again?", she asked, already trying to
slide her body closer to me over the flat rocks.

And sure enough, within minutes I was being fucked by
the sexy twelve-year old, her tight pussy orgasming
around my swollen dick several times before I filled
her creamy little belly with a second helping of
thick, ropey spurts of semen.
She wanted a third go almost immediately afterwards,
but I took some time to recover and about an hour
later ended up fucking cute and busty (for a thirteen-
year old) little Selina instead..

Chapter 13: Little Tommy

After the initial rush of fucking a lot of girls and
women, things settled down to a pace where I got my
dick sucked most of the day and only occasionally had
penetration with one or two girls.

Sometimes one or two girls would suck me until I was
about to come and then one of them would slide her
little cunt down over my dick, milking my semen
directly into her body with her tight pussy.
Watching the lovely girls eat my sperm out of each
other's pussy never got old.

Other times I would fuck one of the nubile girls or
have them ride my dick until I was about to come, only
to pull out and shoot my load into one or more hungry,
hot mouths.

Sometimes the girls would just miss their timing and
the first shot or two would end up coating a young
face or a sexy tummy. I didn't mind this at all, as I
would then get to see those young valley girls scoop
up and lick the semen from their each others faces and
bellies before swallowing it down.

Occasionally I would even have several girls lining up
on the bed for me to fuck them one by one. Sometimes
they would get on their hands and knees and I would
switch from one sexy little ass to the next, sliding
my dripping erection in and out of the horny little
cunts presented before me.
But whatever the case I would always end up squirting
my semen inside a tight and flat or soft and sexy

A few months later Tessa gave birth to my first
daughter, a beautiful girl which we named Lisa. In the
years that followed I would grow very fond of little
Soon after my first daughter was born, Esia died at
thirty-six years old, just weeks before her daughters
Sisi and Saia gave birth to two beautiful girls. We
named the oldest Esia, after her grandmother.

I also impregnated a twenty-three year old named
Amelie, who would later give birth to a beautiful

Two years had passed quickly, when I suddenly got
competition: Little Tommy, now twelve years old,
became fertile.

I first learned about this when I heard Tara tell her
daughter to go visit Tommy (I had picked up quite a
lot of their language by now) and when I realized what
was going on I felt a strong surge of jealousy. The
emotion was almost primal, as if my territory was
being invaded.
I felt the need to chase off or even kill the boy!

The fact that all the women were visibly pleased to
have another fertile male didn't do much to help
against my jealousy either. I was especially
disappointed that Tara, who normally always sensed
whenever something was bothering me, didn't comfort

Two days after learning about Tommy becoming fertile,
Tara finally noticed my discomfort (or decided to act
upon it, at least).
First, she and her daughter Liana lay me back on the
bed and proceeded to give me a wonderful blowjob
together. They were slow and meticulous, Tara sucking
on my dick while her daughter licked and sucked on my

After a while they switched positions, and Liana's
cute face swallowing my hard cock quickly had me on
the brink of an orgasm.
She kept me there for a while, teasingly rubbing her
tongue all over my throbbing shaft, and then suddenly
rolled onto her hands and knees next to me and asked
me to "do it inside her".

I gladly complied, getting on my knees behind her and
grabbing her pert asscheeks as I slid my glistening
wet erection into her eager little pussy.
It took only a few thrusts for me to start flooding
the fifteen-year old's womb with an enormous load of
thick warm semen, sticking to her insides like the
juices of an overripe fruit.

The young girl obediently waited for me to finish
cumming inside her, squeezing the last drops out of me
with her tight cunt, before rolling onto her back and
placing one hand over her pussy. As the thick cum
started slowly oozing out of her tight crack, she
scooped up little gobs and licked them off of her

I lay back and watched her for a while, until Tara
took my hand and told me to come with her.
She took me outside and started walking across the
clearing in the village.

"Do you want to visit Tommy?", she asked, even though
she had clearly already decided to take me to him.

I didn't reply, as I tried to picture little Tommy in
my mind, having sex with all the beautiful females
that I had had all to myself for so long.
The recent orgasm and the fresh air calmed me down,
and I didn't really feel any anger or jealousy.

As we stepped inside Tommy's hut, I saw him on the
bed, sleeping. There were two women sitting next to
him, talking softly. One was his mother, a very sexy
27 year old dirty blonde called Aline, and the other
was a brunette of around 30, called Naa. I had never
gotten to know these two very well, as they were
always with Tommy.

As Tara and I entered the hut Aline and Naa broke off
their conversation and Naa left the hut. Tara had me
sit down on a comfortable chair that was placed by the
Suddenly she spoke.

"You can never harm him." She was looking at Tommy.

She was speaking in a soft tone and I couldn't see her
face, but her voice made it sound like a serious
warning. Aline was looking at me with piercing eyes.

I looked at Tommy, and he was a vision of innocence, a
little boy sleeping peacefully on his side. I tried to
picture his little penis, which I couldn't see as he
was laying on his side, facing away from me.

Suddenly Aline pushed her son by his hips so he was
lying on his back. She moved her hand towards his bald
little penis and started to stroke it. Tommy stirred a
little, but seemed to be still asleep.

At the same time Tara got on her knees in front of me
and started fondling with my balls and cock.
I kept watching Aline as she lowered her face towards
little Tommy's crotch and started licking his quickly
hardening dick.

Watching the boy being sucked off by his own mother,
knowing she was going to swallow her own son's semen,
was intense. On top of that, Tara was sucking on my
dick, moaning as she slowly and lovingly worked
towards making me shoot my semen in her gentle, warm

All my feelings of jealousy for Tommy seemed to have
disappeared. Instead I felt happy to have another male
in the community. I was older and stronger, so I
didn't have anything to fear from him, and I could
share with him some things only men can share. I
remembered how much old man Tom had cared for his son,
and decided right then I would try and raise Tommy as
my own son.

My thoughts suddenly returned to the wonderful blowjob
Tara was giving me as I felt myself nearing my
release. Tara seemed to be extra hungry for my seed
today as she was stimulating my swollen erection and
balls much more intensely then normal.

Her full lips were wetly sliding up and down, her warm
mouth sucking tightly on my dick. Her tongue was all
over the head, rubbing the most sensitive spots,
impatiently trying to draw out the thick strings of
semen she wanted to swallow so badly.

Her warm hand rubbed along the underside of my balls
and I moaned, feeling them swell and tighten in
preparation of my orgasm.
Just then I heard little Tommy moan: "Ooh mama", and I
looked over to his bed and saw he was lying back,
rubbing his hands through his beautiful mother's long
hair as she was sliding her mouth up and down over his
little dick.

The boy's hips started bucking slightly, and I saw him
close his eyes and throw his head back, gasping. I
knew he was cumming inside his mother's mouth right
then and I saw her swallowing, working her tongue
around his immature penis to drain even more semen
from his smooth little balls. He seemed to be
squirting a lot for a twelve-year old, and his mother
silently swallowed every last drop.

I imagined myself being in Tommy's place; being a boy,
and having my beautiful mother swallow my semen.
I started coming intensely, never taking my eyes off
Aline and her son as I filled Tara's eager mouth with
jet after jet of sticky semen. Tara moaned in approval
as she swallowed each shot, milking me for more and
more as I emptied at least three spoonfuls of cum onto
her eager tongue.

Little Tommy fell asleep and his mother staid with
him, gently stroking his body, while Tara and I left.
The rest of the day Tara didn't leave my side, rubbing
her body against me while two young girls gave me a
blowjob, and sucking me off twice more herself with
more passion and eagerness than usual. I started
feeling hornier and hornier myself, and that night I
found out why.

It was after the evening meal that I suddenly couldn't
help myself anymore, and started kissing Tara and
grabbing her ass. She responded just as eager, and as
we laid back on the bed I felt how wet she was. I was
suddenly aware of the familiar smell of a fertile
pussy, and realized I was going to impregnate Tara.

As I was already laying on top of her, my member
easily found her soft, warm entrance. I slid it
inside, marveling at the wet, sucking sensation of
Tara's hot cave. I had fucked Tara quite a few times
before, but this time she was hotter then ever and her
whole body seemed to melt underneath me. We slowly
moved against each other, her pussy becoming wetter
and wetter, sucking and squeezing my erection deeper
inside her until I couldn't feel where my body stopped
and hers began.

We floated on our sexual high for what seemed like two
hours, until my excitement reached a sudden peak and I
felt my whole body stiffen for several seconds in
preparation of a massive orgasm. I exploded intensely
and started groaning and puffing as I flooded Tara's
glowing womb and pussy with my seed. Tara continued
her fucking motion underneath me, milking my bulging
shaft with her tight, sopping wet pussy, and within
seconds she started coming intensely too, moaning in
my ear as her spasming body tried to suck more and
more of my thick, gooey semen inside her fertile womb.

As we relaxed and melted in each others arms, my dick
still inside her, we could somehow both feel that she
was getting pregnant right then.

Nine months later, Tara died in childbirth.

Chapter 14: My daughter Lisa

The years passed quickly in the valley, and I almost
completely forgot about the outside world and my old
life. I started spending more time with Tommy,
teaching him English and telling him about his father.
We often saw each other getting sucked off or fucking
and coming inside one of the girls, and I started
really enjoying watching the cute young boy spill his
semen inside a sexy, eager female.

Some of the girls focused on sucking off and fucking
the young boy, while other stuck with me or just
switched back and forth every few weeks. For some
reason, most of the younger girls were more interested
in me, while the older ones spend more time with
Tommy, making sure he ejaculated his seed into a
willing female orifice several times a day.

Most girls just sucked off little Tommy and swallowed
his seed directly as it shot out of his dick. But some
of the women preferred fucking the young boy, making
him squirt his seed inside their pussies before eating
it. His mother seemed to do this more often than any
other girl, often climbing on top of her son and
riding him until he started orgasming, jamming his
hips upwards in an attempt to shoot his seed as deep
up into her as he could.

I even saw her on her hands and knees sometimes with
the young boy behind her, sliding his swollen little
pecker in and out of her slick cunt until he orgasmed,
his little body jerking as he squirted a good load of
sperm inside of his own mother's warm, silky tunnel.

I still felt jealousy, but it was mostly for the
innocence with which he experienced all the sexual
activities. He looked so boyish with his curly hair
and his blue inquisitive eyes. This little boy didn't
know better than to have beautiful girls suck his dick
every day, and looked cute even while fucking his own
beautiful mother and coming inside her wonderful

He became almost like a son to me as I watched him
grow up together with my daughters. I tried to care
for them as much as I could, teaching them English and
some general knowledge, although some girls liked to
spend more time with me then others.

My oldest daughter, Lisa, was my favorite girl. Both
she and her mother Tessa were very fond of me, and
when Lisa got around five years old I started spending
a lot of time with her.
She picked up the English I taught her very well, and
asked so many questions about everything that I
started talking to her about the outside world more
and more.

Lisa hung around me so much that she often got to see
one or two girls sucking on my dick until I came and
shot a big load inside their mouths. Curious as she
was she wanted to try it too, but the idea seemed to
be that only girls that were old enough to become
fertile should swallow my seed.

Sometimes when I was with Tessa, however, she would
let her daughter come over and watch closely how she
sucked me off. I even fucked the beautiful blonde in
front of her little daughter.
By the time Lisa was seven years old, Tessa started
letting her help her please me. She taught her
daughter to rub my dick and massage my balls, and
pretty soon the seven year old was licking the shaft
and balls with skill and enthusiasm while her mother
sucked on the head, expertly draining a big load of
cum out of me.

I never thought I would have felt ok about having such
a young girl perform oral sex on me, but she was
guided by her mother and by her own curiosity so it
all seemed very natural. In fact, her small hands and
dainty little tongue gently fumbling with my balls
felt fantastic. With her mother sucking my dick,
stopping occasionally to explain to her daughter how
to touch me, little Lisa felt quite a few orgasms
start with the tightening of my swollen balls in her
little mouth.

When she was eight years old Tessa let her daughter
suck on my dick for the first time. By this time my
daughters with Sisi and Saia and the even the cute six
year old twins mothered by Amelie all started
playfully joining in when the older girls made me
orgasm, but none of the young ones was so familiar
with how to please me as little Lisa.

As my daughter crawled between my legs, Tessa held my
cock aimed straight up and told her to try sucking
onto it. Having been carefully instructed by her
mother for so long, Lisa was happy to finally suck the
actual head of my dick into her mouth.

She moved her open mouth over my dick, which was
throbbing with anticipation, and closed her little
lips around the head gently. I could feel the fingers
of one of her little hands tickling my balls.
I stared at my eight year old daughter's pretty face
as her soft lips started nibbling on the head of my
dick with expert pressure.

She started of very cautious, gently spreading saliva
mixed with precum all over the head. But as her mother
encouraged her she quickly got more enthusiastic, and
before long her wonderful lips were firmly stroking up
and down over my hardness, sliding easily across the
slick surface. Tessa let go of my erection, and Lisa
immediately wrapped both her little hands around it.

Her hot little tongue was rubbing the head of my dick
in just the right places, and I groaned at the
unbelievable sensation my eight-year old girl was
giving me. Looking up at me, Lisa giggled and then
slowed down the bobbing motion of her little head. She
knew to make me last a little longer so I would shoot
more seed.

Tessa was now massaging my balls, as they prepared to
give her and her daughter a big helping of my warm
semen. She gently encouraged her daughter:

"Keep your lips wet, and rub your tongue all across
the head, honey".

"Uhmuhm!" Lisa acknowledged her mothers instructions.

But the cute little blonde really didn't need any
encouragements: Her small, warm mouth was stimulating
me towards an orgasm at a delightful pace.

"How is she doing?" Tessa smiled at me. Lisa looked up
at me hopefully and I tried to smile down at her, but
had to gasp in pleasure instead.

Closing my eyes and letting my head fall back I

"She's doing great. I'm going to come soon."

I sort of expected Tessa to take over at that point,
swallowing my seed instead of her daughter, but I was
surprised to feel Lisa's little lips suddenly increase
pace, sliding across the head faster and faster, as
her hands started rubbing and squeezing along the
I was going to come in the eight-year old's mouth!

My balls started to contract, and Tessa squeezed them
tightly in her warm hand.

"He's going to shoot, honey" she warned her daughter.
"Try to keep it in your mouth."

"Humhm" Lisa moaned to her mother, as her little
tongue started moving furiously all over the glans,
trying to coax my sperm out of it.

I started coming in powerful spurts, which little Lisa
eagerly welcomed into her hot little mouth. She knew
exactly what to do, Rubbing her tongue across the rim
and squeezing the shaft with her little fingers,
urging more and more cum out of my dick and into her
willing mouth.
As I looked down at my little daughter, I saw her
cheeks were slightly bulging as she tried to keep all
of my sperm inside her small mouth. Tessa was stroking
her back.

"Good girl", she praised her eight-year old daughter.

"Now let momma have it, honey." She said, leaning
forward and opening her mouth. I gasped at the idea,
and started watching intently.

"HmHm", little Lisa obediently opened her mouth and
started letting my still warm semen run out over her
extended tongue and into her mother mouth in thick,
slimy strings. A few drops escaped across the side of
her tongue and ran down the cute pre-teen's chin,
coating it with a glistening trail of semen.

After swallowing the cum that Lisa shared with her,
Tessa extended her tongue and started licking up the
semen that had spilled onto her daughters chin,
causing the little girl to giggle playfully.

"That did very good honey", she praised her daughter,
stroking her hair.

"Did you like it, daddy?", Lisa looked at me eagerly.

"You were fantastic, princess", I immediately
answered, causing my eight year old daughter's face to
beam with pride.

From then on, Tessa would often let our daughter suck
me off, and little Lisa quickly became one of the best
cocksuckers in the Valley. Pretty soon she was also
swallowing my seed, and she developed a real taste for
it. She would moan impatiently while sucking me, eager
for me to squirt my cum into her hot little mouth, and
those sweet little moans were like a stairway to
heaven, taking me higher and higher until I had the
best orgasms of my life cumming inside my little
daughter's mouth.

Under her mother's guidance, Lisa quickly mastered how
to exactly stroke and squeeze my balls with her little
fingers to make me shoot more cum.
Lisa's little mouth was somehow special, and sometimes
I would almost pass out in orgasm when she blew me.
Each time I started coming she would rub her wet
little lips over my throbbing dick in a special way,
lapping at the head with her soft tongue and sucking
on it gently, making me shoot more and more cum into
her hungry mouth.

She would always thank me afterwards with a cute
"Thank you, daddy", telling me how good it tasted and
how much she liked sucking me.
In the beginning, I would just stroke her beautiful
little body afterwards as she snuggled up against me
until we fell asleep. But pretty soon I felt that I
wanted to please my gorgeous daughter the way she
pleased me, and started touching her in more elaborate

I would rub her soft but pert little asscheeks,
causing her to moan softly and sometimes squeeze her
little thighs together. Shortly after she turned nine
I noticed tiny swellings under her little nipples, and
I started also rubbing her chest, gently playing with
her little nipples as they became erect.

Lisa would stay awake longer and longer while I
caressed her sexy little body, until one day, as I was
rubbing her wonderful ass with one hand, she opened
her eyes and looked at me, telling me she wasn't going
to sleep until I had finished touching her.

I had already noticed her little slit getting wet
before, but had never directly touched it, at least
not while she was awake..
This time, I let my hand slowly creep in between her
asscheeks, sliding closer and closer to her small sex,
which by now was radiating warmth. Lisa was pushing
her little butt back against my hand, and stared at me
open-mouthed as my fingers came in contact with her
smooth little lips.

She was already very wet, and I slid my fingers easily
in between her slick lips, tickling her tiny hole. My
daughter instinctively opened her little legs a bit,
allowing me easier access to her immature sex.
I rubbed my finger up and down the full length of her
slippery little slit a few times and she started
breathing a little faster, still staring at me, her
small mouth slightly opened.

I went back to rubbing her soft little ass, which
seemed to be getting warmer and warmer, glowing under
my gentle caressing hand. My finger still slick with
wetness from her young pussy, I gently tickled her
little asshole, causing Lisa to moan audibly. The
sexual awakening in her sweet voice was the most
arousing thing I had ever heard.

I suddenly noticed my throbbing erection, which was
resting comfortably on Lisa's thigh, hardly an inch
away from her tiny cunt. I was leaking a lot of precum
on the inside of her small leg, and couldn't resist
moving my hips a little, rubbing the head of my dick
across the slick warm skin of her creamy thigh.

I slid my finger towards her wet little slit again,
and this time she closed her eyes and hugged me
tightly, pushing her sexy ass backwards even further.
I let my finger slide between her now soaking wet
little lips, rubbing her all the way towards her
little clit, which was swollen and hot to the touch.

As I slowly rubbed the tip of my finger over her tiny
little nubbin, Lisa's body started trembling slightly.
She moaned once, and then started panting, her warm
breath caressing my chest as she hugged me even
tighter. I realized my nine-year old daughter was
having an orgasm, and the idea of my lovely little
girl experiencing her first orgasm in her fathers arms
filled me with an incredible warmth. I wanted to keep
her in my arms like that forever, pleasing her
endlessly, listening to her sweet moans.

As she came down from the first orgasm of her young
life, Lisa moved her little ass away from my hand
slightly, and I knew her sensitive little clit needed
some rest.
I started stroking along the length or her wet little
slit, and I found her smooth hot lips opening eagerly
to let the tip of my finger slide between them.
Realizing I wasn't going to touch her sensitive little
clit again, my daughter relaxed back against my hand,
causing her legs to close around my now painfully hard

Feeling her soft, warm thighs enclose my erection made
me gasp, and I started sliding my dick back and forth
between her legs ever so slightly.
Meanwhile, my finger was being drawn towards Lisa's
wet little baby-hole, and with just the least amount
of pressure, I slowly pushed the tip inside.
Lisa gasped and her body shuddered, her small fingers
clenching my shoulders, but she didn't pull back.

I stirred my finger around a little bit, causing my
daughter to moan. Then I withdrew the tip from the
tight opening, her warm lips clenching it reluctantly.
I started pushing just the tip of my finger in and out
of her little hole, stroking her soft, golden hair
with my free hand.

"Do you like this, honey?" I asked.

"Hm-hm", the nine-year old simply moaned, shuddering
slightly in my arms.

"I love you, daddy", her sweet voice caused a shiver
to run down my spine, and suddenly I felt something
tickle my chest. With her face still pressed into my
body, Lisa was gently licking my chest!

I was surprised for a moment but realized she had been
taught to use her tongue to please me so it must have
been very natural to her.

"I love you too, baby", I said to her, and driven by
emotion I pushed my finger a little deeper into her.

Lisa gasped and her tight little hole started
rhythmically squeezing my finger as she started the
second orgasm of the night and of her life.
I couldn't hold out any longer and withdrew my finger
from her hole, using it to slip my erection across her
soft thighs, completely slippery with my precum and
her little girl juices, towards her little cunt.

Lisa was still coming as I gently pressed the head of
my dick up against the entrance to her tiny hole, and
the feel of her squeezing her thighs together around
my dick and the warm juices flowing from inside her
little pussy directly onto the head drove me over the

Pushing the tip of my dick into her little slit, I
started coming intensely, my body spasming as my
daughter and I held each other tight. Thick spurts of
cum were shooting out of my dick directly into her
tiny hole, mixing with the slick warm juices of my
daughter's own orgasm. The sensation of the nine-year
old's hot, slippery cunt nibbling at my cum-hole kept
me squirting for almost a minute, completely covering
my girl's little pussy and thighs with thick, sticky

After I settled down, my daughter wasted no time and
started scooping up all the juices sticking to her
legs and dripping out of her little hole, like she had
seen the older girls do many times before, swallowing
everything thankfully.

Afterwards I got between her legs and licked her
little pussy until she had two more orgasms.
The smell of her little sex, her sweet little moans
and her trembling young body quickly grew me another
erection, which Lisa thankfully sucked until I filled
her hungry little mouth with another hot load of

We fell asleep holding each other, my daughter and I,
and I dreamt of creating equally loving relationships
with many more beautiful daughters..


After five years I finally got to impregnate Lisa,
just before her fourteenth birthday. Not long after
that Tom and I impregnated my daughters with Saia and
Sisi together. These girls had both grown into the
most sexy little brunettes, and we fucked both of them
for two days and two nights, with Saia and Sisi
themselves present to help us impregnate their young

Over the first years, many of the original females
seemed to have considered me simply a source of semen.
They gave me unimaginable sexual pleasure as they
drained my balls daily with their eager mouths or
wonderful pussies, but few of them showed me the
affection that Tara and some of the younger girls had

But as more and more of my daughters reached their
teens, the sex became better and better. Like all the
girls in the valley, my daughters were taught to
please me until I would fill their sexy young bodies
with big loads of semen, but the loving bonds we
developed made every sexual experience so much

Tom has really become like a son to me, and I enjoy
watching him have sex with any of my daughters now.
There are always at least one or two other girls
around to suck on my dick while I watch him cum inside
one of their beautiful sisters.

My first grand-daughter is the most wonderful little
creature. I've called her Angel. Lisa is raising her
so wonderfully, I can't wait for this cute little
blonde girl to grow old enough to start sucking me.

I am living like a savage, eating only what nature
provides, I continue to have sex with and impregnate
countless of young girls and women, many of which are
my very own daughters! But I have no regrets. The
people in this valley, although different from others,
deserve to live as much as anyone and I pride myself
in having taught them a lot about love. I feel I
belong here, and I wouldn't leave even if an
opportunity presented itself now.

I really am living in a paradise..


2014-08-04 04:47:50
"Hidden Valley of Fertility"

This story is well detailed and deive, vivid in imagination and ingenuity. It is very unique in both content and context as it brings to fictional life the complex webs of the "pecking order" and procedures for the eventual impregnation of several dozens of women, ladies, young and pre-teens and adolescents!

In that a male can actually, emotionally and physically cum eight to ten times each day--for years--is a stretch at best! However, it's the thought of such male prowess that makes this male believe there is "the proverbial heaven on earth" for us lesser (male) mortals!!! Great writing, and a most imagenative concept!

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2009-10-09 14:29:31
well it was like watching an old clark gable movie,just almost real life action.ididnt realize how long i have been reading this.I dont normaly make comments so whAT EVER IT WORTH ITS THE TRUTH .

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my question is do have those pills for man,
how to make begger dick and still natural

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all the girls must look like face-huggers from alien because of 10 generations of in-breeding but a good story none the less

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