Horny Loving Brother

The Beginning

Chapter 1

Ken Jamison was panting hard as he turned his bike into his drive, mostly because he’d
ridden home from school as fast as he could but on top of that he’d get caught skipping his last class. The teenager stopped to take a quick look along the street to see if anyone had noticed him but he didn’t see anything. With a sigh of relief Ken punched his code into the garage door keypad and waled his bike into the garage as soon as the door was high enough for him to duck under it. As he expected the garage was empty so he was the first one home - as usual - and an hour early at that.
As he waled through the kitchen and on to his room Ken let out a guilty sigh, he knew he shouldn’t have skipped his last class - even if he was ahead of the rest of the Algebra class. Still after listening to Mark Williams talk about his date with Mary while they were all changing in the locker room after gym Ken just couldn’t sit still for another hour. So he decided to skip class and rush home where he’d have at least two hours to himself before Mary got home to interrupt his play time.
As he crossed the carpet to his bed Ken stripped out of his clothes, he just hoped he’d be able to find everything before his parents got home from work in three hours. Ken lifted his mattress and shuffled through his magazines until he found the one he wanted and the naked boy stared at the nude underage model as he sat down on the edge of the bed before he swivelled his legs up and around before laying back so his head plopped into the pillow while he kept his eyes focused on the magazine cover.
The girl on the cover looked so much like Ken’s sister Mary it was scary, the same straight blonde hair straight down to her waist, the same perky tits with the upturned nipples (Ken was so glad he’d managed to catch a glimpse of his thirteen year old sister stepping out the shower). Usually a quick look at the photo layout was enough to spur Ken’s imagination, but after listening to Mark telling about his date with Mary didn’t even need to do that. Ken let his magazine drop to his bed as he closed his eyes and fingered his hard penis. In his mind’s eye he could see Mary looking up at him from between his thighs with the impish smile that she always had on her lips when she knew she was doing something wicked.
Even as he stroked his cock Ken recalled everything Mark had said, he wasn’t sure if the other boy knew he was still in the locker room when he started talking about the date but Ken could hear every word as he talked. As Ken listened Mark told everyone crowded around him about how he and his thirteen year old date left the movie early and walked back to his empty house where they started feeling each other up. For the longest time Ken wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear Mark talk about his sister like this or not. Just listening made him so horny he was tempted to jack off right there in the locker room where anyone could see him. But at the same time he was so angry that Mark would take advantage of his sister like that that he was almost ready to pound the snot out of the punk. In the end he decided to just sit and listen so he wouldn’t be tempted to do something he’d regret later, but by the time Mark finished talking about how he popped Mary’s cherry and fucked the girl to a screaming climax before he dumped a load of cum in her tight little fuck hole.
Ken waited as long as he could to make sure Mark and the other guys were gone before he left the locker room himself. By the time he walked into the hall Ken’s prick was so hard he couldn’t even stand up straight so he held on to his stomach like he was having a bellyache and made his way outside so he could hop on his bike and head home as fast as he could.
With his eyes still closed Ken imagined what it would be like to look down and see his little sister with her face twisted with lust as she fingered his shaft. The illusion was so real that he could almost smell Mary’s scent, it seemed so real he didn’t want to open his eyes and spoil everything. For a second Ken thought her heard a whisper of fabric like someone was removing their clothes and then he thought he felt his bed shift under him like someone was getting into bed with him. All Ken could think of was how real everything felt and how he didn’t want it to end.
“That’s it, Mary,” Ken groaned as he stroked his prick, “stroke my cock just like that.”
“Sure thing, Kenny,” Ken imagined Mary saying as he looked down at her impish smile.
Suddenly Ken felt another hand grip his and force it away from his shaft as another hand - a soft hand - took it’s place. Ken’s eyes jumped open and he realized that he wasn’t imagining Mary’s voice, she was really there between his legs, naked and stroking his cock with one hand as she guided his hand to her breast so he could feel her nipple as it popped erect under his finger tips.
“Mary?” Ken finally managed to say, “What are you doing?”
“What you asked me to do, big brother,” Mary said, giving Ken her best impish grin as she continued to stroke Ken’s prick. “But I’d like to do a lot more.”
“What do you mean?” Ken asked through gritted teeth as he suppressed the urge to cum while his sister’s hand was wrapped around his throbbing shaft. Now that his dream was coming true he wasn’t about to cum in the younger girl’s face the first time she touched him.
“I think you know exactly what I mean,” Mary said as she stuck her tongue out and licked the tip of her brother’s cock and making his whole spine shudder with the sexual energy that threatened to make him shoot his load.
“I see you’ve been looking at your favorite magazine again,” Mary said, picking up Ken’s magazine from where he’d dropped it on his bed. “This one’s my favorite too. Do you know why?”
“No,” Ken admitted as Mary shook her head so her hair brushed across his groin and tickled his balls.
“You mean to say that all this time you’ve been jacking off to the picture of this girl who looks like me you never noticed how much the guy looks like you?”
“You’re kidding,” Ken said as he reached for the magazine as Mary held it just out of his reach.
“No, I’m very serious,” Mary said as she opened the magazine to Ken’s favorite pictorial and held it up so he could see it clearly. “See? Same hair color, same hair style, same build, he even looks like he’s the same age. And if you read the story column he’s even suppose to be Isabelle’s brother.”
“Isabelle?” Ken asked, trying to read the column of print next to the picture for the first time.
“That’s what they call her,” Mary said as she moved the magazine closer so Ken could read the girl’s name.
“So,” Ken said slowly as Mary put the magazine down and went back to playing with his cock and balls, “exactly what do you want to do?”
“I want to do everything Isabelle does with her brother,” Mary said giving her brother another grin, “starting with this,” she added before she lowered her mouth to Ken’s cock and sucked it between her lips.
Ken gasped at the pleasure as his cock slid down Mary’s throat. Nothing had ever felt as good as Mary sucking his shaft further and further down her throat as the walls of his sister’s esophagus massaged every inch of his prick. “This is incredible, sis,” Ken groaned as Mary’s lips reached the base of his cock. As Mary’s throat massaged his penis Ken felt his balls starting to jump and knew what was about to happen and decided he better warn his sister before he shot his load down her throat. “Mary, I’m going to cum.”
“Oh no you don’t,” Mary said as she pulled her mouth off Ken’s cock and pushed her thumb against the underside of her brother’s shaft just as his balls went tight and his cum started to shoot toward the tip of his cock. With it’s only escape blocked Ken’s balls made a couple valiant attempts to push his baby juice through his shaft but all that came out of the tip was a single drop of milky liquid.
“Good,” Mary said as she licked the drop of cum from the tip of her brother’s cock with obvious pleasure. “As much as I love the taste of your cum I want your first shot to be deep in my fertile cunt because the first shot is the most potent.”
“How did you learn that trick, Mary?” Ken asked as she gave him another impish grin with her lust filled eyes.
“You really don’t read the articles in your magazines do you?” Mary said with a chuckle as she stroked her brother’s still hard shaft. “Because that’s where I learned this trick - as well as several others. But right now it’s time for you to give back some of what I’ve been giving you.”
“What do you mean?” Ken asked as Mary moved up his body until her blonde cunt was just a couple inches from his mouth.
“What do you think I mean?” Mary asked. “It’s time for you to eat my cunt before we fuck.”
“You know, sis,” Ken said as he tried to shift his mouth away from his sister’s inviting cunt lips. “I haven’t agreed to any of this yet. Besides, we shouldn’t be doing these things, it’s incest.”
“Who are you trying to convince, big brother?” Mary asked as she held Ken’s head steady between her knees and brought her pussy right up to her brother’s lips so he could get a good look at her swollen clit. “After all, I’m not suppose to date until I’m sixteen, but you helped me sneak out of the house last night and covered for me while I was at the movie with Mark.”
“That’s different,” Ken tried to say as Mary shoved her cunt against his moving lips.
“I don’t think so,” Mary groaned as Ken’s lips stimulated her sensitive slit. “Besides, if you weren’t turned on by the idea of fucking me your cock wouldn’t be hard and ready for my fuck hole. So don’t tell me you don’t want to fuck.”
“Ok, ok,” Ken said as he used his thumbs to open his sister’s pussy so he could stick his tongue deep in Mary’s fuck hole so he could taste his sister’s sweet horny juices.
“That feels good,” Mary moaned as Ken licked her fuck tunnel and sucked on her erect clit. Ken could feel his sister’s pussy quivering around his tongue and he realized he was about to give her an orgasm and he felt his prick growing even harder as her whole body shivered and her knees clamped almost painfully around his head. As Mary regained control of her body Ken took his index finger and pushed it against his sister’s slit.
“No!” Mary said, pushing Ken’s hand away from her slit with more force than she intended. “Your cock is the first thing I want in my cunt, no fingers in my fuck hole until you fill my belly with your with your baby juice.”
“If that’s what you want,” Ken said as Mary moved down her brother’s body until her slit was poised just above his quivering cock tip.
“That’s exactly what I want,” Mary said giving Ken another one of her impish smiles. “So, do you promise to do everything Isabella’s brother did to her?”
“Yes,” Ken gasped, wondering what he’d just promised to do, from the smile on Mary’s lips he was missing something, but he was too horny to figure it out. “Now can we fuck?”
“Whatever you want,” Mary said as she started to lower her cunt toward her brother’s cock head.

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You don't read Harry Potter & say, "Magic doesn't exist! Harry should have run into that wall! BLEH BLEH BLECH" So, shut up!

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2013-10-28 01:12:30
ok look i hate to admit this but my family has inbreeding in it (family members raped) and their children are ok and also its tagged incest so i need for to not read and comment if you have so many damn issues with it

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As long as it's fiction, then incest is fine, but don't do it in real life! It's frowned upon & produces deformed kids!

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Yeah but he does.speak the truth

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Eh-hem. Dude below me, I think you need to understand something. This is a fantasy, so anything can happen. 10/10

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