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It was around 2:30 when I returned home from a round of golf. I was tired and thirsty so I grabbed a Diet Pepsi and headed to the back yard to lay in the hammock. Just as I reached the back door I seen Sue and Mindy sun bathing on the deck. Sue had just a pair of thong bottoms on and her top laying beside the chair. Mindy had on a pair of bikini bottoms that were rolled down to just cover her pussy I could see that she had a full bush, her top was also laying by her chair. Mindy had a sweet pair of tits they stood up firm even as she lay on her back. Her areola was as big as a silver dollar and a dark pink colored. Her nipples looked to be big around but not real long but they were not fully hard either. I stood there and looked for a few minutes as I was trying to decide what to do. I then got a idea and went into the other room. I pulled my cell phone from my pocket and dialed my home phone as I knew Sue would have the cordless with her. It rang and I seen Sue set up and reach down and get the phone and answer it. I said Sue I am at the backdoor and see you 2 laying there can I come out with you??
Sue held the phone away from her mouth and said something to Mindy, Mindy swung her head around and looked at me then smiled. She turned and said something to Sue, Sue then held the phone back to her mouth and said yes come on out. I hung up my cell and headed out the door.
As I approached the girls neither moved to cover their tits from my view. I said you both have extremely nice tan lines and chuckled. They both giggled and thanked me. Just as I started to set down Mindy asked me if I would please put some sun block on her?? I said sure I would I am at your service. Ohhhh did you say “stud service” Mindy asked. I looked at her and said any kind of service you want plain and simple. I then shook the sun block and squeezed some out into my hand. It was cool to the touch so I rubbed my hand together to warm it then started to rub the block into Mindy’s legs and stomach. I then squeezed some right onto her nipples the coolness made them perk up they got a tad taller but even more thicker than they had looked. I took my time rubbing it in and before long Mindy was slightly moaning at my touch. Then Sue spoke up and said “ HEY what about me” I want some to I don’t want to burn either. We all laughed as I headed over to Sue. As I started rubbing Sue I seen Mindy was watching me closely. I bent over and asked Sue what all Mindy knew about us?? Sue said she told Mindy every thing. That made me WAY nervous but also WAY horny. So as I got close to Sue’s upper legs I really rubbed her love mound extra long and firm. After a few I moved up to her tits but instead of rubbing sun block on them I lowered my mouth and inhaled 1 of them. I sucked and nibbled on it till the nipple was as hard as it could be. I then went to the other and done the same to it. After a couple of minutes of swapping back and forth I sat up smiled and removed my shirt. The girls started removing my shoes, socks and shorts.
When My hard on sprung into sight both girls dropped to their knees. 1 grabbed my balls and was squeezing as the other started licking my shaft around the base. I could see a big drop of pre cum forming on the end of my cock from my piss hole. Mindy seen it also and she bobbed her head down and sucked it right off of the tip. Mindy then began taking more of the shaft into her young hot mouth after a few strokes she pulled her face away and Sue then began sucking my cock. This is every mans dream to have 2 hot girls sexing him at the same time. After a short time Sue took her mouth off and stood up as did Mindy. Sue told me to lay down on the picnic table on my back.
I walked to the table laid down then looked back at the girls. They were talking to each other then came walking over to where I was at on the table. Mindy stepped up on the table at my feet and Sue at my head. Then they both straddled me and started to set down. As they got closer I could see them kissing and fondling each others tits. Sue sat down on my face. And Mindy on my cock. I couldn’t believe this NEVER in my wildest dream did I ever imagine that I would have a sweet wet pussy on my face and cock at the same time, I was in heaven. As Sue’s pussy enveloped my mouth Mindy’s pussy swallowed my cock.
I was sucking and licking Sue’s pussy for all I was worth. Her vaginal fluids was trickling into my mouth. I could feel her pussy tensing up and her body start to quake. Her pussy began convulsing as she filled my mouth with her love juice. I was swallowing as fast as I could to keep from choking. I could also feel Mindy riding me like a wild horse. She was pumping my cock with her hot pussy. I could feel her body shuddering and quivering just before she flooded my crotch area with her fluids. All at once they both stopped stood up and switched places. Sue slid her hot wet pussy onto my hard cock. But what I was looking at was what I wanted as Mindy lowered her cunt onto my waiting mouth. Damn was it sweet. I was licking and sucking on her pussy and clit just enjoying myself. As Sue rode me she was moaning and groaning.
Mindy let out a scream and jolted so hard that it made me think I had bit to hard. But just as I thought that I seen Brutis’s tongue swiping a big lick at her asshole. I had not noticed him before that but he was standing with his front paws on the table just feasting away on her asshole as I was slurping her pussy. Mindy let out another squeal and absolutely filled my mouth with cum. It was running down my face and into my ears. I could feel Sue again have another orgasm. With this I could feel my balls starting to tighten up wanting to send several streams of molten lava through the end of my rock hard cock. The girls must have sensed this also as they both jumped off of me and headed for my cock with their mouths. Sue was licking the overflow of cum that had spilled down my balls. Mindy licked my cock from top to bottom and around the head. Then they switched and Mindy was on my balls with one of them in her hot mouth. Sue then took my cock into her mouth and began bobbing up and down as she was humming on it. Just as I was getting ready to explode they stopped again.
Brutis had reared up and was trying to mount Mindy. Mindy then dropped down on all fours to let Brutis take his bitch as deep and hard as he could. I told Sue to crawl under her and eat her pussy while Brutis was fucking her. Sue laid down on her back and slid under Mindy and started licking her hot wet being fucked pussy. As Sue was licking Mindy’s pussy I slid in between her legs and slammed my cock into het wanting pussy. As I started into it, it was pulling me in like a vacuum. Mindy had her face buried into Sue’s pubic area and was licking the top of my cock as it came out of Sue’s pussy before I crammed it back in again. I could tell Mindy was cumming again as she started bucking at Brutis very fast and hard. Then Sue’s pussy squeezed and oscillated as she was coming. Just as I started to cum I yanked my cock out and shoved it into Mindy’s eager mouth. I was send suck a big volume that she was choking and letting a lot of it run down her chin onto Sue’s pussy. About that time Brutis went off he started yelping and shoved in hard and held it there. After I was done I removed my cock from Mindy’s mouth and she licked it clean for me, then bent down and cleaned all she had let fall from her mouth and onto Sue’s pussy. I heard Brutis pull out his spent cock with a loud slopping noise. As Brutis went over and laid down and started cleaning the pussy and cum off of his cock. I sat down and watched to 2 girls cleaning each other out. What a sight these two sexy gals eating the spent cum out of each others pussys. After a while I went in and showered.

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Znl4mN Thank you, a very interesting note!!...


2008-06-09 23:57:42
The dog wasn't necessary. Fucking daughter and her friend was the order of the day. Keep fucking them both and get them pregnant.


2007-06-18 16:16:49
The dog got there just in time!!!! Hooray, if it hadn't been for the dog, I wouldn't have voted, u gotta 8

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i like girls feeling and 100% she do best for her self

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